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Although there were many Eighth Order masters present, there is only few who cultivated the Space Principle, in terms of attainments in the Dao of Space, Zhao Yebai was undoubtedly number one. Even Su Yan and Liu Yan, who possessed the Phoenix Clan’s Source, couldn’t compare.

Whether it was Su Yan or Liu Yan, neither of them came from the Phoenix Clan. Although they had obtained the Phoenix Clan’s Source and had cultivated in the Phoenix Nest for some time, their compatibility with the Space Great Dao was far inferior to Zhao Yebai’s.

The distortions and changes in the space inside the Universe Furnace’s projection might not be visible to others, but Zhao Yebai was able to see it clearly. Since he had said so, Yang Xiao naturally wouldn’t doubt him. He immediately nodded and put on a solemn expression, “This Brother understand!”

Suddenly, Fu Guang said, “The Universe Furnace is about to appear, so this is a great opportunity for all of you. Now that the Withdrawing Black Ink Army has no more battles to fight, I will allow you to enter the Universe Furnace, there will be fifty slots. Once the entrance to the Universe Furnace is formed, you may enter. As for who should be given these slots, you can discuss them among yourselves.”

Four hundred Eighth Order and fifty Eighth Order slots didn’t seem like much, but it was actually the limit. Although the Withdrawing Black Ink Army had temporarily stopped fighting, who knew if the Black Ink Clan in the Great Restriction would suddenly rush out? If too many Eighth Order Open Heaven master were to leave, it would inevitably affect the overall strength of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army and would be disadvantageous to deal with the Black Ink Clan.

Therefore, no matter how he calculated, he could only allow fifty Eighth Order masters to leave.

As for who to give it to, Fu Guang could not interfere and could only let the Eighth Order masters come up with a plan. This kind of opportunity was something everyone wanted. Fu Guang could only secretly pray that these Eighth Order masters would not ruin their friendship for this opportunity.

In the depths of the Ink Battlefield, his Small Universe had suffered a blow from Mo Na Ye, causing Yang Kai’s situation to worsen. He couldn’t understand why his Small Universe, which had the World Tree’s Subtree, would suddenly suffer such a situation.

Coughing up a mouthful of blood, Yang Kai sped along the path he had come from.

He didn’t know what had caused his subtle perception, but he had once suspected that this was some kind of trap set up by the Black Ink Clan. However, after careful consideration, if the Black Ink Clan really had such ability, they would have lured him out a long time ago. How could they have allowed him to kill so many Innate Territory Lords outside, forcing him to wait for them to surround him?

This was definitely not the Black Ink Clan’s scheme.

Since it wasn’t the Black Ink Clan’s method, what about his perception before?

In this life or death crisis, Yang Kai shouldn’t have paid any attention to this inexplicable matter, but he had a feeling that this was the opportunity for him to break out of this situation today!

Therefore, he only hesitated for a moment before resolutely flying towards the direction he sensed something.

During this time, he was attacked several times by Mo Na Ye, causing him to see stars and his figure to stagger, feeling as if he was at the end of his rope.

Seemingly seeing Yang Kai’s current state, Mo Na Ye, who was chasing after him, didn’t relax his attacks and instead attacked even more fiercely.

He was well aware that a long night would lead to many dreams. Against an opponent like Yang Kai, he absolutely could not give him the slightest chance, or else all his efforts would be for naught.

Yang Kai was gradually being forced into a desperate situation by him. It was only a matter of time before he caught up to Yang Kai and killed him. The more time passed, the more cautious he became.

In his heart, he couldn’t help sighing. After fighting with Yang Kai for so many years, he had always endured humiliation and given in to Yang Kai, causing his reputation within the Black Ink Clan to not be very good. The Territory Lords also had many complaints about him, but Mo Na Ye never paid them any mind because he knew that if he didn’t give in to Yang Kai at times, the Black Ink Clan would be the one to suffer. All of his hard work was to obtain more advantages for the Black Ink Clan.

So what if he was at a disadvantage every time he confront Yang Kai?

So what if the Territory Lords had underestimated him?

This time, when he return to the No-Return Pass after killing Yang Kai, all the previous humiliation would be washed away.

Fortunately, amongst the Human Race, there was only one Yang Kai.

He didn’t want to encounter another difficult opponent like this.

What made him feel even more fortunate was that the Royal Lord had always trusted him and had never interfered with his decisions. Meeting such a wise master was the biggest reason he could force Yang Kai into a dead end today.

The Innate Territory Lords who had been sacrificed had died a worthy death!

As his emotions fluctuated, he didn’t relax his attack on Yang Kai. The Purifying Light in front of him cut off his aura and the Space Principle began to fall…

Can you escape? Mo Na Ye sneered in his heart, he was just a cornered beast.

The aura that had been cut off once again clung onto Yang Kai and fiercely attacked the surrounding space, causing him to be unable to escape far despite teleporting.

Mo Na Ye only used his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings and immediately discovered his location. Just as he was about to chase after him, he couldn’t help frowning.

In addition to Yang Kai’s aura, he also sensed the auras of many of the Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lords…

Why were they here?

It was only at this moment that Mo Na Ye suddenly realized that he had been brought back to the previous battlefield by Yang Kai.

