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"Such a human race army must be the elite of the elite, and its strength is extraordinary, otherwise it will never be able to kill the clansmen who rushed out of the Great Restriction, not to mention, there is a Dragon Clan over there! There must be no shortage of powerhouses dispatched by our clan if we want to fight them, otherwise it will be a death sentence, but if too many powerhouses are dispatched to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, how will the situation in various battlefields be stabilized? The major legions of the human race will find an opportunity and break it in one fell swoop!"

Saying this, Mo Na Ye looked at the Royal Lord again: "My Lord, do you know how many people there are in the human race army over there?"

The Royal Lord said: "The overall number should be no more than 10,000, and the number is not very large, but everyone is not weak, especially the 400 Eighth Order masters. In addition, they seem to have a large secret treasure similar to the human race mountain pass."

"The Human Race Pass!" Mo Na Ye frowned, and a group of Territory Lords also had lingering fears.

Don't look at all the surviving human race passes are abandoned on the side of the No-Return Pass, occupied by the Black Ink Clan, but in order to conquer these passes, the Black Ink Clan paid an unimaginable price. If it wasn't for the help of two Ink Giant Spiritual God that day, with the strength of the Black Ink Clan alone, they would never have won the battle of No-Return Pass.

Now that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was there, the human race had elites stationed in the regiment, and there was a weapon similar to a mountain pass to help. No wonder they had the confidence to open the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to relieve the pressure.

Mo Na Ye couldn't help but sigh: "The heritage of the human race... is still powerful!"

It can be seen that the human race today is not the human race of 3,000 years ago.

After the first battle in the Spatial Territory, the human race was in a state of decline. Every place on the battlefield was passively defended, and the Mysterious Nether Territory was almost captured by the Black Ink Clan. It almost fell into the hands of the Black Ink Clan.

Yes, it's still that Yang Kai...

Since Yang Kai appeared in the Mysterious Nether Territory, the human race's predicament has been reversed little by little. How did this guy do it?

Thinking about it carefully, Mo Na Ye found that Yang Kai didn't do too much. Although there were a lot of Innate Territory Lords who died in his hands, it did not affect the comparison of the strength of the two races. No matter how powerful he is, he is only one person, and he can't kill all the Black Ink Clan.

The real source lies in the peace treaty between the two races!

Constrained by the negotiation and agreement, the juniors of the human race have a relatively safe training ground, and that alone is nothing. The key was that the human race has the Star Boundary, and there are two Open Heaven Cradles including the Myriad Monster World...

The relatively stable cultivation environment, the endless emergence of young talents, the combination of the two, and the evolution of thousands of years have created the powerful heritage of the human race today!

It's a pity that Yang Kai's prestige was at the height of the sky that day, and all the Innate Territory Lords were terrified by his killing spree. Hearing Yang Kai's name could make their expression changed, when he proposed to negotiate a peace, who dared to refuse, and who could refuse?

Judging from the current situation, this is Yang Kai's scheme, not to mention that no one of the Black Ink Clan at that time could see through it, even if they saw through it, they could only accept it.

Mo Na Ye is also aware of it later. Because of this, the fear of Yang Kai has penetrated into the depths of his soul. This person is not only powerful, but his eyes are far away. This is the big trouble for the Black Ink Clan.

In fact, the Black Ink Clan didn't think about solving this problem. The best way is to destroy the Star Boundary and the Myriad Monster World. This is the root cause of the continuous enhancement of the human race's strength. There are only two Universe Worlds, as long as the Black Ink Clan find a chance, any Territory Lord or Black Ink Disciple of Seventh Order or Eighth Order level can do it.

However, the Black Ink Clan couldn't find any chance at all. All the soldiers of the human race who retreated from the front line had to pass through a great formation shrouded in the light of purification. If the Black Ink Disciples were lucky to get insed, they would also be purified and the Ink Force in their bodies would be dispersed.

The Star Boundary and the Myriad Monster World even have powerful Great Emperor guarding it all year round...

The voice of the Royal Lord came slowly, making Mo Na Ye return to his senses.

"This King also asked if there is any need for support there, but the clansmen in the Great Restriction say it's not appropriate to scare the snakes. They are trying to figure out a way to crack a secret passage in the Great Restriction. If successful, the clansmen in the Great Restriction can rush out. "

Mo Na Ye said energetically: "Can it be done?"

He has a deep understanding of how strong the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is. When he was inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it was not that many powerhouses of the Black Ink Clan had not tried to attack from the inside, but no matter how many years of hard work, there was no improvement.

The Royal Lord said: "Since they said so, it should be obvious. Although I don't know who the strong human race who took over the control of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is, his strength is far less than Cang's. It’s not as bad as it was in the past, not to mention, he took the initiative to open a gap, which also had a certain degree of impact on the integrity of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, perhaps allowing the clansmen inside to find some opportunities!”

Mo Na Ye nodded slightly, thinking about something as old as the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, which has been in operation for so many thousands of years, and the human race powerhouse who is taking over is not an old monster like Cang. The clansmen in the Great Restriction will not miss the opportunity!

