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Ripples gradually appeared in the vast void, and as the ripples spread out, the gate gradually became visible. A moment later, figures emerged from the gate.

Yang Kai then sealed the gate again, making it look exactly the same as before.

Ouyang Lie had already taken out the Ink Battlefield’s Universe Chart and compared it with his own, confirming that this was the Blue Sky War Zone of the past. Moreover, this was the territory occupied by the Black Ink Clan in the past. It was still a long way from Blue Sky Pass and was actually closer to the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

The place where Yang Kai had risen to prominence in the past was Blue Sky Pass. It was he who had brought the light of purification to the Human Race and created the Expelling Black Ink Battleship. Originally, Blue Sky Pass, which was not particularly special among the various mountain passes, had stood out.

After that incident, it became even more difficult to control. Blue Sky Pass became the first pass to establish a frontline base outside the Black Ink Clan’s King City, and with the help of the many Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven outside the pass, they ruthlessly plotted against the Black Ink Clan. In that battle, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords suffered countless casualties and suffered heavy losses.

After establishing the Human Race's expedition army, the Blue Sky Army became the first to conquer the King City and became famous.

Yang Kai also took out the Universe Chart, identified the direction, and immediately led the ten Eighth Order masters into the depths of the void.

Ouyang Lie followed behind Yang Kai, confused, and sent a voice transmission, “Junior Brother, did you go in the wrong direction? The No-Return Pass is not in this direction.”

The direction of this trip was completely opposite from the direction of the No-Return Pass, causing Ouyang Lie to be puzzled!

Yang Kai really wanted to tell him the truth, but after considering the consequences, he held back and said, “Senior Brother, please calm down. I’ll explain to you later.”

Ouyang Lie suppressed the doubts in his heart and didn’t ask any further, quietly following behind.

Along the way, Yang Kai left behind a few Space Spirit Beads for positioning and transit. After all, after sending Ouyang Lie and the others to their destination, he still has to come back.

Passing through the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the magnificent King City that had been ravaged by the flames of war had long since been destroyed. The entire floating continent had been shattered into countless fragments that scattered through the void, and one could vaguely see the tragic battle that had taken place there.

When Blue Sky Pass’ army participated in the expedition, the Black Ink Clan’s Yuan Qi in Blue Sky War Zone had yet to recover, so when faced with Blue Sky Pass’s overwhelming might, they were unable to put up much of a resistance before being destroyed. In that battle, Blue Sky Pass’ Old Ancestor, with the help of many Eighth Order Human Race masters, had personally beheaded the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

The death of the Royal Lord also declared the complete defeat of the Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky War Zone.

However, this was all in the past, and at that time, Yang Kai was no longer in Blue Sky Pass. When Blue Sky Pass was on the expedition, Yang Kai had also led the Dawn Squad to kill the enemy with the Great Evolution Army.

In order to avoid encountering the Black Ink Clan’s mining forces, the Human Race had to go deeper into the Ink Battlefield. Only by pulling apart the distance between them could they avoid any kind of disastrous situation.

After passing through the region where the Black Ink Clan’s King City was located, Yang Kai finally came to a stop in the void and used his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings. There were many dead Universe World here, and there were few traces of mining, so he figured he would be able to reap some benefits here.

“This is the place,” Yang Kai said.

Naturally, the Eighth Order masters had no objections, only Ouyang Lie remained silent with a gloomy expression on his face. His personality was a bit reckless and he was not good at scheming, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. The various abnormalities he had encountered along the way made him understand that this trip might not be what he had imagined.

He had most likely fallen into Big Head Mi’s trap again!

While Ouyang Lie was lost in thought, Yang Kai had already dispersed with the other nine Eighth Order masters, and open their Small Universe's gate to release the cultivators who had been taken in. In addition, there were many Battleship and even two Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Seeing this, Ouyang Lie felt that something was wrong.

The cultivators in front of him all had cultivation level of Fourth or Fifth Order, even Third Order, and most of them were old, so how could they be here to do something big? It was more like they were living in retirement.

Yang Kai looked at the Eighth Order masters and said, “I’ll leave this matter to you all. This is a Space Spirit Bead, I hope that each of you can keep one with you. Every hundred years, I’ll come here to look for you all and collect your harvest.”

It would be difficult to send back the things mined by tens of thousands of people, so Yang Kai had to do it himself. Giving them the Space Spirit Beads was also convenient for him to search for them in the future. As long as the distance between them wasn’t too far, Yang Kai could easily find their location with the help of the Space Spirit Beads and arrive in a flash.

The Eighth Order masters took the Space Spirit Beads and put them away, leaving Ouyang Lie staring at Yang Kai with a pair of angry eyes.

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, grabbed Ouyang Lie’s arm, and slapped the Space Spirit Bead onto his hand, and said, “Senior Brother Ouyang, if you have anything you want to know, you can ask the other Senior Brothers later. Junior Brother has some important matters to attend to, so it’s not convenient for me to stay.”

In truth, he didn’t know how to face Ouyang Lie’s disappointment…

Turning around, he instructed other Eighth Order master, “If you really encounter any dangers that cannot be resolved, please lead them to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. There is a Withdrawing Black Ink Army stationed there, and the Dragon Clan’s Senior Fu Guang is also there.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned. Withdrawing Black Ink Army? They had never heard of such a thing before, they didn’t know that the Head Office Division had such an arrangement. Moreover, there had been no news from the Dragon Clan for so many years, yet they had actually been guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?

