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Half a year later, in the void, Mo Na Ye stood with his head held high, his face as black as the bottom of a pot, his mood extremely ugly. No matter who it was that had been ordered around like a puppet for half a year, they would not show any good expressions.

Behind him, the several Innate Territory Lords all felt his anger and grievance, and in order to avoid being implicated, none of them dared to get too close to him.

Behind them was a group of a thousand Black Ink Disciples. Scattered in all directions.

It had been half a year since Mo Na Ye left with these thousand Black Ink Disciples and the materials he had prepared. During this half a year, Yang Kai had constantly changed the location of his meeting with the Black Ink Clan seven or eight times, sometimes even ten days or half a month without any news, causing Mo Na Ye’s anger to soar, but there was nothing he could do.

He could understand Yang Kai’s cautiousness. In fact, before setting out, the Royal Lord had already warned him that if there was a chance, he would act against Yang Kai.

But with Yang Kai’s actions, how could the Black Ink Clan have a chance to act?

If he wanted to attack Yang Kai, he would need to set up the Four Gates and Eighth Palaces Array in advance and trap him inside.

Repeatedly changing the location of the exchange, the Black Ink Clan was unable to arrange anything beforehand.

Therefore, Mo Na Ye had no intention of doing anything to Yang Kai…

In this current situation, it was as if the Black Ink Clan was offering Yang Kai some kind of reward, but this fellow was still acting like he wanted to refuse, causing Mo Na Ye to feel sullen.

In his heart, he secretly decided that if Yang Kai dared to change the location again, he would bring the Black Ink Disciples and materials back to the No-Return Pass.

Fortunately, this time he didn’t have to wait long before a ripple appeared in the void and Yang Kai’s figure appeared like a ghost, as if he had stepped out from the ripple. Before this, none of the Innate Territory Lords or Mo Na Ye had sensed Yang Kai’s aura.

Just this Space Ability alone was enough to make the Black Ink Clan’s masters somewhat helpless.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Yang Kai appeared and greeted him with a smile. The Black Ink Clan couldn’t have set up such a place in such a hurry, not to mention that he had already secretly searched the vicinity with his Demon Eye of Annihilation. If he hadn’t confirmed that there were no hidden dangers, how could he have appeared so easily?

“Sir Yang Kai is really careful,” Mo Na Ye replied stiffly. He was actually a good-tempered Black Ink Clan member, but now he had been thoroughly angered by Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t pay it any mind and simply said, “There’s nothing wrong with being careful. Enough nonsense, where are the materials?”

Mo Na Ye’s face sank as he tossed out a few Space Rings. Yang Kai used his strength to receive them and first checked if there were any hidden traps. After confirming that there were no problems, he used his Divine Sense to investigate.

Each Space Ring was filled with various quality and attributes, and the amount of resources in each Space Ring was enough for a top Second Class Sect to inherit for a thousand years.

It was truly massive.

Yang Kai clicked his tongue, “The Black Ink Clan really does have a lot of wealth.”

This was something that couldn’t be helped. The Human Race was currently trapped in more than a dozen great domains, and the rest of the land was basically the territory of the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan didn’t care whether they would destroy the Universe World or not, as long as they had something good, they would do their best to mine it.

In the current 3000 Worlds, many of the Black Ink Clan’s mining resources had been shattered into floating continents.

“And these thousand Black Ink Disciples, Sir Yang Kai, please inspect them. If there are no problems, we will take our leave,” Mo Na Ye urged, not wanting to face Yang Kai’s unpleasant face.

“No problem,” Yang Kai didn’t even bother checking, not because he was worried about the Black Ink Clan, but because he had secretly investigated before. There were a thousand Black Ink Disciples with different cultivation grades, but the Black Ink Clan hadn’t done anything to them, and the number of Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples was guaranteed.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll take my leave now!” Mo Na Ye cupped his fists and led the few Territory Lords who had remained vigilant all this time away.

Yang Kai enthusiastically called out, “Happy cooperation, I hope there will be a next time!”

Mo Na Ye’s figure paused for a moment and he almost couldn’t help cursing.

There would never be a next time!

If there really was a next time, it would be when Yang Kai was beheaded!

After watching the several Black Ink Clan masters gradually disappear, Yang Kai turned to look at the thousand Black Ink Disciples, but the moment he turned around, someone shouted, “Disperse!”

Thousands of people instantly transformed into a thousand streams of light and scattered in all directions.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. He knew that the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be too honest, so they won't stay still.

If it had been an ordinary Eighth Order, even if they had exchanged a thousand Black Ink Disciples from the Black Ink Clan, facing such a situation, there was nothing they could do. With so many people fleeing in different directions, how were they supposed to capture them? At most, they would be able to capture some of them, but eighty to ninety percent of them would be able to escape.

However, the arrangements of the Black Ink Clan were destined to be useless in front of him.

The moment the thousand streams of light dispersed, the void suddenly buzzed and froze. The thousand streams of light faded away, revealing the Black Ink Disciple cultivators who were frozen in place, unable to move. Only the Seventh Order cultivators were able to move their bodies like turtles, their expressions filled with shock.

Yang Kai leisurely walked forward, passing by Black Ink Disciple after Black Ink Disciple, who soon disappeared.

