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As if nothing had happened, when the Sun and Moon Divine Seal slowly disappeared, the several hundred zhang tall Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was reduced to dust and disappeared. The dozen or so Innate Territory Lords’ bodies trembled violently as they spat out mouthfuls of ink blood, their auras becoming sluggish as countless fine wounds appeared on their bodies, the Ink Force in their bodies gushing out uncontrollably.

The Territory Lords, who had yet to recover from their injuries, were in an even worse situation.

A Dragon Roar rang out as Yang Kai charged forward with his spear. A lifelike dragon image appeared on the Azure Dragon Spear as it flew back and forth.

The Territory Lords’ screams and roars filled the air.

Using the Dao of Space to seal the void, Great Unrestrained Spear Technique flew out, erratic and unstoppable. Every time this spear thrust out, the World Force would erupt.

The aura of the Territory Lords was annihilated one after another, Yang Kai was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep. Under this spear, there was nothing that could stop it.

If an ignorant human were to see this scene, they would probably think that Yang Kai’s opponents were all Black Ink Clan miscellaneous soldiers, otherwise how could he killed them so easily? However, in reality, these were all genuine Innate Territory Lords, and if they were allowed to restore their strength, none of them would be inferior to an Eighth Order Human Race veterans.

Unfortunately, with their heavy injuries, facing a killing star like Yang Kai, the only fate they had was to be slaughtered.

Every now and then, Yang Kai would try his best to avoid some of their attacks, if he couldn’t avoid any of them, he would use his physical body to resist them. His dragon body, which was only a step away from reaching the Divine Dragon realm, was extremely sturdy, so it wasn’t impossible for him to withstand the attacks of the Territory Lords who couldn’t use their full strength.

Thirty breaths later, the chaotic energy fluctuations subsided and the dust settled. In the void, a large amount of Ink Force floated out. Inside the Ink Force were many broken limbs and pieces of flesh, but none of them had any vitality left. Even Yang Kai had disappeared.

At the same time he killed the last Territory Lord, he had immediately fled to another location.

At the same time that Yang Kai appeared and attacked these Territory Lords, somewhere in the void, Mo Na Ye, who was rushing over to receive these Territory Lords, felt the message from the small Ink Nest in his hand and suddenly turned his head to look in a certain direction.

Yang Kai was there!

Just now, the Territory Lords over there had lost contact with him, and one of the figures gathered in the Ink Nest Space had disappeared. Obviously, they had encountered some kind of accident.

Mo Na Ye didn’t immediately rush over to help, he knew that even if he rushed over now, it would be too late. When the heavily injured Territory Lords were discovered by Yang Kai, this killing star, they basically had no way to survive. What was the point of rushing over now to collect the corpses of those dead Territory Lords?

With the time he have, he might as well think about how to better receive the Territory Lords who are still alive.

The previous arrangement was not well thought out, because they had to guard against the possibility that Yang Kai would accidentally discover the whereabouts of these Territory Lords. As a result, these Black Ink Clan masters who had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been placed in a position far away from the No-Return Pass by Mo Na Ye, causing them to spend a great deal of time if they wanted to rush to the No-Return Pass. As time passed, many unforeseen events could occur.

However, there was nothing he could do about his previous arrangements. If Mo Na Ye wanted to conceal this powerful force, Yang Kai could not discover it.

This guy had been stationed outside the No-Return Pass for many years, so how could Mo Na Ye allow the Territory Lords to come to the No-Return Pass? He could only arrange for them to stay outside, and considering that Yang Kai might wander around and risk exposing their whereabouts, this arrangement was set far away…

Unexpectedly, the appropriate strategy from that day had become the foreshadowing of today’s disaster.

It would take at least half a year for the Territory Lords to arrive No-Return Pass, so Yang Kai was able to do many things in this half a year. He is proficient in the Space Great Dao and was able to travel through the void fast.

If he wanted to protect more Territory Lords, he could either find Yang Kai and entangle him so that he wouldn’t have the time to kill them, or he could try his best to meet up with these Territory Lords and protect them.

The former was basically impossible, and even if he was lucky enough to find Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t be able to hold him back, so he could only use the second method.

Almost all of the Territory Lords in the No-Return Pass had been mobilized, and even he, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, hadn’t been able to relax, but he was still lacking in manpower.

Facing an opponent like Yang Kai, who could come and go without a trace, who could travel through the void freely, any strategy would be useless.

Mo Na Ye’s heart was filled with hatred, and he could only continue forward, doing his best and listening to fate!

While the Black Ink Clan was having a headache over how to safely contact each other, the problem Yang Kai was facing was how to find these Territory Lords.

Although they were no longer hiding and every group of Territory Lords had brought the half hatched Royal Lord-level Ink Nest with them, it was not easy to find enemies in this vast void.

If Yang Kai knew the location of the Territory Lords Mo Na Ye had arranged, he could easily intercept them on the way to the No-Return Pass, but the key was that he didn’t know where these Territory Lords were originally hiding.

