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In the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord exchanged a few words. Yang Kai only saw that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s expression was somewhat reluctant at first, occasionally glancing over at him, but in the end, he still nodded slightly.

With the Royal Lord’s permission, Mo Na Ye turned around and walked out of the No-Return Pass.

He wanted to have a good talk with Yang Kai…

Although the Black Ink Clan now had two Royal Lords, they had suffered a great loss with the Innate Territory Lord, so not only had their overall strength not increased, but they had also been weakened.

In this kind of environment, if the No-Return Pass was targeted by a human race master like Yang Kai, it would definitely not be a good thing.

After Yang Kai escaped, he didn’t immediately depart from the No-Return Pass, giving the Black Ink Clan a chance to negotiate with him. Mo Na Ye was also a shrewd person, so how could he not grasp this opportunity?

In the void, Yang Kai stood there calmly. Even though he had been injured in the previous battle, he had no intention of escaping.

It was all because he now had enough confidence to stand here.

If it had been three thousand years ago, when a Royal Lord had approached him, he would have long fled.

Mo Na Ye didn’t walk too far, only arriving at the periphery of the No-Return Pass. Firstly, he wanted to show his goodwill and show that he wouldn’t act rashly, and secondly, he wanted to prevent Yang Kai from launching a surprise attack on the No-Return Pass, although the possibility of this happening was quite low.

As their eyes met, Mo Na Ye cupped his hands and said, “Sir Yang Kai, we meet again.”

“Mo Na Ye!” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly. When this guy had first exposed his aura, Yang Kai had felt a sense of familiarity, so after exchanging blows with him, he naturally recognized his identity.

Yang Kai had interacted with this Black Ink Clan master several times before.

Moreover, according to the intelligence gathered by the Human Race, Mo Na Ye was one of the few people who had caught the attention of the Human Race’s upper echelons. It wasn’t just because his strength was at the peak of the Innate Territory Lord realm, but also because he seemed to be smarter than the other Black Ink Clan masters.

During his years in the Great Domain Battlefield, he had been very skilled in deploying troops, allowing the Human Race to suffer several losses.

Further back, he had also been active in the peace negotiations between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai didn’t expect to see him here, and this guy had already become a Royal Lord.

Just from the battle just now, Yang Kai could feel how difficult this guy was to deal with. Not only was he displaying his own strength, but he was also secretly mobilizing all the Territory Lords in the No-Return Pass. If he hadn’t been forced to endure the attacks of the Black Ink Clan’s masters in the end, he probably wouldn’t have been able to destroy the Ink Nest.

This was definitely an extremely meticulous Black Ink Clan master, Yang Kai judged.

Opposite him, Mo Na Ye smiled slightly, “It is my honor to have Sir Yang Kai remember my name!”

He was a completely different person from when he had chased after Yang Kai like a fiend, as if everything that had happened before had never happened, and now he was just an old friend.

This guy is a honeyed sword! Yang Kai thought to himself.

Yang Kai snorted lightly, “I hope that one day when I kill you, you will also feel honored!”

Mo Na Ye laughed loudly, “Sir Yang Kai must be joking, Sir has no hope of reaching the Ninth Order in this life, this is a well-known fact, but I, Mo Na Ye… I have already become a Royal Lord, how can Sir Yang Kai kill me?”

This was the truth. Although he couldn’t do anything to Yang Kai, Yang Kai couldn’t do anything to him either. When he was an Innate Territory Lord, he had been extremely wary of Yang Kai, but now, there was no need for him to fear Yang Kai in terms of strength. Just now, Yang Kai had been chased around by him.

This was also the reason why he had spent so much effort to become a Pseudo-Royal Lord. If he was still a mere Innate Territory Lord, how could he have the qualifications and confidence to stand here and talk to Yang Kai? Standing here and facing this Killing Star, he was at risk of dying at any moment.

“That guy named Di Wu also seems to be a Royal Lord!” Yang Kai said lightly.

Mo Na Ye instantly became somewhat speechless, actually forgetting about this matter, silently cursing Di Wu for bringing shame to the Black Ink Clan.

This verbal confrontation was quite boring, and Mo Na Ye was secretly annoyed at himself for trying to argue with Yang Kai. This was not something the Black Ink Clan was good at, it had always been a victory for the Human Race in these things. Changing the subject, he shouted, “Sir Yang Kai, you came to the No-Return Pass to injure my Territory Lord and destroy my Ink Nest. The agreement between the two races is still there, affecting the situation of the Heavens. Isn’t it a bit too much for you to ignore the many issues we discussed back then?”

Yang Kai blinked, almost laughing from anger.

He hadn’t expected that before he could make things difficult, this guy would try to play the blame game.

In the end, Yang Kai simply went along with his words, “Yes, so what?” Raising his nose proudly, Yang Kai said, “If you can’t stop me today, this King will slaughter his way to the Great Domain Battlefield and kill all of your Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords!”

“You dare?!” The Black Ink Clan’s true Royal Lord roared in anger.

“Then just wait and see!” As Yang Kai spoke, he turned around and prepared to leave, the Space Principle fluctuating around him causing ripples in the air.