Inside the Small Universe, Black Ink Disciple appeared one after another and was immediately enveloped by the purifying light, dispelling the Ink Force in their body and restoring their original heart.

Not long after, the thousand Black Ink Disciples were all collected.

Yang Kai stared in the direction of the Ink Battlefield for a moment before turning around and fleeing.

A short while later, he arrived at a hidden place and connected his consciousness to the World Tree.

Relying on the World Tree’s guidance, Yang Kai quickly arrived at the Great Ruins Boundary and stood under the World Tree.

The old tree was still as old as ever. The World Fruits on the tree were basically the corresponding World Fruits of the Universe Worlds that Yang Kai had refined and saved. In addition, there were also the World Fruits corresponding to the Universe Worlds in High Heaven Territory and the new Great Domain.

As for the other World Fruits, they had all fallen off.

Even some of the branches of the old tree were suffused with black Qi.

“Thank you, Old Tree,” Yang Kai bowed.

Old Tree didn’t show his face, only swaying slightly.

Yang Kai then identified the World Fruit which corresponded to the Star Boundary and plunged into it. The World Fruit rapidly expanded in front of him and a familiar aura rushed towards him. As the world turned upside down, Yang Kai appeared outside the Star Boundary.

He took a step forward and appeared in High Heaven Palace. Immediately, a familiar Divine Sense swept over and immediately withdrew. It was one of the Great Emperors guarding the Star Boundary who had discovered that someone had entered the Star Boundary, but after discovering Yang Kai’s identity, they naturally didn’t interfere.

This time, the one guarding the Star Boundary was the Ice Feather Great Emperor. Yang Kai didn’t have much contact with this Great Emperor, so he wasn’t too familiar with him.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense swept over the Spirit Peak where his parents lived and found that the two elderly were teaching their disciples how to cultivate, so he was quite happy.

In fact, when the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, no one was able to remain uninvolved. The two elders have long been willing to go to the battlefield to fight the Black Ink Clan, but no matter what, High Heaven Palace refused to let them go. The two elders could only sigh helplessly and do what they could, such as teaching their disciples how to cultivate.

No one said anything about this.

Yang Kai’s achievements were outstanding, and if it weren’t for him, the Human Race wouldn’t be where they were today. What’s more, his wives were all out fighting, and even his adopted son and younger sister weren’t able to enjoy any special privileges. His parents weren’t very strong, so if they really went to the battlefield, there was a high chance they would encounter some kind of unexpected accident. How would they explain this to Yang Kai then? The two of them were guarding the Star Boundary, so who would dare say anything? Who would dare say irresponsible remarks?

Without disturbing his parents, Yang Kai summoned Hua Qing Si and asked her about the situation in the Star Boundary and the Myriad Monster World.

After learning that the Star Boundary was safe and sound, the Myriad Monster World was also on the right track. The World Tree Subtree’s ability to refine the World Force had begun to develop in the direction of the Star Boundary, and many of the rising stars in the Myriad Monster World had directly advanced to the Sixth Order Open Heaven.

There was also a Monster King who was recognized by the World Great Dao of the Myriad Monster World and was named Thunder Shadow Great Emperor. He had left the Myriad Monster World together with a human race expert he was familiar with and entered the battlefield.

Currently, there was more than one Great Emperor in the Myriad Monster World. In addition to the Monster Race Great Emperor who was originally named Thunder Shadow, there was another Monster Race and two Human Race masters who had obtained the title of Great Emperor.

Right now, the positions of the Myriad Monster World’s Great Emperor was still vacant. Whether it was the Monster Race or the Human Race, all of them desired to be recognized by the World Great Dao of the Myriad Monster World and be bestowed with a title.

This wasn’t just a matter of honor, but after becoming a Great Emperor, one’s cultivation speed in the Myriad Monster World would be many times faster than others, allowing them to advance to a higher grade sooner.

On the Human Race’s side, even the ordinary soldiers could feel the pressure of a storm approaching. Everyone knew that in the near future, the current situation between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan would be completely broken, and when that time came, they would definitely fight to the death.

At that time, the stronger one became, the stronger their ability to protect themselves would be!

In general, although the Human Race was currently under great pressure, the future was still promising.

“Did Xiao’er and Xue’er send any news back?” Yang Kai asked casually.

Hua Qing Si pursed her lips and said, “Young Master Yang Xiao once sent a message back saying that the Palace Master had caused them a great deal of trouble. Right now, they are the focus of the Black Ink Clan’s masters, so as long as their whereabouts are exposed, they will definitely be surrounded and attacked. It was only after many difficulties that they managed to repel their enemies.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “It looks like their lives are quite exciting, I’m relieved.”

This was probably thanks to the last lesson Yang Kai had taught his three disciples in the Azure Sun Territory. Although Yang Xiao and Yang Xue weren’t present at the time, it wasn’t as if the Black Ink Clan didn’t have a source of information. As long as they could find some Black Ink Disciple to inquire about Yang Xiao, Yang Xue and Yang Kai’s relationship, they would naturally be able to learn about it.

Regarding their safety, Yang Kai wasn’t too worried. The little guys had all reached the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, so as long as they worked together and fought together, even if the Black Ink Clan was strong, they shouldn’t be able to do anything to them.


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