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Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, if one were to compare the number of people who had killed the most Black Ink Clan Royal Lords, it was undoubtedly Fu Guang.

In the Ink Battlefield, although there were precedents of a human race Ninth Order Old Ancestor successfully killing a Royal Lord, none of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors had managed to kill so many of them.

Fu Guang’s astonishing achievements were a result of a special situation and could not be repeated.

Under Wu Kuang’s full control of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the opening could allow the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord to safely pass through, but the Royal Lord could not. The only result of forcibly passing through was being injured by the Great Restriction.

None of the Royal Lords who had rushed out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction were in perfect condition, most of them only having seventy or eighty percent of their strength left. Facing an expert like Fu Guang, how could they have the fortune to deal with him?

Wu Kuang had paid a great price for this. Although he was now a Ninth Order, if he wanted to control the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had to use his full strength. Because of this, even his own cultivation had been delayed. When Yang Kai had asked him about the situation, he had only spoken a few words before quickly cutting off the connection, afraid that he would make a mistake.

The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was temporarily stabilized, so Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about it. In fact, he couldn’t interfere.

He also took some time to visit the Chaotic Dead Territory and gave Ruoxi a generous amount of Five Elements resources. Although he had left some cultivation resources for Ruoxi last time, they were only enough to last her a thousand years of cultivation. Now that hundreds of years had passed, Ruoxi had probably used up most of her resources.

After not seeing her for so many years, Ruoxi’s strength had increased significantly. Compared to when she had just broken through to the Eighth Order, her aura had undoubtedly become several times thicker.

The reason for all of this was the continuous improvement of her Heaven's Order Bloodline, as well as the growth of her Small Universe’s foundation.

This was especially true for the latter. Ordinary cultivators needed to refine seven types of Yin-Yang + Five Elements resources, but Ruoxi has the help of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, she only need to swallow the Yin and Yang attribute from the Sun and Moon, there is no need to refine them from resources. Her cultivation time would be reduced by twenty to thirty percent compared with ordinary people.

Whether it was Big Brother Huang or Big Sister Lan, both of them attached great importance to Ruoxi’s cultivation and had been urging her to refine the Five Elements’ resources for the past few years.

Ruoxi herself was also the kind of person who could endure loneliness and hardship. She also knew that only by becoming stronger could she display her own brilliance in the future great battles, so she had worked hard over the years.

As such, the rate at which her strength increased was naturally extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, a thousand years had passed since Yang Kai had reached an agreement with Mo Na Ye to obtain thirty percent of the resources from the Black Ink Clan. Over the past thousand years, Yang Kai had gone to the Chaotic Dead Territory and the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but he had never go to the No-Return Pass. The Human Race’s mining bases and even the Human Race’s Head Office Division had been used as transportation tools to provide the best protection for the Human Race’s soldiers.

When they were weak, a hundred years or a thousand years was a long time, but once they became strong, especially in this environment where the two races had been fighting for thousands of years, a thousand years was nothing.

For the past few years, Yang Kai had not taken the initiative to cultivate, so in his free time, he had been studying the Dao of Space and Time.

Even so, he had reached the peak of the Eighth Order, and the Small Universe’s expansion had reached its limit, allowing him to clearly sense the invisible barrier outside his Small Universe’s territory that was restricting his progress.

This was the Innate Shackles created by the Open Heaven Method. From ancient times until now, no one had been able to break this shackle except for Zhang Ruoxi, who possessed the Heaven's Order Bloodline.

Inside the main hall, Mo Na Ye was looking through the various pieces of information he had received from the frontline battlefield, which battlefield had suffered a powerful attack from the Human Race and suffered heavy losses, requiring him to replenish his forces, which battlefield had a Territory Lord killed and required him to deploy a powerful master…

Over the past few years, he had clearly felt that the war between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had become more intense than ever before. This was not only because of the constant development of the situation, but also because of the increasing number of masters from the two races.

After so many years, whether it was the Eighth Order Human Race or the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, their numbers were far greater than before.

With so many masters, the battle naturally became more intense.

Mo Na Ye had a faint feeling that the current situation between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan could not be maintained for much longer. Once the number of masters from the two races broke through a critical point, or if there was some other reason to stimulate them, the tide of war between the two races would sweep across the world.

He had been dealing with the big and small matters of the Black Ink Clan on behalf of Royal Lord Mo Yu for many years, so it was naturally easy for him to handle this information.

The only one who gave him a headache was the other Pseudo-Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, Meng Que.

This guy had been restless ever since he had become a Pseudo-Royal Lord and was determined to kill a Human Race master to prove his strength. Fortunately, the Royal Lord had not allowed him to do so. Not to mention the agreement he had made with Yang Kai in the past, it was inconvenient for the Pseudo-Royal Lord to appear on the battlefield. Even without this agreement, Meng Que was the hidden trump card of the Black Ink Clan, so how could he be so easily exposed?

Killing a few Human Race masters wouldn’t change the overall situation, so Meng Que needed to appear at an even more important occasion. It would be best if he could reverse the strength of the two races and establish the foundation for the Black Ink Clan’s victory.

