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His tone was filled with emotion.

Yang Kai said in his heart, “Only an idiot would appreciate you…”

However, looking at it from another perspective, Mo Na Ye had indeed done a good job in dealing with the problems he had brought with him these past few years. If it were any other Black Ink Clan member, they would have suffered even worse results.

Listening to these words, all the Territory Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction were stunned. Their Pseudo-Royal Lord’s attitude towards this Human Race’s Killing Star was beyond their expectations.

However, thinking about this person’s strength and what he had done before, they could somewhat understand why Mo Na Ye had chosen to compromise.

After a moment of silence, the Territory Lord began to repeat Mo Na Ye’s words, “Now that things have come to this, it’s time for this matter to come to an end.”

Yang Kai asked, “What kind of result do you want?”

“The flaws of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction have been fixed, so there will no longer be any Territory Lords coming out from the Great Restriction. As for the Territory Lords who came out from the Great Restriction, many of them have been killed by Brother Yang. What I mean to say is that this matter will end here. Brother Yang will no longer try to kill my Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, and the Black Ink Clan will let bygones be bygones. The thirty percent of resources promised to Brother Yang will still be the same, what do you think, Brother Yang?”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. It had to be said that Mo Na Ye had made a huge concession. If he counted the Territory Lords he had just killed, over the past few years, almost four hundred Territory Lords had died under his hands.

These were four hundred Innate Territory Lords, not Feudal Lords, and certainly not some random army… Even if these four hundred Territory Lords were to forge a Pseudo-Royal Lord, they would be able to create twenty or thirty of them. The Black Ink Clan did not lack a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Such a great loss could be treated as if it had never happened. This was indeed a great show of sincerity.

However, from a different perspective, Mo Na Ye would rather suffer such a great loss than give up on Yang Kai. Now that he had sent out two hundred Territory Lords to surround him, it meant that the Black Ink Clan still had more Innate Territory Lords on their way.

If they couldn’t resolve this matter today, the Black Ink Clan would suffer even more losses!

If they wanted the enemy to voluntarily swallow this bitter fruit, they could only wait for a greater possibility.

As his thoughts raced, Yang Kai understood and smiled, “Good, since you’re so sincere, how could this Yang not agree? So what if it’s as you say?”

The Territory Lord quickly replied, “Brother Yang is truly wise. Since that’s the case, I ask Brother Yang to stay here for twenty years. Brother Yang can rest assured that these Territory Lords will accompany you here. If Brother Yang doesn’t act against them, they won’t retaliate. In addition, I can guarantee that the Sir Royal Lord and even myself will not appear in Brother Yang’s perception range.”

He knew that this Mo Na Ye wouldn’t have no backup plan. Even if he promised Yang Kai something, it was impossible for him to trust him. If Yang Kai really didn’t want to kill the Territory Lords, the best way was naturally to keep him here.

Twenty years was more than enough time for the last batch of Territory Lords to leave the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction safely.

The reason why he told Yang Kai that he and even the Royal Lord Mo Yu would not appear in Yang Kai’s perception was because he wanted Yang Kai to be at ease so that he wouldn’t have any doubts.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Mo Na Ye, since I’ve agreed to this, I naturally won’t go back on my word. Your trust in me is too low.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust Brother Yang, it’s just that this matter is too serious, so I have to be careful. Please forgive me, Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding and looked around. All the Innate Territory Lords who had been targeted by him all wore solemn expressions, their hearts trembling.

“If I insist on leaving, these Territory Lords won’t be able to stop me!”

The Territory Lord who was holding the small Ink Nest let out a long sigh, imitating Mo Na Ye’s helplessness perfectly, “Brother Yang, there is no need for this, my clan has already made enough concessions!”

With so many Territory Lords killed, it would be as if nothing had happened. The Black Ink Clan had already take a step back. It was true that this was a result of the situation. Even if Mo Na Ye wanted to take revenge, there was nothing he could do.

Yang Kai lowered his eyes and said lightly, “There are some things I can discuss with you, but there are some things I can’t discuss.”

Mo Na Ye was silent for a long time before the Territory Lord finally spoke, “Then Brother Yang, are you willing to leave just like that?”

Yang Kai immediately laughed out loud, “You know me well! If I ever reach the Ninth Order, I will offer your head as a sacrifice to my happiness!”

Of course, he couldn’t bear to leave. With the hundred and fifty Innate Territory Lords here, how could Yang Kai leave without killing them to his heart’s content? Rather than wasting time and energy ambushing and killing these scattered Territory Lords, it was better to go all out.

This was the true essence of Mo Na Ye’s plan.

It wasn’t that the veteran Territory Lords from the No-Return Pass is not dispatch because they're unable to be moved, but they can't.

Using just these Territory Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was to give Yang Kai a feeling he can kill all of them.

If Yang Kai agreed to his previous conditions, it would naturally be for the best. With the hundred and fifty Territory Lords here to accompany him for twenty years, the Territory Lords who were still on the road would have plenty of time to return to the No-Return Pass and ensure that their strength would increase.