Today, the Royal Lord has summoned many strong men under his command, mainly to share such a good news. He is not worried that there will be a Territory Lord leaking secrets. The Black Ink Clan are born on the opposite side of the human race. But it is absolutely impossible to leak secrets to the human race.

After a short while, the Royal Lord left, and the powerhouses of the Black Ink Clan quickly dispersed, while Mo Na Ye walked out, frowning and pondering.

It's about nothing else, but Yang Kai!

More than a hundred years ago, Yang Kai led a group of Human Race Eighth Order through the No-Return Pass into the depths of the Ink Battlefield. For the past years, there is no news of him, and he don't know where they went or what they were doing.

If it was an ordinary human race, Mo Na Ye would not take it so seriously, but Yang Kai was different. This guy had killed the Pseudo-Royal Lord, enough to make Mo Na Ye take it seriously.

After thinking about it for a long time. This person's whereabouts have always been so mysterious, it seems that it is also difficult for the human race to fully grasp his whereabouts.

Thinking that this guy has no hope of reaching Ninth Order in this life, Mo Na Ye is a little relieved. If such a troublesome guy really has the opportunity to be promoted to Ninth Order, is it worth it?

"Sir Mo Na Ye!" A Territory Lord greeted him from the side.

Mo Na Ye turned his head to look and saw that it was a Territory Lord under his command who was in charge of material affairs. He nodded and said, "What's the matter?"

The Territory Lord replied: "Sir, there are several teams that are scheduled to bring supplies back recently, but they have not returned."

It's not a big thing, but since Mo Na Ye was ordered by the Royal Lord to take care of the big and small matters, he will personally take care of all the big and small matters. The Territory Lords below are also used to his careful style, so no matter how big or small it is, they will ask for instructions.

"How long is it overdue?" Mo Na Ye frowned, vaguely feeling that things were not easy.

The Territory Lord said: "The earliest team should have returned in one month, and the most recent team should have arrived at No-Return Pass five days ago."

"Have you ever sent someone to investigate?"

"I have already gone to inquire about it, and I think there will be a reply in a few days."

Mo Na Ye nodded: "When the time comes, pass the news to me."


A few days later, the Feudal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, who was in charge of inquiring about the information, passed the news to the No-Return Pass with the help of the miniature Ink Nest that he carried with him. The teams responsible for transporting supplies had already returned to the direction of No-Return Pass, but they were strangely missing halfway.

When the news reached Mo Na Ye, he immediately realized the problem.

It is impossible for the team that transported the materials to disappear for no reason. Now the power of the human race is shrinking, and the entire Ink Battlefield is the rear of the Black Ink Clan. Over the years, the Black Ink Clan have been mining resources in the Ink Battlefield and transporting them to the front line. There has never been a mistake, but a team that transported materials has disappeared recently!

Someone is doing something...

The first figure that appeared in Mo Na Ye's mind was Yang Kai.

Only this guy has such an ability. Thinking that he went deep into the Ink Battlefield more than a hundred years ago and has yet to show up, it is almost certain that Yang Kai was near the No-Return Pass, targeting the teams transporting supplies.

How hateful!

Mo Na Ye immediately took out a communication bead, and his Divine Sense surged, sending a message inside.

This communication bead was left to him by Yang Kai last time. It was used to deliver that batch of supplies. Mo Na Ye didn't throw it away, he keep it with him, thinking that he might be able to use this thing to spy on Yang Kai's position in the future. Unexpectedly, there will be a day when it really works.

After a while, the communication bead in his hand trembled slightly, and the corners of Mo Na Ye's eyes twitched...

Yang Kai is really near the No-Return Pass, and the movement of the communication bead is undoubtedly a sign of successful communication!

A million kilometers away from the No-Return Pass, on a floating land, Yang Kai hides his figure, and his Divine Sense monitors the four directions. His current Divine Sense is extremely powerful, and in this position, almost all the returning Black Ink Clan's teams in the Ink Battlefield could be tracked.

In the past month or so, he plundered five Black Ink Clan teams transporting resources, and the harvest was not bad.

Moreover, he did not loot all the Black Ink teams, but made a choice. When two teams came, he looted one and let the other go.

After all, what he is doing is a business without capital, and he can’t do it too much. If he want to do this business for a long time, he still need to be careful, otherwise, if all the teams were looted, the Black Ink Clan will probably be angry.

He is monitoring the movement of the void here, Yang Kai suddenly felt something in his heart, took out a communication bead, and looked inside with his Divine Sense, he couldn't help but raised his eyebrows and praised, this guy Mo Na Ye, his mind is really agile, he reacted so quickly!

He knew that his actions could not be concealed from Mo Na Ye, so he deliberately wore this communication bead close to his body, but he didn't expect Mo Na Ye to start contacting him so quickly.

The message from the communication bead is very simple, only one sentence: "Sir Yang Kai, can we meet?"

It is obvious that the disappearance of the team carrying the supplies has something to do with Yang Kai.


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