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The Blood Gate was formed from Heaven's Order’s Blood Essence and was a forbidden area in the Wild Ancient Land. Even the most powerful Monster Race wouldn’t dare approach it.

Such a Blood Gate could only be opened by the inheritor of the Heaven's Order Bloodline!

Unfortunately, after Heaven's Order passed away, her bloodline was lost to the mortal world, and the descendants of Heaven's Order were unable to discover the glory of their ancestors and gradually declined, showing signs of disappearing from the world.

Later, when Zhang Ruoxi’s bloodline awakened, she entered the Blood Gate and brought Xiao Xiao along with her. Xiao Xiao’s current Tai Yue body was inherited from the Holy Spirit Source Tai Yue (Grand Mountain).

Many of the Big Monsters of the Star Boundary had benefited greatly from inheriting some kind of Holy Spirit Source from the Blood Gate, allowing them to soar into the sky. Even now, they were still active in the various Great Domain battlefields, such as Luan Feng (Vermilion Bird Phoenix) and Fan Wu (Buddhist Centipede). They only possessed a trace of the Holy Spirit’s bloodline and were not pure, but after obtaining a corresponding amount of Holy Spirit’s Source, they could be called true Holy Spirits and had all gone to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land to cultivate.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became somewhat blank.

Only a Holy Spirit could have a bloodline. What exactly was Zhang Ruoxi’s Heaven's Order Bloodline? This kind of bloodline had a natural suppression towards a Holy Spirit, and from Zhujian’s reaction just now, it was obvious that they had only just brushed shoulders with each other. An expert like Zhujian was able to sense a trace of danger from Ruoxi’s Seventh Order cultivation.

In fact, when Zhang Ruoxi stood in front of Yang Kai, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a slight sense of throbbing. This feeling came from his Dragon Vein!

However, because they were familiar with each other and knew that it was impossible for Zhang Ruoxi to harm him, this slight throbbing was not too strong.

But if they were stranger, just this little bit of throbbing was enough to raise Yang Kai’s vigilance.

This was a feeling he had never felt before. In other words, either Zhang Ruoxi’s Heaven's Order Bloodline had grown greatly, or Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein had grown so much that his perception of Ruoxi’s Bloodline had become stronger.

“Sir, you are quite knowledgeable, Ruoxi has something to ask you,” Zhang Ruoxi said softly.

With a wave of her hand, Gu Pan had already set up a barrier around the three of them, isolating them from the outside world.

Yang Kai immediately understood that what Ruoxi was about to say must be extremely confidential to her, otherwise, Gu Pan wouldn’t have been so cautious and immediately nodded, “Go ahead.”

Zhang Ruoxi said, “Sir should know that after Ruoxi condensed her Dao Seal in the past, she refined a Fifth Grade Resources, and reach the Fifth Order Open Heaven directly.”

Yang Kai nodded. Naturally, he knew about this. Back then, because of this matter, he had tried to persuade Zhang Ruoxi to refine a sixth grade resource. After all, there was still a gap between the fifth and sixth grade, especially when it came to the final limit. At that time, he still had some Taiyi Clean Soul Water with him. As long as Zhang Ruoxi was willing to take it, she could wash away her Dao Seal accumulation and start over again.

However, doing so would take a great deal of risk. This was related to the Dao Seal, so any carelessness would be fatal. At the same time, Ruoxi felt that refining a sixth grade resource was too difficult, so Yang Kai didn’t force her.

“Ruoxi is now a Seventh Order, and she has also reached the peak of her cultivation,” Zhang Ruoxi continued. All these years, she had followed Gu Pan on the battlefield to kill countless enemies and had earned a lot of battle merits, so she had never lacked cultivation resources. The current environment was dangerous for the Human Race’s soldiers, but it was also a fortuitous opportunity. As long as they dared to risk their lives, they could exchange for anything they wanted with battle merits. It wasn’t like in the past, where all the good things were held by the Cave Heaven Paradise and were rarely seen by ordinary cultivators.

Zhang Ruoxi was a diligent cultivator, and now that she had enough battle merits to exchange for materials, she naturally cultivated frequently, so it wasn’t strange for her to reach the peak of the Seventh Order.

“But Sir…” Ruoxi looked up at Yang Kai, with a trace of confusion in her eyes, “Ruoxi feels that her cultivation has yet to reach the perfection boundary, nor does she feel that natural shackle in her Small Universe.”

Yang Kai, who had been listening attentively, suddenly became serious, “Really?”

Zhang Ruoxi’s words didn’t sound like much, but Yang Kai’s heart was in turmoil.

She couldn’t feel the natural shackles in her Small Universe! This was strange.

One had to know that Yang Kai could already feel this shackle.

The Human Race’s Open Heaven Method had its drawbacks and was not perfect, something Yang Kai had only recently realized.

In the past, Cang and the other nine had comprehended the Open Heaven Method under the World Tree, allowing the Human Race, which was originally a weak race, to rapidly rise to prominence. Their race had produced many masters and great masters, so it could be said that their achievements were boundless.

If there was no Open Heaven Method, there would be no Human Race today. This kind of contribution was something no one could erase in any era.

The younger generation of the Human Race had all received the blessings of these ten Martial Ancestors, allowing them to achieve what they had today. Naturally, Yang Kai was filled with respect for these Martial Ancestors.

