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There is six hundred soldiers in one Garrison, six thousand soldiers were divided into ten garrisons, Mi Jinglun called out ten names, and all ten of them received their orders!

Among the ten garrisons, only five thousand belonged to the fighting force, while the remaining one thousand were the logistics personnel of the army, responsible for the Array, Artifacts, and Spirit Pills matters on the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion.

However, they weren’t completely helpless, all of them are Sixth Order Open Heaven and above. Even if they weren’t proficient in combat, at a critical moment, they would still be able to exert some strength. It could only be said that they were slightly weaker than the cultivators who had grown up fighting on the battlefield.

After appointing the Ten Garrison Chiefs, Mi Jinglun took a step back, turned to Yang Kai, and left the rest to him.

Yang Kai nodded and looked down, asking, “Do you have any other questions? If you have any, feel free to ask. If you don’t have any questions, we’re going to do something big.”

Everyone fell silent, only Yang Xiao raised his hand.

“Speak!” Yang Kai glanced at the little brat.

Yang Xiao cupped his fists and asked, “Sir, may I ask which Senior is the Regiment Commander of our Withdrawing Black Ink Army? Surely there is a Regiment Commander, right?”

Immediately, many people’s ears perked up. To be honest, they were also very curious as to who would be the Regiment Commander of such an important army. Mi Jinglun had only appointed ten Garrison Chiefs, but he hadn’t mentioned anything about the Regiment Commander.

It was impossible for the dragons to have no leader, so the Withdrawing Black Ink Army naturally need its Regiment Commander. The Withdrawing Black Ink Army definitely have a Regiment Commander, and one who was extremely powerful and respected. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to suppress the situation.

The Withdrawing Black Ink Army was very well-equipped, with hundreds of Eighth Order Open Heaven, not to mention dozens of Holy Spirits. Ordinary people were not qualified to be the Regiment Commander.

In the current Human Race, there were only two or three people who were qualified to be the Regiment Commander of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army. Xiang Shan was one of them, and Yang Kai was one of them… The other veteran Eighth Order masters were far inferior.

Facing the curious gazes of the crowd below, Yang Kai grinned, “Naturally, there is a Regiment Commander, and that Lord is already in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. You will naturally know when you arrive.”

These words caused quite a few people to ponder. With Yang Kai’s strength and status, there were very few people who could be addressed as 'Lord' by him, so although it was just a simple sentence, it allowed many clever people to guess the identity of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army's Regiment Commander.

If it was that person… it was indeed indisputable.

“Any other questions?” Yang Kai asked again.

No one asked.

Yang Kai nodded and ordered, “Each Garrison Chiefs, gather the people and arrange them into teams. I’ll give you five minutes to settle everything!”

“Yes!” The ten Garrison Chiefs acknowledged the orders.

Soon, low shouts rang out one after another. Although the ten Garrison Chiefs had called out their names together and the scene seemed a bit chaotic, everyone present had sharp ears and sharp eyes, so they were naturally able to eliminate all distractions and find the direction.

One figure after another shuttled back and forth, each of them echoing each other’s words with a resounding voice.

Not long after, the six thousand soldiers were divided into ten groups, and each Garrison Chiefs will configure their respective soldiers according to the arrangements in the jade booklet.

The Withdrawing Black Ink Army didn’t have any Guard Level existences. Underneath the Garrison was a Team Level existences, each garrison have six hundred people, each team have 15 people, and there is a total of 40 teams, each of which had an Eighth Order Open Heaven master acting as a Team-Leader.

In other words, although the entire Withdrawing Black Ink Army only had six thousand people, there were four hundred Eighth Order Open Heaven!

When the Great Evolution Army was established, the Eighth Order Open Heaven seems to have the same lineup, but how many troops did the Great Evolution Army have back then? A total of sixty thousand, ten times more than the Withdrawing Black Ink Army.

Although the Human Race was currently in a difficult situation, their foundation was many times stronger than before, especially the number of Mid Rank and High Rank Open Heaven masters.

Of course, all of this was attributed to the Star Boundary, the Myriad Monster World, and even Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Forget about the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, just Yang Kai’s Small Universe alone had sent out almost ten thousand people over the years, all of whom had reached the Fifth to Seventh Order directly.

Yang Kai had a choice to send them out. The Star Boundary was different from the Myriad Monster World. These two Universe Worlds would not choose to send them out, but instead, thay have many people. This was especially true for the Star Boundary, which had a large population and was affected by the World Tree Subtree’s power. Now that the cultivators in the Star Boundary had broken through to Open Heaven, it could be said that there was no one below the Third Order, and even the weakest was a Fourth Order.

As long as a Fourth Order cultivator had enough resources, they would have a chance of reaching the Sixth Order in the future. It could be said that in the future, the Human Race would no longer have a Low Rank Open Heaven.

As for this Withdrawing Black Ink Army, they were the elites of the elites and had been painstakingly prepared by the Human Race’s Head Office. In this world, there was only one such army.

With a powerful weapon like the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, a force of six thousand troops would not be any weaker than the Great Evolution Army.

