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“Junior Brother, the biggest problem that is troubling my Human Race right now is the issue of supplies,” Inside the Head Office’s Main Hall, Mi Jinglun sighed, “Although the various Cave Heaven Paradise have accumulated some resources over the years, the Human Race is currently trapped in more than a dozen Great Domains, so there are simply too few channels for them to obtain supplies. Especially now, the number of High Rank Open Heaven that the Human Race possesses is increasing exponentially every year, so when they cultivate, their demand for supplies is extremely high. Just relying on the accumulation of the Cave Heaven Paradise alone won’t be able to sustain them for many years. Although you brought back a lot of good things last time, it can only make up for the deficit of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army!”

“In terms of supplies, it doesn’t matter much, but we’re cultivators. Cultivators need supplies to heal their wounds, so how can we conserve them? If we really do that, how can we allow our soldiers to slaughter enemies on the battlefield? We can only think of external methods. Over the years, the amount of battle merits the Military Logistics Department needs to exchange for supplies has also increased year after year. Taking a simple Fourth Grade resource as an example, compared to a thousand years ago, the amount of battle merits needed to exchange for resources has increased by twenty percent! However, there are some idiots who don’t know how expensive it is and even came to the Head Office Division to find Senior Brother to make a fuss, asking me to make the decision to adjust the price of the materials!”

He was talking about Ouyang Lie, and Yang Kai also knew about this matter. Ouyang Lie had even sent a letter to him saying that the prices of supplies in the Military Logistics Department were abnormal and asked him to talk to Mi Jinglun.

“Haa!” Mi Jinglun sighed again, “Don’t I want to adjust the price? But I really can’t do anything about it! The military achievements of the soldiers are all obtained by risking their lives, and every single one of them is extremely precious. If it was possible, why would the Head Office Division do such a thing? It’s a pity that it’s hard to obtain the best of both worlds.”

“On top of that, there are only two ways for the Human Race to obtain resources. One is to mine from the new Great Domain, and the other is to rob the Black Ink Clan’s transportation of resources. However, the resources in the new Great Domain are also limited, and after so many years of mining, I’m afraid we won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Although robbing the Black Ink Clan’s forces is a no-brainer, it is also accompanied by huge risks, and the profits are difficult to stabilize.”

In the past, among the 3000 Worlds, although there were many human race Open Heaven cultivators, there weren’t many High Rank Open Heaven cultivators. High Rank Open Heaven had always been the exclusive property of the Cave Heaven Paradise. As for those High Rank Open Heaven cultivators, they had been sent to the Ink Battlefield for generations to resist the Black Ink Clan. Countless people had died there.

As such, in general, the resources available on the 3000 Worlds Market were enough for human race cultivators to use.

However, the situation was different now. In the dozen or so Great Domains that the Human Race was trapped in, the supply channels had become fewer, and the number of High Rank Open Heaven had increased. With this increase and decrease, the demand for resources had greatly increased. Although the various Cave Heaven Paradise had taken out all of their reserves, it was still difficult for them to last long.

Listening to Mi Jinglun’s complaints, Yang Kai also realized the seriousness of the problem. Although the issue of supplies had always troubled the Human Race, he hadn’t thought too deeply about it before, but now he knew that this matter had become something that the Human Race needed to resolve.

If one day the Human Race’s resources ran out, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Since Senior Brother has brought up this matter, is there any way to resolve it?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

Mi Jinglun said, “I’ve thought about it. If we want to solve this problem now, we can only start from the outside. Don’t you have a route that leads directly to the Ink Battlefield? I would like to ask you to send some people there to mine supplies!”

The Ink Battlefield’s resources were extremely large, and many of the dead Universe World's had been nurtured. If they could go to the Ink Battlefield to extract resources, it would greatly relieve the pressure on the Human Race’s resources.

“Good!” Yang Kai immediately nodded, “Senior Brother can arrange this matter, I’ll send someone over when the time comes. However, Senior Brother, if we really go there, we’ll need an expert to protect them. The Black Ink Clan is also mining resources in the Ink Battlefield, if they run into them, it’ll be easy for the Human Race to suffer if they don’t have an expert.”

Mi Jinglun nodded slightly, “I will consider this matter.”

Yang Kai stood up and said, “Then I’ll wait for Senior Brother to send a message.”

After leaving the Head Office, Yang Kai didn’t go too far and instead went to the Mysterious Nether Territory. In name, he was still the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army.

However, ever since he and Six Arms first agreed that the Eighth Order Human Race and the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord would not participate in the battle, the battle in Mysterious Nether Territory had become less intense.

Without the confrontation between the two races’ powerhouse, at most it would be a battle between a Feudal Lord and a Seventh Order. The current situation of the Mysterious Nether Territory was under control.

The rising talents of these two races had all become famous on a battlefield like the Mysterious Nether Territory, improving their own strength. The great battle had ended, and small battles continued.

However, for an Eighth Order Human Race master like Ouyang Lie, his days were quite boring.

Eighth Order masters were not allowed to interfere with the war, but they had to oversee the Mysterious Nether Territory to prevent any accidents from happening. Over the past few thousand years, Ouyang Lie had been bored to the extreme.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have cared about the Military Logistics Department.

He had also requested many times to be transferred out of the Mysterious Nether Territory to the Azure Sun Territory or the other Great Domains that still maintain it original state, but all of them had been rejected by Mi Jinglun!

