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Just these two hundred Small Stone Race masters alone were a great deal of battle merit.

What surprised Yang Kai even more was that he didn’t sense any signs of refinement from these Small Stone Race members.

It was as if Zhang Ruoxi was simply hoarding them and had no intention of using them.

Ruoxi’s voice rang out in the Small Universe, “This matter will be reported to you later. This is also what Ruoxi wants to ask you.”

Yang Kai was a little surprised. Could it be that Ruoxi had some special purpose for hoarding these Small Stone Race? But since Ruoxi said so, he could only suppress his doubts and carefully investigate her Small Universe.

His Divine Sense soon arrived at the periphery of the Small Universe’s territory.

Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s Small Universe was essentially the same as a real Universe World. The edge of a territory could be called a Domain Barrier. This Domain Barrier was a natural barrier that ensured that the Small Universe’s strength would not leak away, and it was also a kind of shackle that limited a cultivator’s growth.

When a cultivator cultivated and refined resources and pills, their foundation would constantly grow, and the most obvious manifestation of this was the expansion of the Small Universe’s territory.

A newly-advanced Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivator and an experienced Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivator were both of the same grade, but there was a huge gap between the two's territories. The latter’s territory could be several times or even more than the former’s.

The size of a territory could directly affect the strength of the Open Heaven cultivator.

That was why in the Ink Battlefield, the cultivators who were contaminated by the Ink Force and had no choice but to part with their territories would experience a drastic drop in strength. If they were to part with too much of their territories, they might even suffer a drop in grade or even die.

Additionally, once the Small Universe’s territory was cut off, the Small Universe would become incomplete, greatly affecting their future advancement.

In this world, there was only the Profound Female Spirit Fruit that could repair the Small Universe.

Xiang Shan had once fallen a grade because he had cut off his Small Universe’s territory. Although it had long since been repaired and his strength had been restored, because of his actions back then, his breakthrough to the Ninth Order had still been slightly affected.

The reason why the Universe Four Pillars and even the World Tree Subtree were able to seal Small Universe was because the mysterious power of these artifacts affected the Small Universe’s territory and the Domain Barrier, preventing any external forces from invading it. Therefore, those with the Universe Four Pillars or Subtree were not afraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force. Even if the Small Universe hold the Ink Force, they could easily seal it.

Once the Small Universe’s territory reached its limit, the cultivator would reach a bottleneck. If they could break through this limit, they would be able to advance to the next stage, allowing their territory to expand once more and allowing their strength to undergo a tremendous change.

If Ruoxi was now at the peak of the Seventh Order, then the Small Universe’s territory had already expanded to its limit. This limit was her life’s greatest limit, so logically speaking, it was impossible for her realm to advance any further.

Yang Kai sent a voice transmission and used his strength to probe the situation.

In the blink of an eye, Ruoxi's Small Universe shook and the Domain Barrier rippled.

Yang Kai was surprised and quickly collected his thoughts.

In front of him, Zhang Ruoxi’s face was slightly pale because of his actions. After all, the Small Universe had been shaken from the inside, so no one would feel good about it. Fortunately, Yang Kai had controlled his strength well and did not cause any substantial damage to Ruoxi, so he only needed to slow down for a moment.

Gu Pan asked, “How is it?”

“How strange…” Yang Kai frowned, “Ruoxi really does have the potential to continue improving her cultivation.”

Through his probing just now, Yang Kai was certain that although Zhang Ruoxi’s cultivation had reached a bottleneck, she had yet to reach the end of her Martial Dao.

As long as she worked harder and broke through this bottleneck, she would be able to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven!

This was shocking.

Yang Kai had traveled far and wide for many years and had come into contact with all kinds of human race cultivators, many of whom were High Rank Open Heaven, but none of them had ever been able to ignore their shackles on the path of cultivation. This had completely overturned Yang Kai’s understanding of the Open Heaven Stage.

Even Yang Kai himself was being affected by this invisible shackle.

Listening to Yang Kai’s answer, Gu Pan couldn’t help showing a look of joy. She had previously investigated Zhang Ruoxi’s situation, and although she had come to the same conclusion as Yang Kai, she still wasn’t confident in her own judgment. Now it seemed that her judgment was correct.

After all, even Yang Kai had said so.

This was a good thing for Zhang Ruoxi. Originally, she could only cultivate to the peak of the Seventh Order, but now she had a chance of reaching the Eighth Order or even Ninth Order…

Yang Kai thought for a moment before asking, “Did Ruoxi consume the World Fruit?”

Zhang Ruoxi shook her head, “I haven’t.”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment. The World Fruit was such a precious treasure that ordinary people couldn’t obtain it, and if Ruoxi had really consumed it, she wouldn’t be so confused.

“Sir doesn’t understand Ruoxi’s situation?” Zhang Ruoxi asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’ve never heard of someone like you before, but I can see that your Small Universe has a solid foundation, so there’s nothing wrong with it. This matter should only be beneficial to you and not harmful. As for why such a situation occurred… I have a guess.”

“Please enlighten me, Sir!” Zhang Ruoxi looked at him seriously.

