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Mo Na Ye shook his head and said, “Brother Yang, there’s no need to pretend to be ignorant. Over the past ten years, although you were able to snatch away ninety percent of my clan’s resources, that was only because my clan hasn’t changed our strategy. But if this continues, my clan will most likely completely give up on the Ink Battlefield’s resources mining. At that time, how much will Brother Yang be able to harvest?”

If such a situation really occurred, it would be the end of everything. Since the Black Ink Clan no longer went to the Ink Battlefield to extract resources, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t be able to plunder anything.

However, this was impossible…

The resources in the Ink Battlefield were an indispensable part of the current Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan needed these resources to maintain the advantage of their own forces, and they also needed these resources to support the cultivation of their powerhouses. Without the supplies in the Ink Battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s overall strength might not be affected for a short period of time, but as time passed, the overall strength of the Black Ink Clan would definitely decline greatly. This was not something the Black Ink Clan wanted to see.

On the other hand, the Human Race didn’t seem to be affected at all. It was just that Yang Kai himself was restrained in the No-Return Pass, but now that he has nothing to do, there was no harm in being restrain here.

Yang Kai was well aware of this, so he remained unmoved.

Seeing that he couldn’t convince Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye could only sigh and straighten his finger, “Ten percent, Brother Yang should be satisfied with ten percent of my clan’s resources!”

Yang Kai said lightly, “Logically speaking, ten percent isn’t too little, but… it’s still not enough!”

Mo Na Ye frowned, “Brother Yang, how much do you want? Please speak frankly.”

“How about this, you and I both take a step back, You don’t want fifty percent, don'y say anything about ten percent, just forty percent!”

“Twenty percent!” Mo Na Ye bargained.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before stretching out his hand and gesturing, “Thirty percent! Mo Na Ye, you don’t need to lower the price any further. Thirty percent is my bottom line. If the Black Ink Clan still can’t agree, then there’s no need to negotiate.”

Yang Kai’s domineering attitude caused Mo Na Ye’s heart to burn with anger. If his words were to shut him up, what was the point of continuing the discussion? Mo Na Ye couldn’t help wondering whether this fellow was here to rob or to cause trouble.

But soon, Yang Kai continued, “All the materials mined from the outside world can be received by the Black Ink Clan. Every ten years… no, every five years, the Black Ink Clan will collect thirty percent of the materials they mined and deliver them to me! If you agree, in the future, I won’t stop the Black Ink Clan’s mining team.”

Mo Na Ye raised his brow. If that was the case, there was a lot of room for maneuver.

To be honest, the amount of resources sent back by each team was different, and their quality was also different. If one didn’t carefully examine them, no one would know what kind of resources they had brought back. Yang Kai had said he wanted thirty percent, but how could he have the ability to inspect all the resources mined by each team? The Black Ink Clan wouldn’t allow him to do so.

Even if the Black Ink Clan only gave him twenty percent or less, it would be difficult for him to notice…

Of course, if it was too little, Yang Kai would never agree.

So when he said he wanted thirty percent, it was actually a nice way of putting it, and he should have made some predictions about how the supplies would be delivered.

After a brief silence, Mo Na Ye nodded and said, “If that’s the case, I can agree to Brother Yang’s request.”

“I have another condition!” Yang Kai said.

Mo Na Ye knew that things weren’t so simple. After such a long period of contact, how could Yang Kai be so easily taken advantage of?

“Brother Yang, please speak.” Mo Na Ye stretched out his hand.

Yang Kai’s eyes swept past him and looked towards the direction of the Ink Battlefield, “In the various Great Domain Battlefields, I don’t want to see a single Pseudo-Royal Lord!”

He had indeed guessed it!

Mo Na Ye was secretly shocked. Meng Que had become the Pseudo-Royal Lord ten years ago, but he had remained hidden. The Royal Lord’s original plan was to use him to go out and lure Yang Kai away, but in the past ten years, Yang Kai hadn’t shown up at the No-Return Pass at all, as if he had been wary of the trap there.

Mo Na Ye had originally suspected that Yang Kai had already guessed something, but unfortunately, he had no way to prove it. Now that he heard Yang Kai’s words, how could he not know that his suspicions were correct?

On top of that, Mo Na Ye had originally planned to wait until this matter was resolved before letting Meng Que continue to hide in the shadows and join forces with the Royal Lord to guard the No-Return Pass, while he, Mo Na Ye, would take the time to go to the frontline battlefield to oversee things. This way, the addition of a Pseudo-Royal Lord would be enough to change the outcome of a domain battlefield.

However, before he could implement this plan, Yang Kai silenced him.

This was something he couldn’t casually agree to, but Mo Na Ye didn’t hesitate in the slightest and simply smiled, “Brother Yang can rest assured, I’ve been staying here for many years, the Royal Lord has been in closed door cultivation, and I’ve taken care of all the major and minor matters, so there’s no way I’ll be able to go to the frontline battlefield.”

The meaning behind his words was as if he was the only Pseudo-Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai didn’t point it out, nor did he have any intention of verifying it. The sense of crisis he felt from approaching the No-Return Pass several times over the past ten years was enough for him to conclude that Mo Na Ye wasn’t the only Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Smiling, he asked, “Since that’s the case, is this matter settled?”