Ouyang Lie was so angry that he almost cut off ties with Mi Jinglun. Several times, he made use of this opportunity to run over to the Head Office Division to scold Mi Jinglun.

Seeing Yang Kai suddenly arrive, Ouyang Lie’s eyes filled with hot tears, clamoring for Yang Kai's Divine Soul Brand on his transfer document!

The main reason why Ouyang Lie had not been transferred out of the Mysterious Nether Territory all these years was because Yang Kai’s whereabouts were quite mysterious!

Yang Kai is the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, and Ouyang Lie was one of his subordinates. Even if the Human Race’s Head Office Division wanted to mobilize the forces of the Mysterious Nether Army, they wouldn’t go so far without consulting Yang Kai, the Regiment Commander. Otherwise, what was the point of having a Regiment Commander?

Mi Jinglun had also told Ouyang Lie that as long as he could have Yang Kai leave a Divine Soul Brand on his transfer document, the Head Office would have no objections.

But where could Ouyang Lie find Yang Kai?

Before this, Yang Kai had been cultivating in seclusion at the World Tree Subtree, so he didn’t want to disturb him. After two thousand years of secluded cultivation, he had finally heard the news that Yang Kai had gone out of seclusion. When Ouyang Lie returned to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai is gone again.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai took the initiative to appear in front of him now.

Ouyang Lie was almost moved to tears as he took out the transfer document he had prepared and stared at Yang Kai with a look of ‘if you don’t agree, I’ll die’.

Looking at the contents of the transfer order, Yang Kai frowned slightly, his expression unreadable. After a long time, he sighed, “Senior Brother Ouyang, are you sure you want to leave the Mysterious Nether Territory?”

Ouyang Lie said, “I’m sure! I can’t stay in this damned place any longer!”

Just look at what he had been doing for the past three thousand years. Every day, he would patrol the various Human Race bases, lecture the new Human Race soldiers, and then drink until he was drunk…

In fact, he was so bored that he ran over to the Black Ink Clan's side to find Six Arms and the other Territory Lords to quarrel and curse…

How could such boring days be as enjoyable as charging into enemy lines and slaughtering their enemies? Before Yang Kai reached an agreement with the Black Ink Clan, although the situation on the Mysterious Nether Army’s side wasn’t good, at the very least, it was quite lively.

In a man’s life, even if he died on the battlefield, it was better than this kind of silence.

After saying this, Ouyang Lie added, “Junior Brother, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not dissatisfied with you, nor am I dissatisfied with the Mysterious Nether Army, it’s just that the environment here isn’t suitable for me. Since I, Ouyang Lie, enter the Ink Battlefield, I’ve never had such a comfortable life. It’s so comfortable that my heart feels like it’s being scratched by a cat. It really makes life feel like living year after year in old age!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help nodding, “I understand! Since that’s the case, Senior Brother Ouyang should go.”

Saying so, he branded his Divine Soul onto the transfer document.

Ouyang Lie immediately smiled and snatched the document, glancing it up and down before chuckling, “This old master is finally free!”

It was as if the prisoner who had been trapped for many years had been freed!

Ouyang Lie put away the document and cupped his fists towards Yang Kai, “Junior Brother, I’ll go report to the Head Office right now. Junior Brother, take care of yourself, we’ll have a chance to fight together again in the future!”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Ouyang Lie couldn’t wait to turn around and leave. He didn’t want to stay in the Mysterious Nether Territory for even a moment longer as he shouted in his heart, 'Azure Sun Territory, here I come!'

Looking at Ouyang Lie’s back as he left, Yang Kai sighed lightly. In this world, nine out of ten people could not live out their expectations. If Senior Brother Ouyang were to go now, he wouldn’t be able to live up to his expectations.

After sending off Ouyang Lie, Yang Kai concealed his aura and figure and walked around the Mysterious Nether Territory to investigate the situation.

With his current cultivation and grade, as well as his attainments in the Dao of Space, if he deliberately restrained himself, even the Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lords wouldn’t be able to discover his whereabouts.

There was nothing unusual about the Mysterious Nether Territory, just like how he had left it all those years ago, except that the number of Seventh Order Human Race cultivators had increased significantly.

He didn’t stay in the Mysterious Nether Territory for long and returned to the Head Office Division a few days later.

Mi Jinglun’s speed was extremely fast, and in less than a month, everything was ready.

On the large square, when Yang Kai sent a message over, he saw tens of thousands of people gathered here, but these cultivators were obviously different from the rest.

As far as the eye could see, many of these cultivators were old and gray-haired, some of them not appearing old or young.

Moreover, their cultivation level was generally not high!

Generally speaking, there were Fourth and Fifth Order, and even there is even a Third Order!

Yang Kai understood that these should be the Open Heaven Stage born in the early years of the Human Race.

The current grade was their limit.

This kind of cultivation was difficult to play a role on the various battlefields, and if they were to really enter the battlefield, they would lose their lives at any moment. Facing the corrosion of the Ink Force, it would be difficult for them to resist, so what they held were often logistics position.

Such a group of people would only play a limited role on the battlefield, but if they were brought to the Ink Battlefield to extract resources, there would be no hindrance at all.

Mi Jinglun obviously had such considerations, which was why he had deployed such a special group of people and asked Yang Kai to send them to the Ink Battlefield.


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