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A Four Directions Array cannot stop Yang Kai's slaughter, and can only force him to use the strange soul secret technique that hurts others and himself.

It's not that Mo Na Ye doesn't know this, but the current battle formation of the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lords is at this level, and he can't force too much.

However, judging from the current results, Yang Kai is not willing to arbitrarily use the Divine Soul Secret Technique, and he probably does not want to hurt his own Divine Soul...

So after coercing the Territory Lords to hand over the supplies, he retreated.

In fact, this is indeed the case. Back then, in the Mysterious Nether Territory, Yang Kai shot every two hundred years, and every time, he was able to kill several Innate Territory Lords with the assistance of the Mysterious Nether Army’s Eighth Order Open Heaven. The human race is building momentum to pave the way for the follow-up peace treaty, so Yang Kai does not hesitate to use his own divine soul, and every shot is only for that lightning strike!

But the situation is different now, it's just to loot some supplies, what's more, he has a plan to meet once every hundred years with Ouyang Lie and others. If he uses the Soul Shattering Spike at will, he will cause heavy damage to his soul, which will only affect the various plans.

Otherwise, how could he easily let the four innate Territory Lords go? He didn't know that the more Territory Lords he killed, the less pressure the human race would face in the future.

Of course, the more important point is materials.

Killing some soldiers of the Black Ink Clan is nothing, the Black Ink Clan will not feel distressed, but if he really kill those innate Territory Lords, then there is no way to end this matter. There is no way to talk.

Everything he do now, focus on materials!

The response of the Black Ink Clan was in his expectation. The two races had a deep blood feud and never shared the same sky. No matter how friendly he and Mo Na Ye were on the surface, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to share 50% of the materials just because of his words.

So he had to find a way to make the Black Ink Clan realize that if theycould not agree to his request, the consequences would be unbearable for the Black Ink Clan. Only in this way, the Black Ink Clan would consider his proposal.

Looting the materials from the returning teams on the Ink Battlefield is his attitude!

If you don’t give 50%, then I will rob everything. Unless the Black Ink Clan does not send manpower to mine materials, there is no risk of being looted, but in this way, the supply of the Black Ink Clan materials must be cut off for most of them, which will have a great impact on the subsequent accumulation of Black Ink Clan troops.

To Yang Kai's surprise, this guy Mo Na Ye actually took the shot himself. If he leave the No-Return Pass, isn't he afraid that he will go to the No-Return Pass to destroy the Ink Nests?

In the void, Mo Na Ye asked the four Territory Lords to leave, and continued to escort the other teams delivering supplies, holding the communication bead in his hands and sending messages inside.

However, after repeated attempts, it was like a stone sinking into the sea without any reaction, and there was no response at all, which made Mo Na Ye grit his teeth secretly. That bastard probably put the communication bead into his Small Universe.

Time passed, and messages came from all directions in the depths of the void. Mo Na Ye rushed to the four directions, but every time he was a step late.

Even though the Territory Lords formed a battle formation to guard against danger, they still couldn't resist Yang Kai's pace of looting the supplies. The teams that transported the supplies were looted, and only a few teams survived.

In the secret confrontation again and again, Mo Na Ye deeply realized the difficulty of Yang Kai. This guy is proficient in Space Ability, and his whereabouts are erratic. He often looted the Black Ink Clan in a certain void, and soon appeared hundreds of millions of kilometers away...

For ten years, Mo Na Ye has not even seen Yang Kai's face. The closest time they were to each other was when Mo Na Ye felt the fluctuation of Space Force from a distance. By the time he arrived at the scene, Yang Kai had swaggered away.

In the past ten years, there have only been less than 100 mining teams that have returned from the depths of the void to the No-Return Pass...

You must know that in order to mine materials, the Black Ink Clan has sent a large number of teams into the depths of the Ink Battlefield, and they are mining everywhere. After all, the demand for materials is not only limited to the human race. The demand is not much worse than that of the human race, maybe even more.

Every year, there should be at least hundreds of teams returning with supplies.

But now ten years have passed, and less than a hundred returned, and the rest... are all robbed by Yang Kai, this is more than 50%, this is 90%!

The casualties on the Black Ink Clan’s side are not too big. Some Black Ink Clan who transported materials were affected in the battle. None of the Territory Lords died.

For ten years, Mo Na Ye has been searching for Yang Kai's traces in the void, constantly trying to contact him, but he has not been able to do so, and what makes him even more depressed is that Yang Kai has no intention of going to the No-Return Pass. In the Sir Royal Lord's plan, as long as he shows up, Yang Kai might go to the No-Reeturn Pass, threaten the Black Ink Clan's Ink Nests safety, and force the Black Ink Clan to agree to his rude request.

If Yang Kai really does this, then the Royal Lord and Meng Que will have the opportunity to trap Yang Kai. As long as they entangle him, the Territory Lords will arrange the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array, and this Killing Star will have no way to leave!