The only thing he could do was to expand his search range as much as possible while at the same time taking into account the speed at which the Territory Lords were advancing and calculating their possible locations.

There were also some gains. If he was lucky, he would be able to encounter a group of Territory Lords who were rushing towards the No-Return Pass in just a few days, but if he was unlucky, he wouldn’t be able to obtain anything even after half a month.

Two months later, Yang Kai had killed four more groups of Territory Lords, nearly a hundred and twenty of them had died under his hands!

Every time a group of Territory Lords went missing, Mo Na Ye’s heart felt like it was being stabbed by a knife. This was a rare supplement for the Black Ink Clan’s strength, but now they had been killed in the void before they could even display their strength.

With the help of this group of Territory Lords who had disappeared, Mo Na Ye was able to roughly deduce Yang Kai’s location, but the result was shocking. Yang Kai’s actions were completely irregular, and with the help of his Space Dao, he was able to traverse the void without anyone being able to grasp his movements.

Perhaps a few days ago he was still in this position, but several days later he had appeared in a completely different position.

Facing such an enemy, even Mo Na Ye was helpless. This endless void was the best stage for a master like Yang Kai.

At this moment, he had already met up with a group of Territory Lords and was leading them towards the No-Return Pass while sending a message to the nearby group of Territory Lords to approach him. Since he had personally come out, he naturally had to do his best to protect these Territory Lords.

In his heart, he was filled with hatred. The matter of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been exposed too quickly. If it had been hundreds or thousands of years later, the Black Ink Clan would have been able to replenish a large number of Innate Territory Lords and form a force capable of suppressing the Human Race. These Innate Territory Lords who had left the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction long ago would have had time to recover from their injuries.

Facing such a situation, it was entirely possible for them to join forces and use the Fusion Technique to forge a Pseudo-Royal Lord!

No matter how strong Yang Kai was, there was nothing he could do against a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

But now, even if Mo Na Ye wanted to order these Territory Lords to use the Fusion Technique to forge a Pseudo-Royal Lord, it was impossible. All of them had suffered heavy injuries and their strength had been greatly reduced. Even if they were to use the Fusion Technique, they would only die, there was no chance of success.

Otherwise, with the current situation, how could it be so troublesome? With a single order, the Black Ink Clan’s side would instantly gain several dozen more Pseudo-Royal Lords.

In the void, a group of Innate Territory Lords were fleeing at top speed, while a several hundred zhang tall Ink Nest was also being carried along by the Ink Force. Inside the Ink Nest, there was a certain Innate Territory Lords who were constantly communicating with Mo Na Ye.

As they got closer to the No-Return Pass, the Territory Lords didn’t dare to lower their guard at all, because ten days ago, a group of nearby Territory Lords had been ambushed by the Human Race’s Killing Star and had lost contact with them. It was unknown if they had been completely wiped out.

At this moment, a sharp killing intent suddenly appeared in front of them, and in an instant, a great sun rose up and descended upon these Territory Lords.

The Territory Lords all turned pale with fright. They had always been on guard against danger from behind and had never expected that Yang Kai would actually block their path. This guy was really… unpredictable!

In an instant, one of the Territory Lords shouted, “Enemy attack!”

Inside the Ink Nest, the Territory Lord who had been overseeing the situation quickly spread the news of Yang Kai’s appearance.

On the other side, Yang Kai frowned slightly.

Being able to stop a group of Territory Lords here was also a pleasant surprise. He had been searching in front of them for a while now but had not found anything. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly felt a powerful aura approaching from behind him. After a quick investigation, he immediately found traces of these Territory Lords, so how could he be polite to them? He immediately launched an attack.

However, the reaction of these Territory Lords was somewhat different from the previous ones.

Over the past few months, he had killed many powerful enemies. Other than the group of Territory Lords he had encountered the first time, the rest had basically fled upon seeing him, not even caring about the Ink Nest they had been carrying.

Unfortunately, under the influence of his Space Dao, none of the Territory Lords were able to escape unscathed.

The group of Territory Lords in front of him clearly had enough time to react and could also split up to escape, but they had no intention of escaping and instead gathered together.

Moreover… there seemed to be something wrong with the quantity.

Most of the Territory Lords he had encountered these past few days were a group of fourteen or fifteen, which was probably the most suitable number for Mo Na Ye to manage to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

But weren’t there twenty Territory Lords in front of him now?

Just as he was wondering about this, four Territory Lords suddenly leapt out together and instantly formed a Four Directions Array. Their auras were closely linked together and as they activated their Ink Force, they formed a thick barrier.

The Great Sun slammed into the barrier and tore it apart. However, the Great Sun’s might had also been completely exhausted and was unable to harm the Territory Lords.

So that was how it was!

As soon as Yang Kai saw the Four Directions Array, he realized that this group of Territory Lords had actually met up with the Territory Lords who had come out from the No-Return Pass to receive them.

The Territory Lords who had snuck out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would not form any kind of battle formation. They didn't have the time to practice it, so the Territory Lords who knew how to form a battle formation were all people who had dealt with the Human Race for many years.


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