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As the dragon’s mouth closed, it was as if a huge piece of the void had disappeared, along with the four Territory Lords who had originally been here.

The sound of chewing came from the dragon’s mouth, causing the Territory Lords’ hair to stand on end. A large amount of Ink Force and thick black ink blood flowed out from the corner of its mouth, causing all the Territory Lords who saw this scene to shiver in fear.

A dense barrage of attacks flew towards the giant dragon from all directions. The giant dragon suddenly turned around, its two giant dragon eyes filled with endless killing intent as it opened its bloody mouth and let out a resounding dragon roar that echoed throughout the world, accompanied by a golden bead that shot out from its mouth.

With Yang Kai’s current cultivation, the Sun and Moon Divine Seal was undoubtedly his strongest trump card, followed by the Dragon Bead.

To the Dragon Clan, Dragon Bead were just like the Monster Beast’s Core, the crystallization of a lifetime’s worth of cultivation. The Dragon Clan’s skin was thick and their strength was great, so they would not easily take out Dragon Bead to fight their enemies, simply because this method was quite harmful to them. If an expert were to destroy the Dragon Bead, they would definitely lose a great deal of their cultivation and their bloodline might even regress.

Over the years, Yang Kai had only used the Dragon Bead twice, and each time, the effects were amazing, but also accompanied by great risks.

Today was the third time…

A blazing sun appeared in the sky and the golden Dragon Bead shot through the void like a great sun, containing an endless amount of power as it broke through the defensive barriers set up by the Territory Lords and destroyed their battle formation. If this was all there was to it, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but the most important thing was that as the Dragon Bead fell, the rich power of the Great Dao of Time began to flow through the Territory Lords’ minds, causing their senses to become chaotic.

The Dao of Time was the Natal Great Dao of the Dragon Clan. Since the Dragon Bead was the crystallization of the Dragon Clan’s cultivation, it naturally contained the mysteries of this Great Dao.

With their senses disrupted and their thoughts disrupted, the Territory Lords were suddenly at a loss. Wherever the Dragon Bead passed, the powerful Innate Territory Lords would be injured or even killed.

In an instant, seven or eight auras were annihilated.

While Yang Kai was attacking the enemy, he was also enduring the continuous bombardment of the enemy’s attacks. Under the cover of the dense number of Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities, the giant dragon, which was originally huge and unable to move, suddenly transformed into a golden light and disappeared, causing most of the attacks to miss.

Dragon Shape has no phase, it can be large or small.

The golden light suddenly appeared on the other side, revealing Yang Kai’s figure again, but it was not a dragon’s body, but a humanoid figure. When he opened his mouth and swallowed the Dragon Bead, he once again summoned the Azure Dragon Spear. The many Great Dao Concepts on the spear were displayed as he brazenly charged into the enemy ranks.

With his human body and dragon body constantly transforming to fight his enemies, Yang Kai fully displayed the three Great Daos he had learned in his life.

However, at this moment, how could he have the time to carefully study it? This battle had been extremely intense since the beginning, and until the final moment, who could tell who would win?

As the number of Territory Lords continued to decrease, Yang Kai also felt a sense of fatigue. His Small Universe’s physique was far superior to an ordinary person’s, and now he was at the peak of the Eighth Order. No matter how fierce the previous battles were, Yang Kai could easily deal with them, but the number of enemies he had to face this time was simply too great.

All of this was thanks to Mo Na Ye’s generosity.

The Dragon Bead had already been summoned three times and had killed a large number of Territory Lords, so they could no longer be easily summoned, otherwise, the Dragon Bead would be in danger of shattering.

In the Small Universe, the World Force was also greatly consumed. Although the Small Universe was temporarily unable to see anything unusual with the World Tree sealing it, if he were to consume too much of it, it might cause the Small Universe’s condition to worsen. At that time, Yang Kai might be fine, but to those living in his Small Universe, it would be a disaster.

The Black Ink Clan had been trying to set up the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array, but under Yang Kai’s deliberate efforts, they had been unable to form it. Now, the Black Ink Clan seemed to have completely given up on using the Great Array to bind Yang Kai.

It wasn’t that they were willing to do so, it was just that most of the Territory Lords who had brought the Array Foundation with them had been killed, and the Black Ink Clan were also helpless.

The intense battle suddenly came to a halt as Yang Kai stood upright with his spear in hand, his killing intent surging. His entire body was covered in golden and black blood, dyeing him in blood. His tightly bound hair was also scattered about his shoulders, and although he was in a sorry state, he had a heroic air about him.

From all directions, there were still more than a hundred Territory Lords gathered around him, glaring at him like tigers eyeing their prey. Their powerful auras were like invisible chains, trying their best to restrain him.

In this battle, Yang Kai had killed more than fifty Territory Lords, at least a hundred of them. The reason why there were still more than a hundred Territory Lords here was mainly because more Territory Lords had come to participate in this battle.

At this moment, many pairs of eyes were staring at Yang Kai, their eyes flashing with fear and dread. They had personally witnessed how this human master slaughtered his companions like slaughtering chickens and dogs. The reason why they were still alive was not because they were stronger than their dead companions, but because they were lucky enough to not be targeted by Yang Kai.

Almost all of the clansmen who had been targeted by this Human Race master had died.

The battlefield was silent, with broken limbs and pieces of flesh floating about, making the atmosphere even stranger.

The Territory Lords asked themselves, was it worth it to pay such a great price?

However, the one in charge of this matter was Sir Mo Na Ye, and they were only following orders, unable to resist.