“Sir Yang Kai, please wait a moment and listen to me!” Mo Na Ye’s voice suddenly rose as he shouted.

Yang Kai turned his head and asked coldly, “What is it?”

Mo Na Ye cupped his fists towards him, indicating for him to wait a moment before turning around and bowing towards the No-Return Pass, sending a voice transmission to the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to calm his anger.

This scene caused Yang Kai’s eyes to narrow slightly, finding it quite interesting.

They were both Royal Lords, but this Mo Na Ye fellow was actually so respectful to the original Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan was not a clan that cared about seniority and qualifications. In the No-Return Pass, this Royal Lord would certainly have made great contributions to the Black Ink Clan, but Mo Na Ye was now a Royal Lord and naturally had the qualifications to stand on equal footing with him.

However, just by looking at Mo Na Ye’s attitude, he could tell that he was still a subordinate.

Looking at it this way, in the end, strength was everything. Although Mo Na Ye was also a Royal Lord, he couldn’t display his full strength. This guy was like Di Wu, only able to display seventy to eighty percent of his strength.

Yang Kai decided to call an existence like Mo Na Ye a Pseudo-Royal Lord to show the difference between him and a real Royal Lord.

A moment later, Mo Na Ye ended his conversation with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. The latter’s face was so gloomy that it seemed like water was about to drip from it. Although he really wanted to join forces with Mo Na Ye to completely kill Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye was right. With no way to seal the heavens and lock the earth, even if the two Royal Lords joined forces, the chances of them keeping Yang Kai here were slim.

And once they completely shed all pretenses of cordiality, Yang Kai would no longer have any scruples. This was not something the Black Ink Clan wanted to see happen. In the past, the reason why they wanted to make peace with the Human Race on a large scale was because an expert on the level of a Territory Lord had been killed by Yang Kai. Otherwise, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have been able to restrain themselves in a situation where they had the advantage.

Just a single person had managed to affect the Black Ink Clan’s plan to unify the Heavens, how hateful was that?

Moreover, this guy was even stronger than he was in the past, so it was probably easier for him to kill a Territory Lord.

So no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t allow Yang Kai to really leave, even if Mo Na Ye could see that this killing star was just putting on an act…

If he left, the Territory Lords would have no choice but to hide in their Ink Nests in the various Great Domain Battlefield.

However, judging from the current situation, the peace negotiations back then were actually beneficial to both races. Now, after such a long time, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, the number of powerhouses had greatly increased.

“Sorry for making Sir Yang Kai wait,” Mo Na Ye turned around and smiled apologetically at Yang Kai.

“If you have something to say, say it. But if your words make this king unhappy, I’ll immediately kill a hundred Territory Lords to vent my anger, I’ll keep my word!”

Mo Na Ye suddenly felt his teeth ache. He knew that the Black Ink Clan’s previous actions had indeed angered this fellow, and now he was using this as an excuse to make a fuss.

He could only smile and say, “Sir Yang Kai is being too serious. Although the Human Race and Black Ink Clan have fought for many years, there is a great deal of tacit understanding between them. We have admired Sir Yang Kai for a long time, so how could we have any unhappy thoughts?”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, not showing the slightest bit of arrogance when facing Mo Na Ye, instead feeling a bit fearful.

A Pseudo-Royal Lord acting so subserviently, if he didn’t kill him as soon as possible, he would definitely become a troublesome character in the future.

No matter how humble he was today, after gaining power, he would become thousands of times more arrogant.

“Does the Black Ink Clan’s tacit agreement mean that once they find an opportunity, they will kill me?” Yang Kai asked.

Mo Na Ye’s expression immediately became solemn as he sighed, “Sure enough! Sir Yang Kai really came here for this matter.” He looked as if he had already expected this, but at the same time he also looked somewhat distressed, “Mo Na Ye is about to give Sir an explanation for this matter.”

“Then I’d like to hear what you have to say,” Yang Kai’s lips curled into a sneer.

Mo Na Ye said seriously, “Previously, in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, there were indeed some disobedient Black Ink Clan fellows who tried to stir up trouble, but I ask Sir to believe that those were just their own actions and had nothing to do with my Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. During those days, the Royal Lord was cultivating in seclusion, so everything outside was entrusted to Di Wu… the one who was killed in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.”

Letting a dead man take the blame wasn’t a brilliant method, but it was the most useful one.

How could Yang Kai believe him? He wasn’t an idiot, so how could he not see through the intentions of the Black Ink Clan? But now that Di Wu was dead, it was naturally impossible for him to directly confront him.

Mo Na Ye continued in a low voice, “That bastard Di Wu, disregarding the peace agreement between the two races and ruining my Black Ink Clan’s reputation, he really deserves to die. Sir Yang Kai killed him well, if he didn’t die in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, after returning to the No-Return Pass, the Royal Lord would still take his life and give the Human Race and Sir an explanation!”

Yang Kai almost burst out laughing.

If an ignorant person were to hear this, they would most likely think that the Black Ink Clan was a kind and honest clan.

It was really difficult for this Mo Na Ye. He was clearly a powerful Pseudo-Royal Lord, yet in front of an Eighth Order like him, he still had to speak such words against his conscience. In the entire Black Ink Clan, there was probably no one else like him.


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