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“Does Sir still remember the White Divine Dragon from a thousand years ago?” Mo Na Ye asked.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord revealed a thoughtful look and suddenly understood, “You mean…”

Mo Na Ye said seriously, “If I’m not mistaken, their destination should be the Source Area!”

“How dare they!” The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord flew into a rage and fiercely slapped the Skeleton Throne beneath him, causing the Ink Force to surge like a tsunami.

A thousand years ago, a White Divine Dragon had passed through the Domain Gate and entered the Ink Battlefield throught the No-Return Pass. Even now, there had been no news of it. Although many years had passed, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord could still remember the majestic Dragon Prestige he had felt that day. Even a Royal Lord like him was unwilling to easily clash with a Divine Dragon, so although he was unwilling that day, he could only watch as the White Divine Dragon passed through the No-Return Pass and swaggered off.

Fortunately, the other party had no intention of causing trouble for the Black Ink Clan, simply passing by.

At that time, he didn’t know what the White Divine Dragon was going to do, but later on, he realized that the only thing that could make the White Divine Dragon cared about in the Ink Battlefield was the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

The Divine Dragon had probably rushed to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to monitor the situation there.

Regarding this, the Black Ink Clan had no choice but to let it go.

After a thousand years, Yang Kai had led several hundred Eighth Order Human Race masters in an Expelling Black Ink Battleship and came in a grandiose manner. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord thought that Yang Kai was here to cause trouble, but Mo Na Ye immediately saw through his intentions.

They should also be heading towards the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

The Mother Nest was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan and also the place that the Human Race feared the most, so how could they not pay attention to it?

If the Divine Dragon wanted to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, no one from the Black Ink Clan could stop it, but if Yang Kai and the other Eighth Order Human Race masters wanted to go, how could the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord allow them to? If they had any unfavorable intentions towards the Mother Nest, it was highly likely that it would affect the Black Ink Clan greatly.

Immediately, he shouted angrily, “Mo Na Ye, quickly recall the Territory Lords who can participate in this battle. I want those human race to never return.”

Mo Na Ye hurriedly said, “Sir, please calm your anger. It is already too late to summon the Territory Lords outside.” The Expelling Black Ink Battleship should have already arrived at the Spatial Territory and would soon arrive at the No-Return Pass, so how could it have time to summon the Territory Lord outside?

The Royal Lord stood up and paced back and forth a few times, his expression quickly becoming determined, “Since that’s the case, then let’s pour all our strength into this battle against the Human Race.”

Mo Na Ye hurriedly said, “No!”

The Royal Lord suddenly turned his head and glared at Mo Na Ye, as if he was dissatisfied that the latter had actually objected to his orders. Mo Na Ye couldn’t help lowering his head and sincerely asking, “My Lord, if we start a war in the No-Return Pass, how many of the Ink Nest will be able to survive?”

There were more than a hundred Territory Lords stationed here all year round, or perhaps they were recuperating in the Ink Nest. With a true Royal Lord and a Pseudo-Royal Lord, with the help of the terrain and the massive Black Ink Clan army, it wasn’t impossible for them to fight the Human Race, but just as Mo Na Ye had said, once they fought, the Black Ink Clan would suffer a great loss, not to mention anything else. Many Ink Nests would definitely be lost.

This was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan to maintain the current war.

These words were like a bucket of cold water, completely extinguishing the Royal Lord’s anger and causing him to frown. After a long time, he sat back down on the Skeleton Throne and said somewhat gloomily, “Yes, the Ink Nest needs to be protected, you’re right!”

Seeing the Royal Lord in such a state, Mo Na Ye also felt a burst of bitterness in his heart. Speaking of which, if it weren’t for the fact that he had to guard the Ink Nest, with the Royal Lord’s strength, he wouldn’t have been trapped here for thousands of years.

The Ink Nest was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan, but it was also an invisible shackle that firmly bound the only Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan.

Looking back at the source, one could only sigh at the courage and ferocity of the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters in the Spatial Territory. In that battle, almost all of the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters had died. Even the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had perished in the Spatial Territory. The results of that battle were extremely impressive, killing all of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords and even severely injuring the Ink Giant Spiritual God…

The great war three thousand years ago had a profound impact on the two races, so it would definitely be the same in the future.

Perhaps after the new Ninth Order and Royal Lords of the two races rose to prominence, these effects would gradually disappear.

After hesitating for a moment, Mo Na Ye asked, “My Lord, is there… any news from the Mother Nest?”

The Royal Lord slowly shook his head, “Ever since Supreme Master fell into a deep sleep, there has been no news from him, so it’s probably not time to wake up.”

Mo Na Ye nodded slightly before continuing, “Actually, Sir doesn’t need to worry too much about the situation over at the Mother Nest and Supreme Master’s side. It has been so many years, and the situation over there hasn’t changed in a short time, so even if the Divine Dragon were to monitor them, would it be able to harm Supreme Master?”

The Royal Lord immediately snorted, “So what if he’s a Divine Dragon? If he dares to enter the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he’ll be able to contribute a part of my Black Ink Clan’s combat strength!” Ordinary Black Ink Clan, even if he were to take out a Divine Dragon, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, but the Supreme Master was different. If the Supreme Master personally took action, even a Divine Dragon could be turned into Black Ink Disciple. If that Divine Dragon was sensible enough to only monitor from the outside, it would be fine, but if it dared to enter the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it would definitely be seeking its own humiliation.

