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The sudden eruption of this battle not only destroyed the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, but also caused more than half of the Innate Territory Lords hiding here to die.

The remaining five figures immediately turned around and summoned their Ink Force, transforming into five black ink clouds that fled in different directions.

Such a powerful Human Race master was not someone these injured Territory Lords could deal with. If they continued to fight, they would definitely be wiped out.

“Condense!” A fierce shout rang out, seemingly having the effect of a single word. The Space Principle fluctuated wildly as the entire space froze.

The five black ink clouds were like mosquitoes that had fallen into the resin of a tree, instantly transforming from extreme motion to extreme stillness as they struggled to resist the constraints of space, slowly shifting their bodies inch by inch, each Territory Lord’s eyes filled with shock.

At the same time he activated his Space Principle, Yang Kai threw out his Azure Dragon Spear. With a loud dragon roar, an Azure Dragon figure appeared on the thick spear and passed through the body of one of the Territory Lords, leaving behind a bloody mist.

The Azure Dragon Spear circled back and was held in Yang Kai’s hand.

With a loud bang, the void shattered, but the remaining four Territory Lords saw that the situation was not looking good and quickly pushed their strength to break through Yang Kai’s Space Ability.

The four black ink clouds once again fled, each of them vomiting blood as they struggled to break free from the shackles of space. It wasn’t like they didn’t have to pay a price.

A million kilometers in the blink of an eye, one of the Innate Territory Lords quickly turned around to look, but there was no sign of the Human Race powerhouse. Before he could even breathe a sigh of relief, he suddenly felt something strange in the air in front of him. Turning his head, he was immediately frightened out of his wits.

A figure appeared in front of him and blocked his path, stabbing towards him.

As the aura of death rushed towards him, this Innate Territory Lord let out a furious roar as his Ink Force surged forward like a wave.

The long spear’s attack slowed down slightly, but in the blink of an eye, many profound Dao Concepts appeared on the long spear and once again released a fierce killing intent. This Territory Lord had used all his strength to activate the defensive line formed by his Ink Force, but it was as fragile as paper.

With a thrust of his spear, the Ink Force dissipated and the Innate Territory Lord’s figure was revealed. The Human Race master’s figure was no longer in front of him, this Territory Lord knew that he had gone to pursue his other clansmen.

He stood quietly in the air, his face filled with disbelief.

How could such an expert appear in the Human Race? Killing Innate Territory Lords like them was like slaughtering chickens and dogs!

Who was this person?

There was no answer. At the last moment of his life, he felt a violent energy fluctuation erupt from the void not far away. It was his companion resisting the assault of a powerful enemy before his entire body exploded into a bloody mist.

Facing an enemy like Yang Kai who couldn’t be resisted, scattering and fleeing was undoubtedly the best choice. However, in the face of such a strange Space Ability, even if they made the right choice, they wouldn’t end up well.

With the Territory Lords working together, if Yang Kai wanted to kill them, he would have to pay a certain price, but if he wanted to kill them one by one, he could do so without suffering any losses.

A moment later, Yang Kai, who had been wandering around in the void, returned and saw Ouyang Lie unleash a violent World Force towards a Innate Territory Lord. Every strike he made was filled with blood and flesh, causing the Innate Territory Lord to retreat in despair.

In the end, one of the five Territory Lords was killed by Yang Kai on the spot, and three of them were killed in succession. He didn’t pay any attention to the remaining one because this Territory Lord was running in the direction Ouyang Lie was hiding, so Ouyang Lie definitely wouldn’t ignore him.

Sure enough, when he returned, he saw this scene.

Ouyang Lie had been holding back for too long. Since he had been sent to the Ink Battlefield by Big Head Mi to guard the Human Race’s resource mining team, it had been a thousand years. For the past thousand years, apart from bringing the cultivators to a different location, he had been constantly vigilant. His days might have been leisurely, but to an old general like him who had spent his entire life licking the blood from his blade, it was no different from torture.

He wanted to return to the battlefield at all times. Even if he really died in a certain corner of the void and was killed by the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, it would be better than living in a daze.

After a thousand years without battle, how could Ouyang Lie not put in effort? How could he not use all his strength? He almost wanted to vent all of his pent up frustrations.

Especially when his opponent was an Innate Territory Lord.

In the past, in the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, he had been bullied by many Innate Territory Lords. In every battle, he had suffered a few new wounds and suffered several serious injuries, all of which he had relied on his strong vitality to survive.

After being depressed for a thousand years, he could finally vent his frustrations today.

Yang Kai didn’t step forward to help, instead quietly standing to the side and watching Ouyang Lie beat the Innate Territory Lord into a sorry state, causing his Ink Blood to bleed out. He also saw Ouyang Lie activate his Divine Ability Manifestation and use his fiercest attack to greet his powerful opponent!

The aura of the Innate Territory Lord continued to weaken before eventually being destroyed!

