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A moment later, the Third Order Nine Directions Array had transformed into a Fourth Order Nine Directions Array.

As for the Small Stone Race participating in the formation, there were already 6561 of them!

Using her strength alone to perfectly control more than six thousand Small Stone Race masters, this was simply shocking.

The strength of the Small Stone Race participating in this battle was generally not high, but at this moment, the aura they exuded made Yang Kai feel quite pressured.

In other words, if he were to become enemies with these Small Stone Race masters and not find a way to break through their formation, the result would definitely be mutual destruction!

What a shocking feat!

With just this skill alone, Zhang Ruoxi’s value was no less than any human race Eighth Order!

Yang Kai once again saw the manifestation of the Heaven's Order Bloodline.

Perhaps it was because Zhang Ruoxi’s Bloodline Force was too intense, but at this moment, Zhang Ruoxi’s entire body was covered in a blood-red color, and behind her, a giant figure appeared. This figure seemed to be a woman, her head hung low, her face obscured, her hands holding a long sword as she quietly stood behind Zhang Ruoxi, the space around her trembling and the coercion pressure permeated from her.

Yang Kai was stunned!

The figure in his vision rapidly merged with the other blurry figure in his memory. Although there were some differences in size, their outlines were quite similar.

This was truly the case of unintentionally planting a willow trees into shade. He had never imagined that his meeting with Ruoxi this time would lead to him discovering such a great secret.

Yang Kai suddenly realized what was happening and the confusion in his heart suddenly became clear.

So that was how it was!

It was actually like this!

If that was the case, everything made sense.

The Heaven's Order Bloodline was also a type of Holy Spirit Bloodline, but it wasn’t an ordinary Holy Spirit Bloodline.

In the ranks, the Heaven's Order Bloodline was superior to all Holy Spirit Bloodlines, the so-called Holy Spirit’s nemesis was not accurate. The Heaven's Order Bloodline was not born to restrain the Holy Spirit, but just because it was passed down from generation to generation with the Holy Spirit Bloodline, it's not the same level. In the ranking, it was superior to the Holy Spirit Bloodline, so it could suppress all Holy Spirit Bloodlines!

The Dragon Clan also had a bloodline suppression, but the Dragon Clan’s bloodline suppression could only be applied to their own race. The Dragon Clan with a higher bloodline had a natural suppression towards the Dragon Clan with lower bloodlines. If they were to become enemies with each other, the strength of the Dragon Clan with lower bloodlines would be greatly reduced.

The Dragon Clan’s bloodline may be somewhat threatening to other Holy Spirits, but it was far from being able to suppress them.

The reason for this was because of the ranking. The ranking of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline might be higher than that of the other Holy Spirit Bloodlines, but it wasn’t ridiculously high.

In this world, there were actually two types of Holy Spirit bloodlines above the Dragon Clan.

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer!

Strictly speaking, these two were also Holy Spirits! According to ancient legends, they were the ancestors of the Holy Spirits. Of course, after seeing the truth of that First Light, Yang Kai knew that it was just a rumor.

If all the Holy Spirits were compared to one family, the higher the ranking, the higher one’s status in the Holy Spirit Family would be.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan could already be considered big brother and big sister of all the Holy Spirits!

In the Dragon Pond, Yang Kai was able to use the power of the Sun and Moon Marks to condense the power of the Dragon Pond, allowing Fu Guang to break through his shackles and become a Divine Dragon.

This was because the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's power and the Dragon Clan’s bloodline power were fundamentally related. The First Light had first stripped away the Yin and Yang Force in the Chaotic Dead Territory before arriving in the Ancestral Land, transforming into thousands of lights and transforming into many Holy Spirits, eventually becoming a massive and special race.

The first time Yang Kai went to the No-Return Pass, he had used his Sun and Moon Marks to deal with Ji Old Third. Back then, Ji Old Third was a Big Dragon while Yang Kai was a Seventh Order, so the difference in strength between them wasn’t too great. However, in front of these two marks, Ji Old Third was easily captured by Yang Kai.

Also, when Yang Kai was killing Taowu in the Mysterious Nether Terriotry, he had also used the power of the Sun and Moon Marks to suppress Taowu’s bloodline. Otherwise, with Taowu’s strength as an Eighth Order Holy Spirit, even if he had suffered a Soul Shattering Spike, he would not have been so easily killed!

This was the suppression of the power of his older brother and older sister from the Holy Spirit Family!

En… Thinking about it this way, if he were to tell this to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, they would definitely be very happy. These two had been arguing endlessly over who was the older brother and who was the older sister for countless years. If they knew that he had so many younger brothers and sisters, there would be no need to argue.

As a member of the Dragon Clan, calling them Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for so many years… didn’t seem to be a problem.

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was the older brother and sister of the Holy Spirit Family, but in this family, there seemed to be a higher existence!

Heaven's Order Bloodline!

The Small Stone Race could be regarded as an extension of Big Brother Huang’s and Big Sister Lan’s strength. Even Yang Kai had to rely on the Sun and Moon Marks to control them, because the Dragon Clan’s bloodline’s sequence was lower than that of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

However, Zhang Ruoxi didn’t need to. She only needed to rely on her own bloodline to accurately control the tens of thousands of Small Stone race and form a complex Nine Directions Array.

When Yang Kai understood this point, he immediately recalled the strange scene he had seen in the time reversal back then.

