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Fang Tianci had been hanging out with Yang Xiao and Yang Xue all these years, and he was proficient in the Space Principle and also came from Yang Kai's Small Universe. With an Eighth Order cultivation, the Human Race’s Head Office Division naturally paid close attention to such a talent.

Mi Jinglun had also heard of this person before. This time, he had summoned Yang Xiao’s team to the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, but unexpectedly, Fang Tianci had taken the initiative to send him a few voice transmissions.

Now that he had verified with Yang Kai and knew that Fang Tianci was one of Yang Kai’s subordinates, he felt relieved. Looking down at the six thousand soldiers and sixty Holy Spirits, he sighed to himself. The road ahead was uncertain, so if everything went smoothly, it would be fine, but if the situation didn’t develop as planned, who knew how many of these people would survive?

Beside him, Yang Kai was deep in thought.

Fang Tianci had actually taken the initiative to talk to Mi Jinglun about how it was inconvenient for him to be transferred. Was it because the memories he had sealed in Mi Jinglun’s body had slowly awakened? Or was it because he was instinctively unable to leave the 3000 Worlds?

In the future, he would have to use the Three Parts Normalizing Art to try to break through to the Ninth Order. If Fang Tianci was really transferred to that place, how could he use the Three Parts Normalizing Art? Therefore, whether it was Fang Tianci or the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor, both of them had to remain in the 3000 Worlds in case of emergencies.

Looking up, it was fortunate that Thunder Shadow had not been transferred here.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd below, Yang Kai shouted, “Thousands of years ago, in the Ink Battlefield, the Human Race’s various mountain passes joined forces to launch an expedition. Three million soldiers and more than a hundred Ninth Order Old Ancestors led the expedition to the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest to exterminate the Black Ink Clan. At that time, the Human Race were extremely ambitious.”

“However, in the battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Ink Giant Spiritual God launched a sneak attack from behind our army, causing our Human Race’s defensive line to collapse. Our army suffered heavy losses and was routed, transforming into various remnants to escape the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Some of the mountain passes were broken and the Ninth Order Old Ancestors were killed on the spot, while others were annihilated. In that battle, the Human Race suffered countless casualties.”

“The various remnants of the army were forced to return to the No-Return Pass and join forces with the Holy Spirits to defend the pass. However, the absolute disparity in strength allowed the Black Ink Clan to advance forward and occupy the No-Return Pass. The Human Race’s army suffered heavy losses again, and the mountain passes were abandoned in the No-Return Pass. Even the many Holy Spirits suffered casualties.”

“Retreating to the Spatial Territory and obtaining the help of the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er, the Human Race managed to barely stabilize their position. However, in the end, the Black Ink Clan still want to crush my Human Race's hearts. After many schemes, they were finally able to open up a passage from the Spatial Territory to the Wind Mist Territory. On that day, the Human Race’s momentum was completely destroyed. After the Ninth Order Old Ancestors linked up with the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress, they sacrificed themselves to kill many of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords and heavily wounded the Ink Giant Spiritual God, allowing the Human Race’s armies to retreat safely.”

“After that, the Black Ink Clan invaded the Heavens, and the Human Race retreated to more than a dozen great domain like the Mysterious Nether Territory, guarding the last High Heaven Territory. It has been more than three thousand years since then, and this is a shame to the Human Race. Since ancient times, the Human Race has always been the favored children of the Heavens, but now we’ve been forced to this point by the Black Ink Clan and have failed to live up to the heavens' favor and love!”

Most of the six thousand or so soldiers present had never experienced such a grand battle before, so when they heard Yang Kai’s words, they couldn’t help feeling a sense of grievance and anger.

“The Black Ink Clan is powerful and the Human Race is weak, this is undeniable. In the past, the Black Ink Clan was able to break our arms and legs, but they were unable to break our backbone! The Human Race will never compromise with the Black Ink Clan and will never give up the Heavens. The Human Race will never be defeated!”

Down below, Yang Xiao’s blood began to boil as he couldn’t help letting out a loud Dragon Roar, “Human Race, never give up!”

The dozens of Holy Spirits standing nearby couldn’t help turning their heads to look at him with strange expressions. For a pure-blooded Dragon Clan to shout such words, it was quite strange…

Speaking of which, although they were willing to fight side by side with the Human Race and expel the Black Ink Clan together so that they could find a place to live in the future, they would never say such words. This was not in line with their status.

However, the morale of the six thousand soldiers, which had been boiling with excitement, was completely ignited by Yang Xiao’s shout, causing them to let out a loud roar that shook the world.

“The Human Race will never be defeated!”

Their battle intent soared and their killing intent soared, seemingly wanting to pierce through the heavens and sweep away the Black Ink Tides from the World.

Thousands of years ago, during the last battle in the Spatial Territory, when the Old Ancestors had sacrificed themselves to kill the enemy, a similar roar had echoed throughout the world.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, waiting for the shout to subside before speaking, “I’m sure everyone is curious as to why you’ve been summoned here. All of you are heroes of the Human Race, each with outstanding achievements and killing countless enemies. You can be said to be the elites of all the great armies, and since you’re all elites, it’s only natural for you to act.”

“The place where you stan is called the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion. It is a secret treasure that the Human Race has spent thousands of years and countless resources to create, specifically used to resist the Black Ink Clan’s masters. The reason why you have been summoned here is to allow you to reside in this Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion and use its power to resist any possible dangers.”

“Thousands of years ago, the Human Race’s allied forces were defeated outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Inside the Mother Nest, Black Ink’s main body fell into a deep sleep, but no one knew when it would wake up. Although there are still some arrangements there, it’s not safe, so now we need all of you to go to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and stand guard together!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd burst into an uproar. Even the Holy Spirits were dumbfounded.

