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Yang Kai had brought out more than a hundred Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Boundary.

However, there were only about sixty people standing in front of him now.

After nearly three thousand years of fierce battles, the casualty rate had reached forty percent, and these were all Holy Spirits. Each one of them was stronger than a human race cultivator of the same grade, so it was easy to imagine how many battles they had suffered over the years.

Although there weren’t many of them, this was definitely an extremely powerful force. Each of these Holy Spirits was comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race master, an Eighth Order Holy Spirit, and their strength was even stronger than an Eighth Order Human Race master.

Due to various reasons, their ancestors had been imprisoned in the Great Ruins Boundary by the Old Tree. Under the special environment of the Great Ruins Boundary, no matter how much their bloodline improved, it was difficult for them to display their full strength.

Just like Zhu Jiuyin, who Yang Kai had brought out from the Great Ruins Boundary, this Enchantress was also an Eighth Order Holy Spirit, but under the suppression of the Great Ruins Boundary, the strength she could display was greatly reduced. It was only after leaving the Great Ruins Boundary and recovering in the Void Land for many years that she slowly reached the corresponding level.

The dozens of Holy Spirits in front of him had left the Great Ruins Boundary for almost three thousand years, so they had naturally adapted to the outside world’s laws.

Almost eighty percent of them were Eighth Order Holy Spirits, with only twenty percent of them being Seventh Order Holy Spirits. Amongst the Eighth Order Holy Spirits, there were even a few whose auras were especially fierce. Perhaps in the future, they would have a chance to become Ninth Order Holy Spirits.

In particular, after so many years of fighting and battle, these Holy Spirits all exuded a fierce killing intent that was mixed with the might of the Holy Spirits, causing everyone to tremble in fear.

As they stood here, the busy Artifact Refiners and Array Masters in the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion circled around them.

However, the further one progressed in the Holy Spirit’s bloodline, the more difficult it became. It was no longer the era where the Heavens favored the Holy Spirits, so there were very few Holy Spirits capable of reaching the Ninth Order Holy Spirit.

The Dragon Clan’s Fu Guang had cultivated in the Dragon Pond for so many years, but in the end, with Yang Kai’s help, he was able to ascend to the Divine Dragon realm.

On the other hand, after the Phoenix Empress fell in the Spatial Territory, no one from the Phoenix Clan had been able to inherit the position of Phoenix Empress. The advancement of one’s bloodline wasn’t something that could be achieved just by living for a long time. What was important was one’s own inheritance. If one’s inheritance wasn’t enough, no matter how long one lived, it would be useless.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the Holy Spirits and suddenly cupped his fists and bowed, “It’s been hard on everyone these past few years.”

The solemn atmosphere suddenly relaxed as a Holy Spirit smiled and said, “Sir is too serious, it’s just a matter of duty.”

Yang Kai glanced over at the Holy Spirit who had just spoken and nodded slightly, smiling as he said, “When I brought all of you out of the Great Ruins Boundary, I made a three thousand years agreement with all of you, and all of you swore a great oath with your respective Sources, so now it’s over…”

Saying so, Yang Kai began counting with his fingers.

A small voice from below said, “There’s still 79 years until the three thousand years agreement.”

A burst of agreement rang out, “Yes!”

Yang Kai raised his head and chuckled, “You all remember clearly.”

All of the Holy Spirits smiled apologetically. How could they not remember this? This was something related to the Source Oath.

Yang Kai put his hands behind his back and continued, “When I asked all of you to make the Source Oath back then, I said that once the three thousand year agreement is fulfilled, you will be free, so naturally, I don’t intend to break the agreement now. However, I’m sure everyone is clear about the current situation in the Heavens now. I would like to ask one more question, after the three thousand year agreement is fulfilled, what will you do?”

The Holy Spirits below looked at each other helplessly.

At this point, how could they not know that Yang Kai had tricked them all those years ago? When they came out of the Great Ruins Boundary, they had no idea what was happening outside.

Although the three thousand years agreement was about to arrive, even if they obtained freedom, where could they go?

A big man with a bull head said, “Sir, the Heavens are now the Black Ink Clan’s Heavens, so we have nowhere to go. I’m afraid we can only fight alongside the Human Race and expel our enemies. When the time comes, please do not abandon us and allow us to serve you.”

Yang Kai turned to look at the Holy Spirit who had just spoken. It was Zhujian, and he was a bit surprised. He had thought that after these Holy Spirits obtained their freedom, they would leave the battlefield, but he hadn’t expected them to be so righteous.

Immediately feeling somewhat gratified, he asked, “Does everyone think so?”

One of the Holy Spirits replied honestly, “We’ve already boarded a pirate ship, can we still get off?”

This caused many Holy Spirits to laugh.

Yang Kai nodded and said, “It is my Human Race’s fortune to have such considerations, the fortune of the Heavens. I, Yang Kai, hereby swear on my Source that in my lifetime, I will exterminate the entire Black Ink Clan and eliminate all troubles. On the day of peace and prosperity, I will drink and chat with all of you. At that time, all of you will be the greatest contributors to the Heavens and will definitely be blessed by the Heavens, perhaps restoring the glory of your ancestors!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the phantom of a golden dragon head flashed behind Yang Kai, the manifestation of the Source Oath.

