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The whereabouts were exposed, and many Territory Lords from all directions rushed to this place, wanting to do an encirclement.

Yang Kai could have fled immediately and let teh Black Ink Clan's deployment fail, but he did not leave, just frowning and perceiving.

After a while, he burst out laughing, 'Mo Na Ye, Mo Na Ye, this time, you calculated death.'

In his perception, there are a large number of Territory Lords rushing to this place from all over the world, but each Territory Lord's aura is a bit weak, as if all of them are injured.

Yang Kai immediately understood that the Territory Lords who came to encircle and suppress him this time were not those who were in good condition but had come out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction over the years.

In the face of those old Territory Lord from the No-Return Pass, once they form a battle formation, Yang Kai really doesn't have a good way to deal with it other than using the Soul Shattering Spike, so all those who died in his hands these years are the Territory Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and the Territory Lords from the No-Return Pass had no casualties. Even if he occasionally encountered them, Yang Kai would avoid them early and not waste energy.

However, this time the Black Ink Clan specially arranged a large number of Territory Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, who were injured, to encircle and suppress him, making it clear that they were seducing him to kill them.

With such a huge piece of fat in front of him, should he eat it or not? If he eat it, he might fall into the crisis of being surrounded and suppressed, but if he don't eat, how can Yang Kai be left alone by the Territory Lords in front of him?

He has been hiding out for these years, intercepting these Territory Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and he has gained benefits, but the Territory Lords haven't gained anything, so many Territory Lords gathered in one place, right Yang Kai's temptation is really not small.

This is a proper plot! Mo Na Ye has already set up a position, and then it will be up to Yang Kai to choose what to do.

It has to be said that the person who understands a person best is often not a friend, but an opponent. Mo Na Ye has fought wits and courage with Yang Kai over the years, and has a thorough understanding of his temperament. Since he has made such an arrangement, he has naturally expected Yang Kai's choice.

He concluded that it was impossible for Yang Kai to remain indifferent in the face of this batch of bait he threw out. This guy has been killing the Territory Lords all these years. Now that he has sent so many Territory Lords to him, Yang Kai must take the bait.

As he expected, with only a slight hesitation, Yang Kai had already made a decision.

Since Mo Na Ye dared to throw out such a large piece of fat in front of him, Yang Kai didn't mind taking a bite first.

Before these Territory Lords form an encirclement, killing them as much as possible to reduce the pressure is more important!

His Divine Sense surged wildly, and the Divine Sense filled the air like a tide. As expected, the aura of Mo Na Ye was not perceived.

He, this Pseudo-Royal Lord, can't control his own power, and it is impossible to completely hide his aura. As long as he appears within his own perception range, Yang Kai will definitely be able to detect it!

But Yang Kai knows that this guy Mo Na Ye must be monitoring the movement here somewhere, waiting for the right opportunity to appear!

His body shook, the Space Principle fluctuate, and he disappeared in place, appearing millions of kilometers away in an instant.

There are several Innate Territory Lords here urging the Ink Force, and the black ink cloud rolls forward and gallops forward. Suddenly, a fierce air force shrouded the huge black ink cloud, and then a figure like a big sun fell and crashed in the middle of the black ink cloud.

The World Force was in turmoil, the Ink Force surged, and when the black ink cloud collapsed, four figures fell out in embarrassment, and all of them spat out blood.

Not far away, Yang Kai stood with a spear, did not stop, attacked and killed shot again with the spear towards the four Territory Lords.

The four Territory Lords all shouted fiercely, each urging the Ink Force, and played a series of subtle secret techniques, forming a battle formation against Yang Kai.

Although it is a bait, they don't want to die.

These Innate Territory Lords from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction did not stay in the No-Return Pass for long. They didn't have time to heal their injuries, and their strength naturally couldn't recover much, but they had already started to cooperate with other Territory Lords under Mo Na Ye's order, and practice the battle formation.

Therefore, the four Territory Lords formed a Four Directions Array. Unfortunately, because the time was too short, they could not fully trust each other, and their minds could not be perfectly matched. These Four Directions Array were displayed by them were not stable.

Especially when encountering a powerhouse like Yang Kai, they only persisted for ten breaths, and the battle formation that was not stable was broken.

With the help of the Four Directions Array, the four Territory Lords barely have the strength to protect themselves, but without the help of the battle formation, how could these Territory Lords who had not yet recovered from their injuries be Yang Kai's opponent?

The moment the battle formation was broken, a Territory Lord was swept away by Yang Kai with a shot, and his body was directly shattered and turned into ash.

Yang Kai stabbed his spear and hit the head of a Territory Lord. At the same time, the Space Principle was urged, and the void solidified.

The other two Territory Lords who were still alive didn't have time to react, their eyes went black and they lost consciousness.

In just two breaths, the aura of the four Innate Territory Lords completely withered, and Yang Kai disappeared in place, killing in another direction.

Each team has four Territory Lords, all forming a Four Directions Array.

However, they are not the same as those veteran Territory Lords from the No-Return Pass. They are all injured, not to mention, they are not familiar with the battle formation.

