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Inside the projection of the Universe Furnace, many Innate Territory Lords were trapped and unable to escape, when they suddenly saw Yang Kai rushing towards them, all of them were shocked.

Although Yang Kai’s appearance was extremely miserable and his aura was extremely weak, how could the Territory Lords not be afraid of him?

It had to be known that these Territory Lords weren’t in good condition either. They had been severely wounded since they had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and had never had a chance to recuperate for the past few years. Moreover, they had been sent here by Mo Na Ye to encircle Yang Kai. In the previous battle, they had been lucky enough to survive, but their injuries had only worsened.

If Yang Kai really attacked them, they wouldn’t be able to fight back.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai rushed into the shadow of the Universe Furnace. In an instant, Yang Kai felt the space around him become chaotic. Just as he had seen just now, the space inside the furnace was distorted and folded, making it impossible to calculate with common sense. Even if it was just a short distance away, perhaps it was separated by countless layers of folded space, but in reality, it was extremely far away.

In this chaotic void, every inch he moved would fall into a different space.

As such, after the Territory Lords were wrapped up in this phantom, they were unable to escape and could only remain here. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to leave, but rather that they couldn’t.

The mysteries of the Universe Furnace were obvious!

For the Territory Lords, this illusory space was like the end of the world, and it was the same for Yang Kai. However, as soon as he rushed in, he had already activated his Space Principle, allowing his Space Great Dao to flow through the layers of folded space.

He simply took a few steps forward as ripples spread out from his body before suddenly appearing in front of one of the Territory Lords. Raising his hand, he summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and stabbed the Territory Lords in the heart.

The Territory Lord’s face was filled with shock and disbelief, as if he had never imagined that Yang Kai would so easily kill him and stab him!

It had to be known that after they were trapped here, although they seemed to be gathered together, they were actually scattered in different spaces, unable to escape or gather together. No matter how hard they tried, they could only remain in place.

When Yang Kai shouted those words just now, although the Territory Lords were frightened, they weren’t too worried. They knew better than anyone how strange this space was.

Until now!

When one of their companions was stabbed by Yang Kai’s spear, the Territory Lords’ expressions all changed. They had tried their best to accomplish this, but Yang Kai had easily accomplished it.

They suddenly realized that in the information that Mo Na Ye had given them, Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space…

That’s right, this guy was proficient in the Dao of Space. While this place could trap many Territory Lords, he could easily walk through it.

With a shake of his spear, the Territory Lord who had been pierced through suddenly exploded. Yang Kai pulled out his spear and rushed towards the nearest Territory Lord. With his companion’s example, the Territory Lord was naturally shocked and quickly shouted, “Sir Mo Na Ye, save me!”

Yang Kai smiled wickedly, “No one can save you, die!”

“Yang Kai, how dare you!” Mo Na Ye roared from behind.

After chasing Yang Kai all the way here, he also saw the images of the Territory Lord and the Pill Furnace wrapped around the Territory Lords from a distance. At the very least, Yang Kai know that this was the Universe Furnace that was about to appear, but Mo Na Ye was completely confused.

After all, he was from the Black Ink Clan, so how could he have heard of this Universe Furnace? Black Ink Disciple would not have mentioned this to him for no reason.

Regarding the unknown, he was more or less vigilant, but when he saw Yang Kai kill an Innate Territory Lord and was about to kill a second one, his vigilance was shattered by his anger.

His figure flickered as he chased after the figure, and the next moment…

Mo Na Ye was stunned.

Yang Kai turn around and laugh.

The Territory Lords’ expressions also changed greatly.

With a smile, Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of golden blood. The force he had forcefully condensed was like a deflated balloon that quickly fell, making him look like he was about to die.

He really was on the verge of death. The only reason he had fought so hard to kill the Territory Lord was to divert Mo Na Ye’s attention and deliberately provoke him so that he wouldn’t be too vigilant and not follow him.

Even if Mo Na Ye didn’t stop him, he wouldn’t be able to kill a second Territory Lord.

Now that Mo Na Ye had come in, everything was fine!

“Mo Na Ye, Mo Na Ye, no matter how cunning you are, you still need to drink this old master’s foot washing water. I’ll recover first and deal with you later!” Saying so, Yang Kai actually took out a large number of Spirit Pills and swallowed them in front of him and the other Innate Territory Lords, then took out a set of resources to refine them, as if he didn’t care about the many Black Ink Clan powerhouse.

It was too difficult. After being chased by Mo Na Ye all this time, he didn’t even have time to swallow a Spirit Pill.

Mo Na Ye’s nose was about to go crooked from anger, but he couldn’t hold back any longer and sent a fierce punch towards Yang Kai’s position. The power of this punch could be said to be his full strength, but after all the power had been reduced by the layers of folded space, it was unable to affect Yang Kai in the slightest.