But for the past ten years, Yang Kai has been wandering in the void, and he has never been to the No-Return Pass, which makes Mo Na Ye unable to help but give birth to a sense of frustration that the Black Ink Clan punched the cotton with a fierce punch.

If Yang Kai does not go to the No-Return Pass, then what is the point of sacrificing more than a dozen Territory Lords and a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest this time to create the new Pseudo-Royal Lord Meng Que?

In the face of Yang Kai's treacherous and cautious actions, and his extraordinary strength, Mo Na Ye was suddenly a little confused.

In the depths of the void, Yang Kai restrained his aura, and under the urging of the Space Principle, he almost merged himself into the void, and the Demon Eye Of Annihilation penetrated the space, silently watching the scene millions of kilometers away.

A team transporting supplies over there has just been looted by him, and the four Territory Lords who have formed a battle formation are waiting there.

After a while, Mo Na Ye rushed over in a hurry and asked about the scene just now, with a gloomy face that was about to drip water.

The same routine, the same result, Yang Kai used the Divine Soul Secret Technique to intimidate and force the Territory Lord to hand over the space ring, otherwise he would kill them cleanly. It has been countless times in the past ten years, but every time it can be successful.

It's no wonder that the Territory Lords are timid, it is really a life and death situation, so they have no choice.

In the face of such an almost rogue move, how do you break it? Mo Na Ye is not without a plan. The easiest way is to make the Territory Lord fight to death. If Yang Kai really use the Divine Soul Secret Technique to kill the Territory Lords, he will not have a good time either. In the next two hundred years, he will have to find a place for healing.

[MSN: I think, the two hundred years period is for his soul to fully heal, in the pass he only took 2 years because he need to intimidate them.]

But this method can only cure the symptoms but not the root cause, not to mention losing the lives of the Territory Lords. After Yang Kai's injury is healed, he will make a comeback.

How can the Black Ink Clan have so many innate Territory Lords to sacrifice, instead of being killed by Yang Kai like this, it is better for them to use the Fusion Technique, at least they can contribute to the creation of a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

No solution……

Mo Na Ye's heart is full of frustration, his strength is stronger than Yang Kai, and he is not inferior to Yang Kai in terms of wisdom. But he has been played in the palm of his hands, and he rely on his Space Ability to do so.

At this moment, Mo Na Ye's expression suddenly shook, and he quickly took out a communication bead. He felt the slight vibration from this small communication bead, and Mo Na Ye almost cried.

For ten years, he kept trying to contact Yang Kai, but he never got any response. He never thought that, after ten years, Yang Kai actually took the initiative to contact him again.

He couldn't help but think of a proverb from the human race, sincerity is the most important thing!

Divine Sense surged, investigating the message from the communication bead, just like the last message Yang Kai sent him last time, just two simple words: "Fifty percent!"

Mo Na Ye rushed up with anger in his heart, forcibly pressed it down, and tried his best to reply calmly: "Sir Yang Kai is too greedy."

Yang Kai's reply came quickly, and Mo Na Ye, who was blocked in one sentence, felt uncomfortable in his heart: "So in the past ten years, how many mining teams of the Black Ink Clan has returned to the No-Return Pass?"

Don't you know how much it is? Mo Na Ye growled in his heart.

Nearly a thousand teams, less than a hundred returned, only a mere 10%. The teams that are currently mining materials outside do not dare to send materials back easily. They can only stay at the mining site and wait for the No-Return Pass' side to solve Yang Kai's matters.

"This king is unwilling to take things too far. Over the years, I have never done anything to the Territory Lords, just for a few supplies. I hope that the Black Ink Clan can also understand the righteousness, understand the situation, and the materials. Only when we have sincere cooperation can we achieve mutual benefit!"

Looking at these words from the communication bead, the corners of Mo Na Ye's eyes twitched. He can be considered to be in contact with many human race powerhouses, but he has never seen such a brazen person.

The materials were mined by the Black Ink Clan, and the human race did not pay anything. Yang Kai was robbing all over the place, and now he still have the face to say about understanding the current situation, sincere cooperation, and mutual benefit...

The high-sounding words are a threat to hide evil intentions. How can Mo Na Ye not understand Yang Kai's meaning?

The hidden meaning in those words is nothing more than that if the Black Ink Clan does not know the righteousness and understand their situation, he will continue to loot until the Black Ink Clan compromises, and the Black Ink Clan's losses will only be more severe.

Mo Na Ye thought he knew enough about the human race, but today he found out that his so-called understanding was just an appearance.

A powerful human race with illustrious reputation can actually be so shameless!

Mo Na Ye laughed in anger and wanted to say a few harsh words out, but he was afraid of irritating Yang Kai, and he didn't know how to reply for a while.

While he was still hesitating here, Yang Kai sent another message: "Sir Mo Na Ye, this king has done the best for the Black Ink Clan, but don't force it too much. Over the years, I have never been to the No-Return Pass. Compared with the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in the No-Return Pass and these materials, which is more important, Sir Mo Na Ye should be able to tell the difference?"


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