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In Zhang Ruoxi’s situation, there was no doubt that she would be able to break through to the Eighth Order, but whether the reason is as Yang Kai had guessed, he is not sure.

If it was really as he thought, it would be too surprising. The Heaven's Order Bloodline could even avoid the drawbacks of the Open Heaven Method, something even the Holy Spirit Bloodline could not achieve.

Yang Kai was still thinking about the Heaven's Order Bloodline when Ruoxi said, “Sir, I have something else I would like to ask you. This matter concerns my bloodline.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai suddenly became interested, “Tell me about it.”

Zhang Ruoxi glanced around and said, “It’s not convenient to talk about it, but I can demonstrate it to you. Could you please follow me to the Void?”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded and sent out a voice transmission to his subordinates, ordering the Withdrawing Black Ink Battleship to continue along the route. He then left a Space Spirit Bead on the deck to facilitate his return before activating his Space Principle to wrap around Zhang Ruoxi and fly away.

After a few leaps, he flew into the depths of the void and disappeared from sight.

After standing still, Yang Kai said, “This place is fine.”

The vast Void was boundless, and no matter how Zhang Ruoxi tried to demonstrate it, it would not be restricted.

Zhang Ruoxi nodded as her Small Universe’s door opened and a Small Stone Race cultivator walked out.

The Small Stone Race had always been like this, but if one was familiar with their race’s characteristics, they would know that their simple and honest appearance was nothing more than an illusion.

After the Small Stone Race member appeared, it immediately made a movement that made Yang Kai’s jaw drop. It walked up to Yang Kai, picked up its two sharp fists, and bowed to him!

Yang Kai swore that this was the most polite Small Stone Race he had ever seen! [MSN: LMAO]

Because the Small Stone Race’s intelligence was not high, how could they understand etiquette? Under normal circumstances, when the Human Race’s soldiers released them, if they sensed the existence of the Ink Force, they would definitely roar and rush out. The soldiers would have to refine them in advance to barely be able to command them, otherwise they would definitely be lost.

The first batch of Small Stone Race soldiers Yang Kai had sent out was lost because the Human Race had failed to find a suitable refining method and had wasted a lot of resources.

However, he could also see that this Small Stone Race was not being polite by itself, but was instead being controlled by Zhang Ruoxi.

However, there were no signs of this Small Stone Race being refined, and Zhang Ruoxi didn’t seem to have any difficulty controlling it.

This is not over yet, after the salute, the Small Stone Race actually use display a fighting technique in front of Yang Kai, and even in the void, it fought fiercely, with strong fists and feet, and finally came a hand from top to bottom. The action of pressing the lower abdomen and sinking the Qi into the dantian...

Yang Kai stared at this scene in a daze, his eyes constantly shifting between the Small Stone Race and Zhang Ruoxi. The corners of Ruoxi’s mouth curled into a smile.

“How… how did you do that?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

If it was him controlling it, he would be able to do so, but he needed to borrow the Sun and Moon Marks bestowed upon him by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

These Small Stone Race members that had been brought out from the Chaotic Dead Territory had been raised by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer for a thousand years, so they could almost be regarded as living pieces of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, which was why the Sun and Moon Marks were able to control them.

Yang Kai could even use the power contained within their bodies to activate the Light of Purification!

Zhang Ruoxi didn’t have the Sun and Moon Marks. The Sun and Moon Marks Yang Kai had brought out from the Chaotic Dead Territory had all been distributed to the Holy Spirits.

Zhang Ruoxi said, “Sir, please continue watching.”

She didn’t answer Yang Kai’s question because she needed to show him more.

As she spoke, two more Small Stone Race cultivators walked out from her Small Universe and joined up with the previous one. They shouted at each other and immediately linked their auras together. In the blink of an eye, they formed a… Three Directions Array!

The might of this Three Direction Array was even more stable than that of the average Human Race soldier’s, and its aura was completely connected without any flaws.

Following that, more Small Stone Race cultivators emerged from Zhang Ruoxi’s Small Universe and joined the battle formation.

The Three Directions Array became the Four Directions Array, followed by the Five Directions, Six Directions, and finally the Nine Directions…

However, this wasn’t the end. More and more Small Stone Race came out, forming another Nine Directions Array.

Taking the Nine Directions Array as the starting point, the formation was formed again. The twenty-seven Small Stone Race formed a bigger Three Directions Array, thirty-six Small Stone Race formed bigger Four Directions Array, and finally after reaching eighty-one Small Stone Race. They formed a Great Nine Directions Array...

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s heart trembled and his jaw dropped.

He finally understood why Zhang Ruoxi had amassed so many Small Stone Race members in her Small Universe.

Originally, he had thought that Ruoxi had brought it here as a backup. After all, the Small Stone Race could easily be damaged on the battlefield, so it was better to use it as a backup.

But now, it seemed that this wasn’t the case. Zhang Ruoxi really had the ability to command so many Small Stone Race masters and control them!

Yang Kai could do it himself, not to mention the eighty-one Small Stone Race, he had even controlled two or three million Small Stone Race armies before, but it was with the help of the Sun and Moon Scroll, so the situation was completely different.