Within ten breaths, the battle formation was broken, followed by the fate of being slaughtered.

One team, two teams, three teams...

Yang Kai moved around, setting off a seemingly endless slaughter in this vast void. At the same time, he did not forget to monitor the movement in the four directions and be alert to the reaction of the Black Ink Clan.

More and more Territory Lords were killed, and soon nearly ten teams of Territory Lords were wiped out, that was forty Territory Lords. However, the remaining Territory Lords did not flinch at all. It should be because of Mo Na Ye. Before this, he had explained to them what might happen, so they would not hesitate when the time comes.

It's not that they are not afraid, it's just that there is an order from above, and they can't retreat.

The slaughter continued, time passed, and the encirclement of the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lords became more and more compact. After Yang Kai killed several teams of Territory Lords, he was finally surrounded by the Territory Lordds who came from all directions.

In the void, Yang Kai stood with a spear, and in all directions, there were a group of Territory Lords who formed a battle formation. You could clearly see the panic and fear in the eyes of those Territory Lords, and looked at Yang Kai as if looking at some natural enemy.

In the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they all thought that they were powerful and unparalleled, but they were trapped in the Great Restriction and couldn't show their skills. Only now did they wake up from their pretty dreams, in front of this person, Innate Territory Lords are nothing at all.

The scene is quiet and the atmosphere is dignified.

Yang Kai didn't move, and the Territory Lords didn't dare to move rashly, and only used the momentum of the encirclement to seal the area tight.

There are a lot of them, and there are at least 150 Territory Lords gathered here. Counting those killed by him before, this time the Black Ink Clan used nearly 200 Territory Lords!

What a great handiwork! Yang Kai couldn't help but secretly exclaimed.

No matter how good he is, facing the cooperation of these Territory Lords, he will not be able to act as he please. There is only one possibility for the final result of this battle.

That's a lose-lose situation.

Yang Kai will never underestimate these Territory Lords because they are all injured. Although he can easily kill a team of Territory Lord who have formed a battle formation, there are only four Territory Lord in each team. When the accumulation reaches a certain level, the quantitative change will lead to the qualitative change.

What's more, the power displayed by these Territory Lords is not small.

In the stalemate, a Territory Lord took a step forward cautiously, and respectfully held a small ink nest with both hands, as if he was afraid of causing some misunderstanding from Yang Kai, and hurriedly shouted: "Yang Kai, Sir Mo Na Ye ask you to come inside the Ink Nest and talk!"

Yang Kai killed so many Innate Territory Lords, and there must be a captured Ink Nest in his hands. This is what Mo Na Ye can guess. He has been trying to contact Yang Kai these days, but it is a pity that there is no response when trying to contact him. Talking to Yang Kai face to face can only rely on the Ink Nest.

He himself could not come forward easily. In this situation, once he shows up, Yang Kai will definitely escape immediately, and the dozens of Territory Lords who were killed just now will really die in vain.

It was just an appetizer for Yang Kai to taste, and the remaining 150 Territory Lords were the main meal!

"Enter the Ink Nest to talk?" Yang Kai squinted at the Territory Lord and snorted: "Does he think I'm a three-year-old child? Let him die."

Not to mention that if he entered the Ink Nest, his body would be attack, the Ink Nest itself has the ability to trap him inside.

Back then, when Yang Kai was outside the Great Evolution Pass, his divine sense went into the Ink Nest to spy on the Ink Nest Space, and he was trapped in it for hundreds of years. If it wasn't for the help of the Soul Warming Lotus and the Soul Shattering Spike to kill the Territory Lords inside, he would not be able to come out.

This guy, Mo Na Ye, thinks that he doesn't know much about the weirdness of the Ink Nest Space, and he has such a naive proposal, which is simply heartbreaking.

Yang Kai dares to guarantee that even if he really finds a proper place, arranges his physical body, and enters the Ink Nest with his divine sense, he will definitely be trapped in it.

The Territory Lord's divine sense surged for a while, as if he was communicating with someone, and he said after a while: "It's okay if you don't want to enter the Ink Nest, Sir Mo Na Ye has something to tell."


"Sir Mo Na Ye said..." The Territory Lord paused for a while, and then recited the original words: "Brother Yang, my Black Ink Clan have tolerated and retreated from you, we are even willing to share 30% of our mined resources, I only ask Brother Yang to have a peace of mind and stop attacking, there is no need to make things difficult for my Black Ink Clan's people today, killing my Black Ink Clan's powerhouse.”

Yang Kai sneered and said: "The Human Race and Black Ink Clan are not at odds with each other now, if the Black Ink Clan are honest, I won't do anything, but your Black Ink Clan are doing things in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, sneaking out and gathering strength. How can I just sit back and watch? I just hate not killing enough, not enough!"

The Territory Lord conveyed Yang Kai's words, and received a message from Mo Na Ye, and then said: "Brother Yang is right, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan are not at odds, you and I have dealt with each other for so many years and understand each other, Mo Na Ye has the intention to communicate with you and become friend, but it's not possible, what you and I do, all all for the benefit of our own people, different backgrounds, different positions, different destiny, it's helpless!"


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