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On the floating continent fragment, Yang Kai saw Mo Na Ye’s message and hesitated for a moment, not intending to pay it any mind. However, after thinking about it carefully, he realized that sneaking around like this wasn’t a good idea, so he might as well speak frankly. Immediately, he sent a message into the communication bead.

At the same time, in No-Return Pass, the communication bead in Mo Na Ye’s hand trembled once again. He quickly immersed himself to investigate, and in the next moment, his anger surged and his lungs nearly exploded.

The message inside the communication bead was simple and clear, only two words: “Fifty percent!”

Although he didn’t know what was going on, Mo Na Ye instantly understood Yang Kai’s intentions. This guy obviously wanted fifty percent of the Black Ink Clan’s resources from the Ink Battlefield, his appetite was simply too big!

The resources were mined by the Black Ink Clan and were sent to the front lines of the battlefield to increase the strength of the Black Ink Clan, used to deal with the Human Race. The Human Race didn’t even have the strength to use them, yet he wanted to take fifty percent?

What’s more, if the Human Race took these resources and instead increased their strength, it would definitely affect the Black Ink Clan.

How could Mo Na Ye agree to something like this? If he really agreed, he would become the sinner of the Black Ink Clan!

The more he interacted with Yang Kai, the more Mo Na Ye felt that this fellow was difficult to deal with. At this moment, he had a new evaluation of Yang Kai. Yang Kai was a man of few words, yet he was able to make such a ridiculous request. He was simply shameless to the extreme.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Mo Na Ye sent a message to the Territory Lord in charge of the supplies while sending out his Divine Sense, “What does Sir Yang Kai mean? Please explain!”

The communication bead quickly trembled and Yang Kai only replied with a laugh, “Haha!”

Mo Na’s brow twitched as the image of Yang Kai’s hateful face inexplicably appeared in his mind. Thinking he was sneering at him, the anger he had just suppressed couldn’t help surging again.

“Sir Mo Na Ye!” The summoned Territory Lord quickly arrived and bowed.

Mo Na Ye raised his head and asked, “In the past month, how many teams have failed to return?”

The Territory Lord said, “Five!”

“What about those who came back?”


Five of them had gone missing and five had returned. This was really fifty percent. Mo Na Ye knew that this was no coincidence, but Yang Kai’s intention. His meaning was clear, without the Black Ink Clan’s agreement, if he said he would take fifty percent, he would definitely take fifty percent!

If he wanted to, he could even take the other fifty percent.

This was too much!

Facing such a thorny existence like Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye had always been patient and would never confront him directly because he knew that the Black Ink Clan had no way to deal with Yang Kai.

In terms of strength, whether it was him or the Sir Royal Lord, both of them were stronger than Yang Kai. In a one-on-one fight, they could easily suppress Yang Kai.

However, if they couldn’t kill Yang Kai, all of their hostility would be meaningless. The Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was a heaven-sent opportunity. With the Four Gates and Eighth Palaces array locking down the world, Yang Kai’s greatest trump card was no longer useful. That was the closest the Black Ink Clan had come to killing Yang Kai.

Unfortunately, Di Wu’s plan had failed. Not only had the Black Ink Clan lost many Innate Territory Lords, but Di Wu also died there.

The Dao of Space… this was definitely the Dao that gave the Black Ink Clan the greatest headache!

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, besides him and the Royal Lord, none of the other powerhouses were Yang Kai’s opponent. Three thousand years ago, he had slaughtered the Territory Lord like slaughtering chickens and dogs, but at that time, he needed to use a strange Divine Soul Secret Technique. Now, after three thousand years, Yang Kai’s strength was far greater than it was in the past, and an Innate Territory Lord was no longer worthy of his attention. Even if they formed a battle formation, they might not be able to do anything to him.

Facing such a troublesome existence, how could Mo Na Ye not be cautious?

The reason he had negotiated peace with the Human Race back then was because he had considered this point. In that situation, Yang Kai’s personal strength had become a nightmare that the Black Ink Clan could not contain! Since that was the case, he could only place his hopes on the future.

If one day the Black Ink Clan produced a large number of Royal Lords, Yang Kai’s usefulness would naturally be greatly reduced.

Over the past few years, Yang Kai had been running around the world, his movements mysterious, and all of his goals were important events.

Mo Na Ye had never imagined that there would be a day when this fellow would actually block the No-Return Pass' road and personally plunder the Black Ink Clan’s resources.

Although he was angry, he was able to see the deeper meaning of this matter.

On the Human Race’s side, supplies must have already begun to run out, otherwise there would be no reason for a master like Yang Kai to do such a thing. Therefore, Yang Kai’s impolite request was absolutely unacceptable. As long as they continued to delay, the Human Race’s supplies would only decrease. At that time, even if they had countless talented juniors, it would be difficult for them to increase their cultivation without supplies!

Thinking quickly, Mo Na Ye continued to try to communicate with Yang Kai using the communication bead while summoning all the Territory Lords.

A short while later, more than a hundred Territory Lords gathered in the main hall, but this time, the Royal Lord did not appear. Instead, Mo Na Ye stood below the Skeleton Throne.

Even if the Royal Lord wasn’t here, he didn’t dare sit on the Skeleton Throne. It was the exclusive throne of the Royal Lord. As a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he wasn’t qualified to sit on it.

