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Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression became a bit strange as he whispered, “Senior may not know, but three thousand years ago, when the Human Race’s Expedition Army came here, the old man also did the same thing, resulting in an accident!”

Of course, the reason why Cang chose to open a gap was also because he wanted to take advantage of the situation.

Before the Human Race’s expedition army arrived here, Cang had been guarding this place alone for countless years and had long since reached his limit. Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, not only was Black Ink’s true body sealed, but there were also many of Black Ink’s creations. Cang had to bear such a massive pressure alone, so sooner or later he would not be able to withstand it.

At that time, the Great Restriction would be destroyed and Black Ink would be able to escape. This was a calamity that the Human Race could not endure.

As such, after the Human Race’s Expedition Army arrived here, Cang opened a gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction just as Wu Kuang had suggested, relieving himself of the pressure.

Initially, everything was within Cang’s expectations until the Ink Giant Spiritual God appeared!

Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Ink Giant Spiritual God rushed out and opened the gap. The Black Ink Clan army swarmed out, greatly increasing the pressure on the Human Race army.

As for the Black Ink Clan masters who had died in the great battle, the power of the Ink Force they had dispersed had increased even more.

In the end, Cang used the trump card left behind by Mu and used his body to seal the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, causing Black Ink to fall into a deep sleep.

However, at that time, the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had been cruising around the ancient battlefield had already awakened and was attacking from behind. The Human Race army had been defeated and had no choice but to retreat.

At the end of that battle, although Yang Kai was not present, he had participated in at least half of it.

After thousands of years, Wu Kuang actually made such a proposal again, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat worried.

Wu Kuang had obviously heard about what happened in the past, so when he heard this, he chuckled, “Accidents are inevitable.”

Yang Kai said solemnly, “Does Senior have the confidence to close the Great Restriction at any time?”

Wu Kuang replied bluntly, “I can’t guarantee it!”

Yang Kai was exasperated. Since he couldn’t guarantee anything, how could he take such a risk? The last resort Mu left behind had already been used. If anything went wrong, the Human Race would not be able to make up for it.

However, he soon realized the problem and asked tentatively, “Is Senior’s pressure too great to bear?”

Being exposed by Yang Kai, Wu Kuang couldn’t help sighing, “After all, I’ve only recently broken through to the Ninth Order, so my strength is far inferior to Cang’s. In addition, after so many years, the number of Black Ink Clan masters in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction has been increasing. If I don’t release some pressure soon, this Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction will only be broken faster.”

“Senior, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Yang Kai grumbled. Listening to Wu Kuang’s previous tone, he had thought that this fellow would be able to guard the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for a long time, but who would have thought that his life would be hanging by a thread?

Wu Kuang indifferently asked, “Do I not want face?”

Yang Kai was so angry that he didn’t know what to say. After pondering for a moment, he asked, “If Senior really does as you say, will it affect that Black Ink?”

“If I were to comfort you and say that it wouldn’t affect it, you wouldn’t believe me, but Mu’s backup plan is very strong, so I can only trust her now.”

“What about the Ink Giant Spiritual God?” Yang Kai asked again.

“As for the situation inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, not to mention a newly promoted Ninth Order like me, even Cang and the others couldn’t figure it out. Only Mu was able to enter the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Unfortunately, after returning, she sealed herself and left no clues behind, so no one knows if there are still any Ink Giant Spiritual God inside. The only thing I can do is try to close the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction again when I detect any abnormalities and try to avoid any terrible situations.”

What he meant was that if there really was Ink Giant Spiritual God trying to break out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he would close the gap. Yang Kai didn’t even ask if he could do it, there was no point in asking.

Wu Kuang consoled, “But you don’t need to worry too much. That Black Ink guy, even though he’s already in the Creation Realm, he doesn’t have many Ink Giant Spiritual God under him.”

“How so?” Yang Kai asked humbly.

“In order to create such a powerful existence like the Ink Giant Spiritual God, he must have paid a great price. Not to mention anything else, every Ink Giant Spiritual God needs to be infused with his soul clone. The Ink Giant Spiritual God is indeed powerful, but his Soul can't be divided too much, otherwise it will be a great threat to its body.”

“Is this Senior’s guess?” Yang Kai frowned.

“If we’re talking about evidence… we do have some,” Wu Kuang smiled, “Thousands of years ago, the Black Ink Clan did everything they could to awaken the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, the Ink Giant Spiritual God that revived in the Ancient Battlefield. If there really were many Ink Giant Spiritual God under Black Ink’s command, there would have been no need for them to go through so much trouble and just kill their way out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment and couldn’t help but admit that Wu Kuang’s analysis was quite reasonable. Of course, he couldn’t eliminate the possibility that Wu Kuang was trying to convince him.

Wu Kuang continued, “That’s why, even if there are Ink Giant Spiritual God inside this Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, there won’t be many of them, at most one or two!”

