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This Ink Nest was something the Black Ink Clan had brought out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Firstly, it was used to communicate with the No-Return Pass, and secondly, after receiving the materials, it could be hatched and the Territory Lords could enter it to rest and heal.

Now that the Ink Nest was shaking, it was obvious that the No-Return Pass is trying to contact.

Yang Kai wanted to communicate a little and inquire about some information, but considering the risks involved, he decided not to do so. If the person from the No-Return Pass is Mo Na Ye himself, it wouldn’t be easy.

After all, if he wanted to use the Ink Nest’s connection, he would need to immerse his consciousness into the Ink Nest’s space. With Mo Na Ye’s cautiousness, he would not be able to hide anything.

He could only ignore it.

Although this kind of response would arouse suspicion in Mo Na Ye's mind, it would not directly expose him and would only delay him for as long as possible.

Yang Kai put away the Ink Nest and once again set out to search for the Black Ink Clan’s hidden arrangements. He didn’t have much time left, so killing a Territory Lord like this wouldn’t take long.

Inside the Ink Nest Space, Mo Na Ye waited for two full hours, but there was still no response. This caused his expression to become somewhat gloomy, faintly sensing that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's side had been exposed.

If that was the case, the last batch of Territory Lords who had escaped would have been killed by the Human Race’s masters. The Ink Nest they held had fallen into the hands of the Human Race’s masters, so they had not responded.

He didn’t think that these Territory Lords would be able to survive. The price they had to pay to sneak out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was too great. If the Human Race was truly prepared, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to kill these heavily injured Territory Lords.

Although he had already anticipated this situation, the fact that this day had arrived so quickly made him somewhat disappointed.

He had originally thought that the Black Ink Clan would have even more Territory Lords…

He immediately thought of Yang Kai. With the exposure of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Human Race on the other side had already noticed, so Yang Kai would soon learn about it.

Perhaps… he already knew, and this fellow had relied on his Space Dao to come and go without a trace and had some kind of connection with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's sdie.

With this man’s intelligence, if he knew about the news from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it was likely he would be able to guess what he had planned.

Mo Na Ye’s expression became serious as he immediately took out the communication bead that could connect with Yang Kai and tried to send a message, “Is Brother Yang here?”

Mo Na Ye had never felt that waiting was such a torture. He only wanted to use this method to determine the approximate distance Yang Kai was at. As for his position, it was impossible to determine.

If his message couldn’t be transmitted, it meant that they were very far away from each other, and Yang Kai wasn’t outside the No-Return Pass. If he wasn’t here now, it would undoubtedly prove something.

If his message could be transmitted, everything would be fine. Yang Kai was still hiding somewhere outside the No-Return Pass, monitoring the movements of the No-Return Pass. This was what Mo Na Ye hoped to see.

Fortunately, the communication bead in his hand shook slightly, indicating that the message had been sent out, indicating that Yang Kai was not too far away.

However, there was no response.

After waiting for a long time, Mo Na Ye couldn’t help sending another message.

Six million kilometers outside the No-Return Pass, inside a giant Universe Fragment, a young man’s figure was curled up, trying his best to conceal his aura, not daring to expose himself in the slightest. Holding a small communication bead in his hand, he was extremely focused.

Judging from his cultivation, this man was only at the peak of the Emperor Realm and had already condensed his own Dao Seal. He was an existence that could break through to Open Heaven at any time, and the quality of the resources he used to condense his Dao Seal should not be too low. At the very least, a Sixth Grade. In other words, if he could break through to Open Heaven, he would be able to break through to Sixth Order directly.

At this moment, the communication bead in the young man’s hand trembled slightly as he realized that what the Dao Master had said was true. Someone was trying to contact him.

He couldn’t help recalling what had happened a month ago. He had been cultivating in the Void Dojo when he suddenly felt something strange. When he opened his eyes, he saw a person standing in front of him. This person’s appearance caused him to become extremely excited. It was the face of the Dao Master!

He only had little time to express his admiration for the Dao Master before this young man named Sun Zhao accepted a mission from the Dao Master.

Concealing his aura and concealing himself, he carefully guarded the communication bead!

The Dao Master’s orders were abnormally solemn, stating that this matter was of great importance and concerned the survival of the Human Race, so he should not reveal himself.

Sun Zhao felt a mountain of pressure pressing down on him. He was just a minor Emperor Realm of the Void Dojo who had yet to break through to Open Heaven, but now he suddenly had a heavy responsibility to carry out a mission that concerned the survival of the Human Race.

However, this was a personal order from the Dao Master, so how could Sun Zhao not put in some effort? He immediately nodded in agreement and hid for a month.

The communication bead in Sun Zhao’s hand trembled slightly as he tried his best to recall the Dao Master’s previous instructions.

“If there’s no contact, then so be it. If there’s some contact, ignore them for the first time, ignore them for the second time, and wait until the third time before responding!”