But why were the Territory Lords still here? After all, this pursuit had been going on for half a month, so logically speaking, the Territory Lords should have left long ago.

These fellows were all seriously injured, so what was the point of staying here!? Mo Na Ye thought to himself angrily.

On the other side, Yang Kai, who had appeared in the void, was also staring blankly at the Innate Territory Lords.

After the previous battle, the number of Innate Territory Lords had decreased to less than a hundred. Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling the same doubts as Mo Na Ye.

Why were these guys still here?

But soon, Yang Kai understood the reason.

The originally empty space was now covered by a giant shadow. At first glance, this shadow looked like… a pill furnace?

However, this pill furnace was somewhat different from ordinary pill furnaces. Not only was it incomparably large, but there were also many complicated patterns on its illusory surface, as if it contained the most profound truths of the world, causing anyone who laid eyes on it to feel a sense of enlightenment.

The lines on the surface of the pill furnace were constantly changing, and Yang Kai could clearly feel that the pill furnace was slowly becoming solid.

What is this thing? Yang Kai frowned, unable to understand.

When he had escaped from this place, he hadn’t seen this pill furnace’s shadow, so why had it appeared here after half a month?

However, what Yang Kai was certain of was that the mysterious sensation he felt in his heart corresponded to this pill furnace!

His Small Universe’s inexplicable shock must have been caused by this pill furnace.

What kind of pill furnace had such a miraculous power?

Looking at the image of the pill furnace in front of him, Yang Kai suddenly had a flash of inspiration as a legendary existence leapt out of his heart.

Universe Furnace!

During the ancient times, Cang and the other nine Martial Ancestors had used the World Tree’s power to comprehend the Open Heaven Method, allowing the Human Race to prosper. Only then did they have the capital to fight against the Black Ink Clan and gradually become the favored children of this vast universe.

The Open Heaven Method had its drawbacks and was inherently shackled. A cultivator who used this technique to reach the Open Heaven Stage would eventually reach the end of their Martial Dao.

However, there is treasures in the universe that could break this shackles. This mysterious Universe Furnace was one of them.

Inside it was a Open Heaven Pill that was born from the world. If one could obtain it, they could break through their shackles and break through the drawbacks brought about by the Open Heaven Method.

However, the existence of the Universe Furnace was only a legend, and it rarely reveals its whereabouts.

Yang Kai’s understanding of the Universe Furnace was limited to some of the rumors he had heard about it, such as how it was invisible and difficult to find in the world, and how the Open Heaven Pills were able to help cultivators break through their shackles.

The information he knew was only limited to what ordinary people could access. This Universe Furnace seemed even more mysterious than the Great Ruins Boundary.

So when Yang Kai realized that this pill furnace’s phantom was the legendary Universe Furnace, he couldn’t help feeling stunned.

The Universe Furnace had actually appeared at this time!

The first thought that popped into his mind was the same as Mi Jinglun’s previous worries. This was definitely not a good thing for the current Human Race!

With the appearance of the Universe Furnace, the attention of the Human Race’s masters would inevitably be drawn to it, and the Black Ink Clan would definitely try their best to stop the Human Race from seizing this opportunity. Right now, the Human Race’s accumulated strength was still insufficient, but the Black Ink Clan had gained so many Innate Territory Lords and Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. Their strength had greatly increased, and once the situation they had maintained for thousands of years was broken, the Human Race might not be able to obtain any benefits.

The second thought he had was that this Universe Furnace… was somewhat different from what he had imagined.

All this time, the Universe Furnace he had imagined to be a World Treasure like the Soul Warming Lotus that had suddenly appeared out of thin air somewhere, emitting a mysterious Dao and containing the Open Heaven Pill. When the time was right, the Open Heaven Pill would fly out and be obtained by the fated…

Although this Universe Furnace in front of him had the shape of a pill furnace and was also emitting a Dao Strength, it was too big and actually covered a large area of the void. Moreover, this was obviously just a slowly condensing phantom.

Could it be that he would have to wait until this phantom completely solidified before the Universe Furnace truly appeared?

Yang Kai didn’t have time to think about the mysteries of this Universe Furnace before he quickly noticed the distortions in the void surrounding the pill furnace. Even Zhao Yebai could tell that there was something wrong with this void, so how could Yang Kai not notice?

Although the void enveloped by the pill furnace’s phantom seemed normal on the surface, it was actually twisting and distorting inside.

Immediately, he was overjoyed. As expected, when there was nowhere to go, there was still another village in the dark!

His intuition was correct, the opportunity to escape from Mo Na Ye’s pursuit was here.

The Universe Furnace worry him, but it also bring him joy.

The appearance of this wondrous treasure had disturbed his Small Universe, causing him to suffer a heavy blow from Mo Na Ye, and now he wanted to use it to escape this crisis.

With these thoughts in mind, Yang Kai pushed his World Force to the limit and his Divine Sense surged like a tidal wave, causing the surrounding space to become chaotic. Like a beast at the end of its road, he grit his teeth and roared, “Mo Na Ye, you want to kill me, I’ll kill them all first!”

Saying so, he charged towards the Innate Territory Lords without hesitation and plunged into the shadows.


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