Even for someone as strong as Yang Kai, it was impossible for him to divide his attention into two or three million Small Stone Race soldiers and control them as easily as his own arms. He could only rely on the Sun and Moon Marks to give a clear order to the Small Stone Race’s army.

However, the eighty-one Small Stone Race under Zhang Ruoxi’s control all seemed to be a part of her, as if they had become Zhang Ruoxi’s hands and feet without the slightest bit of discord.

For example, the Great Nine Directions Array in front of Yang Kai only existed in theory and was basically impossible for a cultivator to arrange.

This was because every corner of this Great Nine Directions Array was a small Nine Directions Array. In order to form this array, nine cultivators had to adjust their auras to the point where there was no difference between them and each other to form a complete whole. Only by completely understanding and trusting each other could they form a foundation.

On the real battlefield, forming the Nine Directions Array was already the limit. Making them the foundation of the Great Nine Directions Array was basically impossible.

The Small Stone Race, with their low intelligence and the help of Zhang Ruoxi’s miraculous methods, they could achieve such an incredible feat.

Yang Kai had already sensed the crux of the matter and turned his head, “Bloodline power?”

When the number of Small Stone Race members was small, Yang Kai hadn’t sensed them, but when Zhang Ruoxi released eighty-one of them, he noticed that there was a faint bloodline fluctuation coming from Ruoxi’s body. Obviously, she was using her own bloodline to control the Small Stone Race.

“En,” Zhang Ruoxi nodded. She had previously said that the matter she wanted to ask about was related to her bloodline, and it was also this matter.

Speaking of which, she had only recently discovered this ability.

Yang Kai had provided the Human Race with a Small Stone Race army only twice. The first time was three thousand years ago, in order to refine the Universe Worlds, he had traveled to various great domains and encountered many evacuated Human Race forces, sending out a large number of Small Stone Race forces to escort him.

However, most of the Small Stone Race people who had been sent out that time were already taken, so Zhang Ruoxi couldn’t come into contact with them.

Recently, in the Ancestral Land, he had a few Seventh Order Open Heaven masters bring back more than twenty million Small Stone Race soldiers. The Human Race’s Head Offce Division distributed these Small Stone Race soldiers to various Great Domain Battlefields and placed them in the Military Department so that the soldiers could exchange for them with their battle merits.

Out of curiosity, Ruoxi also exchanged a few of them, but when she found that controlling them was easy, she couldn’t help exchanging a few more.

If it wasn’t for the Military Department not allowing her to exchange too many of her battle merits, the number of Small Stone Race members she had amassed would have been far more than two hundred.

Yang Kai naturally didn’t know any of this, but as he stared at the Great Nine Directions Array in front of him, he couldn’t help exclaiming in amazement. This battle formation was formed by 81 Small Stone Race members was extremely powerful. The strength of the Small Stone Race members who formed this array wasn’t high, generally only equivalent to a Second or Third Order Human Race cultivator, but after forming this array, the aura they exuded was actually at the Sixth or Seventh Order!

If the strength of the Small Stone Race was a bit stronger, the power of their formation would be even stronger.

“Can you control more?” Yang Kai asked.

Ruoxi nodded, “Sure, it’s just that my Small Stone Race doesn’t have enough number to form a battle formation.”

The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched. He had only asked Zhang Ruoxi if she could control more, but this little girl was even more ambitious and actually wanted to use the Great Nine Directions Array as the foundation to form a new Battle Formation!

81 Small Stone Race as the foundation, forming the simplest Three Directions Array would require 243 Small Stone Race. Zhang Ruoxi’s Small Stone Race was indeed insufficient.

However, Yang Kai has more…

Although he had ordered them to bring back more than twenty million Small Stone Race soldiers, he still had a few million to spare.

Immediately, with a wave of his hand, the Small Stone Race army appeared, standing tall and mighty under the suppression of the Sun and Moon Marks.

“Do your best, show me where your limit is.”

Naturally, Zhang Ruoxi would not refuse. In fact, she also wanted to see her own limits, so she immediately activated her bloodline power and mobilized the Small Stone Race army released by Yang Kai.

Soon, a new Nine Directions Array was formed, and the number of Small Stone Race members who had formed it had reached a total of 729! The combined aura of all of them had already surpassed the Seventh Order and was about to reach the Eighth Order!

Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing in amazement, not knowing how to describe the current situation.

The Great Nine Directions Array existed in theory, so it was basically impossible for human race to form it. So how should this Nine Directions Array formed using the Great Nine Directions Array as the foundation be called?

Third Order Nine Directions Array?

Ordinary Nine Directions Arrays were First Order while Great Nine Directions Arrays were Second Order, so there was no problem for this one to be called Third Order.

The bloodline power in Zhang Ruoxi’s body became even stronger, causing Yang Kai to feel a slight pressure, causing the Dragon Vein’s power to surge.

This kind of pressure was similar to the bloodline suppression of the Dragon Clan itself…

From the looks of it, his guess was correct. The Heaven's Order Bloodline was stronger than all the Holy Spirit Bloodlines. From the moment he saw Zhang Ruoxi on the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, the vague idea in his mind suddenly became much clearer!


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