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With the help of the Four Directions Array, the four Territory Lords from the No-Return Pass managed to block the Golden Crow Sun Casting, causing the eyes of their injured companions to light up.

Were the Human Race’s battle fortmation so useful?

They had been inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for a long time now, so they didn’t know much about battle formation. Over the past few days, they had come into contact with a lot of information about Yang Kai, and all the Territory Lords who had encountered him had completely lost contact. This human race Eighth Order had become a calamity in the hearts of all the Innate Territory Lords, and if they didn’t survive this calamity, it would be difficult for them to go to the No-Return Pass.

Yang Kai’s appearance here had caused all the Territory Lords to tremble in fear, each of them secretly wondering what would have happened to them if these four hadn’t joined forces to stop him.

The result caused them to shiver in fear. If they really couldn’t stop this attack, even if they didn’t die, their injuries would only worsen. At that time, their only fate would be to be slaughtered.

At this moment, they had a rough idea of what would happen to their comrades who had lost contact with them, so they secretly decided that if they could safely return to the No-Return Pass and recover from their injuries, they would find a few familiar Territory Lords to practice this battle formation so they wouldn’t be unable to fight back when they encountered Human Race masters in the future!

“Yang Kai, hurry up and retreat!” Among the four Territory Lords who had formed the battle formation, one of the Territory Lords with the most vigorous aura called out. This Territory Lord’s figure was extremely tall and sturdy, standing there like an iron statue. Although his tone didn’t allow anyone to refute him, his expression was obviously somewhat stiff.

If a few hundred years ago, Yang Kai’s name had been feared by the Territory Lords, then now that he had killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Di Wu, it was enough to terrify all Innate Territory Lords.

Even Sir Mo Na Ye had been tolerant of him, so how could the Territory Lords dare act so presumptuously in front of him? However, with the current situation, they had no choice but to face this Killing Star head-on.

In his heart, he was filled with hatred. How could his luck be so bad that he had run into Yang Kai here? How was he supposed to clean up this mess?

Opposite him, Yang Kai remained completely unmoved. Without saying a word, he raised his hand and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear. Without any fancy moves, he thrust it forward, instantly transforming it into countless spear images.

The Territory Lords forming the battle formation shouted in unison and joined forces to resist, but they soon discovered that this spear had no power at all. The Territory Lord who had spoken immediately shouted, “Not good!”

In the blink of an eye, two screams rang out behind them.

There is no need to turn their head to know what was happening behind them, and in their eyes, Yang Kai’s spear-wielding figure was slowly fading away.

“Change formation!” The burly Territory Lord shouted as he took the lead and flew backwards. The other three Territory Lords had a tacit understanding with him, so although they were frightened, they quickly changed their formation.

Ink Force surged as the World Force surged. In an instant, Yang Kai had already exchanged several blows with these four Territory Lords, causing the void to collapse.

By the time Yang Kai retreated, the Four Directions Array formed by the four Territory Lords had already enveloped all the Territory Lords, protecting them and their companions. However, two of the Territory Lords had already lost their vitality and died on the spot.

The Innate Territory Lords who had luckily survived all felt a chill run down their spines. They knew that this Human Race master was very strong, and his strength couldn’t simply be compared to an Eighth Order. However, they had never met him before, so their understanding of his strength came from limited information and their own imagination.

Only after experiencing it themselves did they realize how weak their imagination was. This person’s strength was simply unfathomable.

“Yang Kai, quickly retreat!” The burly Territory Lord who had spoken just now shouted again. Under their protection, two Territory Lords had already been killed, so they didn’t dare act rashly, lest they give Yang Kai another opportunity.

“You’re all courting death!” Yang Kai’s spear shook as he pointed it forward. Although he didn’t move, his majestic spear aura enveloped the entire space, causing all of the Territory Lords to tense up. They could clearly feel a great power brewing in the dark, ready to erupt at any moment.

The burly Territory Lord’s forehead was covered in sweat as he hurriedly raised his hand, “Wait a moment, Sir Mo Na Ye has something to say!”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, the killing intent in his eyes becoming more intense. After a long time, he finally shouted, “Speak!”

The burly Territory Lord said, “Sir Mo Na Ye asked us to inform you that if Sir can stop now, we will let bygones be bygones, and we will increase the supply from thirty percent to fifty percent!”

Fifty percent, that was half. It could be seen that Mo Na Ye had been forced by Yang Kai to the point where he had no choice but to use this method to protect the lives of the Innate Territory Lords, forcing Yang Kai to stop fighting. Even when Yang Kai had killed so many Territory Lords before, he had acted as if nothing had happened. After all, those Territory Lords had already died, and although the Black Ink Clan wanted to avenge them, they didn’t have the ability to do so for now.

It had to be said that Mo Na Ye was quite bold. Of course, this was also forced by the circumstances. As long as he had the means to restrain Yang Kai, he would never give up.

