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After killing more than two hundred Territory Lords in a straight line, Yang Kai didn’t stop for even a moment and returned the way he came. Along the way, he ran into a dozen or so others who had slipped through the net and killed them.

Using the Space Spirit Bead he had left behind along the way, after half a year, Yang Kai once again passed through the Ancient Battlefield and arrived at the outskirts of the No-Return Pass.

Concealing his body, concealing his aura, he found the Universe Fragment that Sun Zhao was hiding in and take him back to his Small Universe.

What made Yang Kai feel fortunate was that Sun Zhao hadn’t been exposed, otherwise it would have been impossible for him, a mere Emperor Realm who had condensed his Dao Seal, to survive.

In fact, Mo Na Ye had also ordered people to search for traces of Sun Zhao. When he had used the communication bead to contact Yang Kai, he had deduced that someone was communicating with him under the guise of Yang Kai’s identity, so the distance between them wasn’t too far, otherwise the communication bead wouldn’t have been able to reach the other party.

However, this distance wasn’t too far, and when placed in the vast void, its scope was quite large. The Black Ink Clan’s search didn’t yield any results, so this matter was left unsettled. Mo Na Ye himself didn’t pay much attention to this matter. At that time, he was on his way to meet up with the Territory Lords, so all of his attention was focused on investigating Yang Kai’s movements, so how could he have the time to care about such trivial matters?

Sun Zhao being able to survive was partly due to luck and partly because the difficulty of the search was too high, making it difficult for the Black Ink Clan to complete their task.

Looking in the direction of the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai’s eyes became solemn. Although he was far away, he could still sense the subtle changes in the No-Return Pass.

Originally, there were more than a hundred Territory Lord-level masters gathered at the No-Return Pass, and perhaps some of them were hiding in the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, either healing or cultivating, but there were not many of them.

But now, it was difficult to count the number of Innate Territory Lords in the No-Return Pass. The Royal Lord-level Ink Nests that had been placed in the No-Return Pass were constantly shaking, producing extremely rich Ink Force.

These Territory Lords who had come from the direction of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction were all injured, so they needed to heal themselves first. The Ink Force was the source of their healing.

What’s more, these Territory Lords had brought back quite a number of Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, so the number of Ink Nests in the No-Return Pass had also increased. This was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan’s strength.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai turned around and flew towards the depths of the Ink Battlefield, searching for a place to wait.

It was too difficult for him to find the Innate Territory Lords who had already scattered. He didn’t know where these Territory Lords were hiding, he had only encountered a dozen or so along the way.

Since that was the case, he could only wait. The goal of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords is the No-Return Pass, so as long as he found a suitable position, he could naturally wait for them to deliver themselves to him.

Of course, by doing so, he couldn’t intercept too many Territory Lords and would easily expose himself. However, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords on the No-Return pass weren’t idle at the moment. Instead, four or five of them had formed a team and were currently assisting their clansmen.

But there would always be some gains!

After half a year, he finally gained something.

This caused Yang Kai to despise the speed at which these Territory Lords were travelling, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had the Space Principle, so he was able to travel back and forth in an extremely short amount of time, but these heavily injured Territory Lords were unable to do so. It would take at least ten or twenty years for them to fly back from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to the No-Return Pass.

As such, the Territory Lords who had been lucky enough to not be discovered by Yang Kai would have to spend a lot of time coming here from the Ancient Battlefield.

From afar, there was an aura approaching them, appearing somewhat cautious. Although it was trying its best to conceal itself, it was difficult to completely conceal its presence.

This Territory Lord was also a vigilant person, and the closer they got to the No-Return Pass, the more they didn’t dare to lower their guard. Unfortunately, their group of Territory Lords had long since dispersed, and their Ink Nest was now under the control of another Territory Lord. There was no way to contact the No-Return Pass.

Relying on the route map he had obtained before scattering, he passed through the Ancient Battlefield and arrived here. After comparing the surrounding scenery and determining that it was less than half a year’s journey from the No-Return Pass, he was somewhat happy.

However, before he could finish this thought, a sharp killing intent enveloped him and he quickly turned his head, only to see a spear light rapidly expanding in front of his eyes as he hurriedly used his Ink Force to resist it. The defensive barrier he had condensed was as fragile as paper, and when the spear light completely occupied his vision, his thoughts became blank.

Yang Kai put away his spear and, with a wave of his hand, collected the Territory Lord’s corpse and the blood that had erupted from it into his Small Universe. After wiping away the traces left behind by the battle here, he went into hiding again.

The Territory Lords had acted in small groups before, so even if they were separated, their pace should be the same. As long as the first Territory Lord appeared, more Territory Lords would appear.

After guarding for half a year, Yang Kai had finally killed a Territory Lord, but in the following month, he had killed four more!

Then, a long wait.

