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This made Yang Kai even more determined to kill him. If there was a chance, he would definitely eradicate this unique Black Ink Clan as soon as possible. This guy, apart from his appearance being a member of the Black Ink Clan, his heart was no different from a human race’s. He didn’t even hesitate or blush when he spoke.

Generally speaking, such people were difficult to deal with.

“Now that Di Wu is dead, eight of the Territory Lords who went to the Ancestral Land have also been killed by Sir. In fact, my Black Ink Clan has suffered heavy losses!” Mo Na Ye sighed.

Yang Kai immediately showed an unhappy expression, “Being able to kill Di Wu and those eight Territory Lords is also my ability. Could it be that if they want to kill me, I have to extend my neck to them?”

“Absolutely not,” Mo Na Ye waved his hand, “I just want to say that their deaths aren’t worth pitying, I hope that their deaths can calm Sir’s anger, and this matter will end here. What does Sir think?”

“What do you think?” The unhappy look on Yang Kai’s face became even more obvious, “If you only want to talk to me about this, then there’s no need to waste words. I’ll return to the 3000 Worlds right now and kill a hundred or so Territory Lords!”

“Very well,” Mo Na Ye smiled bitterly and said, “If it were me, I wouldn’t let this matter rest so easily either. How about this, in the words of your Human Race, please explain and see how this matter will be resolved. If the Black Ink Clan can agree, I won’t refuse, but if they can’t… it won’t be too late for us to negotiate. We can’t really tear up the agreement from back then. Sir Yang Kai is powerful, and no one below the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan is your opponent, so it’s possible that many Territory Lords will die, but if this matter is opened, my Black Ink Clan will no longer have any scruples, and the future of the Human Race’s Eighth Order will not be easy. I believe this is not something the Human Race wants to see.”

“Threatening me is meaningless!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “If you want to take action, go ahead. Let’s see if the Territory Lord dies first or my Human Race’s Eighth Order dies first! In any case, I won’t be the one to die!”

Mo Na Ye was rendered speechless. Indeed, with Yang Kai’s methods, no matter what kind of great battle was about to erupt, the chances of something happening to him would be very small, unless the Black Ink Clan created a few more Pseudo-Royal Lord to surround him.

However, right now, the number of Innate Territory Lords in the Black Ink Clan had reached the point where it was difficult for them to create even more Pseudo-Royal Lord. Although the Promoted Territory Lord could also use the Fusion Technique, each of them had a chance to become a Royal Lord, so how could the Black Ink Clan be willing to do so?

“Sir Yang Kai, please make your request,” Mo Na Ye gave up on trying to persuade Yang Kai with words. This time, it would be impossible for the Black Ink Clan to not pay a price.

Yang Kai already had a plan, so he calmly said, “Every grievance has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor. Di Wu and the eight Territory Lords who besieged me that day weren’t the only ones who fled. Where are the other twelve Territory Lords now?”

Mo Na Ye’s heart jumped. This fellow’s appetite was quite big. He was obviously trying to kill the twelve Territory Lords to appease his anger. Not to mention that it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to agree to this, even if they wanted to, it would be impossible to find the twelve Territory Lords.

“If Sir Yang Kai wants those twelve Territory Lords, I’m afraid you’ll have to be disappointed,” Mo Na Ye sighed, “After they escaped, Sir Royal Lord ordered them to be executed to maintain the agreement between the two races!”

“Executed?” Yang Kai was a bit surprised. Thinking back to the battle just now, he didn’t see any of the twelve Territory Lords.

Although he wasn’t familiar with the twelve Territory Lords who had escaped, he had encountered them when he was probing the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array in the Ancestral Land. For an expert like him, it was naturally impossible for him to not recognize these Territory Lords.

In the previous situation, almost all of the Territory Lords had been mobilized, so if the twelve Territory Lords were still here, it would be impossible for them to continue hiding.

As for the Royal Lord executing the twelve Territory Lords just to maintain the agreement between the two races, Yang Kai couldn’t believe it.

It was impossible for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to break his own arm like this. At most, he would send them to the six Great Domain Battlefields to redeem themselves.

But soon, Yang Kai’s heart stirred as he sized up Mo Na Ye.

According to the information he had obtained from the few Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, when Di Wu became a Pseudo-Royal Lord, thirteen Innate Territory Lords had been sacrificed. At that time, there shouldn’t have been a second Pseudo-Royal Lord.

But now, Mo Na Ye had become a Pseudo-Royal Lord and the twelve Territory Lords who had escaped had disappeared.

Yang Kai suddenly realized where this Pseudo-Royal Lord Mo Na Ye came from.

He was very curious about how the Black Ink Clan had managed to turn Innate Territory Lord into a Pseudo-Royal Lord. Although he had obtained a lot of information and speculated that they had used some kind of sacrificial method, he didn’t know the exact details.

It was impossible to inquire about this from the Black Ink Clan.

Perhaps… he could give it a try? What if he gained something?

As he pondered, Mo Na Ye nodded and said, “They are indeed executed. I know that Sir is unwilling to believe it, but there is no need to lie to you about this matter.”

