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There was actually a clansmen who manage to break through from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?

Mo Na Ye’s heart was filled with a myriad of thoughts as he happily exclaimed, “This is truly a joyous occasion!”

Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Sir, are there any Royal Lords among the clansmen who snuck out?”

Mo Yu shook his head, “You should be clear about the situation inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Right now, there is a Human Race master holding down the fort, and the clansmen inside have spent thousands of years trying to find a flaw. If the Royal Lord were to sneak out and cause too much of a ruckus, he would likely be discovered by that Human Race master, so those who came out were all Innate Territory Lords.”

Mo Na Ye understood that they naturally couldn’t expose the fact that they had secretly snuck out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Otherwise, if the Human Race master guarding the Great Restriction were to do anything to them, all of their efforts would be for naught.

Although the Black Ink Clan now had many masters, their number of Innate Territory Lords was far from what it had been in the past. After many years of fighting, countless powerful Innate Territory Lords had died on the battlefield, and the number of Innate Territory Lords who were still alive was less than ten percent of their peak!

There was no lack of Innate Territory Lords in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. If they could sneak out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they would be of great help to the current Black Ink Clan.

“There aren’t many clansmen coming out now, but there will be more clansmen leaving the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction,” Mo Yu added.

Mo Na Ye asked curiously, “Sir, with a Human Race master overseeing the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, how did the clansmen avoid his detection and find any flaws?” He didn’t doubt the abilities of the clansmen inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but he was afraid that this was some kind of scheme by the Human Race. If the Human Race knew that there were Black Ink Clan masters hiding inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they might try to beat them at their own game.

After competing with the Human Race for so many years, he had become accustomed to considering all possible scenarios.

Mo Yu looked at him approvingly, obviously understanding what Mo Na Ye was worried about and explained, “I told you before that this Human Race master’s strength is far inferior to Cang’s, at most an ordinary Ninth Order Human Race master. With this kind of strength, his control over the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is naturally far inferior to Cang’s. Back then, he even took the initiative to open up a gap and coordinate with the Human Race’s army and the Dragon Clan’s Divine Dragon to kill the clansmen who rushed out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. For the past thousand years, the war over there has never stopped, and the clansmen inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction have deliberately maintained this situation. Although the casualties were not small, they were able to affect his state of mind, even sacrificing the lives of several Royal Lords. All of these sacrifices were done to prevent him from being distracted.”

Mo Na Ye understood that if the minds of the Human Race powerhouse guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction were all focused on the opening, their control over the other positions would be greatly reduced. This way, the clansmen would naturally have the opportunity to act stealthily, and after a thousand years of hard work, the clansmen inside the Great Restriction had finally succeeded.

This was definitely a big deal. After all, in order to restrain that Human Race powerhouse’s mind, even several of the Royal Lords had been sacrificed…

From this, it could be seen that the Human Race’s control over the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was far weaker than it had been in the past, and the Human Race had no idea about these hidden clansmen.

Mo Na Ye immediately relaxed.

Meng Que, who had been listening from the side for a long time, also spoke up at this time, “Sir, these clansmen have never left the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and are not familiar with the outside world, do you need me to go and receive them?”

Since he had broken through to the Pseudo-Royal Lord realm, he had been staying in the Np-Return Pass, feeling extremely depressed. If the Royal Lord didn’t allow him to go to the frontline battlefield to kill enemies, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to pick up his clansmen.

Before Mo Yu could reply, Mo Na Ye firmly declared, “No!”

Meng Que immediately glared at him, “Why not?”

Mo Na Ye glanced at him lightly, “Yang Kai is currently outside the No-Return Pass. If you leave, he will immediately discover your whereabouts. If so, what’s the point of hiding you until now?”

Meng Que opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. The grievance in his heart made him want to fight with Mo Na Ye.

Mo Yu nodded and said, “That’s right, Meng Que, it’s not appropriate for you to show your face, those clansmen aren’t even suitable to come back…”

Mo Na Ye bowed and said, “Sir is wise. If Yang Kai were to discover the whereabouts of these clansmen, it would be easy for him to figure out if there was a problem with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. At that time, as long as the Human Race masters over there tamper with the Great Restriction flaws, the clansmen’s thousand years of hard work would be wasted. Sir, please send a message to the clansmen to find a place to rest and wait for a good opportunity to reveal themselves!”

Mo Yu replied, “Of course! But the No-Return Pass side need to send some supplies over. The clansmen who escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriciton are all injured, so they need supplies to heal their injuries. This matter… will be left to you.”

“Yes!” Mo Na Ye accepted the order and randomly took a small Ink Nest from Royal Lord Mo Yu to communicate with the clansmen who were wandering outside.

Mo Na Ye was a very reliable person. Considering that Yang Kai was hiding somewhere on the outskirts of the No-Return Pass and was constantly monitoring the situation here, if he wanted to deliver supplies to the outside world, he could only rely on the mining teams to avoid Yang Kai’s suspicion.

