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If Yang Kai was only a Sixth or Seventh Order, Luo Tinghe wouldn’t have a hard time. Giving him some treasures or giving him some pointers on his cultivation was a piece of cake.

However, Yang Kai’s cultivation had been steadily rising over the past few years and his progress had been rapid. He was now an Eighth Order, and he was not just an ordinary Eighth Order, but an Eighth Order who was about to reach the peak.

In terms of strength, Yang Kai, an Eighth Order master, was definitely at the peak of the Human Race, even Xiang Shan could not compare to him.

This made things difficult for Luo Tinghe. Ever since she had successfully broken through to the Ninth Order and was responsible for guarding the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, she had been considering this matter and had finally made a decision.

“After thinking about it for a long time, you’ve traveled a lot and encountered many dangers, so why don’t I give you something to protect yourself with? If you encounter any danger in the future, it might be useful.”

Saying so, she didn’t give Yang Kai any chance to refuse and pointed her slender finger forward. The sea of flowers that covered the mountain valley seemed to be drawn in by something, and in an instant, they turned into tiny lights that gathered towards her fingertip.

Streams of light gathered and slowly condensed into the shape of a butterfly. The butterfly’s color was dazzling and lifelike as it gently flapped its wings.

When the light that filled the sky disappeared, the butterfly completely condensed.

But this wasn’t the end. Yang Kai could clearly feel Luo Tinghe’s World Force madly surging towards the butterfly at her fingertip. The tiny butterfly, which was the size of a baby’s palm, had now become a bottomless pit, constantly swallowing the power of a Ninth Order Open Heaven master.

Yang Kai was immediately moved.

Although he didn’t know what kind of profound Secret Technique Luo Tinghe had used, he could tell that this Senior from Yin-Yang Heaven was pouring her Small Universe’s heritage into the butterfly.

This was undoubtedly a great loss to her. If such a butterfly condensed from a Secret Technique was activated, its power would be no less than Luo Tinghe’s!

It really was a treasure! Just as Luo Tinghe had said, he no longer needed to cultivate in seclusion and could only travel about outside. When he was in the Ancestral Land, he had been besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s masters and he had to face two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords and countless Black Ink Clan masters in the No-Return Pass.

He had indeed encountered many dangers, and if he had such a treasure to protect himself, it could save his life at certain critical moments.

Putting everything else aside, if he had such a Secret Technique Butterfly back in the Ancestral Land, how could Di Wu have caused any trouble?

With the infusion of a Ninth Order Open Heaven Small Universe’s heritage, the Secret Technique Butterfly became more agile, as if it had come to life and was about to fly away.

On Luo Tinghe’s face, a trace of exhaustion appeared.

After half an hour, Luo Tinghe let out a long sigh and severed the connection between her Small Universe and the Secret Technique Butterfly. With a light tap of her finger, the Secret Technique Butterfly flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai opened his palm and the butterfly flew into his palm. The dazzling light dispersed and transformed into a butterfly-shaped crystal.

“If you encounter a crisis you can’t resolve, just take out this artifact. It has my full strength, but it can only last for thirty breaths of time, remember this,” Luo Tinghe warned.

Although the butterfly was light, Yang Kai’s heart was heavy. He could roughly estimate that in order to condense this Secret Technique Butterfly, Luo Tinghe had lost at least five hundred to eight hundred years of cultivation. In other words, the accumulation of hundreds of years of hard work could only lasted thirty breaths.

In a sense, this Secret Technique was extremely harmful to Luo Tinghe, but to Yang Kai, it was a true life-saving treasure.

Putting away the Secret Technique Butterfly, Yang Kai bowed, “Many thanks for Old Ancestor’s kindness!”

Luo Tinghe smiled lightly, “You are now the pillar of the Human Race, so you can’t afford to have any accidents.” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “You’ve been travelling outside for a long time, so you know the current situation of the two races better than anyone else. Why don’t you tell me, if the two races were to start a full-scale war now, how high would the Human Race’s chances of victory be?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying seriously, “The chances of victory are actually quite high, but the Human Race cannot just focus on the present…”

It wasn’t that the Human Race didn’t have the confidence to fight the Black Ink Clan.

In the past, Yang Kai had taken the initiative to give up his greatest advantage in the Mysteriious Nether Territory, opening up the bridge to negotiate peace with the Black Ink Clan, just to create a relatively safe environment for the younger generation of the Human Race to grow. This was because he had realized at that time that this was not a war where one person could decide the outcome of a battle, and the Human Race needed more masters.

Later on, the scope of the peace negotiations became even larger.

More than two thousand years had passed since then, and the Human Race had risen to prominence again, along with the Star Boundary, Myriad Monster World, and even his Small Universe.

Now, the Human Race had a new Ninth Order Open Heaven master.

It could be said that the current situation of the Human Race was much better than when they had just retreated 3000 years ago.

Once a battle really broke out, the Human Race’s chances of victory would not be small. Not to mention anything else, Yang Kai didn’t have any constraints to begin with, so he could easily kill his enemies. How many of those Promoted Territory Lord and Innate Territory Lord would be able to escape if they were targeted by him?

It was true that the Black Ink Clan was able to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but how could there be so many Territory Lords to be sacrificed?

