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In addition to these tens of thousands of cultivators, there were a total of nine Eighth Order Open Heaven masters on the square, all of them veteran Eighth Order masters who had come from the Cave Heaven Paradise and had participated in many battles in the Ink Battlefield.

Yang Kai gave everyone a salute, knowing that these veterans were probably the ones who were responsible for protecting this group of cultivators to mine resources in the Ink Battlefield.

There were nine Eighth Order masters, but considering how confidential this matter was, it wasn’t appropriate for them to make a big fuss about it, so it was barely enough.

These Eighth Order existences is only for protection and not to fight the Black Ink Clan.

Sending too many people over was meaningless, and it would also affect the arrangements of the Human Race on various battlefields.

“Junior Brother Yang, I’ll have to trouble you,” Mi Jinglun didn’t say much and only lightly said.

Yang Kai replied, “Senior Brother can rest assured.”

Mi Jinglun nodded slightly before turning to look at the tens of thousands of cultivators below and briefly explaining. These tens of thousands of people who had been transferred here already knew what their mission was. They had never been to the Ink Battlefield before, but they were familiar with this name and knew that it was a place where generations of Human Race ancestors had poured their blood and sweat into. Although this was not an expedition, the mining of resources was also related to the future of the Human Race, so although there wasn’t any killing intent, it was still solemn and orderly.

Moreover, from a certain perspective, going to the Ink Battlefield to extract resources was a different level of war. There was no blood of war in this battle, but the implications were great!

A moment later, Yang Kai and the nine Eighth Order veterans opened up their Small Universe, and tens of thousands of people poured into the various gates in an orderly fashion, all of them being taken in by the Eighth Order veterans.

After everything was prepared, Mi Jinglun suddenly whispered to Yang Kai, “Junior Brother, Brother Ouyang has already gone to the Black Prison. After you meet up with him, there’s no need to say anything. Bring him to the Ink Battlefield and the others will explain the situation to him.”

Yang Kai was stunned and couldn’t help laughing, “I thought Senior Brother Ouyang had already gone to the Azure Sun Territory…”

Previously, he hadn’t seen Ouyang Lie’s figure on the square, so he had thought his previous guess was wrong, but who would have thought that Mi Jinglun had already made arrangements.

Thinking about it, if he had told Ouyang Lie in advance about this mission, he probably wouldn’t have gone. The reason he wanted to leave the Mysterious Nether Army was because he had had enough of those boring days and was even more willing to go on a battlefield.

Sitting in the Mysterious Nether Territory was essentially the same as taking care of the mining teams in the Ink Battlefield. The former was influenced by the agreement between the two races that an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator was not allowed to interfere with the war, while the latter was required to conceal their whereabouts and hide themselves from the Black Ink Clan. Relatively speaking, the days in the Mysterious Nether Territory might be even more boring…

Mi Jinglun sighed, “I know what he is thinking, but… after thousands of years of life and death battles, his body has accumulated too many hidden injuries that even he will find difficult to repair. If he can break through to the Ninth Order, it will be fine, but he has no hope of reaching the Ninth Order. Those hidden injuries are constantly draining his vitality, so it’s best if he doesn’t participate in battles with the Black Ink Clan’s masters.”

Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before saying, “Senior Brother Ouyang will definitely blame you later.”

Mi Jinglun smiled bitterly, “If he want to complain, let him complain. Just take it as a little selfishness on my part. My old friends are getting fewer, I need someone to live to witness the Human Race’s victory.”

Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother Mi can rest assured that the younger generation has already risen to prominence, enough to take over the banner of the Seniors and shoulder the heavy responsibility of resisting the Black Ink Clan. And that day… will come sooner or later.” Turning around, Yang Kai bowed, “Senior Brother Mi, please take care. When that day comes, I hope you and Senior Brother Ouyang can witness that glorious moment together!”

Mi Jinglun smiled, “Good!”


Yang Kai cupped his fists before turning around and flying away, the nine Eighth Order masters following closely behind him.

Along the way, they passed through various great domains and under Yang Kai’s instructions, each of them used their Secret Techniques to conceal their auras.

This time, sending people to the Ink Battlefield to mine materials was different from the last time he sent people to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Last time, there were too many Eighth Order masters, a total of four hundred. Yang Kai was unable to protect so many Eighth Order masters and could only pass through the Void Corridor through No-Return Pass, so he didn’t need to hide his tracks.

However, this time, they had to secretly head to the Ink Battlefield to extract resources, so naturally, the more hidden they were, the better. Otherwise, if the Black Ink Clan were to discover their movements, there was a high chance that something unexpected would happen.

Along the way, they also encountered some teams from the Black Ink Clan, but without an expert from the Black Ink Clan watching over them, it was impossible to discover the whereabouts of Yang Kai and the others.

As they sped along, they finally arrived at the Black Territory!

Currently, in the 3000 Worlds, besides the High Heaven Territory controlled by the Human Race, the new Great Domain, and the Great Domain where the Head Office Division was located, almost all of the other Great Domains had Black Ink Clan figures.

