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Fu Guang didn’t reprimand him much, and his tone wasn’t fierce either. It was as if he was just asking a question, but it caused everyone’s hearts to tremble. That’s right, if they showed fear just by seeing this endless darkness, how could they have the courage to face it in the future?

All of them immediately cupped their fists and respectfully said, “Junior understands!”

Yang Kai stepped forward, “I’ll go take a look.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure gradually faded away, causing Fu Guang’s brow to furrow. The charm of this Space Dao seemed to be on par with the Phoenix Empress’s.

The Natal Great Dao of the Dragon Clan was the Dao of Time while the Phoenix Clan was the Dao of Space.

It was one thing for a Dragon Clan cultivator like Yang Kai to be proficient in the Dao of Time, but for him to also have such attainments in the Dao of Space was something that surprised Fu Guang.

When a great catastrophe befell the Heavens, heroes would inevitably emerge. In the midst of the Human Race and Black Black Ink Clan’ struggle for control of the Heavens, a special existence was needed to turn the tide.

Staring at Yang Kai’s back, Fu Guang was slightly dazed. He understand that the special existence is not himself!

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, following Yang Kai’s arrival, a door seemed to open in the darkness. Yang Kai stepped through the door and immediately saw Wu Kuang sitting cross-legged.

In the next instant, Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he simultaneously activated his Sun and Moon Marks, causing the yellow and blue colors to blend together as a massive purifying light enveloped Wu Kuang.

Wu Kuang, whose face was almost unrecognizable, was instantly enveloped by the light of purification. With a crackling sound, a massive amount of Ink Force was purified.

As the light faded, Wu Kuang returned to his original appearance, his expression somewhat dull, “What are you doing?”

Yang Kai said lightly, “I need to confirm that the one I saw was Wu Kuang of the Human Race, not Black Ink Disicple Wu Kuang!”

If anyone were to see Wu Kuang’s appearance just now, they would definitely think that he had been inked, but the main thing was that this fellow’s Ink Force was surging and seemed quite abnormal.

“What about now?” Wu Kuang asked.

Yang Kai replied, “There shouldn’t be any problems, but if it’s convenient for you, I’d like to inspect your Small Universe.”

Wu Kuang snorted lightly, “If I were Black Ink Disicple, I would have awakened the old thing inside and broken the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction long ago.”

“That’s hard to say, Heaven Devouring Great Emperor is full of tricks, who knows what kind of scheme you’re plotting.”

Wu Kuang couldn’t be bothered with him and used some unknown method to guide the rich Ink Force towards him. Activating his Heaven Devouring Battle Law, Wu Kuang’s body seemed to become a bottomless pit as he began to swallow and refine, not forgetting to warn Yang Kai, “Don’t act recklessly. You don’t know how troublesome it is to steal something from someone else’s home, especially if you can't disturb the sleeping master. Besides, didn’t you give me a World Tree Subtree? With a Subtree sealing my Small Universe, how could the Ink Force easily invade me?”

Seeing Yang Kai remain unmoved, Wu Kuang sneered, “Be careful, I’ll beat you up!”

As he spoke, he slightly released his aura.

Yang Kai immediately sat down cross-legged in front of him. ‘Your fist is big, you have the final say!’

This guy had indeed broken through to the Ninth Order, and his words from three thousand years ago weren’t just empty boasting.

Yang Kai was even more amazed by the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, but unfortunately, only someone like Wu Kuang could display its full power.

However, it was thanks to this special environment that he was able to advance from the Seventh Order to the Ninth Order in three thousand years.

The Ink Force was also a kind of power. Overseeing this place, the Ink Force was endless and inexhaustible. With the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and the protection of the Stainless Golden Lotus and World Tree Subtree, Wu Kuang was able to achieve this feat in three thousand years.

Without any of these conditions, Wu Kuang would not have been able to break through to the Ninth Order in such a short time.

“Senior, I have something to ask,” Yang Kai said solemnly.

Wu Kuang chuckled lightly.

Calling him Wu Kuang and Senior for no reason, this boy in front of him is still so annoying…

“Speak!” Wu Kuang said casually.

“The Open Heaven Method passed down by the ten Martial Ancestors has its own drawbacks, how did Senior avoid the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Method and cultivate all the way to the Ninth Order?”

Wu Kuang’s body was the body of Great Demon God Mo Sheng from back then. When Mo Sheng was killed, Wu Kuang’s soul was placed inside, so it could not be considered a possession, but rather a kind of rebirth.

Yang Kai still remembered that after leaving the Star Boundary and seeing Wu Kuang again, this guy had already broken through to the Fifth Order.

In other words, Wu Kuang should have break through to the Fifth Order directly back then. In theory, his limit was Seventh Order, but now he was already a Ninth Order.

This was enough to explain many things.

“You want to learn?” Wu Kuang smiled lightly at him, “If you can’t learn it, the Three Parts Normalizing Art is enough for you.”

Yang Kai probed, “Is it related to Senior’s cultivation technique?”

When Wu Kuang was still alive as Shi, he had already noticed the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Method and knew that with just the limits of the ten Martial Ancestors, they could only imprison Black Ink and not completely destroy it. Therefore, even though he still had a great deal of lifespan left, he still chose to reincarnate in order to find a way to resolve this problem. He needed even greater strength and a higher realm!