Under Su Yan’s command, Yu Rumeng and the others were the Team Leaders, under Yang Xiao's command, Zhao Yebai and the others were also the Team Leaders.

While the Withdrawing Black Ink Army was reorganizing, Yang Kai had already used his Soul Power to connect with the World Tree and communicate with it.

Originally, he had planned to use the World Tree’s power to travel through the void and directly locate the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, saving both time and energy.

Three thousand years ago, when he had sent Wu Kuang to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had deliberately left behind a World Great Dao that had yet to be destroyed as a fixed point there, so that he could explore the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction at any time.

However, after communicating with the old tree, he discovered that he had neglected the old tree’s condition…

With the destruction of the Heavens, the World Tree was greatly affected, and countless World Fruits fell off, causing the entire tree to appear old and frail.

On the other hand, assisting outsiders in setting up the void travel required the old tree’s strength. In the past, Yang Kai had been able to travel through the Heavens on his own, so it wasn’t a big problem. The old tree could still resist it, but if he were to draw four hundred Eighth Order masters at once, the old tree wouldn’t be able to bear it. The consumption would be too great…

This would accelerate its decline.

After learning this result, Yang Kai suddenly felt somewhat helpless, feeling that he was lacking in consideration. He had never noticed such a thing before.

Previously, he had use the Old Tree's help to transport a hundred Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Booundary to the Star Boundary.

However, at that time, the strength of the Holy Spirits had yet to recover, so it wasn’t difficult for the old tree to guide them. If it was the current Zhujian, the burden on the old tree would be too great.

Since he couldn’t borrow the power of the old tree, Yang Kai could only withdraw his consciousness. Fortunately, there were other ways to enter the Ink Battlefield.

If he were to take the normal path, he would naturally have to pass through the Shattered Heaven, pass through the Spatial Territory, and enter the Ink Battlefield. However, this would inevitably attract the attention of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord in the No-Return Pass.

If he didn’t follow the normal path, he would have to take the secret passage in the Black Territory.

However, there was also a problem. The secret passage was a Void Corridor, Yang Kai could walk through it on his own. Bringing a few people with him would not be a problem, but if he brought four hundred people with him…

It was still very dangerous. He had to use his strength to wrap up these four hundred Eighth Order masters in order to prevent them from getting lost. Even with the help of people like Zhao Yebai who cultivated the Dao of Space, their safety was not guaranteed.

After thinking about it for a long time, he could only choose the normal path through the No-Return Pass…

The Black Ink Clan had just been extorted by him not long ago, so it was likely they wouldn’t try to make things difficult for him again.

Calming himself, Yang Kai made a decision.

Down below, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army had finished reorganizing and was quietly arranging themselves, waiting for him to speak.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over them and was quite satisfied. As expected of an elite division from one of the major battlefields, just this military appearance was rarely seen by ordinary armies.

Immediately, he shouted, “All Eighth Order open your Small Universe's door and accept the soldiers of their respective squads.”

The Eighth Order masters received their orders, and the aura of the World Force immediately began to fluctuate. Small Universe's door opened one after another, and the Sixth Order and Seventh Order cultivators from the various teams rushed in.

On average, there were fifteen people in a small team, and an Eighth Order naster's Small Universe was enough to accommodate them, so it wouldn’t affect their performance.

In the blink of an eye, only four hundred Eighth Order soldiers remained.

If possible, Yang Kai wanted to collect these four hundred Eighth Order masters into his Small Universe, but he was only an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator. Although his Small Universe’s physique was different from an ordinary person’s, it was still difficult for him to break through his shackles and collect other Eighth Order masters inside.

In the end, he still had to break through to the Ninth Order as soon as possible, or else it would be more troublesome to travel than others.

On the other hand, he could ask Luo Tinghe, who was sitting nearby, to help, but as a newly advanced Ninth Order, she might not be able to collect so many Eighth Order masters. What's more, her Ninth Order cultivation is one of the hidden cards of the Human Race, it's not the time to expose it yet.

Next, Mi Jinglun took charge of the evacuation of all unrelated people. The number of Artifact Refiners and Array Masters who had participated in the construction of the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion was quite large, but not all of them had gone with the army. Only a small portion of them had been deployed, and the rest will naturally returned to the various great domains to serve.

After they left, the four hundred Eighth Order masters all rose up into the sky, leaving only Yang Kai behind.

Many pairs of eyes stared at him curiously, even Mi Jinglun couldn’t help becoming nervous.

Although the Withdrawing Black Ink Army is strong and powerful, and there is a large number of elites, the Human Race had spent a thousand years and countless resources to build the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion. This was the foundation of the Withdrawing Black Ink Army and the weapon they relied on to resist the Black Ink Clan.

Without the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, the six thousand soldiers alone would not be of much use in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

However, it was not easy to take away such a massive object like the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion. If one wanted to take it away, one had to first put it into the Small Universe.

Typically, Open Heaven cultivators would open their own Small Universe’s door and take in some things. As long as the door wasn’t too big, there wouldn’t be any problems.

However, if the door was opened too wide, it would be easy for one’s foundation to leak away, and there was also a chance that the door would be unable to be closed. At that time, it would be a disaster.


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