The first ray of light in this world had stripped away the Yin and Yang forces in the Chaotic Dead Territory and it evolved into the Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer, and after a long journey, it had crashed into a desolate piece of land, causing thousands of lights to disperse and all kinds of Holy Spirits to be born. This was the same piece of land that had once been an ordinary wasteland, but because it had evolved into the Ancestral Land of the Holy Spirits, it had never been destroyed, perhaps it would never be destroyed.

But in the afterglow of the light, Yang Kai also saw a blurry human figure…

On that day, he had no time to spy on it cleary, he was disturbed by Di Wu’s attack and had no choice but to withdraw from the state of time reversal.

However, the figure in the afterglow was still lingering in his heart, causing him to be unable to figure it out no matter how hard he thought about it.

Until today, all the mysteries seemed to have been solved.

Although the blurry figure’s face could not be seen clearly, its outline was extremely similar to the figure of Heaven's Order that appeared behind Zhang Ruoxi.

This figure was definitely the source of the Heaven's Order Bloodline!

Inside the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, when Yang Kai first saw Zhang Ruoxi, a vague idea had appeared in his mind, but he was unable to figure it out.

Previously, when Zhang Ruoxi had asked about her cultivation and Yang Kai had investigated her Small Universe, this idea had popped up again, but he had still failed to comprehend it.

However, after seeing Zhang Ruoxi control the Small Stone Race army, Yang Kai finally reacted.

Ordinary Holy Spirit Bloodlines weren’t strong enough to break through the innate shackles created by the Open Heaven Method, not even the Dragon Clan. Otherwise, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been troubled over how to break through to the Ninth Order. As long as he continued to temper his Dragon Vein, sooner or later he would be able to break through to the Divine Dragon realm. After all, the power of the Divine Dragon was stronger than an ordinary Ninth Order.

However, there were always exceptions to everything. Even if an ordinary Holy Spirit Bloodline was insufficient, it did not mean that the Heaven's Order Bloodline was not.

In the Holy Spirit Family, the highest Sequence of bloodline was Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, which should be inferior to it.

Rather than saying that the Heaven's Order Bloodline was the Eldest Sister of all the Holy Spirits, it was more like the parent of this great family!

All of the Holy Spirit Bloodlines originated from the World's First Light, and this extremely profound power had the possibility of breaking through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method.

Looking at the Nine Directions Array in front of him, which was still filling up the Small Stone Race, Yang Kai’s expression remained the same, but his heart was in turmoil.

A moment later, Zhang Ruoxi let out a sigh, and all of the Small Stone Race members who were in formation dispersed. However, they did not scatter around and instead stood quietly in place like an army waiting for orders.

In the end, she was able to control less than ten thousand Small Stone Race members, but she was unable to form a Fifth Order Nine Directions Array.

This wasn’t because her bloodline power was insufficient, but because her cultivation wasn’t high enough and her consciousness had been divided amongst so many Small Stone Race cultivators, so she, a mere Seventh Order master, had reached her limit.

But this was an eye-opening feat.

“Sir, this is all I can do.” Although she was exhausted, Zhang Ruoxi’s eyes were still very bright. She had always wanted to know the limits of her control over the Small Stone Race, but she only had two hundred of them, so there was no way she could perform any effective tests.

With Yang Kai’s help, she had obtained the result she wanted!

As such, the role she could play on the battlefield in the future was far greater than her own Seventh Order cultivation.

Moreover, as long as she could advance to the Eighth Order, she was confident she could form the Fifth Order Nine Directions Array. At that time, she might even be able to break through to the Ninth Order.

“Good job,” Yang Kai nodded his head in praise as he casually collected the many Small Stone Race members. After thinking about it for a moment, he said, “When we’re done here, I’ll take you somewhere.”

Zhang Ruoxi didn’t ask where she was going and simply nodded obediently, “I’ll listen to Sir.”

“Go back, you’ve consumed too much of your Soul Power. Go back and rest well, the journey is still long, there’s no rush to break through to the Eighth Order!”

Zhang Ruoxi nodded.

Under the control of the Space Principle, the two figures instantly disappeared.

With the help of the Space Spirit Bead, Yang Kai easily returned with Zhang Ruoxi. The latter entered the cabin to meditate while Yang Kai continued to watch over the army. He couldn’t help imagining what would happen if he brought her to that place.

The Expelling Black Ink Battleship continued forward, passing through the territory of the Black Ink Clan from back then, and from a distance, it could be seen that the Black Ink Clan’s King City had been breached, and it continued deeper into the Ink Battlefield.

Several years later, the many strange Celestial Phenomenon caused many Eighth Order Human Race masters to gasp in amazement.

In the 3000 Worlds, there had never been such a massive Celestial Phenomenon before, because almost all of the 3000 Worlds now had traces of human race activity. Even if there had been such a Celestial Phenomenon in the past, it had now disappeared. However, the Ink Battlefield was different. In the depths of this battlefield, the Human Race had basically never set foot there, and the Black Ink Clan rarely came here, so naturally, they had been able to remain intact.

These Celestial Phenomenon were all left behind from the beginning of the world. The larger ones were comparable to a great domain, while the smaller ones were millions of kilometers in size. Each one of these Celestial Phenomenon was extremely dangerous.


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Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was the older brother and sister of the Holy Spirit Family, but in this family, there seemed to be a higher existence! Heaven's Order Bloodline! FIRST IT WAS YK BEING DRAGON AND MOST NOBLE OF HOLY SPIRIT THEN BURNING SHINE AND NETHER GLIMMER CAME AND DRAGONS GOT SOMEONE AHEAD OF THEM AND NOW DRAGON'S NEMESIS CAME

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