The Three Parts Normalizing Art was one of the techniques he had deduced, one of which was to resolve the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Method. However, the limitations of this technique were too great. If he didn’t know that Yang Kai had the Soul Warming Lotus, he wouldn’t have taught this technique to him, because even if he did, it wouldn’t be of any use. If he didn’t handle this matter properly, he would die.

Since he had deduced the Three Parts Normalizing Art, he must have other methods to resolve the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Method.

Yang Kai guessed that this method was the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!

Wu Kuang nodded and said, “Yes, it is related to the cultivation method I cultivate. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law is not just a speedy cultivation method, but its mysteries are not something you can comprehend at the moment. However, to be able to avoid the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Method, the Stainless Golden Lotus is also indispensable, so in this world, only I can accomplish this. As for the others…” At this point, Wu Kuang slowly shook his head, his meaning clear.

Yang Kai was silent for a moment before suddenly saying, “Senior, I saw that First Light.”

Finding that First Light was the best and safest way to deal with Black Ink. This was what Cang had told the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters. At that time, Yang Kai had been listening to them while serving tea. Otherwise, how could a Seventh Order Open Heaven master have the qualifications to inquire about such secrets?

However, only two of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors were still alive.

Wu Kuang was Shi’s reincarnation, so he naturally knew about that First Light.

Wu Kuang was stunned for a moment before his expression became extremely excited, his eyes widening as he asked, “Where?”

In his excitement, he grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulders and shook them.

Yang Kai felt as if his entire body was about to fall apart as he hurriedly said, “Senior, please don’t be so excited. It was only by chance that I was able to see that First Light after some time reversal.”

“Time reversal?” Wu Kuang’s expression was somewhat blank.

Yang Kai immediately explained what had happened in the Ancestral Land, causing Wu Kuang’s expression to change greatly.

After Yang Kai finished speaking, his expression became extremely strange. It was unclear whether he was disappointed or relieved, “So that’s how it is! So that light no longer exists…”

Back then, the ten Martial Ancestors had calculated that if they wanted to get rid of Black Ink, the only way was to find that light.

However, now that it was certain that the light had disappeared and the light had evolved into a Holy Spirit Great Family, this hope was no longer there.

Wu Kuang was somewhat disappointed.

However, this was not something he had not anticipated, so even if he was slightly disappointed, he would not fell into despair.

Everything depended on the individual. Although that light was the safest way to deal with Black Ink, it was not necessarily the only way!

Black Ink realm was the Creation Realm. If he could break through to the Ninth Order and reach the Creation Realm, he would be able to compete with Black Ink!

As such, he quickly collected himself and said, “Boy, since that light has long since disappeared, the human race only hope now is to become stronger and advance to the Ninth Order.”

“Yes,” Yang Kai replied. After thinking about it for a while, he decided not to tell her about Zhang Ruoxi. After all, what happened to Zhang Ruoxi was his speculation, so he had to take her to that place before he could see the result.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai continued, “This time, I’ve brought some people and a sharp weapon to share some of Senior’s burden. If Senior feels that guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is a burden, please feel free to call them.”

“There has always been a burden,” Wu Kuang said, “Previously, Black Ink was struck by Mu’s trump card and has been in a deep sleep, stabilizing the Great Restriction. Although it has been in a deep sleep for the past few years, it seems to have become somewhat active. It can’t be considered an awakening, but it can be considered a kind of subconscious activity. Fortunately, I’ve already broken through to the Ninth Order and my control over the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction has become much stronger, otherwise there would have been some trouble.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became serious, “Then Senior may have estimated how long it will take for Black Ink to awaken?”

Wu Kuang shrugged, “That’s hard to say. Perhaps it will wake up in the next moment, or perhaps it will sleep for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.”

Yang Kai felt a great sense of crisis, “If it really awakens, can Senior suppress it with your strength?”

“It can be done in a short time, but not in a long time! After all, I haven’t reached Cang’s strength back then. Although that old man Cang hasn’t broken through the Ninth Order shackles, he has already gone far beyond the Ninth Order, so he can guard the Great Restriction alone for hundred of thousands of years. However… I am also constantly becoming stronger, so the longer this drags on, the better it will be for both sides.”

Pausing for a moment, Wu Kuang continued, “Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Black Ink Clan has many masters, many of whom are Royal Lords. If the Great Restriction is broken, it will definitely be an unstoppable catastrophe for the Heavens. However, if the manpower you bring is reliable enough, perhaps we can reduce the strength of the Black Ink Clan in advance. If that day really comes, the pressure the Human Clan faces will be lessened, and that day… will eventually come.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “How?”

Wu Kuang said, “It’s simple, I’ll open an opening in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and release some Black Ink Clan cultivators in batches. You just need to kill them!”


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Vamporace F
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Déjà vu ! 🤣

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But as he said it can wake up at ANY MOMENT. So yeah repeat the bloody history, since they need to train more these elites they will probably take the risk.

BTW Wu Kuang is another candidate to possibly exceed 9th order other than ZRX. Damn I think WK is a eunuch, probably haven't banged a woman yet. All his brain is about getting stronger.


Pirateship was literally LoL

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