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Yang Kai didn’t stay in the Star Boundary for long. After communicating with Hua Qing Si for a while, he released a group of disciples from the Void Dojo who were waiting to be promoted to Open Heaven Stage and handed them over to her. After giving them a few simple instructions, he left without stopping.

After passing through the Domain Gate, he arrived at the neighboring territory, which only had a number and no name.

On the Universe Chart, there was only a single great domain with number, but it was an extremely low-level territory. There weren’t any decent forces here, and perhaps there weren’t even many Universe World. Generally speaking, such a great doamin was rarely visited by human race and was separated from the Heavens.

In the past, High Heaven Territory was like this. In the entire High Heaven Territory, there were only two Universe Worlds, one was the Star Boundary and the other was the Demon Realm. The strongest powerhouse in these Universe Worlds were only Great Emperors and Demon Saints, unable to even break through to the Open Heaven Stage, unable to break free from the Universe World's shackles and travel the world, so naturally they could not see the outside world.

However, after the rise of the Star Boundary, High Heaven Territory was named after High Heaven Palace.

The neighboring Great Domain wasn’t so lucky. Now, this is currently the Great Domain where the Human Race’s Head Office Division was located. Although it wasn’t famous in the past and could even be considered a desolate and uninhabited Great Domain, it was now extremely important to the Human Race.

It wasn’t just because this was a Great Domain that led directly to the Star Boundary, but also because it was connected to more than ten human race Great Domain Battlefields.

Just like how the Spatial Territory was the last barrier between the 3000 Worlds, this Territory was also the last barrier for the Human Race! Once the Black Ink Clan had the ability to break through this Territory, they would be able to enter the Human Race’s rear camp. At that time, the Human Race would have no choice but to defend High Heaven Territory and the new Great Domain.

Because this place was where the Head Office Division was located, this territory was extremely lively. No matter which battlefield the soldiers were deployed from, they would all be transferred through this territory to rest and reorganize themselves. The great army from the rear would also pass through here and be dispatched by the Head Office Division to participate in the Great Domain Battlefield.

Looking from afar, there were as many Human Race soldiers as a school of carps crossing a river, and their figures were as dazzling as stars.

Yang Kai withdrew his aura slightly and followed the crowd to the floating continent where the Head Office Divison was located. He didn’t need to announce his arrival and directly arrived at a large hall.

Inside the main hall, Mi Jinglun was still pointing at the Void Chart with his feathered fan. The few Seventh Order Open Heaven who were in charge of transmitting messages beside him couldn’t help nodding and taking note of it. Yang Kai glanced over and found that it was the Void Chart of the Twin Poles Territory.

Sensing Yang Kai’s arrival, Mi Jinglun raised his head and signaled him to wait a moment. Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony and found a place to sit down, pouring tea for himself.

After busying himself for half an hour, Mi Jinglun finally dismissed the few Seventh Order Open and stood in place for a moment before rubbing his forehead and walking over to Yang Kai to sit down, pushing the teacup in front of him over.

Yang Kai picked up the teapot and poured a cup for him. Mi Jinglun drank it all in one gulp and let out a long sigh.

Yang Kai asked, “Is the situation in Twin Poles Territory bad?”

Mi Jinglun nodded and said, “The Black Ink Clan has increased the intensity of the Twin Poles Territory’s offensive. Now that they have given birth to many Promoted Territory Lords, the pressure on my Human Race’s side is quite great.” Turning to look at Yang Kai, he smiled and said, “Why don’t you make a trip?”

“No!” Yang Kai waved his hand, “I just came back from the No-Return Pass. If I go to the Twin Poles Territory now, won’t I be breaking my promise?”

“What happened?” Mi Jinglun’s expression became serious.

Yang Kai briefly explained what had happened in the No-Return Pass and then took out the materials he had collected from the Black Ink Clan and handed them over to Mi Jinglun.

Mi Jinglun took it and examined it for a moment before muttering, “The Black Ink Clan is really generous to you.”

In his heart, he was well aware that this was a reputation he had earned through killing. If he wanted the Black Ink Clan to choose between the lives of the Territory Lord and their resources, they would definitely choose the latter. Things like resources could still be mined after being given out, but the Territory Lord was a precious treasure. If Yang Kai really wanted to kill them, it would not be a good thing.

If he, Mi Jinglun, had been the one to demand an exorbitant price from the Black Ink Clan, he would definitely have been killed by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. How could he have such a harvest? Although he had been promoted to the Eighth Order for a much longer time than Yang Kai, he had to admit that in terms of strength, he was no match for Yang Kai.

This was a good thing. The future surpassed the past, giving human race hope.

“A few days ago, there was news that many of the Ink Nest scattered throughout the Great Domain had collapsed for no reason, so I guessed it was you who had gone to the No-Return Pass to stir up trouble. Now that I think about it, it seems that was the case.”

There was a precedent for this. The last time Yang Kai had caused such a ruckus, he had destroyed six Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, causing the Black Ink Clan to instantly lose the many Territory Lords and Feudal Lord level Ink Nests that had been created by the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. At that time, the Human Race didn’t know what had happened, but later they learned that it was Yang Kai’s doing.

As such, Mi Jinglun was able to predict what would happen next.

“The few Seventh Order Open Heaven who returned from the Ancestral Land have already explained the situation over there in detail, and the Small Stone Race’s army has also been brought back safely,” Mi Jinglun said solemnly, “Junior Brother, does the Black Ink Clan really have the means to promote the Innate Territory Lord?”

