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Wanting to use the Space Ability to teleport away under such circumstances was undoubtedly a fool’s dream. Even Yang Kai found it difficult to do so.

Fortunately, he wasn’t completely unprepared for this situation. As he circulated his strength to block the attacks from all directions, he attempted to connect his consciousness to one of the Space Spirit Beads somewhere.

Over the years, Yang Kai had set up many Space Spirit Beads in the Ink Battlefield, so using them to perform Space Secret Techniques would undoubtedly be more convenient and save time and effort.

Soon, he sensed the location of the nearest Space Spirit Bead, and his Space Principle surged as his figure became blurry, as if he was trying to merge with the void.

However, before he could completely disappear, the dense barrage of attacks struck him, causing his body to tremble violently and the space around him to distort as his blurry figure became solid again.

Sure enough, using the Space Spirit Bead to escape in front of so many powerful enemies was somewhat impossible.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai brandished his Azure Dragon Spear and rushed towards the weakest point of the Black Ink Clan’s defense. Since he couldn’t escape, he would have to break out of this encirclement, which was something he had long considered.

Under the effects of the Great Unrestrained Spear Technique, the man and spear seemed to fuse into one, resisting the incoming attacks and brazenly charging towards the Territory Lords.

The several Territory Lords who were facing him were startled and instinctively wanted to avoid him, but Mo Na Ye’s angry shout rang out from afar, “Stop him!”

After a moment of hesitation, these Territory Lords all circulated their strength to fight against Yang Kai.

At the same time that the four Territory Lords’ battle formation was broken, Yang Kai was also forced to stagger back from the attack, but he simply threw his head back and laughed wildly, “If I want to leave, who can stop me?”

Without wasting any time, Yang Kai rushed out of the encirclement of the four Territory Lords, but before he could activate his Space Principle, a great sense of crisis enveloped him.

From afar, Mo Na Ye sent a palm strike towards Yang Kai and coldly snorted, “Yang Kai, you’re too arrogant!”

The moment Yang Kai was entangled, Mo Na Ye had arrived nearby!

This strike caused Yang Kai’s figure to shrink, and the instantaneous movement technique he was about to use was interrupted. The sound of bones breaking rang out from his body, causing him to spit out a mouthful of golden blood.

A Pseudo-Royal Lord was also an expert at the level of a Royal Lord, and the strength they possessed was almost the same as a Royal Lord’s. The difference was that the strength they could display was only about seventy to eighty percent of a true Royal Lord’s.

Mo Na Ye was undoubtedly stronger than Di Wu. If Di Wu could only display seventy percent of the strength of a Royal Lord, then Mo Na Ye could display eighty percent.

Although it was only ten percent apart, it was still a huge gap.

In particular, Yang Kai’s injuries were extremely severe and his Divine Soul Force was extremely weak. Even this attack had nearly knocked him unconscious.

He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue and activated the power of the Soul Warming Lotus to maintain a trace of clarity, not daring to be negligent as he lifted his body and flew away.

However, the aura behind him was like a maggot clinging to his bones, biting him to death.

“Yang Kai, if you surrender now, I can spare your life!” Mo Na Ye’s low voice echoed in Yang Kai’s ears as he approached.

Yang Kai didn’t even turn back, coughing up blood as he fled, “Mo Na Ye, you’ve become too arrogant, now you’re not even calling me Brother Yang?”

Mo Na Ye smiled lightly and said, “You must have the qualifications to do so.” He looked as if he was determined to kill Yang Kai, his expression truly hateful.

However, Yang Kai had no choice but to admit that with his current state, it was indeed difficult for him to escape from Mo Na Ye’s pursuit.

He couldn’t help rejoicing that this time, the one chasing after him was the Pseudo-Royal Lord Mo Na Ye. If it had been the Royal Lord Mo Yu, the situation would have been even worse.

Activating the Sun and Moon Marks, the yellow and blue colors blended together and transformed into a pure white light that enveloped his body, cutting off Mo Na Ye's Qi that locked into him.

[MSN: Meh, the strong weapon is only used to escape from enemy instead of fighting them.]