As such, even if the two races were to engage in a full-scale war right now, the Human Race’s chances of victory would still be at least sixty to seventy percent, but they had to be mentally prepared to pay a huge price. Perhaps after this war, the number of Human Race cultivators would sharply decrease, and no one could guarantee they would survive.

But how could the Human Race just focus on what was in front of them? The roots of the Black Ink Clan’s troubles lay in the Heavenly Beginning Greaat Restriction. As long as the Black Ink Clan’s main body was not eliminated, even if the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds and exterminated them, the Black Ink Clan’s troubles would be difficult to resolve.

The Human Race needed more strength and a stronger foundation to deal with even worse situations.

The Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion was a method prepared for this situation.

For the time being, time was on the Human Race’s side, and the longer this dragged on, the greater the advantage the Human Race would have. However, this kind of delay also had a limit. Once Black Ink’s main body completely woke up, the Human Race would not be able to find a way to deal with it, so no matter how much they delayed, they would only be able to drag out their last breaths.

As such, Yang Kai was willing to use a thousand Black Ink Disciples and a large amount of resources to resolve the enmity between him and the Black Ink Clan. It was not that he was easy to deal with, but right now was not the time to completely fall out with them.

Speaking of the thousand Black Ink Disciples, Yang Kai suddenly remembered that the thousand Black Ink Disciples had been kept by him in his Small Universe, but he had forgotten to release them to report to the Head Office Division.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry. In any case, there was no danger in staying in his Small Universe.

After chatting with Luo Tinghe for half a day and analyzing the situation between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan, Luo Tinghe couldn’t help nodding.

Although she was a Ninth Order, she had been stationed in the Azure Sun Territory for many years, and after breaking through to the Ninth Order, she had been stationed here, so she didn’t know as much about the outside world as Yang Kai did.

Yang Kai was simply too good at running around, others didn’t have his skill.

“I roughly understand the situation,” Luo Tinghe nodded slightly before suddenly smiling, “Since you’re so confident in victory, does that mean you’ve found a way to deal with that Ink Giant Spiritual God?”

If the two races were to fight, the Black Ink Clan’s greatest advantage would not be their massive military strength or the number of Territory Lords they had, but rather the Ink Giant Spiritual God that was being suppressed by the two Ninth Order Human Race masters in the Spatial Territory!

This was a true master who could influence the course of the war between the two races.

The Black Ink Clan now had two Ink Giant Spiritual God, one of which was being held back by A’ Er, so there was no need to worry too much. These two had fought for thousands of years, and neither of them could do anything to the other. On the other hand, once the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had awakened from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land broke free, it would be a disaster for the Human Race.

Previously, because it had been seriously injured, it had been locked in place by the two Ninth Order Human Race masters using a Secret Technique, but after so many years of recovery, its injuries shouldn’t have been too serious, otherwise Yang Kai wouldn’t have gone to the Spatial Territory to give it a hard time.

Once the Black Ink Clan reached a life or death crisis, the Ink Giant Spiritual God would definitely not stand by and watch, perhaps even resorting to a decisive move.

With the current strength of the Human Race, it would be difficult to resist it.

However, from what Luo Tinghe heard, Yang Kai didn’t seem to have any intention of mentioning the Ink Giant Spiritual God, so it was obvious he had some kind of response.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Old Ancestor’s mind is really quick.”

Luo Tinghe immediately thought of many possibilities but didn’t ask any further.

After chatting for a while longer, Yang Kai took his leave while Luo Tinghe meditated to make up for her loss.

Yang Kai did not return to the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion but instead went directly to the outer void. Yang Kai opened his Small Universe’s door and released the thousand Black Ink Disciples who had been taken in by him.

After being purified by the Light of Purification, the Ink Force in their bodies had completely disappeared. Now that they were facing Yang Kai, all of them wore ashamed expressions.

Especially when they tried to escape and cause trouble for Yang Kai. If Yang Kai hadn’t used his Space Ability to seal the void, they would probably still be serving the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai wasn’t surprised by this and didn’t say anything to them, only giving them directions to report to the Human Race’s Head Office.

The thousand people bowed in unison before quickly disappearing.

The Head Office Division had spent several months mobilizing their forces, it wasn’t an easy task to mobilize thousands of Open Heaven Stage cultivators. They couldn’t deploy them from one battlefield, otherwise it would affect the situation on that battlefield.

In addition, the allocation of the various personnel was also very particular.

However, before the human race army arrived, a group of Holy Spirits came to report to Yang Kai.

They were the Holy Spirits he had brought out from the Great Ruins Boundary.

Since Yang Kai had killed Taowu in the Mysteriious Nether Territory, these scattered Holy Spirits had undoubtedly performed much better on the battlefield, fearing Yang Kai’s brutal methods.

The Taowu of that day was comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race master, but he had been killed by Yang Kai so easily. Moreover, Taowu didn’t even have a chance to resist, so no one wanted to be the next Taowu. Over the years, whenever the Human Race asked for help, they would do their best to complete it.

In the nameless great domain, above the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion's square, Yang Kai looked at the Holy Spirits in front of him and sighed.


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Xue Ying
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Another conflict here with the time. If YK really recuperated 200-300 years every time he uses the mental spike (let's say 10x only but pretty sure he did that many times in yearning territory and 1x in NRP), then he cultivated 1700 and the other many years he went here and there. Which means it's more than 3000 years already and he missed to check on Wu Kuang at 2000 years deadline. Therefore it should be 2-3yrs recuperation.

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