However, it was undeniable that the Open Heaven Method was not complete. If it was a perfected Great Dao, after advancing to Open Heaven, there would no longer be any restrictions on one’s cultivation grade. It should be a Great Dao that could lead one to the end of the Martial Dao and reach the peak of the Martial Dao. This Great Dao should be smooth and unobstructed.

But now, there was an end to the Great Dao.

The limit of the Fifth Order was Seventh Order Open Heaven, and the limit of Sixth Order was Eighth Order Open Heaven…

The World Fruit’s effect was equivalent to extending a person’s limited Great Dao, allowing the person who consumed it to walk further, but there was still a limit.

Yang Kai had reached the Fifth Order Open Heaven directly and consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit, so he was now an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator. Although he had yet to reach the peak, he was close.

When he was still cultivating in the Star Boundary's World Tree, he had already felt the invisible shackles in his Small Universe. These shackles were like a lock, locking down the possibility of his own Great Dao continuing to explore further, as well as the possibility of the Small Universe’s territory expanding outwards. As Yang Kai’s own foundation increased, these shackles became more obvious.

Every master who reached the end of their Martial Dao could clearly feel this invisible shackle in their bodies.

This was something that had existed since the Small Universe’s birth.

However, Zhang Ruoxi said that she did not feel that shackle…

This was somewhat unbelievable.

If Ruoxi really had a peak Seventh Order cultivation, she should have sensed it long ago.

It was no wonder Gu Pan had sealed off this place. After all, this matter was not small, and if news of it were to spread, it might cause a great stir.

“Who else knows about this?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

Ruoxi turned her head and glanced around, “Besides Senior Sister Gu, there is only Sir.”

In fact, when she had first noticed her own situation, she had wanted to ask Yang Kai about this matter, but unfortunately, Yang Kai’s position was high and his whereabouts were unknown, so she had no way to ask for his help. Fortunately, they form the Withdrawing Black Ink Army this time and she had the opportunity to meet him, otherwise she really wouldn’t know what to do.

Over at Lang Ya Paradise, although there were some elders who cared about her, she could not completely trust them, all of their care was basically because of her relationship with Yang Kai.

In this world, only Yang Kai could make her not hold anything back. [MSN: Man, I wish she is one of YK wives.]

Yang Kai nodded slightly. Ruoxi’s caution was correct.

Currently, what was trapping the Human Race’s masters was the shackles of the Small Universe. If they could find a way to break this shackle, the Human Race would definitely have many more masters.

Putting everything else aside, those old Eighth Order masters had long since reached the end of their Martial Dao. As long as they were given a chance, they would have the qualifications to break through to the Ninth Order.

If news of Zhang Ruoxi’s situation were to spread, no matter what considerations the Human Race’s Head Office Division had, they would have to ask her to make a trip and understand the reason.

When that time came, she would rarely be free.

“Can I see your Small Universe?” Yang Kai asked.

Ruoxi naturally wouldn’t refuse, and with a nod, she opened her Small Universe’s door.

Yang Kai probed with his Divine Sense and immediately felt an extremely pure and rich World Force aura. Ruoxi’s foundation was very good and she had almost reached her limit. In terms of strength among her peers, her Seventh Order Open Heaven strength was definitely one of the best.

There was nothing special about the Small Universe, it was just that her territory was slightly larger than an ordinary Seventh Order Small Universe’s, and as Ruoxi said, she was already a peak Seventh Order.

However, Yang Kai quickly smiled and sent a voice transmission, “Why are you hoarding so many Small Stone Race?”

Ruoxi’s Small Universe was like a real Universe World. After all, she is a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, and the Small Universe had long since transformed from illusory to solid. It seemed that she had deliberately transplanted a lot of flowers and plants into it to make the Small Universe look beautiful and fragrant.

However, in a certain place of the Small Universe, there were two hundred Small Stone Race soldiers. The Sun Small Stone Race and the Moon Small Stone Race each occupied about half of the area, and most of them were quite strong. There was even an Eighth Order equivalent Small Stone Race that was a hundred zhang tall.

Yang Kai naturally knew the origins of these Small Stone Race cultivators. Previously, in the Ancestral Land, he had handed over the Small Stone Race army he had plundered from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to the few Seventh Order Open Heaven masters to bring back to the Human Race’s Head Office.

The Head Office Division would naturally distribute these Small Stone Race members to increase the strength of the Human Race’s soldiers.

The Human Race’s soldiers would use their own strength to exchange their battle merits for the corresponding grade of the Small Stone Race from the various Millitary Department and Supply Departments of the various Great Domains. Then, they would refine them into weapons and use them to assist them in fighting their enemies.

Generally speaking, a Human Race soldier could at most refine three or five Small Stone Race members, and even if they refined more, it wasn’t impossible to refine them. The main problem was that the Small Stone Race’s intelligence was too low and they weren’t obedient. Even if they were refined, it would be difficult to command them.

Yang Kai naturally knew about this. Currently, when the Human Race’s soldiers fought with the Black Ink Clan on various battlefields, most of them have Small Stone Race participating. Most of the time, the Human Race’s soldiers relied on the Small Stone Race’s valiant fighting to escape danger or to kill powerful enemies.

To the Human Race, the Small Stone Race was extremely useful.

Ruoxi’s accumulation of so many Small Stone Race members made Yang Kai somewhat puzzled. After all, these things were exchanged for with battle merits, so their value was not small, especially the Eighth Order equivalent Small Stone Race. Even if it was an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, they would still be a great help.


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