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A few days later, Zhang Ruoxi's Small Universe’s condition finally stabilized, and this breakthrough was undoubtedly a success.

Compared to before, the Small Universe’s size and territory had greatly expanded, and her aura was also at the Eighth Order.

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help exclaiming in admiration. The Heaven's Order Bloodline was indeed special, even avoiding the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Method, otherwise the peak of the Seventh Order would be the limit of Ruoxi’s Martial Dao.

This also made him a little envious, as he was still worrying about how to break through to the Ninth Order.

There was no need for him to worry about what would happen next. If Ruoxi successfully broke through to the Eighth Order, she would only need to enter seclusion for a period of time to stabilize her foundation. As she continued to cultivate, the Small Universe’s foundation would become stronger and its territory would continue to expand until she reached another limit.

At that time, she would reach the Ninth Order!

Yang Kai turned his head to the side and said, “You two, I also need to go into seclusion for a while, please take care of Ruoxi.”

Big Brother Huang immediately nodded, “Rest assured.”

Yang Kai bowed and left a large number of Five Elements resources for Zhang Ruoxi to stabilize her cultivation.

There was no need for the Yin-Yang attribute resources, with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan here, there was no lack of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

After arranging everything for Ruoxi, Yang Kai took a step forward, activated his Space Principle, and found a broken floating continent in the distance. Calming himself, he sat down cross-legged.

Zhang Ruoxi’s breakthrough had allowed him to gain a lot of insights, so he needed to go into seclusion for a while. However, with his previous experience, Yang Kai would naturally pay more attention.

This time’s seclusion had nothing to do with the improvement of one’s cultivation, it was only a kind of mental experience, an exploration of one’s own Great Dao, and a contemplation of the mysterious Creation Realm.

The void was desolate and time passed by quickly.

A few years later, Zhang Ruoxi woke up and her newly promoted Eighth Order cultivation was barely stabilized. When she learned that Yang Kai had also gone into seclusion, she couldn’t help feeling somewhat disappointed.

But soon, she was pulled into a grand and wonderful plan by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. After witnessing Zhang Ruoxi’s ability to harmonize the power of Great Yang and Great Yin, these two secretly discussed this plan. If this plan worked, it would be of great significance to them and the Human Race.

Although they hadn’t met for long and hadn’t even spoken much, there wasn’t the slightest bit of estrangement between the three of them, as if they were family. Ruoxi also realized that these two were the legendary Sun's burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer, but looking at their appearances, it was difficult to associate them with the identities of the Ancient Supreme Masters she had imagined, so she secretly decided to only treat them as children.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were quite pleased…

After trying to confirm that this plan was completely feasible, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were so happy they almost cried.

However, although this plan was feasible, it was a bit difficult to implement right now because Ruoxi’s strength was still a bit low, so they needed to wait for Zhang Ruoxi to become stronger before they could perfectly implement this plan!

As such, these two Ancient Supreme Masters began to supervise Zhang Ruoxi’s cultivation.

Fortunately, before Yang Kai went into seclusion, he had left behind a lot of Five Elements resources, and Zhang Ruoxi had also stored some of them, allowing her to avoid the awkward situation of being unable to cook without rice.

When ordinary cultivators cultivated, they would accumulate their own foundation. Even if they chose to refine resources, they would need to refine an entire set of Yin-Yang + Five Elements, a total of all Seven Elements.

However, in this Chaotic Dead Territory, with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan protecting her, Ruoxi didn’t need to go through so much trouble. All she needed to do was refine the five elements.

As for the Yin and Yang attribute resources… it could be easily absorbed from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. This primitive and pure energy was something that no one in this world could resist, but it was a favorite of the Heaven's Order Bloodline.

In this way, Zhang Ruoxi could be said to refine two less resources than other Cultivators, saving nearly thirty percent of her cultivation time.

This was an extremely terrifying number.

Breaking through from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order required a long period of accumulation. A thirty percent reduction could easily save two or three thousand years of bitter cultivation.

Inside the Chaotic Dead Territory, Yang Kai was in secluded meditation, Ruoxi was in secluded cultivation, while Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were patiently transferring the power of Great Yang and Great Yin into Ruoxi’s Small Universe each time, lest Zhang Ruoxi couldn’t bear it.

In their spare time, they were also training the Small Stone Race for Yang Kai.

Previously, they had cultivated the Small Stone Race mainly to pass the time. Since ancient times, this was the only game they had played to relieve their boredom, but now that they had Zhang Ruoxi, their days were filled with hope. If it weren’t for Yang Kai and the Human Race, how could they have cared about the Small Stone Race…

A hundred years had passed.

In the void, Yang Kai opened his eyes, his eyes filled with confusion. The more he comprehended, the more confused he became, and he couldn’t help reminiscing about the days when his strength wasn’t high enough. At that time, all he needed to do was think of ways to increase his strength, but now, he had to start pursuing the essence of the Great Dao. On the road of Martial Dao, the higher he stood, the more he saw, and the more confused he became.

Sighing lightly, Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it. The only reason he was at a loss now was because his position was not high enough. Perhaps after advancing to the Ninth Order, his situation would improve.