One of the Eighth Order veterans immediately nodded and said, “Junior Brother can rest assured. Leave these people to us and we will protect their safety. As for the Withdrawing Black Ink Army… can Junior Brother enlighten us?”

There was nothing he couldn’t say. Everything he had done in the past had been done in secret, that's because he was afraid that the news of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would spread and affect the morale of the Human Race. If it was only limited to the Eighth Order cultivators in front of him, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Immediately, he explained the matter of Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion and Withdrawing Black Ink Army.

One of the Eighth Order veterans suddenly understood and said, “No wonder many of our elites were transferred from various battlefields a hundred and thirty years ago by the Head Office Division. So it was to form the Withdrawing Black Ink Army!”

“Is the situation over at the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction serious?” An Eighth Order master asked worriedly.

Yang Kai said, “It’s still within the scope of our control. With Senior Fu Guang personally overseeing it, there’s no need to worry.”

Only then did everyone relax. The strongest person on the Human Race’s side right now, aside from the Giant Spiritual God A' Er who was still fighting with the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Spatial Territory, was the Divine Dragon. With such a powerful master guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it was truly reassuring.

A moment later, under the gazes of all the Eighth Order masters, Yang Kai stepped forward and his figure gradually faded.

Ouyang Lie didn’t even try to stop him. Seeing Yang Kai escape, he turned to look at the other Eighth Order masters and gnashed his teeth, “Everyone, shouldn’t you explain it to me?”

An Eighth Order veteran who was on good terms with Ouyang Lie sighed and stepped forward to explain the task they were assigned. After learning that they weren’t going to do anything important and were only responsible for taking care of the mining operations, Ouyang Lie almost exploded in anger and couldn’t help roaring, “Big Head Mi, I’ll take care of you first!”

The Eighth Order veteran quickly tried to persuade him, “Junior Brother Ouyang, please calm your anger. Although there is no battle here, it is still of great significance to our Human Race. The soldiers need resources to heal their wounds, and now that the Human Race’s resources are running low, we can only act like this. Compared to killing enemies on the battlefield, the tasks we shoulder aren’t much different. We are all part of the Human Race’s plan!”

“Yes, yes, and…” An Eighth Order master echoed.

“Yes my ass!” Ouyang Lie flew into a rage, his red hair seemingly on fire, his entire body on fire. He had done everything he could to leave the Mysterious Nether Territory to kill his enemies on the battlefield, not to come here to look after the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Order Open Heaven mining resources.

Saying so, he strode towards the depths of the Ink Battlefield!

“Brother Ouyang, where are you going?” The Eighth Order veteran who tried to persuade him shouted.

“This old master will go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, this old master will participate in the Withdrawing Black Ink Army's battle, this old master will kill the enemy!” The voice came from afar.

The other nine Eighth Order masters glanced at each other, not knowing whether to stop him or not. After a moment of hesitation, Ouyang Lie disappeared…

After a while, someone finally said, “Fortunately, he didn’t act rashly and go to the No-Return Pass…”

It was difficult to accomplish everything on his own, so going to the No-Return Pass by himself was tantamount to courting death. Joining the Withdrawing Black Ink Army in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was not necessarily a bad option.

“Don’t worry, he will return,” The Eighth Order veteran said.

“Why do you say so?”

The Eighth Order veteran said, “Although Ouyang did not come from Great Battle Heaven, he entered the Ink Battlefield after advancing to the Sixth Order. After so many years, he has become accustomed to the military style. He is a true warrior, and although his temper is violent, he will not act rashly without military order. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stayed in the Mysterious Nether Territory for so many years and only left the Mysterious Nether Army after receiving the transfer order.”

When everyone heard this, they all felt that it made sense. Thinking back to Ouyang Lie’s way of doing things, it was indeed true. If he really was someone who did things his own way, he wouldn’t have stayed in the Mysterious Nether Territory for so many years.

Sure enough, after less than half a day, Ouyang Lie’s figure appeared from the depths of the void. Although he was still angry, he had calmed down quite a bit.

The Eighth Order veteran personally welcomed him back and patted his shoulder with a smile, “Ouyang, accept your fate. Isn’t this the care Big Head Mi has for us old friends?”

Everyone knew why they were sent here to look after the mining team.

Each and every one of them had experienced thousands of life and death crises, each of them suffering from hidden injuries, the accumulation of their years, and the accumulation of hidden injuries had caused their condition to decline, some of them even losing their peak condition.

They had the passion to protect and serve the Human Race, but if one day the Human Race defeated the Black Ink Clan and purged this universe, when order was restored, the experiences of the older generation would be indispensable to the new generation of the Human Race.

The reason why Mi Jinglun had sent them here to look after the mining teams was not only out of selfishness, but also for the future of the Human Race!

Ouyang Lie immediately shook his head, “Who need him to take care of me? This old master is old, but strong and firm, does he need to take care of me? If we fight against the Black Ink Clan, what is the point of us old fogies not taking the lead and placing all our burdens on those little brats?”


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