Moreover, Mo Na Ye suspected that the Human Race had a newly born Ninth Order Open Heaven. For example, Xiang Shan who he had not seen for many years. If Meng Que was exposed, the Human Race might have a way to deal with him.

He was thinking for the Black Ink Clan and for Meng Que, but Meng Que didn’t appreciate it. These past few years, Meng Que had become more presumptuous in front of him, and now that the Sir Royal Lord didn’t allow him to leave the No-Return Pass, he actually wanted to divide his authority.

This caused Mo Na Ye to secretly feel hatred in his heart. Back then, more than a dozen Innate Territory Lords had used the Fusion Technique, how could it be Meng Que who succeeded?

Mo Na Ye was not someone who cared about his position. Everything he did was for the Black Ink Clan to unify the Heavens, but if Meng Que wanted to divide the power, he could not agree to it. After being in charge of the Black Ink Clan for so many years, he knew better than anyone else the difference between one person and two people in charge.

Fortunately, the Sir Royal Lord still believed him. Facing Meng Que’s many requests, he only focused on comforting him and never really agreed to anything.

It was just that this fellow had been standing off to the side all this time, spouting all kinds of nonsense.

Mo Na Ye tried his best not to listen to Meng Que’s chatter and instead sent out a series of orders…

Suddenly, a burst of laughter rang out from somewhere, mixed with boundless joy. In the main hall, Mo Na Ye and Meng Que, who were busy processing information, couldn’t help glancing at each other and seeing the confusion in each other’s eyes.

If he didn’t hear wrongly, that laughter… belonged to the Sir Royal Lord.

Moreover, the source of the sound was indeed from the Ink Nest where the Royal Lord resided.

Mo Na Ye quickly got up and rushed out, Meng Que not wanting to fall behind and quickly followed.

The laughter was very hearty and lasted for a long time. When the two Pseudo-Royal Lords arrived in front of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, Mo Yu’s laughter gradually died down as he called out, “Come in!”

Mo Na Ye took a step forward and was about to enter, but Meng Que deliberately took a step ahead of him.

Mo Na Ye didn’t seem to mind and simply followed behind him.

Soon, in the depths of the Ink Nest, the two Pseudo-Royal Lords met the current true Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan.

Meng Que was the first to ask, “Sir, is there any good news?”

Mo Yu nodded happily, “That’s right, it’s a good news.” He didn’t say it explicitly, people were always in high spirits, and the Black Ink Clan was no exception. On the contrary, he wanted to test his two right-hand men, so he asked, “Tell me, where does this joy come from?”

Meng Que was stunned for a moment before scratching his head. He was indeed the Pseudo-Royal Lord, but he had always been known for his short temper and straightforward personality. Using his brain was not his forte, so after thinking about it for a moment, he smiled awkwardly, “Sir, this humble servant can't think of anything!”

“Continue thinking, speak freely!” The Royal Lord said lightly.

Meng Que probed, “On the frontline battlefield, my Black Ink Clan won a great victory and killed countless masters?”

If that was the case, it was understandable that the Sir Royal Lord was so happy.

Mo Yu glanced at him indifferently but didn’t comment, instead turning to the silent Mo Na Ye, “Mo Na Ye, what do you think?”

Mo Na Ye thought for a moment before asking, “Has there been any progress on the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Mo Yu smiled and said, “That’s right, Mo Na Ye is still as intelligent as ever. There's been some progress on the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!”

Mo Na Ye smiled proudly, not showing any arrogance or humility.

Meng Que was somewhat unconvinced, “How did you think of that?”

Mo Na Ye couldn’t be bothered with him, thinking to himself that this was an obvious matter, only a fool like him could not see through it, but he instead heard the Sir Royal Lord say, “Explain it to him.”

Since the Sir Royal Lord had spoken, Mo Na Ye could only comply and say, “Over the past few years, Sir Royal Lord has been sitting firmly in the Ink Nest and has not taken a single step away. I handle all matters related to the Black Ink Clan and matters of the frontline battlefield, so it will not disturb Sir Royal Lord. Even if the frontline battlefield really wins and countless Human Race masters are killed, the news will first reach my side. Since I have not received any news, naturally it will not be about the frontline battlefield.”

“Over the past few years, the Sir Royal Lord has been communicating with the clansmen inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. A thousand years ago, the Sir Royal Lord said that the clansmen inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction were trying to find a way to break through the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and find its flaws. Today, the Sir Royal Lord is so happy because some good news has come from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.”

Meng Que’s brow wrinkled as he listened. Although Mo Na Ye had explained everything clearly, he was obviously still somewhat unconvinced.

Mo Yu said, “Meng Que, learn more from Mo Na Ye. When dealing with the Human Race, strength is not necessarily useful, you need to use your brain. You also know about Di Wu’s matter back then. Looking down on the Human Race won’t end well.”

Only then did Meng Que become obedient, “I will obey Sir’s orders, Meng Que will remember.”

Mo Na Ye asked, “Sir, what news did you receive from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Mo Yu smiled, “There is a group of clansmen who have successfully broken through the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!”

If it was an ordinary Black Ink Clan, they naturally wouldn’t have the qualifications to know such confidential information, but since the two Pseudo-Royal Lords were standing here, Mo Yu didn’t try to hide it.


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