All the Holy Spirits were moved, and Zhujian immediately cupped its fists and said, “I am willing to serve Sir!”

The other Holy Spirits also shouted, “I am willing to serve Sir!”

“Very good!” Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction, “Now that I’ve asked you to come here, I have a task for all of you. This matter is of great importance and will determine the success or failure of the great battle in the future. All of you must work hard.”

Zhujian immediately asked curiously, “Sir, what mission?”

Yang Kai smiled mysteriously, “There’s no rush, we’ll have to wait for the Human Race’s arrangements to be made. At that time, I’ll send you to a place, and when the Human Race’s arrangements are complete, I’ll explain in detail.”

The Holy Spirits didn’t ask any more questions. Yang Kai told them to disperse and find a place to rest and not disturb the Artifact Refiners and Array Masters here, so the Holy Spirits naturally didn’t hesitate.

Ordinary human race didn’t have such deterrent force, but Yang Kai wasn’t an ordinary human. Strictly speaking, he was now a powerful Ancient Dragon that was only a step away from becoming a Divine Dragon, so the Holy Spirits didn’t feel any sense of superiority in front of him.

After a few more days, six thousand Human Race soldiers finally arrived at the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion. These six thousand people encompassed all kinds of talents, enough to allow the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion to operate like a true mountain pass.

Mi Jinglun personally delivered these soldiers who had been transferred from various battlefields to this place. On the large drill ground, six thousand people had gathered, their killing intent soaring to the heavens and their might astonishing.

Each of these soldiers had a cultivation level no lower than the Sixth Order, and Seventh Order or Eighth Order cultivators were even more common. Each of them had killed many Black Ink Clan cultivators on the battlefield.

Suddenly receiving orders from the Head Office to be transferred here, no one knew what had happened or what they were supposed to do.

However, seeing such a huge Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, it was obviously going to be a big deal, causing everyone to be filled with anticipation.

Yang Kai stood in front of the six thousand people with Mi Jinglun beside him. As he swept his eyes over them, he saw many familiar faces.

Yu Rumeng, Su Yan, Shan Qingluo, Xue Yue, Ji Yao… besides Xia Ningchang who had been refining pills in the rear, all the other wives were present.

Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, Zhao Yebai, Zhao Ya, Xu Yi… these people who were close to him were also present.

Yang Kai even saw Zhang Ruoxi, who he had not seen for many years, staring at him with bright eyes.

The moment he saw Zhang Ruoxi, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped, as if a thought was about to emerge, but it was not clear.

Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it and quietly whispered to Mi Jinglun, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Mi.”

His wives and even Yang Xiao and the others being sent here was obviously Mi Jinglun’s intention, not because he wanted to take care of these close friends of Yang Kai’s, but because the Black Ink Clan was now specifically targeting these people. Once they appeared on the battlefield, they would always be surrounded by the powerful masters of the Black Ink Clan. If it weren’t for the fact that some of them were proficient in the Space Principle, they would have long been killed.

Now that they had been transferred here, they could avoid any future crisis.

“There’s no need to thank me,” Mi Jinglun was a meticulous person, so he naturally understood the meaning behind Yang Kai’s words, “They are all heroes of the Human Race, so we need their help on this trip. Moreover, the situation over there may be even more dangerous than on the battlefield.”

While the two of them were conversing, somewhere in the crowd below, Yang Xiao was also conversing with Yang Xue who was beside him, “Little Aunt, what is wrong with that Big Head Mi? Our entire team has been transferred here, but why is Old Fang not included? Although Old Fang is a bit naive, his strength is still quite strong. Hey, why don’t you go find Foster Father and ask him to bring Old Fang over?”

Over the years, Yang Xiao and the others had made quite a name for themselves, and when the Black Ink Clan learned of his relationship with Yang Xue and Yang Kai, they often targeted them. Most of the time, it was Fang Tianci who used his Space Ability to bring them out of danger.

After so many years of cooperation, the two of them had become extremely close. Yang Xiao thought highly of this Old Fang, but unfortunately, for some reason, Mi Jinglun had transferred all of them over, leaving only Fang Tianci behind!

Yang Xiao didn’t know why Big Head Mi didn’t take a liking to Old Fang, but this made Yang Xiao very dissatisfied, so now he was urging Yang Xue to go find his foster father.

Yang Xue naturally wouldn’t refuse. Fang Tianci had been a great help to them most of the time, and she didn’t know what kind of mission thay're going to carry out this time, but judging from the current situation, the road ahead was definitely dangerous. With Fang Tianci by their side, their safety would greatly increase.

Therefore, she nodded and said, “Good, when I have time later, I’ll talk to Big Brother.”

In front of the square, Mi Jinglun sent another voice transmission, “Junior Brother Yang, I found an interesting person in this transfer. This person was originally together with Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. He is also an Eighth Order Open Heaven master and is proficient in the Space Principle. He came from your Small Universe, but this person came to me and said he couldn’t accept this transfer. I asked him for the reason, but he didn’t explain it clearly and only asked me to ask you.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on and asked, “Is his name Fang Tianci?”

Mi Jinglun nodded, “It’s him.”

Yang Kai said, “This person is of great use to me, it is indeed inconvenient to send him to that place.”

Mi Jinglun was relieved, “Since it’s Junior Brother’s arrangement, there’s no problem.”


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