However, after a hundred years of seclusion, it is not without any gain. Regarding his own Great Dao and the Creation Realm, he had thought about many things, but these insights were currently useless.

“Yang Kai, quickly come over here!” Big Brother Huang’s voice rang out beside his ear, obviously sensing that he had finished his secluded meditation.

Yang Kai could feel his anxiety and was slightly startled, subconsciously thinking that something had happened to Ruoxi, so he quickly urged his Space Force and took a step forward, arriving beside Big Brother Huang and asking, “What’s wrong?”

What he saw was Ruoxi sitting cross-legged, refining resources to enhance her own Small Universe’s foundation. Her aura was stable and not the slightest bit abnormal. Compared to a hundred years ago, her aura was clearly thicker, a sign that her strength had increased.

Big Brother Huang said, “Do you have any other Five Elements resources? Take them out.”

Yang Kai looked at the image of Heaven's Order behind Ruoxi's Small Universe and asked, “Are you two helping Ruoxi cultivate?”

It wasn’t a big deal. He had accumulated a lot of Five Elements resources in order to help him break through to the Ninth Order in the future, so if Ruoxi needed them now, he wouldn’t be stingy.

He secretly felt that bringing Ruoxi to the Chaotic Dead Territory was the right choice. At the very least, with the help of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, Ruoxi’s growth time would definitely be greatly reduced.

If he could get Ruoxi a World Tree Subtree, that would be even better.

Unfortunately, the old tree’s condition wasn’t very good right now. The last time he had given him three saplings was already his limit, so if he were to ask for more, it would be quite difficult for him to obtain more.

Taking out all of his Five Elements Resources, which is probably enough for Ruoxi to cultivate for more than a thousand years, and give them all to Big Brother Huang, “I’ll think of a way to send some over later.”

Brother Huang nodded and accepted it.

Yang Kai glanced at Ruoxi again and said, “I’ll leave Ruoxi in your care. Little Brother still needs to take care of the Human Race, so I won’t be able to stay here for long.”

Big Sister Lan said, “Don’t worry, she won’t be in any danger here.”

Right now, the biggest danger to the Heavens was the Black Ink Clan, but ever since the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss in the Chaotic Dead Territory, they no longer dared to have any ideas about this place. Under normal circumstances, the Black Ink Clan would never enter the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Yang Kai nodded and was about to leave when Ruoxi suddenly opened her eyes and called out, “Sir, please wait.”

Yang Kai stopped and looked at her, while Ruoxi pursed her lips and said, “I must return this to Sir.”

Saying so, she pushed her strength and a seven colored lotus flew out from her head. This was the Soul Warming Lotus Yang Kai had lent her.

“Sir is constantly on the move and is facing many dangers, you must be careful,” Ruoxi remind him again.

Yang Kai nodded, put away the Soul Warming Lotus, and smiled, “Cultivate well here. When you reach the Ninth Order, it won’t be too late to come out and kill the enemies!”

Ruoxi nodded obediently.

A moment later, looking in the direction Yang Kai had disappeared, Ruoxi sat down cross-legged again and continued to refine the five elements resources to improve herself.

In the world of cultivators, there would always be many separations. Perhaps an ordinary separation would be an eternal one, especially in this current environment. In order to avoid such a situation, one had to be strong, powerful, and strong enough to protect one another!

After leaving the Chaotic Dead Territory, Yang Kai didn’t stop. Under the guidance of the Universe Chart, he directly returned to the Human Race’s Head Office.

Seeing Mi Jinglun overseeing this place, the two sides exchanged a few words, and after learning that the situation in the Heavens had remained the same for the past few years and that there hadn’t been any changes, Yang Kai relaxed.

In fact, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, both of them were currently accumulating strength. On the Human Race’s side, because of the output of talents from the Star Boundary, Myriad Monster World and even Yang Kai’s Small Universe, the number of High Rank Open Heaven masters had increased greatly, especially those who had reached the Seventh Order directly. It had been some time since they had broken through to the Eighth Order, the battles they had fought on various battlefields had not slowed their cultivation speed. On the contrary, it was the great dangers of life and death that had tempered their willpower, allowing them to constantly improve.

Presumably, it wouldn’t be long before the Human Race had many rising stars who had hopes of advancing to the Ninth Order.

The same was true for the Black Ink Clan. The number of newly born Territory Lords was many, even more than the number of Eighth Order Human Race masters, there was nothing they could do about it. Since the Black Ink Clan was born from the Ink Nest, the number of new Territory Lords was far greater than the Human Race’s. Among the billions of Black Ink Clan, there would always be some lucky ones who could constantly improve their strength.

The current situation was one where the two races were secretly accumulating their strength, a tacit agreement between the two races!

Now, it was only a matter of which side’s accumulated strength would erupt first, allowing them to gain some initiative in the upcoming battle.

However, according to the calculations of the Human Race’s Head Office, the Human Race didn’t have much of an advantage. Generally speaking, the Black Ink Clan’s cultivation was much simpler than the Human Race’s. In the future, perhaps the Black Ink Clan would be able to produce a new Royal Lord sooner than the Human Race!

The only advantage that the Human Race had was their individual strength, as well as their willingness to fight a common enemy!


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