However, there were two great domains that were exceptions, one of which was the Chaotic Dead Territory. After the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss in front of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, they had classified this place as a forbidden area, and even the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord didn’t dare have any idea about it.

The other place was the Black Territory.

This place was originally filled with countless Ore Stars, each of which contained a vast amount of cultivation resources. However, in order to break through the ancient Great Array, the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise had joined forces and even mobilized their disciples to mine all of the mining stars in the Black Territory to fight the sealed Black Ink Clan Royal Lord. As a result, they had obtained a large amount of resources and had also broken through the Great Array.

The current Black Territory was completely empty, with nothing but broken floating continents.

The Black Ink Clan had also come here to explore, but there was no Universe Worlds here, no resources, and it was simply a barren land, so how could the Black Ink Clan waste their time and effort to deploy anything here?

This made things easier for Yang Kai and the others.

After entering the Black Territory, there was no need to hide anymore. Under Yang Kai’s lead, they flew towards the entrance of the secret passage.

A few days later, they finally arrived.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the floating continent nearby and called out, “Senior Brother Ouyang!”

Ouyang Lie’s figure leapt out from the floating continent and arrived in front of Yang Kai in a few steps, chuckling as he said, “With your sharp eyes, even if I hid so well, you still found me.”

His mood was obviously quite good. Ever since he took the transfer order and left the Mysterious Nether Territory, he had been in such a good mood.

Seeing the nine Eighth Order masters behind Yang Kai, Ouyang Lie’s eyes lit up and he stepped forward to greet them.

All of them could be said to be old acquaintances. After all, they were all Eighth Order veterans who had once fought with the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield. The friendship between them could be traced back to the days when they had cultivated in their respective Sects.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Ouyang Lie asked Yang Kai excitedly, “Junior Brother, what are we going to the Ink Battlefield for this time? Are we going to the No-Return Pass?”

Since he had listened to Mi Jinglun’s orders and arrived here to wait for Yang Kai, he had been speculating about the purpose of this mission. With Yang Kai leading the team and nine other Eighth Order masters, it was obvious he was going to do something big.

This caused his fighting spirit, which had been silent for more than two thousand years, to once again become active.

“It’s not impossible to hit the No-Return Pass, but aren’t we a bit lacking in manpower?” Ouyang Lie began to worry again. Inside the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would still be there, and now there was even a Pseudo-Royal Lord and many other Innate Territory Lords. It would be difficult for them to accomplish anything alone.

However, considering Yang Kai’s previous achievements, his eyes lit up, “I see, we’re going to destroy the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest!”

He was obviously very excited and spoke a lot.

Yang Kai really didn’t know how to explain this to him, but fortunately, a veteran who had a good relationship with Ouyang Lie pulled him back, “Ouyang, don’t ask too much, we’ll know when we get there!”

Ouyang Lie immediately nodded like a chicken pecking on rice, “Good, good, good, I won’t ask. Shall we set off now?”

Yang Kai nodded and looked around before saying, “This time, please connect your auras with mine. I will try my best to protect you, but the situation inside the Void Corridor is quite unpredictable. If we really get separated, please don’t panic, Senior Brothers. No matter what, you must maintain your own safety and stay where you are. I will come and find you.”

All the Eighth Order masters nodded.

“Since that’s the case, let’s go!” Yang Kai called out, activating his Space Principle, causing ripples to appear all over his body, as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake.

Everyone was amazed by this scene. All of them were Eighth Order masters, and even if they used their full strength, they would still be able to break through the void. However, they were unable to control it as exquisitely as Yang Kai. This was an ability that was proficient in the Dao of Space.

As the ripples spread out, it was obvious that there was something different about the void in front of them, and as Yang Kai continued to exert his strength, the image of a gate slowly appeared.

Looking up, one could see that the gate was like an abyss, filled with chaos and terror.

“Follow me closely!” Yang Kai warned again before taking the lead and stepping through the gate. Behind him, ten Eighth Order masters entered in an orderly fashion, their auras connecting with Yang Kai’s.

In the tunnel ahead, Yang Kai broke through the barrier he had left behind last time while urging his strength to form a new barrier behind the last person.

If it was just him alone, or even two or three people, it wouldn’t have been too difficult, but bringing ten people at once was quite exhausting.

Fortunately, everything was still bearable, just that the speed was slightly slower.

Although Ouyang Lie and the others all had profound cultivations and were experienced and knowledgeable, this was the first time they were walking through a void crack like this. However, they didn’t dare to look around casually in order to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Under their perception, they could only feel the turbulence of the surrounding void and the chaos energy. Such a strange and unfathomable place, even if an Eighth Order Open Heaven masters like them were lost in it, it wouldn’t end well.

If they were lucky, they might be able to find a way out, but if they were unlucky, they would be trapped inside for the rest of their lives, so they had to be even more careful.

Along the way, in this strange environment, time seemed to pass by in a blur. After an unknown amount of time, a light suddenly appeared in front of them and everyone knew they had arrived.


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