Mo Na Ye pondered for a moment before nodding, “Good!”

Yang Kai laughed and casually grabbed something in the air before tossing it towards Mo Na Ye. Mo Na Ye wore a vigilant expression as he heard Yang Kai say, “I told you last time in the No-Return Pass that I’ll treat you to a drink. Today’s cooperation is a happy one, this jar of fine wine is yours!”

Mo Na Ye stretched out his hand and took it, discovering that it was just a wine jar and not some kind of Artifact.

The Space Principle fluctuated slightly, and when Mo Na Ye looked up, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. Even though he was constantly paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements, he was only able to vaguely sense the direction in which he had fled. As for his exact location, it was impossible to determine unless he chased after him.

In his heart, he was secretly shocked. This fellow’s Space Dao was becoming more profound.

If this continued, who in the Black Ink Clan would be able to stop him!

Yang Kai’s voice rang out beside his ear, “In today’s terms, five years from now, I will send a message to inform you of the location of the exchange of goods. In addition, in the past ten years, I have obtained a lot of supplies from you, so I know how many materials there are. When the time comes to hand over the supplies, please don’t go too far, otherwise I will refuse to accept them!”

'Rejecting benefits for free?' Mo Na Ye narrowed his eyes slightly as the wine jar in his hand shattered and the wine splashed through the air. With a cold snort, he turned around and flew off in the direction of the No-Return Pass.

Although the Royal Lord had given him full authority to handle this matter, now that there was an outcome, he still needed to report it to the Royal Lord.

He expect the Royal Lord to fly into a rage, but now that things had come to this, if the Black Ink Clan wanted to continue obtaining supplies from the Ink Battlefield, they could only let Yang Kai take advantage of them.

In addition, there was also the matter of him wanting to go to the frontline battlefield, so he could only put it aside for now. As for Meng Que… he would just continue to conceal himself, perhaps one day he would be able to play a role.

After dealing with the matters of the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai went silent. The Black Ink Clan all knew that he was hiding somewhere outside the No-Return Pass, but as for where he was hiding, no one knew.

Fortunately, he didn’t show up again to loot the supplies that were being delivered, allowing the ordinary Black Ink Clan soldiers to feel more at ease.

Deep in the void, Yang Kai withdrew his aura and concealed himself.

This time, Yang Kai’s battle of wits and courage with Mo Na Ye was quite satisfactory. The only pity was that he was unable to kill a few Territory Lords. In fact, he had a chance to kill a few Innate Territory Lords, but if he really did so, it would only enrage the Black Ink Clan and would be detrimental to his future plans, so Yang Kai could only endure.

As for the five-year deadline, it was because too much time had passed and there were too many variables.

However, if he kept in contact with the Black Ink Clan too frequently, it would be dangerous for him. If possible, Yang Kai was naturally willing to count all the resources from Black Ink Clan’s teams that had returned to the No-Return Pass and collect thirty percent of them. If he really did that, it would only give the Black Ink Clan an opportunity to set up the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array.

Now he was able to act so arrogantly in front of the many masters of the Black Ink Clan and dare not put the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord in his eyes, the only reason he would call a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye a brother was because of his mysterious Space Dao.

But if he lost this support, he would only be a slightly stronger Eighth Order Human Race cultivator.

The Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array was his only nemesis!

How could he give the Black Ink Clan a chance to set up a great array to trap him?

The void was silent, and no one disturbed him. Yang Kai calmed his mind and silently comprehending his Space-Time Great Dao as time passed.

The five years deadline to send supplies had arrived, Yang Kai sent a message to Mo Na Ye and gave him a location before silently waiting.

In less than half a day, an aura rapidly approached.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw that it wasn’t Mo Na Ye, but a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord. Seeing him from a distance, the Feudal Lord stopped and stared at Yang Kai in horror, his body trembling.

It was as if the person standing in front of him was not a human race, but a ferocious beast that could attack and swallow him at any moment.

Without a doubt, Yang Kai’s reputation in the Black Ink Clan was too great, and more than a dozen Innate Territory Lords had died at his hands. How could such a Feudal Lord dare to face such a Killing Star?

The Feudal Lord cupped his fists and said in a trembling voice, “Under the orders of Sir Mo Na Ye, I have come to deliver supplies to Sir Yang Kai. Please accept them!”

Saying so, he tossed out a Space Ring.

Yang Kai nodded slightly before grabbing the Space Ring and pouring his Divine Sense into it.

There was quite a lot of supplies, but according to Yang Kai’s estimations, it should be less than thirty percent of the agreed amount. It was only natural it will be less. It was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to be so obedient and give him the promised thirty percent.

However, it wasn’t too excessive, probably about 25%, so Yang Kai pretended he didn’t know about it. In any case, he had already anticipated this.

The Feudal Lord waited for a moment, but seeing that Yang Kai didn’t respond, he said, “If there’s no problem, this lowly one will return to report!”

Saying so, he immediately turned to leave, not willing to stay any longer.


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