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Because of the strong connection between the Ink Nests, Yang Kai vaguely guessed that these Territory Lords could use this Ink Nest to directly contact the No-Return Pass.

Holding the small Ink Nest in his hand, Yang Kai pondered for a long time before giving up on the idea of using this Ink Nest to obtain information about the Black Ink Clan. Turning around, he flew in the direction of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

However, he didn’t head to the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, instead arriving in the void where the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's flaw was located and concealing himself.

After exchanging a few words with Wu Kuang, Yang Kai learned that there had been no abnormalities here during this time, so he quietly went into hiding.

Ten days later, the scene he had just witnessed appeared once again. Inside the Great Restriction, the ink force was carefully rolling about. It was unknown what kind of method he had used to force his way out of the Great Restriction. The ink force faded away and reveal the figure of an Innate Territory Lord.

Without any hesitation, he flew in the direction the previous Territory Lord had left, Yang Kai quietly following behind.

If it was any other time, his actions might not have been able to escape the senses of a Innate Territory Lord, especially since this Innate Territory Lord was currently on high alert. However, he had forcefully escaped from the Great Restriction, so this Territory Lord’s injuries were not light, and even his perception of danger had become blurry.

Yang Kai followed him in secret until he was far away from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction before suddenly killing him.

This Territory Lord should be looking for the previous seven Territory Lords, but unfortunately, they had all been killed by Yang Kai, so how could he find them?

Just like that, two months later, Yang Kai killed five Territory Lords in succession before stopping.

The situation was not good.

The reason why he didn’t allow Wu Kuang to immediately repair the flaw of the Great Restriction and instead secretly observed it was because Yang Kai wanted to figure out how many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had escaped from the Great Restriction.

The results were shocking!

On average, two or three Innate Territory Lords were able to escape every month, and even if there were five every two months, there would be a total of thirty in a year!

According to Yang Kai’s previous estimations, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction might have had a problem several dozen years ago, a conservative estimate being that it had happened thirty years ago. Every year, there would be thirty, and in these thirty years, nearly a thousand Innate Territory Lords had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

There were more than a thousand of them, a massive number, and all of them were Innate Territory Lords.

Yang Kai’s mood was quite heavy as he realized that his previous speculations were correct. The reason why he was able to find the second hidden Royal Lord-level Ink Nest so easily was not because he was lucky, but because the Black Ink Clan had made enough arrangements.

“It’s not a big problem, so mending it won’t be difficult. I’ll pay more attention in the future,” Wu Kuang voice came over, his tone somewhat gloomy. Anyone who was tricked by the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t feel good.

When he said it wasn’t a big problem, he wasn’t referring to the Innate Territory Lords who had escaped from the Great Restriction, but rather the flaws found by the Black Ink Clan.

Previously, he hadn’t paid too much attention to that location, which was why he had been taken advantage of by the Black Ink Clan. Now that he had discovered the problem, he only needed to control the Great Restriction and adjust it to make up for it.

“Be careful, if something like this happens again, the Human Race will be finished,” Yang Kai warned. Although the current situation wasn’t very good, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to obtain an overwhelming advantage. He secretly rejoiced that Ouyang Lie had inadvertently discovered the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, otherwise, if this matter had allowed the Black Ink Clan to advance smoothly for several hundred years, the Human Race might really have been destroyed.

Wu Kuang was embarrassed and didn’t say anything, obviously wholeheartedly trying to fix this flaw.

Wu Kuang didn’t need to spend much time repairing this flaw. At this moment, on the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, the Human Race cultivators who were responsible for monitoring the movements of the Black Ink Clan on the battlefield let out a cry of surprise, as if they had discovered something strange. The sounds of battle that had been going on for a thousand years gradually began to die down, and even the Innate Territory Lords who had left the Great Restriction and were fighting the Withdrawing Black Ink Army masters on the battlefield began to retreat back into the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Half a day later, on the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, thousands of Withdrawing Black Ink Army soldiers stared blankly into space.

The battlefield that had continued to fight for a thousand years had finally welcomed a rare moment of peace. No more Black Ink Clan had emerged from the gap. On this massive battlefield, there were only the remains of the Black Ink Clan’s broken limbs and the nearly indestructible Ink Force.

Cries of joy rang out from an unknown location and soon swept across the entire Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion like a tidal wave, causing the soldiers to rejoice and cheer. The shouts of “Great Victory!” rang out one after another, almost toppling the universe.

The lower-ranking soldiers thought that after a thousand years of war, they had finally defeated the Black Ink Clan inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, causing them to not dare to show their faces and shake the Human Race’s prestige.

Some of the Eighth Order masters frowned.

The reason why the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had taken the initiative to open a gap and lure the Black Ink Clan out was to alleviate the pressure on the Human Race in the future, so it wasn’t a good thing for many Black Ink Clan masters to remain hidden.

However, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army that had experienced a thousand years of battle really needed to rest, so this situation was acceptable.