“Exactly!” Mo Na Ye agreed, “If the Divine Dragon is like this, then what about Yang Kai and the others?”

The Royal Lord suddenly understood what he meant and looked up at him, “Let them leave?”

Mo Na Ye’s heart relaxed slightly, secretly thinking that this was the first time the Royal Lord had been enlightened and had not wasted his efforts. He immediately nodded and said, “If they really just pass by the No-Return Pass, then we can let them leave. This will also relieve some of the pressure on the various battlefields.”

According to the intelligence report, there were hundreds of Eighth Order Human Race masters, and with so many of them heading to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the strength of the Human Race would definitely weaken on the various battlefields, so the pressure the Black Ink Clan would have to bear would naturally be lighter.

“However, we can’t let our guard down!” Mo Na Ye added, “We still need to make the necessary preparations. In case that Yang Kai suddenly get any idea and want to take action against the No-Return Pass, Sir will personally punish him!”

The Royal Lord nodded heavily, “If that’s the case, we definitely won’t let him off lightly.”

“In addition, this time Sir should not show his face for the time being. After all, Sir is the only Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, representing the face of my Black Ink Clan…”

Before Mo Na Ye could finish, the Royal Lord replied, “I understand. Later, I will enter the Ink Nest to recuperate. The injuries I suffered back then have yet to fully heal.”

Mo Na Ye shouted, “Sir is wise!”

In the Spatial Territory, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship quickly flew past, and a powerful Divine Sense spread out from the Battleship. From afar, one could see the two Giant Spiritual God who had fought for thousands of years and were now locked in a stalemate. In another space, the Ink Giant Spiritual God sat cross-legged, its arm piercing through the Domain Barrier…

The Battleship was completely silent. This was the first time they had seen a Giant Spiritual God, and all of them were deeply shocked by the sheer size of this creature.

Even those who had once felt the might of the Giant Spiritual God from afar were unable to calm down upon seeing it again.

Everyone couldn’t help feeling a deep sense of doubt in their hearts. How could there be such a huge monster in this world? Such a massive Holy Spirit, perhaps just by blowing a breath of air at them, would cause the entire ship filled with Eighth Order to be injured or dead.

On the other hand, their Old Ancestors, the Ninth Order Old Ancestors who had died thousands of years ago in the Spatial Territory, had faced the towering figure and launched an all-out attack against such a powerful enemy, ultimately wounding it!

The Ink Giant Spiritual God was so powerful, but what about the Black Ink that had created them? Was this really an enemy they could defeat?

Feeling the oppressive atmosphere all around him, Yang Kai remained silent and didn’t try to persuade them at all. After cultivating for so many years, if one only needed to look at the enemy and feel the strength of the enemy to dispel their fighting spirit, that would be the end of it.

An Eighth Order Human Race cultivator’s temperament wasn’t so bad.

If he wanted to, he could activate the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s isolation array to block everyone from prying into the outside world, preventing them from directly facing the terrifying power of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but he did not do so.

It was to let them realize just how powerful their enemies were, to let them know that the Human Race… had a long road ahead of them! Their Eighth Order cultivation was far from enough, so if the Human Race wanted to defeat the Black Ink Clan in the future, the only way to do so was to obtain greater strength!

Passing through the vast Spatial Territory silently, they soon arrived at the Domain Gate.

Yang Kai had originally planned to go to the No-return Pass first to observe the situation, lest the Black Ink Clan set up an ambush on the other side. Since they had come here without concealing their tracks, the Black Ink Clan must have already learned of this news. Although he felt that as long as the Black Ink Clan had some brains, they wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, after all, if they really fought in the pass, it wouldn’t be beneficial to the Black Ink Clan, but he still had to take precautions.

Unexpectedly, before the Expelling Black Ink Battleship arrived at the Domain Gate, a loud voice called out from the distance, “Is it Sir Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai looked up and saw a burly figure waiting for him from afar. Sensing this aura, Yang Kai realized that it was an Innate Territory Lord…

This was interesting, the Black Ink Clan had actually arranged for people to welcome them here?

On the Battleship, the expressions of the group of Eighth Order Human Race masters all changed. They had fought many of the Black Ink Clan masters on the battlefield, so they basically didn’t waste any time talking to each other, each of them using their own methods.

For a human to be called Sir by the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord… this was the first time they had seen such a thing.

Yang Xiao secretly sent a voice transmission to Yang Xue, “Little Aunt, Foster Father is so awe-inspiring. Even before he arrived, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had already come to welcome him from afar. The prestige he has displayed is truly extraordinary.”

Yang Xue lightly pursed her lips and smiled, “You don’t need to be envious, the Dragon Clan is not bad after all.”

Yang Xiao sighed, “It’s not the same, I’m afraid I can only look up to Foster Father for the rest of my life, but Old Fang… still has some hope.”

Putting everything else aside, Old Fang had made a name for himself in the Black Ink Clan over the years and was called Little Yang Kai. This was not only because he was proficient in the Space Principle, but also because his strength was extraordinary and his foundation was solid. He was much stronger than an ordinary Eighth Order, but his personality was much more stable and honest.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 15, 2023

In this thousands of years, the Inkies never thought of sending at least 50 8th level/TLs to reinforce the trapped giant Inkie? Both sides are restricted so those TL can bombard the 2 9th orders or sacrifice themselves to strengthen the giant Ink.


Little YK is a weird but accurate description

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