When they heard this news that day, many of the Eighth Order masters from the Head Office Division were shocked and immediately decided to seal the news so as to not disturb the morale of their troops. All these years, Mi Jinglun had always wanted to ask Yang Kai about this matter, but unfortunately, Yang Kai was always elusive and he could only see him if he came to find him himself. If Mi Jinglun wanted to find him, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Yang Kai drank another cup of tea and nodded, “Indeed, this is how the Pseudo-Royal Lord Di Wu from the Ancestral Land was born. Unfortunately, he was too careless and was killed by me!”

“Pseudo-Royal Lord?” Mi Jinglun raised his brow.

“Senior Brother doesn’t know, although the Black Ink Clan has the ability to promote Innate Territory Lord to a Royal Lord, such a Royal Lord has the power and influence of a Royal Lord, but they can’t display their full strength. When I fought with Di Wu, I could clearly feel that he could only display seventy to eighty percent of his full strength, so I called them Pseudo-Royal Lord.”

Mi Jinglun’s expression relaxed slightly, “If that’s the case, there’s no need to be too afraid.”

A Pseudo-Royal Lord who could only exert seventy to eighty percent of his strength was far less of a threat to an Eighth Order Human Race master than a true Royal Lord. Perhaps he only needed several Eighth Order Human Race masters to join forces to resist him.

“However, when i go to the No-Return Pass, there is now another Pseudo-Royal Lord.”

Mi Jinglun’s eyes narrowed, “Who?”

“Senior Brother, do you remember that Innate Territory Lord called Mo Na Ye?”

“It’s him?” How could Mi Jinglun not recognize Mo Na Ye? This was one of the few Innate Territory Lords that the Human Race had paid close attention to. This fellow was far smarter than the other Territory Lords. When he was in charge of the Azure Sun Territory, he had repeatedly set up traps and caused the Human Race to suffer several losses. For this Mo Na Ye to become a Pseudo-Royal Lord, it was definitely not a good thing for the Human Race.

After pondering for a moment, Mi Jinglun decided not to think too much about it. Now that Mo Na Ye had become a Pseudo-Royal Lord, there was no point in thinking too much about it. If they really met, they would have to deal with whatever came their way. Mi Jinglun asked, “Junior Brother, do you know how the Black Ink Clan create a Pseudo-Royal Lord?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “When I went to the No-Return Pass, that Mo Na Ye was already a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but the result should be similar to the information I received from those few Seventh Order Open Heaven when they were in the No-Return Pass. Even if the Black Ink Clan had methods to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord, they would have to pay a huge price and sacrifice a large number of Innate Territory Lords as sacrifices. When Di Wu became a Pseudo-Royal Lord, thirteen Innate Territory Lords were sacrificed, while Mo Na Ye sacrificed at least twelve!”

Mi Jinglun, however, seemed to have suddenly thought of something and gently clapped his hands, “Perhaps… they also have to sacrifice a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.”

Yang Kai asked in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Junior Brother doesn’t know this, but now that I think about it, more than four hundred years ago, some of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord and Feudal Lord level Ink Nest suddenly collapsed, but the number of them wasn’t great. If we look back at the source, we should only be able to find a single Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. More than a hundred years ago, this kind of situation happened again. At that time, I thought Junior Brother was the one who destroyed their Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, but I later found out that wasn’t the case.”

“Four hundred years ago…” Yang Kai did a quick calculation and realized that he had just arrived at the Ancestral Land and was currently cultivating there.

A hundred years ago, he had killed Di Wu.

To the Black Ink Clan, the Ink Nest was their foundation, so it was impossible for them to destroy it so easily. There was only one reason why the Territory Lord and the Feudal Lord level Ink Nest had collapsed like that, and that was because the source, the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, had been destroyed!

With such a coincidence, and the anomaly was so obvious. Mi Jinglun was a man of great wisdom, so it was one thing if he didn’t grasp enough clues, but now that he had, he could naturally deduce the truth.

Yang Kai couldn’t help nodding.

More than four hundred years ago, when the Black Ink Clan found out that he was cultivating in the Ancestral Land, they had ruthlessly created Di Wu, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, and had him go to the Ancestral Land to kill him.

Unfortunately, Di Wu’s efforts had been in vain, and he had fallen in the Ancestral Land. The news was sent back to the No-Return Pass, so the Black Ink Clan had once again built a Mo Na Ye.

Two times before and after, not only had more than a dozen Territory Lords been sacrificed, but one of the Ink Nest had also been destroyed.

“That makes sense,” Mi Jinglun’s eyes lit up, “The Black Ink Clan does have methods to allow Innate Territory Lord to become a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but they need to sacrifice many Territory Lords, as well as a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. No wonder the Black Ink Clan has never used such a method for so many years. Such a price is indeed too great, it is not beneficial to the overall situation.” Glancing at Yang Kai, Mi Jinglun smiled and continued, “However, if it was used against you, the true Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan would naturally be willing to do so. As long as they can kill you in the Ancestral Land, all sacrifices will be meaningful.”

Yang Kai replied, “Man proposes but Heavens disposes.”

If it weren’t for the Ancestral Land, if Yang Kai didn’t have so many Small Stone Race armies on him, Di Wu would likely have succeeded.

Fortunately, this matter had been perfectly resolved. The Black Ink Clan had tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it, Yang Kai also let out a sigh of relief. The two races still needed to maintain the current situation as much as possible. The Black Ink Clan feared Yang Kai’s wanton slaughter on their Territory Lord, and the Human Race needed time to allow their juniors to continue their cultivation. Under such circumstances, the current situation was destined not to be broken.


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