Looking down at the confused group of Territory Lords, Mo Na Ye’s words caused them to explode, “Yang Kai is outside of No-Return Pass!”

There were some who were filled with righteous indignation and wanted to lead their troops to surround and kill Yang Kai, some who were timid and worried, and some who had suffered under Yang Kai’s hands were pale…

Mo Na Ye took in the expressions of the Territory Lords and continued, “The Human Race’s resources are scarce, and he is currently plundering the mining team of our Black Ink Clan! Although the losses are small, if we don’t resolve this matter soon, in the long run, my Black Ink Clan will only be able to obtain half of the resources we obtained in the past. This will definitely affect our plan to unify the Heavens.”

The noisy Territory Lords instantly fell silent, and one of the Territory Lords with a majestic physique cupped his fists and said, “How should this matter be resolved? Please explain, Sir Mo Na Ye!”

Mo Na Ye said, “Whether it is the Black Ink Clan or the Human Race, the matter of resources is the foundation of our strength. My Black Ink Clan’s resources have been plundered, but our losses are secondary. Helping the Human Race to become stronger is unacceptable. I need everyone to investigate Yang Kai’s movements and escort the troops who delivered the supplies back!”

The Territory Lord with the imposing physique said, “If that’s the case, we’ll need to set up a formation to act.” Facing a Killing Star like Yang Kai, not setting up a formation was tantamount to suicide.

Fortunately, over the past few years, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had not been idle and had been diligently practicing their various formations. It was laughable to say that these Innate Territory Lords were all incomparably powerful and had no fear of any Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, but because of Yang Kai’s existence, they had been forced to practice their formations so that they could protect themselves. This was simply a disgrace, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Mo Na Ye nodded, “That’s right, I want everyone to set up a formation. Facing Yang Kai, the Four Directions Array is the most basic requirement. Only a Territory Lord who can form a Four Directions Array or higher can carry out this mission. If you can’t… don’t go out.”

Formations weren’t something that could be easily formed. The small teams on the Human Race’s side could. After all, the environment they were in was different. The Human Race’s current decline and the Black Ink Clan’s invasion and oppression had caused all of the Human Race’s powerhouses to become sincere comrades. The small teams had become familiar with each other during their daily interactions and battles, so no matter when or where they were, they could easily form a battle formation. This was their trust in each other.

However, the Black Ink Clan was different, especially these Innate Territory Lords. All of them were powerful and had their own opinions. If they wanted to completely trust each other and put themselves in danger in order to protect the other, the Territory Lords were mostly unwilling.

In the face of danger, most creatures’ first reaction was to protect themselves.

When the battle formation were formed, their auras were connected, and all the living beings in the battle formation were united. Once one party had the intention to protect themselves, the battle formation would collapse.

Therefore, when Di Wu led a total of twenty Innate Territory Lords to surround and kill Yang Kai in the Ancestral Land, the Territory Lords had only formed a Four Directions Array. It wasn’t that they were lacking in numbers, but rather that forcefully forming a higher-level battle formation was meaningless.

Most of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were only able to form the Four Directions Array, while a few were able to form the Five Directions Array. As for the higher-level Six Directions array, it was impossible for them to form it.

Not to mention the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, even for the Human Race, with their strength reaching the Eighth Order, it was not easy for them to form the Six Directions Array. Among the Eighth Order Human Race, the highest record so far was that seven Eighth Order cultivators had formed the Seven Directions Array, which was a battle against the Royal Lord in a life or death crisis!

The higher one’s strength was, the more difficult it would be to form a battle formation, not just for the Black Ink Clan, but also for the Human Race.

For example, when Yang Kai was the Dawn Squad's Team Leader, he had led the Dawn Squad's members to kill the enemy in the Great War and had once formed a Nine Directions Array, but if he were to form a battle formation with the other Eighth Order Human Race masters now, it would be impossible for him to achieve such a feat.

With Mo Na Ye’s order, a few of the Territory Lords’ expressions relaxed. They had no way to form a lineup with the other Territory Lords, but they had unexpectedly avoided a possible crisis.

Mo Na Ye then made some arrangements, and all the Territory Lords who could set up the battle formation were divided into two groups. One group was responsible for searching for Yang Kai’s whereabouts while the other was responsible for protecting the teams who had returned from the Ink Battlefield.

Immediately after, he said, “This mission does not aim to kill Yang Kai. If you encounter him, your priority will be self-preservation!” After he finished speaking, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of sadness. Facing an expert like Yang Kai, he had unconsciously given up on killing him.

Now, he could only hope that the Promoted Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan would mature as soon as possible. As long as the number of Royal Lords on the Black Ink Clan’s side reached a certain number, the threat Yang Kai posed to the Black Ink Clan would be greatly reduced!

The Territory Lords complied and quickly dispersed. According to Mo Na Ye’s previous assignment, they didn’t dare to be careless. After leaving No-Return Pass, they immediately formed Four Directions Formation and Five Directions Formation, then quickly dispersed into the depth of the Ink Battlefield.

Inside the hall, Mo Na Ye glanced down at the dozen or so Territory Lords who had remained, frowned slightly, and waved his hand, “All of you should be on guard, in case Yang Kai comes to ambush us here!”

“Yes!” The Territory Lords complied and left.


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