“Then how should this disciple reply? Who sent the message?” Sun Zhao asked humbly.

“You can think about how to reply, just act according to the situation. As for the one who sent the message, he’s just a minor character, he’s not worth mentioning.”

Sun Zhao looked pensive, “Disciple understands.”

Retracting his wandering thoughts, Sun Zhao checked the information in his communication bead and saw the message “Is Brother Yang here?” Sun Zhao couldn’t help snorting lightly. He didn’t know what kind of small character this was, but he actually dared to call the Dao Master 'brother', simply not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.

According to the Dao Master’s instructions, he should ignore it!

A moment later, another message came from the communication bead, “Brother Yang, I have something to discuss with you!”

'He still dares to call brother, this guy really doesn’t know shame!' Sun Zhao silently cursed in his heart, carefully listening to Yang Kai’s advice and still ignoring him.

In his heart, he faintly felt that the person who had sent the message was probably a shameless fellow. No wonder the Dao Master was unwilling to bother with him.

Soon, a third message came, “Brother Yang, this matter is urgent, please reply!”

However, this man had repeatedly disturbed the Dao Master, which was simply intolerable. Sun Zhao wanted to reprimand him, but he hesitated. Although the Dao Master had asked him to think about how to respond, if he did so, it would only tarnish the Dao Master’s reputation. This was not something a disciple should do.

If he was harassed by someone he didn’t like, how would he respond…

Soon, Sun Zhao had an idea.

In No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye didn’t know why Yang Kai would ignore him. Although he could confirm that Yang Kai’s communication bead was near the No-Return Pass, it was difficult for him to determine if Yang Kai himself was there or not. Perhaps this fellow had simply placed the communication bead somewhere near the No-Return Pass, giving him the illusion that he was monitoring this place.

Therefore, he sent three messages to confirm that there was indeed someone on the other side of the communication bead.

As the saying goes, hard work pays off. After three inquiries, the communication bead in his hand finally responded. Mo Na Ye quickly checked and frowned slightly.

There was only one sentence in the communication bead, four simple words, which matched Yang Kai’s style.

“Seclusion, do not disturb!”

This guy was actually cultivating in seclusion outside of the No-Return Pass, it was likely he didn’t put the Black Ink Clan’s masters in his eyes!

Although Mo Na Ye wasn’t too happy about this, as long as he could confirm that Yang Kai was still outside the No-Return Pass and wasn’t too far away from him, it would be enough. He was afraid that Yang Kai had already entered the Ink Battlefield and was investigating his various arrangements. If that was the case, the heavily injured Territory Lords would be no match for him.

Most of his worries had been relieved, but the only regret he felt now was that the matter of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been exposed.

As for how to deal with these Territory Lords, he had to make preparations as soon as possible. The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had a Human Race elite army and the Divine Dragon Fu Guang. Even if Yang Kai didn’t know anything about them for the time being, he would know in the future.

Once this person learned about these things, his arrangements outside would not be safe.

He had to think of a way to lure Yang Kai away and then have the wandering Territory Lords hide in the No-Return Pass. Previously, he had prevented them from returning because he was afraid they would be discovered by Yang Kai and affect the plans of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Now that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been exposed, he had to find a way to protect these hidden Territory Lords. This matter had to be done quickly and could not be delayed.

Mo Na Ye pondered deeply but couldn’t come up with any good ideas. The biggest problem was that the Black Ink Clan couldn’t grasp Yang Kai’s movements.

For the past thousand years, it was impossible for Yang Kai to stay outside the No-Return Pass at all times, but the Black Ink Clan had no idea when he would leave or when he would return.

Every time they handed over their supplies, it might be an opportunity…

Yang Kai had requested supplies from the Black Ink Clan in order to send them back to the Human Race.

Just as he was thinking about this, Mo Na Ye was suddenly startled, faintly feeling as if he had overlooked something. He froze in place, his mind racing, and soon his forehead began to sweat!

He finally realized what he had overlooked. He had always been thinking about things in a positive way, but he had forgotten that not everything was possible.

The matter of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had most likely been exposed, and the last batch of Territory Lords who had left the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had most likely been killed, so he had lost contact with the clansmen inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and was unable to contact the last group of Territory Lords.

All of his previous considerations were based on the fact that Yang Kai didn’t know about the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but if he did…

With just the communication bead and that simple reply, it was impossible to confirm that Yang Kai was nearby. He could simply have others disguise themselves as him to reply. The communication bead didn’t contain any Divine Soul aura, so there was no way to prove the identity of the messenger.

The sweat on Mo Na Ye’s forehead became denser as the situation developed into the worst possible scenario.

He didn’t dare hesitate and took out the small Ink Nest again, immersing his consciousness into it and shaking the entire Ink Nest space. This time, it was even fiercer than last time!

He wanted to contact the Territory Lords who were already in a deep sleep to determine if they were safe!


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