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There were a lot of supplies, so Yang Kai and Ouyang Lie only spent half an hour to find over a thousand materials of different quality and attributes. This was still what they found, there must be more that had been consumed or had yet to be found.

Standing in the air, Yang Kai held an Earth Element Bead type material in his hand and frowned.

How could these Territory Lords have so many resources? More than ten Innate Territory Lords were hiding here to heal their injuries, but there is no Black Ink Clan soldiers, so who could help them mine these resources?

Yang Kai suddenly remembered that the past few times he had exchanged resources with the Black Ink Clan, the Black Ink Clan had been deducting their resources excessively…

The No-Return Pass should have known about this Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and the dozen or so Innate Territory Lords, so they deduct his share on the resources. Could it be that the No-Return Pass didn't intend to deduct it, but that there really weren’t many resources?

They had delivered a large amount of resources from the No-Return Pass to these Innate Territory Lords who were hiding outside, allowing them to hatch a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest to heal their injuries…

Combined with the strange origins of these Innate Territory Lords, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly shook as he turned his head and said, “Senior Brother Ouyang, quickly gather with the others and hide before I return. If there are any abnormalities, do not act rashly!”

“What did you discover?” Ouyang Lie asked. He didn’t think as much as Yang Kai, only instinctively feeling that something was wrong.

Yang Kai replied, “I’m not sure yet, I’ll go investigate.”

Saying so, his Space Principle fluctuated wildly and he disappeared. Ouyang Lie opened his mouth and swallowed the words he didn’t have time to say before turning around and meeting up with the other Eighth Order masters.

In the void, Yang Kai moved quickly, but he didn’t have a specific target, only a general direction to investigate.

If his guess was correct, the number of Innate Territory Lords wandering about was definitely not limited to that group, perhaps there were even more.

Currently, the Black Ink Clan was under the jurisdiction of Mo Na Ye, so they had quite a few dealings with each other. Yang Kai didn’t dare say he understood Mo Na Ye very well, but at the very least, he wasn’t too unfamiliar with him.

He changed his position and stood in Mo Na Ye’s perspective, thinking about how he should deal with the Innate Territory Lords who had wandered outside if things were as he had guessed.

Soon, he had an answer. They couldn't come to the No-Return Pass because he had been guarding outside the No-Return Pass all this time. If these Territory Lords go to the No-Return Pass, their whereabouts would be exposed.

These unknown Territory Lords were definitely hidden trump cards of Mo Na Ye, so naturally, the more they hid, the better. When the time came to use them, they would definitely catch the Human Race off guard.

Since that was the case, they couldn’t stay too close to the No-Return Pass! Otherwise, they might be exposed, and Mo Na Ye couldn’t be certain if he had been staying outside the No-Return Pass all this time. If he were to wander around the Ink Battlefield, he might discover something.

Combined with the location of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest he had destroyed before, Yang Kai soon had an answer.

In the various war zones, further behind the ruins of the Black Ink Clan’s King City, this location was already deep enough into the Ink Battlefield, so he wouldn’t run over here when he was free.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with Mo Na Ye’s arrangements. What he didn’t expect was that the Human Race actually had a group of tens of thousands of people mining materials in the Ink Battlefield, and Yang Kai’s plan coincided with his considerations. He also arranged for these people to be stationed behind the ruins of the King City.

Everyone thought that the other party wouldn’t easily arrive at this position, so they all arranged their own people here.

As such, when Ouyang Lie was investigating the surrounding environment, he had coincidentally discovered the whereabouts of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest!

In this situation, one could only sigh. Man's plan is not as good as the Heaven's.

However, although he had such speculations, trying to find something in the vast void was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was strong and he could use the Space Principle to travel like the wind.

In just a month, Yang Kai had reaped some benefits.

On top of a dead Universe World in the void, the scene he saw before him was quite ordinary. There was a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest quietly standing there, rooted in the world. In order to avoid wasting the Ink Force, this Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had not fully hatched yet, so all of its Ink Force was bound around the Ink Nest without any signs of spreading out.

This was also a concealing method. If the Ink Nest was fully hatched, a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest would be at least several thousand zhang tall, and the Ink Force would be enough to cover the entire universe world.

With a little restrain, it could be considered as concealment. If Yang Kai hadn’t carefully investigated this place, he might not have been able to discover it.

With his previous experience, Yang Kai no longer held back.

Last time, because he wasn’t sure if there was a Royal Lord inside the Ink Nest, he had only used the Golden Crow Sun Casting to probe it, but this time, Yang Kai directly used the Sun and Moon Divine Seal!

The Space and Time Great Dao fused together, and under the great sun, a crescent moon floated above the Ink Nest.

Time and Space seemed to freeze at this moment. In the vast void, there was even a trace of Space-Time distortion and chaos.

