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But now, the harvest was truly great! Although there had been some minor accidents, the good thing was that the danger had been averted.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s mood couldn’t calm down for a long time. They had never seen or heard of the Heaven's Order Bloodline before. It shared the same origin as their strength, but it also had the unique ability to harmonize Yin and Yang. No wonder when they saw this woman, they couldn’t help feeling a sense of familiarity.

This feeling was much stronger than facing Yang Kai, a member of the Dragon Clan.

It seemed like just as Yang Kai had said, although everyone was born from the World's First Light, the Heaven's Order Bloodline’s status in that First Light was definitely extraordinary, which was why these two ancient Supreme Masters felt so different.

If that was the case, they might have a chance to solve the problem that had plagued them for countless years. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan looked at each other and understood each other’s thoughts.

On the other side, Yang Kai was silently paying attention to Zhang Ruoxi’s situation. She was already a peak Seventh Order, and now that she had accidentally swallowed the Yin-Yang forces, perhaps this was her opportunity to break through.

This incident was an accident and was extremely dangerous, but after resolving this crisis, it was a great opportunity for Zhang Ruoxi.

Perhaps it was because of the power of her bloodline, but Ruoxi’s speed of refining resources was not inferior to Yang Kai’s.

Yang Kai’s speed in refining resources was fast, firstly because his foundation was solid, and secondly because his Small Universe has a Subtree. The Subtree’s mysterious power was boundless, and it was absolutely beneficial to a Open Heaven Sage cultivator’s cultivation. Unfortunately, the Subtree originated from the World Tree, and every time a Subtree is condensed, it would consume the World Tree’s own Source. The old tree couldn’t take out much of this kind of thing, otherwise, if each of the current Human Race elites were given one, it would greatly shorten their cultivation time and allow them to advance to the Ninth Order.

In less than a month, she had completely refined a set of Seventh Grade Five Elements materials.

It had to be known that in terms of value alone, a set of Seventh Grade Five Elements Resources was worth a total of 75 million Open Heaven Pill. This was the market price of several thousand years ago, and in this current environment, it would only be more expensive, perhaps more than a hundred million.

In other words, if she spent a month cultivating, she would have spent a hundred million Open Heaven Pills…

If she had simply swallowed and refined the Open Heaven Pill, it would have been impossible for Ruoxi to consume such a massive amount in such a short period of time. Moreover, even if she had really refined a hundred million Open Heaven Pills, the harvest she would obtain would not be as great as what she had now.

Therefore, relatively speaking, if conditions allowed, cultivators preferred to refine resources to improve their own foundation, not Open Heaven Pills. Unfortunately, most cultivators didn’t have such conditions, so they could only choose to refine Open Heaven Pills to improve themselves.

Cultivation resources were something Yang Kai had a lot of in stock. Forget about everything else, just the things Mo Na ye had paid him on behalf of the Black Ink Clan was difficult to calculate. Yang Kai had given most of his resources to the Head Office to allow the Human Race’s soldiers to use, while he had left some for himself.

With his current cultivation at the peak of the Eighth Order, there was no need for him to deliberately cultivate. These resources were temporarily useless in his hands and could solve the current crisis.

After refining a set of Seventh Grade resources, Yang Kai took out another set and handed it to her, while Ruoxi continued refining…

As the power of the Five Elements increased, the Small Universe’s imbalance was gradually adjusted, and the most obvious sign was the two colored wings on the back of the Heaven's Order's figure gradually dimming, a sign that the Yin-Yang Forces had been completely absorbed by the Small Universe.

As the Small Universe’s foundation increased, the Small Universe’s domain barrier also showed signs of reaching its limit. Once this limit was broken, when Ruoxi advanced to the Eighth Order, the entire territory of the Small Universe would be greatly expanded and Ruoxi’s foundation would also greatly increase.

Twelve years later…

Inside the Small Universe, Heaven's Order’s figure had completely dimmed and the two colored wings on her back had almost disappeared. After refining a large amount of the Five Elements’ resources, the Small Universe’s strength, which had been imbalanced by the power of the Sun and Moon, was finally balanced once again.

Within the Small Universe, the wind and clouds surged. An extremely rich World Force surrounded Ruoxi’s body and her aura had already reached its peak, seemingly on the verge of breaking through.

“Sir!” Ruoxi suddenly opened her eyes and looked towards Yang Kai for help.

Yang Kai sent a voice transmission to comfort her, “Advancing to the Eighth Order will take place today. Be at ease and break through, I will protect you!”

“Yes!” Ruoxi nodded lightly, her nervous mood immediately calming down as she concentrated on dealing with the various changes in her Small Universe.

A few days later, with the integration of the last of the Five Elements, Heaven's Order’s figure completely disappeared, and the power of the Sun and Moon had been completely exhausted. As a result, the increase in Zhang Ruoxi’s strength greatly increased the Small Universe’s foundation, allowing her to finally cross the threshold.