Taking a deep breath and spitting out a mouthful of blood, Yang Kai glanced in the direction of the No-Return Pass. He knew that Mo Na Ye was definitely rushing over from that direction. Perhaps he had already arrived nearby and was hiding outside his perception range. The only reason he hadn’t appeared was because it wasn’t time yet.

Yang Kai still had the strength to fight and could continue his slaughter. If he appeared now, Mo Na Ye wasn’t confident he could stop Yang Kai who was good at escaping.

Only when Yang Kai was truly exhausted would Mo Na Ye appear and complete his task!

He was certain that Yang Kai couldn’t bear to leave now, because the Innate Territory Lords standing in front of him were all sheep waiting to be slaughtered. As long as Yang Kai still cared about the future of the Human Race, he wouldn’t leave now.

Yang Kai grinned, the blood on his face making his smile even more sinister. He had to admit that this time, he had been tricked by Mo Na Ye, but this kind of scheme was something he was willing to cooperate with!

[MSN: How much easier would it be if he just use the stone army? tricked my ass.]

Mo Na Ye, the great talent of the Black Ink Clan!

With a shake of his spear, his killing intent surged like boiling water as Yang Kai shouted, “Again!”

Transforming into a stream of light, Yang Kai charged towards the four Territory Lords who had formed the battle formation. After fighting for so long, there was no need for any fancy tricks. Yang Kai needed to kill as many of these powerful enemies as possible before he could escape, and what these Territory Lords who had been ordered to come here needed to do was to constantly put pressure on Yang Kai and accumulate injuries.

The collision of swords and spears was different from the initial flexibility. Yang Kai no longer had any spare energy to avoid too many attacks, and most of the time, he was trading his own injuries for the lives of the Territory Lords, with his Dragon Body only a step away from the Divine Dragon realm, he has this confidence.

The moment the Four Directions Array was broken, Yang Kai brandished his spear and enveloped the four Territory Lords within it. The four Territory Lords struggled, but how could they break free?

Under the assault of the spear, every Territory Lord’s body suddenly froze…

At the same time, a dense barrage of attacks also enveloped Yang Kai, causing him to bleed profusely.

He suddenly turned around and attacked the four nearby Territory Lords.

The battle was not as fierce as it had been at the beginning. After all, whether it was the Territory Lords or Yang Kai, both of them had consumed a great deal of energy in such a high-intensity battle, but the intensity of the battle was far greater than before.

As the life force of a Territory Lord was constantly being extinguished, Yang Kai’s aura continued to weaken. After half an hour, when Yang Kai killed another Territory Lord, his body involuntarily swayed and his vision became blurry…

He was almost at his limit!

He didn’t know how many Territory Lords he had killed in this battle, but the number of Innate Territory Lords the Black Ink Clan had invested was at least two hundred and fifty, but only seventy or eighty were still alive…

In just one battle, he had killed over a hundred and seventy Territory Lords!

Such a terrifying battle record wasn’t something Yang Kai’s true strength could achieve. If it weren’t for the fact that all these Territory Lords were injured and had Mo Na Ye’s schemes, how could he have succeeded so easily?

It could be said that the result of this battle was a one-sided battle, with one side willing to fight while the other side willing to suffer. Mo Na Ye wanted to achieve his goal in one fell swoop, so Yang Kai also went with the flow.

A powerful aura suddenly burst into Yang Kai’s perception from the direction of No-Return Pass and quickly approached him.

Yang Kai turned his head and coldly snorted in his heart. This Mo Na Ye fellow had come at just the right time, arriving just as he was about to retreat.

If he was in his peak state, facing a Mo Na Ye in this vast void, Yang Kai was naturally not weak. He had been hunted down by several Royal Lords and had even killed a Royal Lord, so what was a Pseudo-Royal Lord worth?

However, at this moment, Yang Kai’s injuries were severe and his strength was not at its peak. Whether it was the Small Universe’s strength or his Divine Soul Force, both of them had been greatly exhausted. If he was really targeted by Mo Na Ye, whether he could successfully escape or not, Yang Kai was uncertain.

However, Yang Kai did not regret his actions today. Mo Na Ye had taken the initiative to deliver such a piece of fat meat to him, so even if he knew it was the Black Ink Clan’s scheme, Yang Kai could only eat it.

This was the best time to reduce the strength of the Black Ink Clan. If they didn’t kill a few more Innate Territory Lords at this time, in the future, more Eighth Order Human Race might fall.

Space Principle swirled around his body, and the moment he felt Mo Na Ye’s aura, Yang Kai prepared to escape.

How could the Territory Lords who had gathered around him allow him to leave so easily? Before, these Territory Lords had been fearful of Yang Kai’s killing intent and none of them had dared to take him head on, but now, as if they had been injected with stimulants, all of them suddenly became fierce and focused on Yang Kai’s body, madly circulating their strength, using their Secret Techniques to bombard Yang Kai, or shaking the surrounding space to interfere with his actions.


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Rob Moore
Rob Moore
Mar 17, 2023

I wonder why YK’s world tree hasn’t made any small fruits in his small universe like the ones they found In The star boundary. After tens of thousands of years you’d think he’d have some to help replenish is world force.

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sabeek sebbu
Oct 18, 2022

he said it before he will use stone race only for fighting royal

Mar 27, 2023
Replying to're stupid. Most of what he had he gave away to the human race, he used some, and also gave some to ruoxi. Sun's burning shine and moons nether glimmer haven't finished restocking yet on more as they mentioned last time he visited but even if they had more now it wouldn't be nearly as much. Regardless he'd have to go there to get more but what if he needed them on the way? He does have the trump card from the old ancestor but he wouldn't easily waste

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