Yang Kai replied indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. If they die, I’ll let the other Territory Lords replace them. On that day, twelve Territory Lords escaped. No matter who they are, I’ll kill twelve of them, or I’ll destroy twelve Royal Lord-level Ink Nest… En, I’ve already destroyed two, so there are only ten left!”

Who just said that for every grievance there was a debtor?

The smile on Mo Na Ye’s face slowly faded as he said, “Sir, you’re making things difficult.”

Whether it was the Territory Lord or the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, both of them were a price the Black Ink Clan could not afford to pay. If Yang Kai made such a request, there was no need to continue the discussion.

“Your Black Ink Clan attacked me first!” Yang Kai said coldly.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help sighing. This was an indisputable fact. If he could, why would he try to reason with Yang Kai? His fist was indeed bigger than Yang Kai’s, but this guy’s existence was a nightmare all Territory Lords couldn’t resolve. Although he was unwilling, he still wanted to reason with him.

He couldn’t help but curse the dead Di Wu in his heart again. If he had gone to the Ancestral Land to manage that day’s matter, it would never have ended like this.

“This matter was indeed Di Wu’s fault, but now they have either died at your hands or been executed by the Royal Lord. Is that not enough to appease your anger?”

“Ten Royal Lord-level Ink Nest or ten Territory Lords, otherwise there’s nothing to discuss,” Yang Kai said firmly.

Mo Na Ye frowned and said, “Sir knows this is impossible. If you insist, then I can only assume that Sir has no intention of maintaining the agreement between the two races. If that is the case, it will be of no benefit to the two races. If Sir intends to resolve this matter, may I offer a suggestion?”


“This time, Sir has indeed suffered a loss…” Speaking up to this point, Mo Na Ye himself was stunned for a moment. Thinking about it, the one who had suffered a loss was the Black Ink Clan. Not only had they lost a Pseudo-Royal Lord and eight Territory Lords, but the No-Return Pass was also attacked by Yang Kai, causing two Royal Lord-level Ink Nest to be destroyed. The losses they had suffered were not small, yet Yang Kai was still holding on to this matter, causing Mo Na Ye to feel extremely humiliated. In a bleak tone, he said, “My Black Ink Clan can compensate Sir with a large amount of resources to appease your anger.”

“A large number… how many?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Mo Na Ye said tiredly, “I will definitely satisfy Sir.”

Yang Kai stroked his chin thoughtfully. Although he had come here with the intention of taking revenge, the most important thing was to inquire about the situation of the Black Ink Clan. Now that his goal had been achieved, and with two Royal Lords overseeing this place, it would be difficult for him to do anything. Asking compensation like ten Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, or ten Territory Lords were simply asking for too much. Yang Kai knew that the Black Ink Clan would never agree to this, so if he could obtain some resources from them, it would be good.

The Human Race now had a large number of rising stars, and their demand for resources was even greater than before. However, the number of Great Domains under the control of the Human Race was far too small, and although the various Cave Heaven Paradise had accumulated a great deal of resources, there would always be a day when they would eat up everything.

The Black Ink Clan was different. Ninety-nine percent of the 3000 Worlds were under their control, and with the entire Ink Battlefield as their backing, they never lacked resources. This was also the reason why there were so many Human Race Hunters. When the Black Ink Clan mined resources, they needed to send them to the front lines, which gave them the opportunity to plunder.

On the Human Race’s side, there were often cases where a hunter would suddenly become rich overnight. As long as a team successfully plundered the Black Ink Clan’s resources, they wouldn’t have to worry about cultivating for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, Mo Na Ye’s proposal to end this matter with supplies was not unacceptable.

However, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t be dismissed so easily. During the Ancestral Land battle, the Black Ink Clan had wanted to kill him. If it weren’t for the fact that he had gained the advantage of the terrain and had coincidentally brought back a large number of Small Stone Race from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, no matter how he planned, he would have died.

Since the Black Ink Clan wanted him dead, they couldn’t blame him for biting off a piece of their flesh.

Therefore, after pondering for a moment, Yang Kai said, “I have two conditions. If the Black Ink Clan can agree to them, we can forget about the matter in the Ancestral Land.”

Mo Na Ye frowned and said, “Please tell me about it.” In his heart, he breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Yang Kai was willing to offer some conditions, they could negotiate. However, he was afraid that if Yang Kai didn’t agree to any of these conditions and instead focused on killing ten Territory Lords or destroying ten Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, it would be impossible to resolve.

“The first condition, Black Ink Disicple!” Yang Kai raised a finger, “One Territory Lord for a hundred Black Ink Disicple, ten Territory Lords for a total of one thousand, and the number of Seventh Order Black Ink Disicple’s should not be less than a hundred. I know that the Black Ink Clan has turned many Black Ink Disicple over the years, so a thousand Black Ink Disicple should be nothing to you.”

Mo Na Ye smiled bitterly, “A thousand is too many.”

Yang Kai said lightly, “A hundred Black Ink Disicple in exchange for a Territory Lord’s life, I think the Black Ink Clan has profited greatly. You can refuse, I won’t force you.”

Mo Na Ye stretched out his hand and rubbed his forehead, a look of difficulty appearing on his face, but Yang Kai still noticed the movements of his communication with the Royal Lord in the No-Return Pass.


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