Although everyone knew that Yang Kai would ask them to do something big, no one could have imagined that the reason he had mobilized these people and build this Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion was to guard the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!

This was the home of the Black Ink Clan, the place where Black Ink’s main body was located, the source of all chaos. The soldiers who had survived the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction couldn’t help recalling the tragedy of that battle.

It could be said that this battle was the beginning of the Human Race’s retreat, and it was also a wound that was difficult to erase from the hearts of all the surviving Human Race soldiers.

Thousands of years ago, they had escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction while bearing the burden of humiliation. After thousands of years, were they finally going to fight back again? Clenching their fists lightly, the battle intent in their chests had never been so high!

This time, they would not retreat!

Yang Kai’s voice continued from the front, “Although that place isn’t completely isolated from the world, you won’t be able to obtain any assistance from the Human Race. In that place, you can only rely on yourselves, your compatriots, and your comrades. You may encounter a far more dangerous situation than the Great Domain Battlefield, and you may die at any moment. If you’re afraid you can leave now, if you leave now, no one will blame you!”

Yang Kai raised his eyes and swept his gaze across the crowd, but no one moved. After a dozen breaths of time, the six thousand soldiers still stood upright, their eyes filled with unwavering determination.

Yang Kai was greatly comforted and couldn’t help nodding, “Very good, with everyone’s determination, what need is there to worry about injustice? Today, I, Yang Kai, and Senior Brother Mi Jinglun are here. In the name of the Human Race’s Head Office Division, we will form the Withdrawing Black Ink Army. I hope that all of you will be able to prosper in the Martial Dao and return triumphantly!”

Thinking back, when the Great Evolution Army was first established, Yang Kai was only a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, just like the six thousand soldiers in front of him, standing below and looking at the majestic majesty of the Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators, he couldn’t help feeling envious. Now, with the passing of time, his youth was no longer the same, and he had begun to carry the banner of the Human Race, taking on his responsibilities.

Mi Jinglun stepped forward, took out a jade book, and shouted, “Where is Su Yan?”

In the crowd, Su Yan, who had a cold expression and a picturesque face, stepped forward, cupped her fists, and shouted, “Su Yan is here!”

Mi Jinglun looked at her and took out the jade book, “Today, you will be the Garrison Chief of the Jiazi Garrison in Withdrawing Black Ink Army, commanding six hundred soldiers! Inside this jade book is the name of the soldiers under your Garrison. The division of the Garrison's squads, the choice for Team-Leader, will be yours to decide later!”

Su Yan was a little stunned. Although she had killed countless enemies and accumulated many merits in the various battlefields over the years, she had never commanded anyone else to do anything. Most of the women gathered together had listened to Yu Rumeng’s orders. It wasn’t that Yu Rumeng’s strength was stronger than hers, but in fact, among all the women, the strongest was Su Yan. After all, she had the bloodline of the Phoenix Clan, and now that she had broken through to the Eighth Order, she was much stronger than the average Human Race Eighth Stage.

It was just that Yu Rumeng, the Demon Saint of the Demon Race, had a high position and authority when she was still in the Demon Realm. She was naturally better than Su Yan in deploying the staff and observing the situations, so everyone was used to listening to her commands.

As such, with such a heavy burden on her shoulders and six hundred soldiers under her command, Su Yan didn’t know what to do.

Looking towards Yang Kai with a questioning gaze, she saw Yang Kai hesitate for a moment before nodding slightly, no longer hesitating, “Su Yan accepts!”

Receiving the jade book, she use her Divine Sense to quickly investigate the people in this Garrison. When she saw Yu Rumeng’s name, her heart immediately relaxed. Mi Jinglun obviously knew about these women, so he had already made arrangements to not separate them. With Yu Rumeng acting as Su Yan’s adviser, it shouldn’t be a problem for her to become the Garrison Chief of the Jiazi Garrison.

Mi Jinglun shouted again, “Where is Yang Xiao?”

Yang Xiao immediately rushed out in high spirits and cupped his fists happily, “Yang Xiao is here!”

With the precedent of Su Empress, how could Yang Xiao not know that he was about to be conferred the title of Garrison Chief? Immediately, he was overjoyed, his mouth nearly splitting open from ear to ear, and he even winked at Yang Kai, as if saying his son didn't bring shame to him.

Yang Kai pretended not to notice… this little bastard’s personality had always been so brash, even when he was still a child.

However… Mi Jinglun actually allowed Su Yan and Yang Xiao to serve as a Garrison Chief, something Yang Kai hadn’t expected. The decision for the Withdrawing Black Ink Army was made by the Head Office Division, so Yang Kai didn’t participate.

Fortunately, this wasn’t a big deal. Whether it was Su Yan or Yang Xiao, with the Dragon and Phoenix’s background and strength, both of them had the qualifications to become the Garrison Chief. Even if they were brought up on the stage, no one would say that Yang Kai only used his own people!

This Garrison Chief position wasn’t so easy to sit on. No one knew how dangerous it was outside of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, at the same time, being in a position of great authority, didn’t that mean they had to take the lead?


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Boban Germanovic
Boban Germanovic
22 de jan. de 2023

How come the great domain barriers have not been erroded by ink force by this point and merged all together lik in ink battlefield? Its been 3000 years. At least come up with something now to correct it and say "oh only Black ink himself can actually do that" or something.. This Author was truly done with this story since outer universe after thousands of chapters. Even for chinese cultivation standard this is a bit low, well for MP at least.

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Black Ink wasn't restricted back then so there were a lot more black Ink and there were Purer because of the Ink Queen and base on the information it was insinuated that it took waaaay longer than 3000 years.


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Su yan best girl.

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