However, how could Yang Kai agree so easily? Not to mention fifty percent of the resources, even if it was eighty percent or a hundred percent, how could it compare to the lives of so many Innate Territory Lords? If he stopped now, the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s upper echelons would greatly increase, possibly affecting the future strength of the two races.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and simply stood there unmoving, the space around him seemingly solidifying as the power of his Divine Soul began to surge. The faces of the four Territory Lords who had formed a battle formation all changed drastically.

At this moment, the four Territory Lords felt a chill run down their spines as a thick aura of death enveloped them, making them feel like they could die at any moment.

The aura maintained by the Four Directions Array was almost severed in an instant. Under the threat of death, one’s state of mind would fluctuate slightly.

Fortunately, the Territory Lords forcefully calmed their mind and stabilized their position, preventing the battle formation from collapsing.

However, they knew that if Yang Kai really wanted to kill them, there was a high chance they wouldn’t be able to escape. If they were to die, the dozen or so Territory Lords who were under their protection wouldn’t be able to escape either.

This feeling was something they had experienced once before, and the familiar fluctuations of his Divine Soul power undoubtedly indicated that Yang Kai was secretly using his strange Soul Secret Technique.

Once this Secret Technique was used, even with the Four Directions Array, it would be difficult for the four Territory Lords to block Yang Kai’s killing move.

Last time, the four of them had encountered Yang Kai on their way back to the No-Return Pass while guarding the shipment of supplies, under his threat, they had no choice but to hand over their Space Rings.

They could clearly tell which is more important to them between the resources and their lives. The supplies could be thrown away, but not their lives.

Therefore, after the incident, Sir Mo Na Ye didn’t blame them.

However, the situation this time was different. What they wanted to protect was not some kind of material, but the lives of more than ten of their comrades.

They could not retreat!

They couldn’t help recalling Sir Mo Na Ye’s instructions before they left the No-Return Pass, “After you reunite with your clansmen, immediately escort them back to the No-Return Pass. If you encounter Yang Kai, you must first lure him with benefits. If he refuses to let you go, you must force him to use his Soul Secret Technique to break through your formation and fight him to the death!”

Sir Mo Na Ye had great foresight and had long anticipated this situation, so he also gave the order on how to respond.

Even though the four Territory Lords, led by the burly Territory Lord, were filled with grief, they didn’t dare disobey Mo Na Ye’s orders, otherwise, even if they returned alive, they wouldn’t have a good ending.

If they could force Yang Kai to use his Soul Secret Technique here, he would suffer great damage and would no longer be able to kill the other clansmen.

This was probably Sir Mo Na Ye’s plan. The best result would naturally be to exchange fifty percent of the resources for Yang Kai’s retreat, and the worst result would be to exchange the lives of a group of Territory Lords for the next one or two hundred years of Yang Kai’s seclusion. This was better than him causing a massacre everywhere, causing the Black Ink Clan to suffer heavy losses.

“If you leave now, I’ll pretend I’ve never seen you!” Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged more as the Soul Shattering Spike began to gather power, causing the hearts of the four Territory Lords in the formation to jump. It was as if an invisible blade was hanging above their heads, ready to strike at any moment and take their lives.

The burly Territory Lord slowly shook his head and said bitterly, “Impossible!”

On this side, there was still a clan member guarding the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, constantly sending out information about the situation here. Sir Mo Na Ye was always monitoring the situation here, so how could the four of them escape just to survive?

“Then I’ll grant you your wish!” Yang Kai grit his teeth and shouted, his Divine Soul power surging.

The four Territory Lords who had formed the battle formation all felt their hearts tremble as they pushed their strength to protect their Souls. Originally, they thought that they would be struck by lightning in the next moment, but to their surprise, after the Soul fluctuations reached a certain limit, they suddenly disappeared, as if everything that had happened before was just an illusion.

Looking up, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen, not even their Divine Sense could detect any trace of him.

All the Territory Lords were stunned on the spot, and the four Territory Lords who formed the battle formation didn’t dare act rashly.

This stalemate continued for a long time without any change.

His Divine Sense began to surge as the Territory Lords continued to communicate.

“Where is Yang Kai?”

“I don’t know, don’t let your guard down. He’s probably hiding somewhere and waiting for an opportunity to attack.”

“If he’s really hiding in the shadows, there must be some traces!”

“Could it be… he has already left? Was he just trying to scare us?”

These words immediately woke the Territory Lords from their dream. Thinking back to Yang Kai’s actions and attitude just now, coupled with the current situation, the Territory Lords could finally confirm that Yang Kai had really left. The life or death crisis he had deliberately created just now was indeed just to scare them, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to not be able to sense his existence.

With the burly Territory Lord as their leader, the four Territory Lords who had formed the battle formaation were all overjoyed. They had thought they would die here today, but who would have thought they would actually have a chance to survive!


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Yea it would be stupid to use the soul shattering spike given his objective but I feel like he is still stupid why not use his Dragon Transformation, He may not have enough energy to use sun moon while constantly using space Dao to travel but Dragon transformation should not be a issue.

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