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Facing such a blatant threat, not only did Mo Na Ye not become angry, he even felt that this fellow had finally understood.

The reason why he left No-Return pass was to send a wrong message to Yang Kai; There is only one Royal Lord overseeing the No-Return Pass, so he had a chance to destroy the Ink Nest!

Unfortunately, for the past ten years, Yang Kai had never appeared outside No-Return Pass, constantly looting the Black Ink Clan’s supplies, causing the original plan of the Royal Lord to be useless.

Today, Yang Kai finally revealed his intention to use the Ink Nest to threaten the Black Ink Clan.

Mo Na Ye secretly rejoiced in his heart and quickly replied, “Yang Kai! There are some things that can be done once or twice, but can’t be done three times. You have trespassed the No-Return Pass twice and destroyed many of the Ink Nests. If this happens again, I, Mo Na Ye, will not let you off!”

After sending out the message, he waited quietly for a long time, but there is no response.

Millions of kilometers away, Yang Kai could clearly see the changes in Mo Na Ye's expression as he pondered…

Going to the No-Return Pass and threaten to destroy the Ink Nest to force the Black Ink Clan to agree to his request for supplies, it wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about it, but rather that he had even taken action.

Over the past ten years, he had secretly investigated the situation several times, but as his attainments in the Dao of Time increased, his perception of the future crisis became sharper.

This kind of perception had helped him avoid some danger the last time he came to the No-Return Pass, so naturally it was the same now.

After approaching the No-Return Pass several times, every time he thought about destroying the Ink Nest, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of crisis, as if there was a great danger hidden inside the No-Return Pass that could threaten him!

This made Yang Kai very puzzled. Mo Na Ye had been in the depths of the Void for all these years. This meant the No-Return Pass only have one Royal Lord guarding it. Logically speaking, with his current strength, as long as he avoided the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, he would be able to enter and exit the No-Return Pass as he pleased, if the Royal Lord-level Ink Nests is scattered, it was impossible for a single Royal Lord to take care of them.

Where did this crisis come from?

Last time, Yang Kai had felt a sense of crisis in the No-Return Pass because of Mo Na Ye hiding in the dark. Combined with what had happened last time, Yang Kai could easily guess that the Black Ink Clan… had produced a new Pseudo-Royal Lord!

Mo Na Ye thought that Yang Kai didn’t know anything about this situation, but in fact, Yang Kai had been vigilant for a long time, hiding here to secretly observe, just to confirm his suspicions.

Mo Na Ye’s reply was undoubtedly the best proof.

Whether it was the former Innate Territory Lord Mo Na Ye or the current Pseudo-Royal Lord Mo Na Ye, every time they conversed, he would call him 'Sir Yang Kai' as a form of respect towards the strong! This respect was not affected by the hostile relationship between the two races.

But this time, he directly called out Yang Kai’s name, his tone filled with provocation and threat, as if he couldn’t wait for Yang Kai to immediately go to the No-Return Pass to stir up trouble. This was not something Mo Na Ye should do.

With this in mind, how could Yang Kai not know that his guess was most likely correct? In the No-Return Pass' side, there would definitely be a new Pseudo-Royal Lord waiting to ambush him with the Black Ink Clan’s true Royal Lord.

In the void, Yang Kai, who had concealed himself, raised his brow slightly and smiled. Fighting with this Mo Na Ye was quite interesting.

Immediately, he angrily replied, “Just you wait, this King will not rest until he destroys ten Royal Lord-level Ink Nests!”

After sending the message, Yang Kai put the communication bead into his Small Universe and disappeared.

In the distant void, Mo Na Ye quickly put away his communication bead and raised his palm. A rich Ink Force surged from his palm and quickly transformed into a vortex. Inside this vortex, an extremely exquisite small Ink Nest appeared.

This should only be a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest. It was not of a high grade, and although it had been bred from a Higher Grade Ink Nest, it had yet to fully hatch.

Such a Ink Nest was naturally of little use to the Black Ink Clan, but if it was only used to send messages, it was the most suitable.

Now that they were out searching for Yang Kai, almost all of the Territory Lords who were guarding the supply team had a miniature Ink Nest in their possession to facilitate communication.

Taking out this small Ink Nest, Mo Na Ye sent a message to notify the Royal Lord that Yang Kai was about to arrive, telling him to prepare!

Finished with this task, Mo Na Ye also rushed towards the direction of the No-Return Pass, secretly anticipating this.

If Yang Kai thought that there was only a single Royal Lord overseeing the No-Return Pass, he would definitely make a mistake. At that time, if the Royal Lord and Meng Que joined forces, they would only need to hold him back for ten breaths of time before the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array could deploy to seal the void. Once the Great Array was formed, Yang Kai would definitely become a trapped beast. Without Space Teleportation as his backer, no matter how strong Yang Kai was, he is only an Eighth Order master, so how could he defeat these top masters of the Black Ink Clan?

After being entangled with each other for so many years, was it finally time to determine the victor? Mo Na Ye suddenly felt a sense of surrealism.