Quickly activating his Space Principle, he tried to escape.

Mo Na Ye coldly snorted, his severed Qi once again coiling around Yang Kai like an invisible fist, attacking the surrounding space around him. Having fought with Yang Kai for so many years, Mo Na Ye had long since come up with a plan to deal with this situation.

If Yang Kai had been at his peak, this method would naturally have been ineffective. However, after the great battle between Yang Kai and the various Territory Lords, he had been physically and mentally exhausted. Although he hadn’t completely exhausted himself, he was still an arrow at the end of its flight. Facing Mo Na Ye’s interference, he was somewhat helpless.

Yang Kai’s figure blurred as he disappeared and teleported away.

However, he wasn’t able to get too far away. With just a sweep of his Divine Sense, Mo Na Ye was able to determine his location, and a powerful aura once again climbed up his body like a leech.

How could sacrificing so many Innate Territory Lords be ineffective? When Mo Na Ye had been planning this battle, he had already calculated all possible scenarios and planned everything out.

Next, he would pursue Yang Kai with all his might until the moment of his death! As long as he could deal with this great enemy, Yang Kai, the dead Innate Territory Lords would not die in vain.

Otherwise, if he continued to kill the Territory Lords who had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Black Ink Clan’s losses would likely be even greater.

The moment he reappeared, Yang Kai’s figure staggered as he experienced a feeling of weightlessness he hadn’t felt in a long time. He knew that he had been too greedy. In order to kill more Innate Territory Lords, he had been fighting for too long, causing his injuries to become quite serious and his consumption to be enormous.

[MSN: Being greedy is not the problem, being stupid is.]

However, in such a situation, how could he retreat so easily until the very last moment? Facing these Innate Territory Lords who could be easily killed, no one could bear to leave.

Now, Yang Kai could only sigh with emotion. In this confrontation, Mo Na Ye’s skills were indeed superior! Admitting the strength of the enemy was not an easy task. In this battle, Yang Kai knew that he had fallen into Mo Na Ye’s scheme, he was willing to fall into this miserable situation.

However, the outcome of this battle would depend on their respective methods.

If he could escape from Mo Na Ye’s pursuit, all of Mo Na Ye’s previous brilliant decisions would become extremely stupid and become a complete joke.

So no matter what, he had to get away from this Pseudo-Royal Lord Mo Na Ye and survive!

Fighting alone without any external help, the gap in strength between them was not small and his life were hanging by a thread…

All of this was extremely unfavorable for Yang Kai. Fortunately, he had long since become accustomed to this kind of situation. Many times he had been hunted down by powerful enemies, but he had always managed to escape unscathed. Could it be that he would fail this time?

The Light of Purification appeared once more and cut off Mo Na Ye’s aura for the second time, once again activating the Space Principle to escape. As expected, the instant he escaped, he was blocked by Mo Na Ye’s interference and his injuries worsened.

When he appeared, Mo Na Ye quickly chased after him.

Again and again…

This situation was quite familiar, and Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling the first time he had been chased by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord after escaping from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

The situation at that time was the same. He had used the Light of Purification to cut off his enemy’s Qi before activating his Space Principle to escape, but unfortunately, he would soon be caught up again.

However, at that time, he was only a peak Seventh Order, the difference in strength between him and the Royal Lord was like night and day. Although he was now a peak Eighth Order, his injuries were heavy and his situation was not much better than before.

At that time, he had been pursued by the Royal Lord for many years, using the many mysterious Celestial Phenomenon in the void to escape many dangers. In the end, he had entered the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and cultivated for thousands of years in the River of Time, reaching the Eighth Order. After leaving the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he had managed to kill the Royal Lord by chance.

What about this time? Should he continue to rely on these Celestial Phenomenon?

It was probably too late. Not only was there some kind of danger hidden within the strange Celestial Phenomenon, but it was also quite far away. With Yang Kai’s current condition, he didn’t have much confidence he could delay to the closest Celestial Phenomenon.

Escaping to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was also a method. There was the Withdrawing Black Ink Army and the Divine Dragon Fu Guang there. If he could lure Mo Na Ye there, not only would he be able to guarantee his own safety, but he could also get Fu Guang to kill Mo Na Ye.