In the depths of her heart, the sound of a barrier breaking rang out, causing Ruoxi’s body to tremble slightly. The aura of a peak Seventh Order master suddenly soared, and at the same time, the Small Universe’s original barrier was broken and her domain barrier, which had long since reached its limit, rapidly expanded.

Inside the Small Universe, the sky shook and the earth trembled as the wind and clouds changed.

Large swaths of new territory began to expand.

These newly-emerged territories were initially in chaos, but as the Yin-Yang + Five Elements spread out, they gradually evolved and harmonized, transforming into a new territory in the Small Universe.

Yang Kai protect her with all his heart, not worrying about anything.

Zhang Ruoxi’s advancement was a matter of course, and there were no signs of instability. As long as she could stabilize herself, this advancement would not be too dangerous.

The breakthrough to the Open Heaven Stage also had a certain degree of risk. If one’s foundation was not stable enough and was anxious to achieve success, even if they could break through that critical point, there would still be some unpredictable situations when the Small Universe’s territory expanded. For example, if the newly expanded territory didn’t completely evolve and maintained its initial chaos, it would definitely have a great impact on the future of cultivators. At best, it would be a loss of strength, at worst, it would lead to the end of one’s Martial Dao path, possibly even causing the Small Universe to completely collapse and perish.

Without such risks, Ruoxi’s foundation was very stable, and with her special bloodline, the newly expanded territory quickly transformed from a chaotic state into a new territory.

Yang Kai had also broken through several times, but before this, he had only focused on improving his strength, so he hadn’t thought too much about it.

This time, he had personally witnessed the various changes in the Small Universe’s territory for Ruoxi and suddenly felt a strange sense of enlightenment.

It was said that Black Ink was at the Creation Realm, a realm above the Ninth Order, but no one knew what the Creation Realm was. Even Cang and Wu Kuang does not know…

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, it was just that they couldn’t understand, because even they themselves hadn’t reached this realm.

Yang Kai had previously thought that the so-called Creation Realm was the ability to create living creatures from nothing.

The Black Ink Clan was created by Black Ink, and it was even capable of creating a terrifying existence like the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

To all the Black Ink Clan, Black Ink was their creator!

From top to bottom of the universe, the one with the same level of power as Black Ink was undoubtedly that First Light!

This First Light had stripped away the power of Great Yang and Great Yin, creating Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, creating many Holy Spirits. Naturally, it also possessed the power of creation.

But was this really the Creation Realm?

The Black Ink Clan was just a special extension of Black Ink own strength, it wasn’t a true existence. Whether it was the Black Ink Clan’s miscellaneous troops or the Ink Giant Spiritual God, without Black Ink’s own strength, they had no foundation to exist.

How could the Holy Spirits not be an extension of that First light?

Was this the Creation Realm? Or was there something wrong with his understanding?

In other words, when a human race Open Heaven cultivator cultivated to the peak of the Emperor Realm, they would use their Great Dao to condense a Dao Seal and refine the Yin-Yang + Five Elements Force, using it as the source to create a new world in their body.

From a certain perspective, didn’t this mean that every Open Heaven cultivator of the Human Race had their own means of creation?

These Small Universe were not the extension of a cultivator’s strength, but rather born from the balance of the Yin and Yang Five Elements.

What was the reason for this? What was the source of this power? What was the difference between Open Heaven and Creation?

Yang Kai suddenly fell into a deep state of confusion. This was his doubts about his own Great Dao and his exploration of the unknown…

When one’s strength was low, it was difficult for them to think of such things. All they wanted to do was cultivate to a higher realm and control more power.

But after reaching this level and standing at this height, many doubts were born.

Yang Kai had a faint feeling that if he could understand the answers to these questions, he might discover something incredible.

But now, his contemplation had caused his Concepts to become extremely ethereal. He was still standing there, but it was as if he had entered a different time and space. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan immediately noticed something unusual and turned to look.

Big Brother Huang couldn’t help calling out a few times before Yang Kai came to his senses.

He broke out in cold sweat…

Just now, the doubts he had about his own Great Dao had caused the Small Universe to tremble slightly, as if the entire Void World had been shaken slightly.

This was very abnormal. One had to know that his Small Universe was sealed by the Subtree and was impervious to external forces. Even when he fought with the Royal Lord, the Small Universe had never been shaken.

However, although the Subtree could resist the corrosion of external forces, it was unable to stop the internal force.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit frightened. If this situation had continued, it would have caused great damage to his body. Although the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method wasn’t complete, it was a Dao of the Human Race that had been passed down for countless tens of thousands of years and was the foundation of the Human Race’s rise. Before one’s strength reached a certain level, they had to be more careful.

Yang Kai thought to himself.


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