After the Sun and Moon Divine Seal slowly dissipated and released its full power, the massive Royal Lord-level Ink Nest collapsed like a sand tower, and even the Innate Territory Lords who had been lying dormant inside it had lost most of their auras.

This was Yang Kai’s most powerful trump card, and with his current peak Eighth Order cultivation, even a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye might not be able to resist it, let alone these Innate Territory Lords who were injured.

The Territory Lords who were lucky enough to survive were also heavily injured. All of them wore terrified expressions as they wake up, but before they could clearly see what was happening, a massacre had already enveloped them.

This time, the attack was even faster than last time, mainly because the Sun and Moon Divine Seal’s power was far greater than the Golden Crow Sun Casting. Before they had even met, more than half of the Territory Lords had died, and even the ones who were still alive had been beaten half to death.

After a few dozen breaths of time, Yang Kai put away his Azure Dragon Spear and found that there were no living creatures around him.

However, he didn’t show the slightest joy of killing a powerful enemy, instead wearing a solemn expression.

Compared to finding a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in just a month’s time, Yang Kai would rather spend a few years without finding anything. If that was the case, it would mean that his previous guess was wrong and the situation the Human Race was facing would not be too bad.

But now… everything was going in the wrong direction!

A month’s worth of harvest wasn’t just because his luck was good enough and his investigation was meticulous. From a different perspective, wasn’t it because the number of Territory Lords from the Black Ink Clan was quite high?

Because there were so many of them scattered throughout the void, Yang Kai could easily find them. If he continued searching, he would definitely be able to find more.

This was bad!

Wu Kuang was indeed a bit unreliable, but this couldn’t be blamed on him. Although he was a reincarnation of Shi and had the qualifications to control the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, with his cultivation, he couldn’t be as foolproof as Cang.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before activating his Space Principle and using the Space Spirit Bead he had left behind along the way back.

It had taken him a month to arrive and four hours to return. He quickly found Ouyang Lie and the others. Facing the questioning gazes of the Eighth Order masters, Yang Kai didn’t know how to explain himself, so he simply said, “Senior Brother Ouyang, follow me back to the Head Office!”

Ouyang Lie was stunned for a moment before quickly replying, “Good!”

Yang Kai then turned to the other Eighth Order masters and said seriously, “During this time, try your best to conceal yourselves. Many of the Black Ink Clan’s main forces are outside, but they should all be resting and recuperating. As long as everyone is careful, they should be fine.”

The Eighth Order Elders all nodded.

In fact, the safest method at the moment was to send these tens of thousands of cultivators back, but the Human Race needed resources to maintain the war. If they were sent back, the Human Race would have fewer channels to obtain supplies in the future. It might not be much in the short term, but it would certainly be disadvantageous in the long term. Over the past thousand years, the number of resources the Human Race had mined was not small.

So even though he knew there was danger, Yang Kai could only leave them here, hoping that they would be careful enough not to let the Innate Territory Lords discover them, otherwise, not many of these tens of thousands of cultivators would survive.

After instructing them, Yang Kai immediately used his strength to wrap Ouyang Lie up and connect his consciousness to the World Tree.

The universe changed, and with a mysterious force, the two of them reached the Great Ruins Boundary.

This was Ouyang Lie’s first time in the Great Ruins Boundary, but he wasn’t in the mood to be curious. Glancing at the old tree beside him, he asked solemnly, “Junior Brother, what happened?”

Yang Kai said, “There may be a problem with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, some Innate Territory Lords has escaped from there.”

Ouyang Lie’s expression changed greatly, “The ones we encountered before?”

Yang Kai nodded.

Only then did Ouyang Lie react, “No wonder they didn’t go to the No-Return Pass, they were afraid you would discover them.”

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s constant presence outside the No-Return Pass, how could the Innate Territory Lords who were injured be wandering about outside? More than a dozen Territory Lords were gathered in a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

“How many Territory Lords are there?” Ouyang Lie asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s hard to say, but the number shouldn’t be too low.”

The original Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been discovered by Ouyang Lie ten years ago, and considering the effort these Territory Lords had spent to sneak back from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it was highly likely that something had gone wrong with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction several decades ago.

In just a few dozen years, who knew how many Innate Territory Lords had managed to escape from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

There was a reason why Yang Kai had thought about the problem with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. When Yang Kai had sent the Withdrawing Black Ink Army to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had personally seen a Royal Lord rush out from the gap Wu Kuang had opened. However, under Wu Kuang’s control, that gap was only open to allow Territory Lord-level master leave, so if a Royal Lord tried to force their way out, they would have to pay a heavy price.

The result was that although the Royal Lord had broken through the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, his body was covered in wounds and his strength had been greatly reduced, allowing him to be killed on the spot by Fu Guang.

The Innate Territory Lords he had encountered before were all injured, which was quite intriguing, similar to the situation of the Royal Lords Yang Kai had encountered in the past.


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