As the Territory Lords escaped to No-Return Pass from different directions, the strength of the Black Ink Clan would continue to grow, but Mo Na Ye did not show the slightest joy.

The losses were too great. Over the years, they had lost three or four hundred Territory Lords because of Yang Kai, but what was certain was that this fellow was still hiding somewhere and attacking the Territory Lords, while the Black Ink Clan was unable to determine his location.

On the various Great Domain Battlefields, the Black Ink Clan was intensifying their attacks to create pressure for the Human Race, but on the Ink Battlefield, if Yang Kai was not eliminated, the Black Ink Clan would not have a day of peace.

However, facing such a powerful and elusive opponent, Mo Na Ye was helpless. He could only send messages to Yang Kai again, but there was no response.

In fact, after Sun Zhao had responded to Mo Na Ye’s message, he had followed Yang Kai’s orders and destroyed the communication bead so that Mo Na Ye wouldn’t be able to determine its location.

Now that Mo Na Ye wanted to use the communication bead to contact Yang Kai, how could he do so?

He had to find a way to track him down…

Two years later, Yang Kai once again changed his hiding place and quietly waited for the Territory Lords who had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to fall into his trap. Under the orders of Mo Na Ye, the group of Territory Lords split up and flew towards the Ancient Battlefield from different directions. As long as Yang Kai’s luck wasn’t too bad, he would be able to obtain some benefits.

However, in order to prevent the Black Ink Clan from finding him, he would move about every half a year.

Half a year was the time when the Territory Lords would arrive.

By doing so, he was unable to stop all of the Territory Lords. Only a small portion of them had been killed by him, but now he could only do so much.

Reducing the strength of the Black Ink Clan as much as possible would reduce the pressure on the Human Race in the future.

Half a month later, the aura of a Territory Lord suddenly entered Yang Kai’s perception. This had happened countless times over the past few years, so Yang Kai was already familiar with it and remained unmoved. Only when the Territory Lord was close enough did he suddenly attack and thrust his spear forward.

The Territory Lord suffered a great loss and knew that he had no chance of surviving, so he didn’t try to dodge and instead directly rushed towards Yang Kai.

Before the spear could reach him, the Ink Force in the Territory Lord's body began to surge violently and soon expanded.

Yang Kai could clearly see the determination in his eyes…

This caused Yang Kai’s brow to furrow, and he immediately circulated his World Force to form a protective barrier while simultaneously retreating. However, he was still too late. With a violent shockwave, the void collapsed and the violent impact sent Yang Kai flying, causing the protective barrier on his body to ripple and break.

By the time he stabilized himself, the collapsed space in front of him had yet to recover, so one could only imagine how terrifying that attack was. If he didn’t have the Dragon Vein Body, the impact would have been enough to seriously injure him.

This Territory Lord had self-destructed?

Yang Kai had never encountered such a situation before, nor had he ever known that the Territory Lords had such a trump card. Having been caught off guard by such a move, he really wasn’t used to it.

However, why did this Territory Lord want to self-destruct? Even an ant would fight to survive, let alone the Territory Lord of the Black Ink Clan. Even if he was doomed to die, he would still struggle and resist. In the past, Yang Kai had killed so many Territory Lords, but he had never seen Territory Lord who took the initiative to self-destruct.

Soon, he understood why this Territory Lord had self-destructed.

Just as he was thinking about this, a few powerful auras suddenly flew over from the distance, obviously noticing the commotion.

But this wasn’t the end. Yang Kai soon felt more auras converging towards him from all directions. There were at least a dozen of them, and this was only because he had sensed them. There was definitely something even further away.

Over the past few years, Yang Kai had encountered this kind of situation before. On the No-Return Pass' side, the Territory Lords would form their battle formation and move about, providing support to the clansmen who had come out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Sometimes, Yang Kai would kill enemies and inadvertently expose his aura, attracting the attention of these Territory Lords.

However, he has never met them face to face. For these Territory Lords who have formed a battle formation, he has no good solution other than using the Soul Shattering Spike, so he can only ignore them.

On top of that, there has never been so many Territory Lords. It was as if they had predicted Yang Kai’s arrival and had been waiting for him to reveal his whereabouts.

It was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to know of his movements in advance, and he had only recently moved here.

There was only one possibility.

He is standing by the tree and waiting for the rabbit while the Black Ink Clan was also waiting for the rabbit. The Black Ink Clan didn’t speculate where he would appear, only deployed on a location, and Yang Kai will appear sooner or later.

He didn’t know how long the Black Ink Clan had been deployed here, but he had to admit that this stupid method was quite effective. At the very least, they had caught him this time.

But… so what?

It would take some time for the Territory Lords who were rushing over from all directions to reach this place, and with this little bit of time as a buffer, Yang Kai would have long since escaped.


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That's what I am saying if you know you are going to die anyway, self destruct at least cause some damage or let him think twice, it will at least slow him down.

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