As Yang Kai flew through the air, a powerful aura rapidly approached him and the aura of death enveloped him. Mo Na Ye’s low voice echoed in Yang Kai’s ears, “Yang Kai, you won’t be able to escape this time!”

Yang Kai didn’t respond, he really didn’t have the time to respond. In this chase, he had to focus all his attention on dealing with it.

The light of purification surged and once again cut off Mo Na Ye’s Qi…

Both Yang Kai and Mo Na had experienced this many times.

In the next moment, Yang Kai activated his Space Principle and prepared to escape. Mo Na Ye’s aura surged as he attacked the space around Yang Kai and interfered with his teleportation…

It was as if they had a tacit understanding of each other’s thoughts.

However, just as Yang Kai was about to use his Space Principle to teleport away, his Small Universe suddenly began to tremble. It was as if an invisible hand was pushing it, causing ripples to appear on its firm and smooth body.

The World Force suddenly became chaotic.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of unforeseen event wouldn’t have much of an impact on Yang Kai. All he needed to do was restore the chaotic World Force.

However, at this moment, he was fleeing for his life, so when this sudden change occurred, everyone was shocked.

Yang Kai’s figure, which had been about to disappear, suddenly became solid again due to the chaotic energy, causing his expression to become extremely solemn.

Not far away, Mo Na Ye, who was chasing after Yang Kai, was also stunned. This was the first time such a situation had occurred between him and Yang Kai's pursuit. Every time he had attacked, Yang Kai had already escaped, causing him to be unable to use his full strength. Up until now, other than being able to use his strength to interfere with Yang Kai’s teleportation, he had not been able to make a single move, making him feel extremely depressed.

At this moment, he saw an opportunity to attack, and almost instinctively, he raised his hand and punched towards Yang Kai’s position. The thick Ink Force seemed to transform into a black light that instantly broke through the barrier of space and heavily struck Yang Kai.

Mo Na Ye was overjoyed and increased his speed, shouting, “Yang Kai, die!”

He punched out again, but this time, his punch failed. As the black light flashed, Yang Kai’s figure disappeared.

As his Divine Sense spread out like a tide, Mo Na Ye immediately sensed Yang Kai’s position. At this moment, Yang Kai’s aura had clearly weakened significantly, obviously thanks to his previous attack.

Was he unable to continue? Mo Na Ye thought back to the sudden change just now. Although he didn’t know what kind of accident had happened to Yang Kai, causing him to make a mistake at such a critical moment and causing his body to stagnate, it had greatly increased his chances of successfully pursuing him.

Not far away, Yang Kai’s face was as pale as paper as he spat out a mouthful of golden blood, his heart filled with terror and anger.

After taking a blow from Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai’s already poor condition became worse. Originally, he only needed to delay Mo Na Ye for three to five years before he had a chance to counterattack, but now, Yang Kai estimated that he really couldn’t hold on for much longer…

The attack of the Pseudo-Royal Lord was extremely powerful, and it was not easy to withstand, especially when his condition was not good.

What shocked and angered him was that something seemed to have happened to his Small Universe.

Just a moment ago, his Small Universe had actually been shaken for some reason, causing his World Force to become chaotic. If not for this, how could he have made such a mistake?

However, how could his Small Universe be shaken? His Small Universe had always been sealed by the World Tree’s Subtree, which was perfectly round and flawless. Even if he were to fight against Mo Na Ye head-on, although his strength would be inferior to his opponent’s, it was impossible for the Small Universe to be affected.

Unless he ran out of energy and the World Force ran out, shaking the Small Universe’s foundation.

However, this was also impossible. After the great battle, he had consumed a great deal of his strength, but his Small Universe had countless living creatures living inside it, and the World Force was constantly increasing, so it was impossible for it to run out.

What happened?

As Yang Kai fled with his broken body, he sent out a wisp of his Divine Sense to investigate his Small Universe’s condition.

The entire Small Universe was filled with an uneasy atmosphere. The sudden upheaval just now had caused a great deal of panic in the Void World, causing the earth to tremble and the river to flow backwards. There were even landslides and tsunamis, causing many casualties.

Fortunately, this change had come and gone quickly, and now the Small Universe was no longer in any danger. Allowing the masters from the various great Sects and even the Void Dojo to investigate the situation, but they were unable to find anything.

Yang Kai frowned.

The Small Universe was safe and sound, so what had caused the sudden change just now? What confused him even more was that at this moment, something seemed to be calling out to him.

He couldn’t help but raise his head and look in a certain direction, in the direction where he had fought hundreds of Innate Territory Lords.

There seemed to be something waiting for him there.

Black Ink Clan’s trap? Mo Na Ye’s scheme?

It was not like this. When one’s cultivation reached his level, their temperament would be firm and stable, so it was basically impossible for them to be affected by external forces. At this moment, the force that was guiding him should be a higher level of guidance.