Even if Yang Kai didn’t agree, facing this huge bait in front of him, he definitely wouldn’t escape so easily. A great battle was bound to break out, and no matter how many Innate Territory Lords died, Yang Kai would never escape unscathed.

At that time, how could he have the time and energy to kill those Territory Lords on the road?

So whether Yang Kai agreed or not, it was all within Mo Na Ye’s calculations. The only difference was that the Black Ink Clan had to pay a different price!

Before Yang Kai could finish his words, he had already appeared in front of the Territory Lord who was holding the Ink Nest. In order to pass on Mo Na Ye’s words, this fellow’s consciousness had been constantly linked to the Ink Nest in his hand, so he was unable to support the Four Directions Array which he was not familiar with, with his other three companions.

The Territory Lord obviously didn’t expect Yang Kai to act so quickly. A figure flashed in front of him and a long spear swiftly pierced through his body. A violent energy burst out from his body and before he could even make a sound, he exploded, causing blood to fill the air.

In the next instant, Yang Kai activated his spear and enveloped his three companions.

The battle suddenly broke out without any warning, but fortunately, the Territory Lords who had come here were already mentally prepared. As soon as they saw Yang Kai take action, they immediately used their strength to counterattack. In an instant, the Ink Force surged and black ink clouds floated about as Secret Techniques appeared one after another.

Some of the Territory Lords who had received the order earlier also began to move about, spreading out in all directions as they secretly made arrangements.

As soon as Yang Kai killed the three Territory Lords, he was enveloped by a series of Secret Techniques and his body trembled as he resisted the endless pressure and began his slaughter.

Enemies from all directions, Yang Kai’s spear flashed back and forth, from time to time accompanied by the rising sun and the cries of Golden Crows.

One after another, the auras of Territory Lord-level masters were annihilated while Yang Kai himself was constantly being injured.

Fighting one hundred and fifty Innate Territory Lords by himself was an unprecedented feat.

If this is 150 of Territory Lords in their peak, not to mention an Eighth Order like Yang Kai, even if it was a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator, too many ants could still kill an elephant.

Fortunately, these Territory Lords were all heavily injured and their strength had been greatly reduced. Coupled with the fact that there were so many of them, Yang Kai was able to maintain his position for a short time.

Mo Na Ye had played this fair and square game, so if Yang Kai wanted to enter the game, he would have to pay a price, which was inevitable.

More and more Territory Lords died, but with the efforts of more Territory Lords, the encirclement became tighter. Powerful auras from all directions pressed towards Yang Kai like an invisible barrier, making it impossible for him to move.

At a certain point, the encirclement had reached its limit. No matter how fierce Yang Kai was, facing this kind of predicament, it was still difficult for him to fight four people at once. After forcibly killing one of the Territory Lords in front of him, he had suffered at least a dozen attacks, causing him to tremble violently and cough up blood.

As the Dragon Roar rang out, a giant golden dragon head appeared behind Yang Kai and flew into his body. In the next instant, golden light filled the air as the little human suddenly transformed into a giant golden dragon. This golden dragon was covered in dragon scales, had dragon horns on its head, and a dragon’s beard.

The violent attacks landed on the dragon’s body, shattering its scales.

The giant dragon didn’t seem to have noticed, and as it rolled, it swung its tail and sent the Territory Lords beside it flying. The giant dragon head suddenly aimed at the four sneaky Territory Lords in a certain direction and opened its mouth, roaring, “What are you doing?”

This trap set up by Mo Na was not just to use the lives of the Territory Lords to exchange for Yang Kai’s injuries, it would not be worth it. He still had a greater ambition, which was to trap Yang Kai here, come out and kill him himself!

Facing such an elusive opponent like Yang Kai, it was extremely difficult to trap him. The only method the Black Ink Clan could use right now was the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array.

As long as he could set up this Great Array, he would be able to seal the Heavens and Earth, making Yang Kai’s greatest reliance useless.

These Territory Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had not spent much time in the No-Return Pass. Besides practicing the Four Directions Array, they were also familiar with the Array Formation.

Some Territory Lords had brought the Array Foundation of the Great Array, and while their companions were desperately trying to entangle Yang Kai, they had secretly set up a Great Array.

Once the Great Array was formed, it would be time for Mo Na Ye to appear. He had not appeared at this moment to avoid alerting the enemy, but once his aura was exposed to Yang Kai’s senses, he would immediately flee.

With such an arrangement, how could Yang Kai not have noticed it? Although the Territory Lords who had brought the Array Foundation had been extremely secretive, Yang Kai had always been on guard against such a thing.

The dragon’s scales fluttered as it endured the attacks from all directions, leaving behind a series of terrifying wounds on its body. However, the dragon head did not care about these four Territory Lords as it stretched out its claws towards the four Territory Lords, causing the surrounding space to freeze as it opened its mouth.

With a crack, a piece of space was bitten off!


[MSN: Guess, it's YK's turn to be stupid now. If he use the stone army, not only could he kill them all, he could save lots of time. At the very least, their foundation would drop from the light.]

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