Yang Kai said, “Bloodline! The Heaven's Order Bloodline you awakened should have some special characteristics. It should be this special trait that allowed you to ignore the innate shackles of the Open Heaven Method.”

“Sir means…”

“Let’s put it this way,” Yang Kai explained, “In terms of bloodline, ordinary human race don’t have one. In this vast universe, only the Holy Spirits have a bloodline inheritance, so the cultivation of the Holy Spirits has no restrictions. As long as they continue to improve their bloodlines and awaken the inheritances of their ancestors, they will continue to grow stronger. Compared to the Human Race cultivating the Open Heaven Method, your Heaven's Order Bloodline may also be a type of Holy Spirit Bloodline, so the increase in your strength is similar to that of the Holy Spirits…”

Saying so, Yang Kai suddenly realized the problem.

If the Heaven's Order Bloodline really was a type of Holy Spirit Bloodline, then Zhang Ruoxi would also have an innate shackle because she had relied on the Human Race’s Open Heaven Method to advance.

Taking Yang Kai as an example, he could now be considered a pure-blooded Dragon Clan member, but because he had used the Open Heaven Method to break through to the Open Heaven Stage back then, no matter how pure his Dragon Vein was, it was still limited by his innate shackles. He was stuck at the peak of the Eighth Order, and even his Dragon Vein had been somewhat restricted, allowing him to cultivate to the 9999 zhang Ancient Dragon Body in the Ancestral Land but still unable to break through to the Divine Dragon realm.

Only when he broke through to the Ninth Order, would the last step on the Dragon Vein be broken.

Su Yan’s situation was the same as Yang Kai’s. Although Su Yan had the bloodline of the Phoenix Clan, as long as she relied on the Open Heaven Method to cultivate, she would suffer from its drawbacks. In this life, Eighth Order would be her peak, and the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline would stagnate at some point.

This Open Heaven Method had been passed down from ten Martial Ancestors and was secretly compatible with the laws of the Heavenly Dao. Although it was incomplete, it had also led the Human Race’s cultivation for countless years. Because of it, the shackles it created were something even the bloodlines of the Holy Spirits could not break!

It was very simple to not be restricted, as long as one didn’t cultivate the Open Heaven Method, but as long as one cultivated it, they would inevitably suffer from its flaws.

The Holy Spirits actually didn’t need to cultivate any Open Heaven Method. They were the first living beings born in this universe, and long before the Martial Ancestors created the Open Heaven Method, they had ruled the heavens. Since ancient times, they had focused on cultivating their bloodlines. The purer their bloodline was, the stronger their strength would be.

Zhang Ruoxi had also used the Open Heaven Method to break through to the Open Heaven Stage. Even if the Heaven's Order Bloodline was a type of Holy Spirit Bloodline, it should have been restricted, but she had not.


The Heaven's Order Bloodline was even more powerful than all the Holy Spirit Bloodlines! This kind of power was enough to break through the innate shackles of the Open Heaven Method.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit frightened.

Was the Heaven's Order Bloodline stronger than the Holy Spirit Bloodline? He had never thought about this before.

But now that he thought about it carefully, it seemed… not impossible!

When he was in the Star Boundary, Heaven's Order was the nemesis of all Holy Spirits. All the Holy Spirits that had wreaked havoc in the world had been captured by Heaven's Order, stripped of their Source Power, and sealed in the Blood Gate for countless years.

Zhang Ruoxi’s cultivation was at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, when an Eighth Order Holy Spirit like Zhujian brushed past her, he felt a sense of crisis. Even Yang Kai himself felt a slight sense of fear when facing her!

All of this indicated that Zhang Ruoxi’s Heaven's Order Bloodline was truly stronger than the Holy Spirit Bloodline!

What exactly was this Heaven's Order Bloodline? Yang Kai was now quite knowledgeable and experienced, but apart from Zhang Ruoxi, he had never heard of any Heaven's Order Bloodline!

Yang Kai faintly felt that a vague idea was about to burst out from the depths of his heart, but he couldn’t quite grasp it…

“Sir?” Zhang Ruoxi called out softly.

“En?” Yang Kai returned to his senses.

Ruoxi said, “As Sir said, my current situation is similar to the Holy Spirits’. Can I really break through to the Eighth Order?” Her expression was a bit excited. Currently, the two races were constantly fighting, and although the strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven wasn’t weak, it was still very dangerous to encounter the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lord, especially those Innate Territory Lords who were stronger than ordinary Territory Lords. Even most Eighth Order would find it difficult to defeat them.

The reason why she had been able to remain safe and sound these past few years was mainly because she had been following Gu Pan around. Moreover, because of Yang Kai, Lang Ya Paradise had taken great care of her. If she really was just an ordinary disciple, a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator would still have to bear some risk on the battlefield.

However, if she could advance to the Eighth Order, her safety in the future would greatly increase and it would be easier for her to kill enemies on the battlefield.

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Advancing to the Eighth Order is naturally not a problem. From what I can see of your Small Universe’s foundation, you should have more or less accumulated enough strength to reach the Seventh Order peak. Once you settled down, you can go into secluded cultivation and I’ll personally help you break through to the Eighth Order!”

“Many thanks, Sir,” Zhang Ruoxi smiled.


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