However, the distance was just as great, so Yang Kai quickly dismissed this idea.

The Eighth Order masters who were secretly protecting the tens of thousands of Human Race cultivators mining resources were the only ones nearby who could help him escape. However, if he really did so, it would only bring disaster to these people. With several Eighth Order masters working together, they should be able to resist Mo Na Ye for a while, but the cultivators who were mining materials didn’t have high cultivations, so if they were caught up in the shockwaves of the battle, they would likely suffer heavy casualties. Moreover, once their location was exposed, they would definitely be surrounded by the Black Ink Clan.

Tens of thousands of cultivators who had hidden their whereabouts for thousands of years, who had endured great risks in the depths of the Ink Battlefield, should not have fallen into danger for his personal gain.

Sure enough, he had to fight alone!

In his heart, he was filled with hatred. This time, Mo Na Ye was really determined to kill him and didn’t give him any time to catch his breath. Otherwise, he could have hooked up with the World Tree and had it bring him to the Great Ruins Boundary to hide.

However, the World Tree also needed several breaths of time to receive them. These few breaths of time were enough to determine life and death.

Right now, there was no outside force he could rely on, the only thing he could rely on was himself.

[MSN: Sure...]

Silently sensing his body’s condition, Yang Kai’s physical injuries were slowly being healed by the Dragon Vein’s power. The World Force in his Small Universe was also constantly increasing, and the Soul Warming Lotus was also nourishing his consciousness…

If no one interfered, in less than ten days or half a month, Yang Kai would be able to return to his peak state, his recovery ability has always been strong.

However, now that he was being pursued by Mo Na Ye, every time he used his Space Principle to escape, he would suffer new injuries, and his own strength and mental strength were constantly being consumed.

Under these circumstances, he would have to delay Mo Na Ye for three to five years before he had a chance to counterattack.

For the next three to five years, Yang Kai didn’t know if he would be able to hold on. If he was careless one time and was caught by Mo Na Ye, he would die.

The current situation left Yang Kai with no other choice. If he wanted to live, he could only continue to hold on!

After making up his mind, Yang Kai calmed down. Since this was the only way out, he would work hard. After three to five years, when he was confident he could escape from Mo Na Ye’s hands, he would laugh at him. He believed that Mo Na Ye’s expression would be extremely interesting then!


[MSN: This fight remind me of YK battle with blood crow in the universe cave heaven, when his soul was heavily injured. He could easily win if he fight with his soul power, but he choose to use his spear. sigh...]

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"Many times he had been hunted down by powerful enemies, but he had always managed to escape unscathed." Hmmm, I think it would be more accurate to say Yang Kai NEVER managed to escape unscathed. He was always scathed. A lot.


You cannot compare then with Now, MoNaYe is a royal lord his soul power is higher than YK, Back them his soul power stronger the blood crow, and his Soul power is exhausted which make it even worst using soul spike in that condition he would lose consciousness but he is stupid for not using the stone clan since this is what he was saving the remainder for unless he gave to Rouxi which would be stupid as well


Boban Germanovic
Boban Germanovic

Bruv Soul Powers have been talked about since the beginning and were always said to be the most dangerous/lethal method to fight, just from one sneaky attack u can endanger someone life and u are at risk for it(how it was pre outer universe)Which is why most cultivators dont easily use them to fight. But since much earlier in the story we never see Yang Kai, almost never ever use Soul Attack even though fk all the other trump cards he had the biggest one he had was soul warming lotus and his soul was always much stronger then his cultivation level but he would never use it against people till Soul Shattering Spike came to be. Wow finally ty…


Since the introduction of space and time Doa it was already established that it require Soul power hence why he is exhausted, Also YK always fight above his rank, his soul force only even the field in that regard, It's not like the soul warming instantly replenish, sure he could use soul spike but he would still die in his current stated since Royal lord including Mo na soul power is higher plus he already prepared for it which will reduce his effectiveness, It's a lose lose using soul power in this situation.

I would say he is stupid because now is time for him to use stone clan from what I remember he was saving them to fight Roya…

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