Yang Kai was also secretly observing Mo Na Ye's reaction. The other party was chasing after him like a maggot, his speed extremely fast, and the distance between them was getting closer. His murderous intent was not concealed in the slightest, so Yang Kai didn’t notice anything unusual.

What Yang Kai didn’t know was that in the instant his Small Universe began to tremble, all the places in the 3000 Worlds where human race lived, whether it was High Heaven Territory, the new Great Domain, the various Great Domain Battlefields, or even the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction’s Human Race masters who had reached the peak of the Eighth Order, all of them trembled for a moment before sensing something.

Fortunately, most of these old masters who were already peak Eighth Order did not fight with the enemy, or else there would have been casualties.

In a peaceful place in the new Great Domain, although the World Great Dao had been perfected and had gained a lot of vitality, it had yet to give birth to any living being with high intelligence.

On top of a tall mountain in a universe world, there was a simple thatched hut. This thatched hut had stood here for thousands of years and was surrounded by a great array that protected it.

After the numerous peak Eighth Order masters' Small Universe were shaken, a figure suddenly flew out from the house and appeared in the air. Looking up, his expression changed slightly.

If an expert from the Black Ink Clan were here, they would most likely be able to recognize this person.

Human Race, Xiang Shan!

In addition to Yang Kai, this was one of the few Human Race masters that the Black Ink Clan had paid close attention to.

Mo Na Ye had always suspected that the Human Race had produced a new Ninth Order, with Xiang Shan and a few other veteran Eighth Order masters who have the chance to be promoted. This was because over the years, they had never appeared in the various Great Domain Battlefields, so no one knew where they were hiding or cultivating in seclusion. Although the Black Ink Clan had Black Ink Disciple spying on them from all directions, this kind of top-secret information was impossible to obtain.

Even Yang Kai didn’t know where Xiang Shan was all these years, and he had never asked.

But in fact, because his Small Universe had been corroded by the Ink Force many years ago, his grade had fallen. Although Xiang Shan had been in secluded cultivation until now, he had not been able to successfully break through, so the current him was still a peak Eighth Order.

On the Human Race’s side, there were very few Eighth Order veteran who had the qualifications to break through to the Ninth Order. It could be said that Xiang Shan was one of the few cultivators who has the ability to advance to the Ninth Order.

While most of the peak Eighth Order master's Small Universe were shaken, he was also disturbed and was interrupted from his state of secluded cultivation. With this interruption, nearly a thousand years of hard work was wasted.

If it were anyone else, they would definitely lose their mental balance, and if things went wrong, they might even suffer from Qi Deviation. However, Xiang Shan was someone who had experienced the ups and downs of life, so he had a calm temperament. Although he was somewhat disappointed, he didn’t care too much about it. After a moment of silence, he vaguely understood what had happened.

After all, he was different from Yang Kai. Although Yang Kai was currently in the limelight, he had experience much less than these veteran Eighth Order.

What Yang Kai didn’t know, Xiang Shan immediately understood.

With a leap, he transformed into a stream of light and rushed out of the Universe World, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, a series of messages began to spread throughout the Human Race. Those Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had lived long enough understood what was happening.

On the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai was fighting hundreds of Innate Territory Lords. Since Yang Kai had fled and Mo Na Ye had personally chased after him, the surviving Innate Territory Lords had not been in a hurry to leave. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to leave, it was just that they were all injured and had consumed a great deal of energy, making it difficult for them to move.

Although they had managed to survive that battle, Yang Kai had killed too many of their clansmen. In total, Yang Kai had killed nearly two hundred Innate Territory Lords. The result of this battle was destined to be recorded in the annals of history.

They're not too worried about being killed by Yang Kai again. Mo Na Ye had personally chased after that monster, so how could this guy have the time to escape?

While they were resting, none of the Territory Lords noticed that an extremely mysterious force had begun to spread out from this place. This mysterious force was difficult to describe, and it posed no threat to the Territory Lords at all. Instead, it was like a gentle breeze blowing into the night, gently caressing everything.

As this power gathered, numerous illusory lines began to form, many of them linking together to form a strange phantom…

The illusory shadow enveloped the entire void and the Territory Lords. Strangely, even now, the Territory Lords did not notice it.

It wasn’t until one of the Territory Lords suddenly opened his eyes and looked around that he realized something was wrong. With a low shout, many of the Territory Lords quickly realized what was happening.

Before they could figure out what had happened here, or what the strange phantom was, the Territory Lords didn’t dare to stay any longer and quickly urged their forces to flee.

However, they soon discovered that within the range of this illusory shadow, the void had already become distorted. No matter how they tried to escape, they were unable to escape from the range of this illusory shadow, as if they were trapped by an inexplicable force.

The Territory Lords were all shocked.


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