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Although Big Brother Huang was a little uneasy, his eyes were still sharp. After taking a quick glance at the Small Universe’s internal condition, he shook his head and said, “We can't, the two of us have completely integrated our strength into her Small Universe. If we really try to extract it, it will only drain all of her foundation and damage her greatly!”

It’s not good to have too much pure energy… Yang Kai thought to himself.

The Yin-Yang power of the Sun and Moon was the most primitive and pure Yin and Yang Forces in this world. Because it was pure, there was no need to refine it at all. The moment it poured into Zhang Ruoxi’s Small Universe, it had already fused into it, breaking the balance of the entire Small Universe's power, causing even Big Brother Huang to be helpless.

As he spoke, Yang Kai focused his attention on Ruoxi. The imbalance in her power was quite severe, and the Sun and Moon's Yin-Yang Forces was still constantly attacking the surrounding area. Although she was using her full strength to suppress it, it was difficult for her to use her full strength. As time passed, Ruoxi would definitely be unable to suppress it, so even if she had the Soul Warming Lotus protecting her, it would be useless.

The source of her crisis was the Small Universe, her mind was only affected by it.

The best thing to suppress the Small Universe was naturally the World Tree Subtree. If there was a World Tree Subtree to seal the Small Universe, Zhang Ruoxi’s current crisis would be easily resolved.

Yang Kai did have this thing, but even if he was willing to give it away, it would be difficult for Ruoxi to completely refine it in a short period of time. Because once this was done, Yang Kai would have to give up a part of his Small Universe’s territory. Losing his strength was secondary, but after Ruoxi accepted it, not only would she have to refine the World Tree Subtree, but she would also have to remove the impurities that belonged to his Small Universe, so there was not enough time.

In the past, Yang Kai had spent a great deal of effort to refine this Subtree he had obtained from an unknown master's Universe Cave Heaven.

What else could she do? If he didn’t quickly find a way to completely suppress the Yin and Yang Forces, Ruoxi’s life would really be in danger.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with thousands of thoughts, but in the midst of his anxiety, a light flashed and he immediately sent a voice transmission to Ruoxi, “Activate your bloodline power and see if you can suppress the Yin and Yang forces!”

This was a power that belonged to both Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. If there was any other power in this world that could suppress these two, it could only be the bloodline power of Heaven's Order!

Ruoxi Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivation level can control thousands of Small Stone Race to form a Fourth-Order Nine Directions Array, it's all because of ther bloodline power.

As for the Small Stone Race, they could almost be regarded as an extension of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer!

According to his own speculations, Heaven's Order was the Patriarch of the Holy Spirit Family, Ruoxi’s first encounter with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had undoubtedly proved this point. [MSN: Parential Bloodline.]

It could even be said that the reason Ruoxi had swallowed the Yin and Yang forces was because she had unconsciously drawn them into her bloodline.

Since this was the case, the Heaven's Order Bloodline should be able to handle the current situation. Even if it couldn’t suppress it, it could at least comfort it.

As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell, Ruoxi immediately activated her bloodline, and a blurry female figure appeared behind the Small Universe.

When the woman’s figure appeared, the Yin and Yang forces that were colliding with the Small Universe suddenly seemed to be drawn towards her from all directions.

Yang Kai looked around and saw that the yellow and blue colors which had filled the entire world were rapidly receding like a tide and flowing into the woman’s body.

The figure of the woman who symbolized the Heaven's Order Bloodline was exactly the same as the last time Yang Kai had seen her. She had her head lowered, her beautiful hair fluttering in the wind, and she held a giant sword in her hands. Although she was a woman, she had a noble and lofty aura. Even if the sky collapsed and the earth collapsed, she would not move.

When the most primitive Yin and Yang forces in the world poured into her body, the surface of her body immediately began to glow.

The colors became brighter!

When the light reached its peak, it seemed to emit a splashing sound in the depths of Yang Kai’s heart.

Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help widening as he stared at the scene in front of him in a daze. In his life, he had traveled far and wide, had seen all the wonders of the world, and had experienced countless wonderful things, but the scene before his eyes was indescribably beautiful.

Behind the woman manifested by the bloodline of Heaven's Order, a pair of dazzling wings appeared. One side was blue while the other was yellow. The brilliance flowed like a stream of water, alternating between yellow and blue, sometimes blue and sometimes yellow. The edges of these wings were faintly glowing, and at this moment, the Yin and Yang forces blended together, no longer possessing the violent and destructive aura they had before, instead possessing an aura of life and beauty!

Just by looking at this mysterious scene, Yang Kai was able to gain many insights. If he were to go into seclusion now, he would definitely be able to gain some benefits.

But now was obviously not the time to cultivate in seclusion, so he could only suppress the insights in his heart and continue observing Zhang Ruoxi’s condition.

On the side, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were completely stunned.

They simply couldn’t believe their eyes. The problem of the Yin and Yang forces being unable to harmonize and forever colliding with each other had been solved at this moment!