Only Yang Kai, who was hiding in the dark, sighed.

The slight flaw that the Black Ink Clan had found had been repaired by Wu Kuang, so there was no need for them to send themselves to death on the main battlefield to distract Wu Kuang, so they naturally wouldn’t send out any more troops.

On top of that, Wu Kuang had repaired the flaws of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and he had also killed so many Innate Territory Lords, so it was highly likely that he had already alerted Mo Na Ye.

He had to speed up.

After sending a voice transmission to Fu Guang and Wu Kuang, Yang Kai once again connected his consciousness to the World Tree and borrowed its power to return to the Star Boundary.

Without stopping for a moment, he left High Heaven Territory, passed through the Great Domain where the Head Office Division was located, entered a certain Great Domain Battlefield, and headed straight towards the Black Territory.

After arriving at the Black Terriotry and passing through that secret passage, he arrived at the Blue Sky War Zone.

No matter how fast he was, he had even pushed his Space Principle to the limit, this journey still took him a full month. When Yang Kai returned to the Ink Battlefield, he made some arrangements and immediately began searching for traces of the hidden Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

It was a fact that the Black Ink Clan had a large number of Innate Territory Lords who had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and no one could change this fact. Since the Black Ink Clan had deliberately hidden them and allowed them to rest and heal, Yang Kai could only try his best to find and kill them before they could react!

He definitely couldn’t kill many by himself, but at this moment, he could only try his best.

With his previous two experiences, Yang Kai had more or less gained some experience in searching for these hidden Royal Lord-level Ink Nests in the depths of the Void, so he wouldn’t have to search aimlessly.

A month later, in the Ink Nest, Mo Na Ye looked at the small Ink Nest in front of him and frowned.

This Ink Nest came from the Royal Lord Mo Yu and was given to him by the Royal Lord to communicate with the clansmen from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

However, since two months ago, it had been difficult for him to contact the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. At first, he hadn’t paid much attention to it, after all, this wasn’t the first time it had happened.

Because the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is isolated them from the outside world, the connection between the Ink Nest was extremely weak. Most of the time, it was difficult for them to communicate effectively, and most of the time, they were unable to connect.

So at first, Mo Na Ye didn’t think too much about it and only thought it was a normal phenomenon.

But now that two months had passed and there was still no news from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it was somewhat abnormal.

Could it be that some kind of accident had occurred over there? This wasn’t impossible. Although the clansmen inside the Great Restriction had been extremely careful up until now and the Human Race masters guarding the Great Restriction hadn’t noticed anything, if the clansmen were to sneak out every now and then, there was always the risk of being exposed.

Once this flaw was exposed, it would definitely be repaired and his clansmen would no longer be able to sneak out.

Unable to confirm, Mo Na Ye no longer contacted the clansmen inside the Great Restriction but instead tried to contact the last group of Territory Lords who had emerged from the Great Restriction.

According to his instructions, each of the fourteen or fifteen Territory Lords who had snuck out of the Great Restriction would be brought out in a batch. A certain Territory Lord would carry a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest with him, and after gathering a number of them, they would leave together and head to the designated location to wait for the supplies sent from the No-Return Pass. Then, they would find a suitable hiding spot, hatch the Ink Nest, and enter it to recuperate.

Over the past few decades, everything had been progressing smoothly. In the entire Ink Battlefield, there had been more than fifty or sixty groups of Territory Lords who had hidden themselves.

Counting the days, the group of Territory Lords who had come out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had probably finished gathering and were now rushing towards the direction of No-Return Pass from there.

Mo Na Ye’s consciousness sank into the Ink Nest in front of him. The strange Ink Nest was completely empty, with not a single person inside.

As his Divine Sense surged, Mo Na Ye shook the entire Ink Nest space.

Although the connection between the Ink Nest was extremely strong, it was impossible to communicate directly with a certain Ink Nest, which was not as good as many communication devices of the Human Race. If Mo Na Ye wanted to find a specific group of Territory Lords, he could only send out some signals and wait for them to take the initiative to come over.

At the same time, in the void, Yang Kai’s killing intent surged as numerous Dao Concepts appeared on the long spear in his hand. One by one, the Innate Territory Lords died under this spear, and before this, the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest that the Territory Lords were hiding in had been destroyed.

There were still fifteen Territory Lords, and their numbers were almost the same as the two groups he had killed before. This made Yang Kai even more certain that Mo Na Ye had the intention to use these Territory Lords to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Unfortunately, before this plan could be implemented, Yang Kai had already destroyed three batches of them.

It wasn’t a very intense battle, but under the premise that Yang Kai had intentionally launched a sneak attack, these Innate Territory Lords who had been injured were unable to resist.

When the dust settled, the Ink Force in the air became scattered, and there was no living being around Yang Kai.

Calming his surging World Force, Yang Kai reached into his pocket and took out the small Ink Nest he had seized earlier.

The Ink Nest trembled slightly, as if it was transmitting some kind of message!


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