Mo Na Ye’s expression immediately became gloomy.

The moment he rushed into this place, he had immediately noticed that something was wrong. The space here was obviously different from the outside world. Combined with Yang Kai’s previous attitude and current reaction, how could he not know that he had fallen into this dog thief’s trap again and had been tricked into this strange place?

Turning his head to look, he could clearly see the figures of all the Territory Lords, and the distance between them wasn’t too far. The closest Territory Lord was only a few dozen steps away.

However, when Mo Na Ye tried to walk towards the Territory Lord, the distance between them didn’t decrease at all. He clearly had the ability to move a great distance, but it was as if he was still standing in place.

“What is this thing?” Mo Na Ye asked.

He realized that the root of this problem was the pill furnace phantom.

Listening to his question, the Territory Lords’ hearts sank. They had originally been hoping that Mo Na Ye would enlighten them and take them away from this place, but now it seemed that Mo Na Ye also knew nothing about this.

Looking at the silent Territory Lords, Mo Na Ye’s heart burned with anger, 'This place is so treacherous, why didn’t you warn me just now?'

If one of the Territory Lords had spoken up to warn him, he wouldn’t have rushed in and ended up being imprisoned.

The Territory Lords remained silent.

Mo Na Ye also understood that his question was unreasonable. This time, he had been too anxious. Moreover, Yang Kai’s murderous aura just now didn’t allow him to think too much about it. The Territory Lords were intimidated by Yang Kai’s murderous intent and subconsciously hoped that he would come in to provide some protection.

As such, he entered this trap!

Sure enough, Yang Kai couldn’t be underestimated at any time. In that kind of desperate situation, Yang Kai still wanted to scheme against him, but this time, he was the one who lose.

Mo Na Ye didn’t know what the Pill Furnace’s phantom was, but the space enveloped by this phantom had become so treacherous. He only knew that he couldn’t give Yang Kai any time to breathe.

This time, the Black Ink Clan had paid such a huge price and so many Innate Territory Lords had died in battle, forcing him to a dead end with great difficulty. He could not give up halfway.

If he couldn’t kill the snake, and let the tiger return to the mountain, it would only leave a future threat. He had always maintained a certain attitude towards Yang Kai. If he could avoid offending him, he would try his best not to offend him, but if he were to fall out with him, it would be a matter of life and death.

In this strange space, it was difficult to judge the distance between them, but fortunately, there was no problem communicating with each other. Mo Na Ye pondered for a moment before sending out a sound transmission to his subordinates and making arrangements.

Soon, the Territory Lords, along with Mo Na Ye, all began moving towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai seemed to have sensed something and raised his eyes to take a look, but he soon ignored it and continued to meditate and heal.

The space here was extremely distorted and chaotic. Unless one cultivated the Dao of Space like him and was able to grasp some of its laws, relying on such a stupid method to get close to him was simply a fool’s dream. It wasn’t like there was no chance at all. There were always some coincidences, but the chances were small.

What’s more, Yang Kai could feel that as time passed, the space around the Universe Furnace became more complicated.

If these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords wanted to get close to him, they would have to work hard. Even if they were lucky enough to run into the space he was in, he only needed to shift his position a little and all their previous efforts would be wasted.

Keeping a teace of his attention on the outside world, Yang Kai focused on healing himself.

On the other side, after trying for more than half a day, Mo Na Ye finally discovered that this method wasn’t feasible. Dozens of Territory Lords, including himself, tried to approach Yang Kai, but to no avail. If this continued, it would be difficult to gain anything.

Moreover, even if a Territory Lord successfully approached Yang Kai, with the current state of the Territory Lords, they would likely be sent to their deaths…

He once again sent out a sound transmission to the Territory Lords, telling them to stop their useless actions and take out a small Ink Nest to contact the No-Return Pass.

No matter what, he had to let the No-Return Pass know about the situation he was in, and at the same time, he had to investigate what this Pill Furnace’s phantom was. If he were to fall into it, what kind of method could he use to break it?

To Mo Na Ye’s relief, the connection between the Ink Nest was not broken, and soon, he heard Meng Que’s reply.

Not to mention the mockery and ridicule Meng Que had directed towards him when he replied, it had been more than a day or two since Meng Que had wanted to seize power from him. Now that he had suffered a setback in the operation he was in charge of, causing the Black Ink Clan to suffer great losses, and now that he was trapped here, Meng Que probably thought he had succeeded.

However, there was a crucial piece of information that allowed Mo Na Ye to understand what this pill furnace phantom was.

Universe Furnace!

The Black Ink Clan had many Black Ink Disciples, but because these Black Ink Disciples’ cultivation wasn’t too high and they didn’t have much experience, their knowledge of the Universe Furnace was extremely limited. It was basically the same level as Yang Kai’s knowledge, so it was difficult for them to provide any valuable information.


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