Yang Kai remained silent for a long time before letting out a long sigh, “In that case, we can only act according to the circumstances.”

If Wu Kuang wanted to relieve the pressure on his body, he would have to open up a gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. He could only hope that the situation was under his control.

Yang Kai couldn’t help rejoicing. Fortunately, he had allowed the Human Race to construct the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion a thousand years ago, otherwise he really wouldn’t know how to deal with it today.

The original purpose of forging the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion was to prevent any problems from occurring in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, including the situation of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction being torn apart.

“Senior, please wait a moment, I’ll go make some arrangements!” Yang Kai said as he stood up.

Wu Kuang suddenly said, “Wait a moment, there’s something I need to explain to you.”

“What is it?”

Wu Kuang said solemnly, “The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction has existed for a very long time, and its ancientness means that it has been neglected for many years. Every time the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is opened and closed, it will have a certain degree of impact on its stability. Do you know why Cang didn’t dare open the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to relieve the pressure even though he had long since reached his limit?”

Yang Kai frowned, “Is he worried that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction will collapse because of this?”

Wu Kuang nodded solemnly, “That’s right! Even if there was only a one in ten thousand chance, Cang didn’t dare take the risk, so he persisted until the Human Race’s Expedition Army arrived before taking the risk. After that time, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction should have become extremely unstable.”

“Should?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Wu Kuang smiled lightly, “In the long time that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction has existed, this kind of situation has appeared many times. Why else do you think the old fogies want to seal themselves into the Great Restriction? Do you think they don’t want to die of old age?”

Yang Kai faintly realized something.

“The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was created by the old fogeys under the leadership of Mu, and Black Ink has never been able to remain safe inside it. The impact of countless years of energy and the uprising of its creations has always affected the Great Restriction. Every time the Great Restriction shows signs of collapsing, it is the time to seal it with one’s own body!” As he spoke, Wu Kuang’s eyes flashed a look of reminiscence, obviously showing his ancient memories.

“After integrating their body to the Great Restriction, the Great Restriction has been strengthened, allowing it to remain intact until today! Thousands of years ago, Cang used this method to continue maintaining the Great Restriction, but after so many years, the current Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is no longer the same as it was when it was first created. If I were to open a gap in the Great Restriction, I wouldn’t easily close it unless there was no need to. If a Black Ink Clan master appears, you’ll have to rely on yourselves to resolve it, unless there really is Ink Giant Spiritual God trying to break out of the Great Restriction.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I understand, I will explain this matter to them.”

He knew why Wu Kuang had specifically told him this. Firstly, he wanted to tell the Withdrawing Black Ink Army to not expect him to be of any help, he could only be responsible for opening the gap in the Great Restriction and preparing to close it at any time, unable to provide any assistance to the Withdrawing Black Ink Army. Secondly, he want the Withdrawing Black Ink Army to prevent any bad situations from happening.

After leaving the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Yang Kai returned to the square fragment and explained what he had discussed with Wu Kuang. Hearing this, Fu Guang nodded and said, “Since things have reached this point, we can only do this.”

Yang Kai said, “I can’t stay here for long, so I’ll have to trouble Senior to take care of things here.”

Fu Guang smiled, “Of course!”

Yang Kai then looked around at the numerous Eighth Order Human Race masters and shouted loudly, “Prepare for battle!”

Everyone nodded in agreement before quickly scattering. As the Small Universe's door opened, figures walked out one after another and lined up according to their respective forces.

Yang Kai had already flown out of the square fragment, and as he circulated his World Force, he cleared the surrounding space, took out the Space Fragment where he had stored the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, and threw it forward. Under the influence of the Space Principle, the Space Fragment instantly expanded.

In the blink of an eye, a large space appeared in front of him, causing the surrounding space to tremble violently. Yang Kai’s hands moved like he was plucking the strings of a zither, using his own strength to calm the chaotic space around him.

After everything calmed down, a huge Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, fierce and majestic. This was a weapon specially made for war. It stretched across the sky like a ferocious beast, glaring at the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction not far away.

On the square fragment, Fu Guang looked at the scene in front of him and frowned slightly.

With such a sharp weapon in hand and six thousand elites from the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, it should not be a problem for them to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s invasion.

“Withdrawing Black Ink Army, listen to order!” Fu Guang pointed forward and shouted, “Enter the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion!”


In unison, several figures transformed into streaks of light and rushed into the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion. Under Fu Guang’s personal command, the garrisons quickly rushed to various corners of the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion and stationed themselves at various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts. Within two to three hours, everything was ready.

Fu Guang stood proudly in the air, the massive Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion transforming into a predator that was ready to pounce.

At the core of the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, ten Eighth Order masters formed a circle and sat cross-legged, forming hand seals, ready to activate the power of the core at any moment to provide various possible assistance to the soldiers outside.


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