As the ink blood splashed everywhere, Ouyang Lie stood tall, feeling the long-lost fighting spirit and burning killing intent in his body. After a long time, he grit his teeth and shouted, “Awesome!”

Sure enough, fighting against powerful enemies was what he desired the most!

Turning around, Yang Kai’s figure was reflected in his eyes, and his surging battle intent slowly receded as he asked the question in his heart, “Junior Brother, are these guys injured?”

If it really was an Innate Territory Lord in his peak state, Ouyang Lie could fight him himself, but it was impossible for him to kill him alone.

During the battle, he had felt that the strength of this Innate Territory Lord had been greatly reduced, far inferior to the ones he had encountered in the Mysterious Nether Territory. Coupled with Yang Kai’s previous achievements, he naturally had some guesses.

Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “Their injuries aren’t light.”

Ouyang Lie couldn’t understand, “How did they get injured? Who injured them? And… why are they hiding here to heal?”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head. He had thought about many things just now, and there were too many suspicious points about this matter. Just as Ouyang Lie had suspected, it didn’t matter who had injured these Innate Territory Lords, what was important was why they were healing in this place.

The Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lords generally liked to rest and recuperate in the No-Return Pass. There were many Royal Lord-level Ink Nests there, and with a Royal Lord like Mo Yu overseeing them, their safety was incomparable to this remote void.

For example, in this incident, Ouyang Lie had inadvertently discovered this Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and Yang Kai had teleported to his side every hundred years. As a result, a total of fifteen Innate Territory Lords and a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been wiped out by Yang Kai.

This loss was not small for the Black Ink Clan.

It was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to be so careless. After all, the current affairs of the Black Ink Clan were handled by Mo Na Ye. This fellow had some brains, but for some specific reason, these fifteen injured Innate Territory Lords had to squeeze into a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest to recuperate? This was extremely detrimental to their recovery. After all, with so many people, the benefits they could obtain would be greatly reduced.

“Could it be that the Black Ink Clan has fallen out with each other? Did that Pseudo-Royal Lord named Mo Na Ye set up his own sect?” Ouyang Lie suddenly wondered. If that was the case, it would explain why these Innate Territory Lords were hiding here.

Yang Kai shook his head, “Mo Na Ye… I don’t think he has such intentions, nor does he have such ability.”

After all, Mo Na Ye was only a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and he still had the true Royal Lord, Mo Yu, above him. Even if he wanted to establish his own sect, how could the other Innate Territory Lords easily follow him?

From Yang Kai’s many years of experience with the Black Ink Clan, he could tell that the Black Ink Clan might have some internal strife and some of their masters had their own selfish motives, but to outsiders, the Black Ink Clan was truly a united front. It was impossible for Mo Na Ye to do something so stupid as establish his own sect.

What confused Yang Kai even more was where these Innate Territory Lords came from!

For the past thousand years, it could be said that he had been standing guard outside the No-Return Pass, because every five years, he would receive some supplies from the Black Ink Clan, he didn’t have anything important to do. If he stayed outside the No-Return Pass, he could use this opportunity to monitor the movements of the Black Ink Clan.

He would only leave when he reached the time agreement with Ouyang Lie and the others, but each time he left, it wouldn’t be for too long, usually ten days or half a month, or at most a month. When he returned to the Head Office to deliver the supplies, he would immediately return.

He had never seen an Innate Territory Lord leaving No-Return Pass and going deep into the Ink Battlefield. If these Territory Lords had left the No-Return Pass just as he was about to leave and come here to recuperate, then the timing was too coincidental. The Black Ink Clan didn’t have the ability to monitor his movements.

There was no need for the Black Ink Clan to do such things. There is so many Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in the No-Return Pass, so why would these fifteen Territory Lords come here and hatch a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest to heal?

These Territory Lords… could it be they're not from the No-Return Pass?

Yang Kai suddenly turned around and flew towards the universe world. Ouyang Lie didn’t understand what was happening and quickly followed him. Soon, the two of them arrived at the place where the Ink Nest had once stood.

This place had transformed into a giant basin, and under the power of Yang Kai’s Golden Crow Sun Casting, not only had the several hundred zhang tall Ink Nest collapsed, but even the terrain here had changed.

Standing in the air above the basin, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense spread out like a tide, quickly discovering something.

In a flash, he landed and picked up an item. Ouyang Lie, who was standing next to him, looked over and exclaimed, “Seventh Grade Wood Element, good quality… there’s one here too…”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a stone the size of a human head. This stone was suffused with a golden light and the golden energy it contained was clearly not ordinary.

“Sixth Grade Gold Element…” Ouyang Lie frowned.

A moment later, Yang Kai and Ouyang Lie searched the surrounding area for hundreds of materials of different attributes, all of which were of good quality.

These materials were obviously not born from the dead universe world but from the destroyed Ink Nest.

Inside the Ink Nest, there should have been a lot of supplies piled up, but before the Territory Lords could use them, Yang Kai had come knocking on their door. When the Ink Nest was destroyed, these supplies had also been scattered.


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