Soon, a large number of resources were quietly sent out, and from the various bases where the resources were mined, more Black Ink Clan cultivators quietly left, scattering in all directions of the Ink Battlefield.

Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were constantly sneaking out. Wu Kuang’s strength was insufficient, so he was unable to notice them.

These hidden Territory Lords had no intention of attacking the Withdrawing Black Ink Army. Attacking the Withdrawing Black Ink Army at this moment would only alert the enemy. Instead, they immediately concealed their auras and flew away from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, following Mo Na Ye’s guidance and gathering in one direction.

In order to prevent the Human Race masters guarding the Great Restriction from detecting them, the Black Ink Clan didn’t send out too many Territory Lords at once, so as to avoid making too much noise, they basically maintained the frequency of two or three Territory Lords appearing every month.

These Territory Lords also had to pay a price to sneak out of the Great Restriction, just like how Wu Kuang had taken the initiative to open a gap that could only allowed Territory Lord-level master come out, if the Royal Lord tried to force his way through, he would be injured. All of the Territory Lords who had snuck out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had varying degrees of injuries.

It was for this reason that Mo Yu had asked Mo Na Ye to deliver a large number of materials to them. These Innate Territory Lords had brought out many Ink Nest from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so if they wanted to hatch the Ink Nest, they would need materials. Once the Ink Nest was successfully hatched, they would be able to enter the Ink Nest to recuperate and wait for Mo Na Ye’s summons to gather a massive force to deal a heavy blow to the Human Race!

Everything was happening in the dark, and as more Territory Lords emerged, the Human Race really didn’t notice anything.

No-Return Pass, Yang Kai receive thirty percent of the resources the Black Ink Clan collected the last five years from a Feudal Lord. After examining them for a while, he couldn’t help frowning, “Go back and tell Mo Na Ye that if he dares to deduct my share again, this King will personally take everything.”

Over the past few years, Mo Na Ye had become more excessive, the resources he had been given were becoming less, and the quality of the materials he had been given was also not as good as before. This made Yang Kai somewhat vigilant. Just what was the Black Ink Clan up to?

Mo Na Ye was a smart man and should know what the consequences would be if he were to confiscate his supplies like this. Although the Black Ink Clan had always given him less than thirty percent of their promised supplies, the amount and quality of the supplies they had given him at the beginning was still quite impressive, but in recent years, it had been getting smaller.

The Feudal Lord replied in panic, “Yes, I will definitely inform Sir!”

“Scram!” Yang Kai waved his hand and the Feudal Lord immediately turned into a black ink cloud and fled.

Gazing in the direction of the No-Return Pass for a moment, Yang Kai frowned slightly. What was the meaning behind Mo Na Ye’s actions? He didn’t believe that the number of resources the Black Ink Clan had mined over the years would decrease. The Ink Battlefield was a vast treasure trove, so as long as the Black Ink Clan carefully mined, they would definitely not lack resources.

If this were to happen again, he would snatch back his own share!

Turning around, Yang Kai flew towards the depths of the void, once again arriving at the hundred year agreement he had with Ouyang Lie and the others.

Over the past thousand years, the Human Race’s tens of thousands of soldiers had been mining resources in the depths of the Ink Battlefield smoothly. It was because of their hard work that the soldiers on the front lines had enough resources to cultivate and heal themselves while fighting the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai repeatedly sent back the resources he had obtained from the Black Ink Clan and the resources mined by the Human Race’s cultivators. Although he was a bit tired from running around, he was willing to do so.

In the current Human Race, only he had this ability.

On the way to the place where Ouyang Lie and the others had been stationed a hundred years ago, Yang Kai constantly tried to sense the location of the Space Spirit Bead. After a few days, Yang Kai realized that Ouyang Lie and the others had left the place where they were a hundred years ago.

Yang Kai wasn’t surprised. After all, when it came to mining resources, they couldn’t always remain in one place. Once the resources in a certain area were mined, it was only natural that they would move to another place where they could find more resources.

Over the past thousand years, tens of thousands of cultivators had been evacuated several times under the leadership of Ouyang Lie and the others.

As for Yang Kai, as long as Ouyang Lie and the others carried his Space Spirit Bead, he could easily locate them.

Activating his Space Principle, Yang Kai took a step forward, his figure rapidly fading as he appeared beside Ouyang Lie.

Before he could exchange pleasantries with Ouyang Lie, he heard a voice say, “Shhh…”

Yang Kai instinctively withdrew his aura and turned his head to look around, immediately becoming even more confused.

There was no sign of anyone else, nor was there a lively scene where tens of thousands of cultivators were scattered throughout the void, working hard to mine for resources. It seemed that only Ouyang Lie was here.

Moreover, he seemed extremely cautious, as if he was guarding against something.

The place he was standing on was a floating continent fragment. This fragment wasn’t very big and was only a few acres in size. Such a fragment could be found anywhere in the entire Ink Battlefield. He had stuck himself to a small pit in the fragment and had completely sunk into it. After converging his aura, if one didn’t examine it carefully, they really wouldn’t be able to discover it.

What was he doing?


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