However, he was only halfway there when he suddenly stopped and hurriedly summoned the small Ink Nest, pouring his Divine Sense into it to investigate, his face suddenly turning pale.

The message sent to him by the Ink Nest was too bizarre, causing him to find it hard to believe. After several attempts, he confirmed that the message was correct.

Standing in place, Mo Na Ye’s expression changed for a moment before he changed direction and flew off in another direction.

Half a day later, he arrived in the void and appeared in front of the four Territory Lords.

“Sir Mo Na Ye!” When the four Territory Lords saw him, it was as if they had seen their savior, their faces filled with joy.

“What happened?” Mo Na Ye asked solemnly.

One of the four Territory Lords immediately told him about their previous encounter. In fact, it was quite simple. They were escorting a mining team back to the No-Return Pass when Yang Kai suddenly appeared…

Over the years, they had encountered Yang Kai many times, but Yang Kai had never attacked them, only attacking the Black Ink Clan soldiers who were transporting supplies, killing many of their weaker clansmen. Against the Territory Lords, Yang Kai mainly used his Soul Secret Technique to force them to compromise and hand over their supplies.

Surrounded by the aura of death, the Territory Lords really had no choice, so basically every time Yang Kai attacked, he would gain some benefits.

But this time, not only had Yang Kai wiped out the entire Black Ink Clan who had been transporting supplies, he had also injured the four Territory Lords, one of whom had even suffered serious injuries…

When Mo Na Ye heard this, not only was he not angry, he was even somewhat surprised, “He used that Soul Secret Technique?”

Yang Kai had repeatedly used his Soul Secret Technique to coerce the Territory Lords, but he had never really used it.

Mo Na Ye even suspected that this guy was simply trying to scare them…

He wanted to force the Territory Lords to not compromise, but he knew that even if he gave such an order, in a life or death crisis, the Territory Lords would find it difficult to persist.

Losing their supplies was a small matter, but if they were killed, everything would be over.

However, if Yang Kai used this Soul Secret Technique this time, it would mean that in the next one or two hundred years, Yang Kai would enter a dormant healing period. This would definitely be his weakest moment, and if he could find any trace of him, things would become much easier.

However, to Mo Na Ye’s surprise, the four Territory Lords all wore awkward expressions and shook their heads in unison. The Territory Lords who had just spoken said, “No!”

The joy on Mo Na Ye’s face instantly melted as he frowned, “Since he didn’t use any Soul Secret Techniques, how did he injure you so badly?”

The four Innate Territory Lords had formed a Four Directions Array, so Yang Kai couldn’t use his Soul Secret Technique to pose any real threat to them. Although that guy’s strength was strong, it wasn’t to this extent. Even Mo Na Ye himself would have to spend a lot of effort to injure the four Territory Lords.

The four Territory Lords’ expressions became even more awkward as they stammered, not knowing how to explain themselves.

Mo Na Ye, on the other hand, had already come to his senses and asked with a solemn expression, “Did you unravel your battle formation?”

Only by doing so could Yang Kai defeat them one by one.

The Territory Lord who had spoken earlier said in embarrassment, “Yes!” He then explained, “Sir Mo Na Ye, maintaining the Four Directions Formation has consumed a great deal of mental energy, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to maintain it for a short period of time. But now that ten years have passed… it’s difficult for us to maintain it.”

In fact, it wasn’t just these four Territory Lords, but all the other Territory Lords who had formed the Four Directions Array or Five Directions Array had encountered this problem.

Maintaining a battle formation for a long time would put more pressure on one’s mind, so sometimes the Territory Lords would disperse their battle formation and sever their connection with one another, allowing their bodies to recover slightly.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai took advantage of this opportunity to attack them. If it weren’t for the four of them maintaining a certain level of vigilance and quickly forming their battle formation after Yang Kai appeared, they might not have simply been injured.

After the Territory Lord finished speaking, he carefully observed Mo Na Ye’s expression. He thought that Mo Na Ye would reprimand them for their incompetence, but Mo Na Ye simply sighed, “I was too careless!”

He had thought that this operation against Yang Kai wouldn’t last long, but now, after ten years, there was still no improvement.

It had only been ten years, but Yang Kai had already found an opportunity to injure four Territory Lords. What if it was another ten or a hundred years?

It was just like the old saying of the Human Race, one was not afraid of thieves stealing, one was only afraid of thieves remembering. When he first heard these words, Mo Na Ye didn’t understand what they meant, but now he understood!

Yang Kai, this bastard, was his lifelong enemy!

Moreover, this fellow had just declared that he would go to the No-Return Pass and destroy ten Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, but after saying so, he had suddenly turned around and injured four Territory Lords. It was simply a joke to believe him.

Looking at it this way, it was highly likely that Yang Kai had seen through the arrangements in the No-Return Pass, which was why he had never gone there, only moving about freely.

“Send word to the other teams and tell all Territory Lords to be careful. Yang Kai may come out at any time,” Mo Na Ye ordered. With the previous experience of these four Territory Lords, he believed that Yang Kai would act again.

The four Territory Lords received their orders and each took out the small Ink Nest they had brought with them and sent out a message.


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