The shock in their hearts was no less than being ruthlessly punched by someone, causing all of them to look shocked.

“Who is she?” Big Sister Lan couldn’t help turning her head to ask Yang Kai. She was just too curious about the existence that could harmonize her and Big Brother Huang’s Yin-Yang forces colliding. It was definitely not some nameless nobody!

Countless years ago, the reason they had remained in the Chaotic Dead Territory was not because they didn’t want to leave, but because they really couldn’t. The ancient rumors said that the two of them were the ancestors of the Holy Spirit, but that was wrong.

However, there was also an ancient rumor that they were the embodiment of destruction and death, which was absolutely true.

From the day they were born, they were incomplete, so it was impossible for them to accurately control their own strength. Once they left the Chaotic Dead Territory, wherever they went, the Yin and Yang energies would erupt, causing all living beings to die.

In the early years of the Chaotic Dead Territory, there had never been such a large territory. In fact, over the course of countless years, many great domains had been destroyed and their domain barrier had dissolved, resulting in the current Chaotic Dead Territory.

These two ancient Supreme Masters had scattered their strength throughout the Chaotic Dead Territory, leaving behind only a small portion of its power, allowing them to transform into these two little children, allowing Yang Kai to stand in front of them and communicate with them.

If Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer had been in their true form, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had the qualifications to stand here. He would have been destroyed by the violent Yin and Yang energies.

However, all of a sudden, they saw their own strength stabilize with the help of another force!

To them, this was something they didn’t even dare to think about.

Yang Kai stared at the figure with the two colored wings for a long time, unable to regain his composure, after Zhang Ruoxi activated her Heaven's Order Bloodline’s power, the Yin and Yang energies no longer surged, and the Small Universe, who had been constantly expanding and shrinking, also stabilized.

Zhang Ruoxi’s expression gradually relaxed…

Next, all she needed to do was refine a large number of Five Elements resources and restore her Small Universe’s strength.

This crisis was finally over.

Yang Kai let out a long sigh before thinking about how to answer Big Sister Lan’s question.

After pondering for a moment, he asked, “Do the two of you still remember the catalyst I mentioned last time?”

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan looked at each other and nodded.

After so many years, it wasn’t that these two hadn’t tried to fuse with each other, but the Yin and Yang energies were inherently restrained and couldn’t be fused together. They felt like something was missing, so they had no choice but to give up.

The last time Yang Kai had come here, he had brought up a theory about medicine guidance.

Numerous medicinal herbs with conflicting properties could be gathered into a single furnace and refined into a Spirit Pill. The reason for this was because of the mysterious medicinal catalyst which could harmonize the medicinal properties of these herbs.

If Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were to be compared to these two herbs, then what they felt was missing was undoubtedly the catalyst.

Zhang Ruoxi’s Heaven's Order Bloodline was the catalyst for their Yin-Yang Force.

This was not surprising. The Heaven's Order Bloodline was an existence on the level of the Holy Spirit Family’s Patriarch, so even if Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s Sequences were extremely high, they would not be able to resist her teachings.

Big Brother Huang immediately understood, his eyes shining as he asked, “Is she that catalyst?”

Yang Kai nodded seriously.

Big Sister Lan, on the other hand, was extremely puzzled, “What kind of bloodline does she have? Why have I never heard of her before, and why is she able to do such a thing?”

Yang Kai continued, “Just now, I told the two of you about that First Light. After stripping away the power of you two, that First Light crashed into a piece of barren land, causing countless Holy Spirits to appear and transform that piece of land into the Ancestral Land of the Holy Spirit. However, after that First Light dissipated, there was still a blurry figure… Little Brother was unable to see through that figure, nor was he able to determine what it represented. However, from the looks of it now, that figure has transformed into a human form, no doubt merging with the Human Race and passing down its bloodline generation after generation.”

“This kind of bloodline has been passed down for countless years and has become thinner by the day. The later generations have long forgotten the glory of their ancestors, and it was only in her generation that her bloodline began to gradually awaken! This bloodline is the Heaven's Order Bloodline, and in that First Light, it must have occupied an extraordinary position.”

All of these Holy Spirits were formed from the First Light that had shot out after crashing into the Ancestral Land, and even Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was only the stripped power of Yin and Yang.

In comparison, the figure that appeared after crashing into the Ancestral Land was no small matter.

The most primitive darkness in the world had given birth to Black Ink, and the World's First Light had transformed into many Holy Spirits, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, even the Heaven's Order. If this First Light is ten points, the Holy Spirits would be three points, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer also occupy three points, and the Heaven's Order would be four points!

In terms of status, that figure was second only to Black Ink’s main body in the Ancient Sequence.

Yang Kai had brought Zhang Ruoxi to the Chaotic Dead Territory to see Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, but he hadn’t expected such a great discovery. He only felt that since the Heaven's Order Bloodline was the Patriarch of the Holy Spirit Family, after meeting Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, there should be some unexpected gains.


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