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Sure enough, there was more than one Royal Lord in the No-Return Pass. Besides the one he had lured out, there was another hidden one.

Yang Kai even felt that this Royal Lord’s aura was somewhat familiar, as if he had felt it somewhere before.

Without any time to think, the sun in Yang Kai’s hand had already struck the Territory Lord who was rushing towards him from below. The black ink cloud instantly dispersed, and the powerful Territory Lord seemed to have been struck by lightning, blood spurting from his mouth as he fell to the ground at an even faster speed than before.

With just one strike, he had been injured.

Although he had heard that Yang Kai had killed his companion that were no weaker than his own in three moves, that was only hearsay. Only after personally experiencing it would he understand the powerlessness of facing this Human Race Killing Star.

The Human Race could produce such a powerful master?

The only good thing for this Territory Lord was that Yang Kai hadn’t used that the Secret Technique that could hurt his Divine Soul on him in advance, otherwise he would have been a corpse by now.

The shockwave from the explosion even caused the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest below to shake violently, causing the group of Black Ink Clan masters to tremble in fear.

Fortunately, the aftershocks weren’t too powerful, so the Ink Nest was soon safe and sound.

The four nearby Territory Lords who had formed the Four Directions Array came together, and it would only take a moment for them to entangle him. Not far away, the aura of the Royal Lord was rapidly approaching. Once he was entangled by the four Territory Lords, Yang Kai would definitely fall into a dangerous situation.

Not to mention, he had already faintly noticed that the moment he attacked Ink Nest, more than a dozen Territory Lords had flown out in all directions, each of them holding an array flag. From the looks of it, they were obviously preparing to set up an array.

The Black Ink Clan’s response was extremely fast, as if they had practiced it countless times. No matter where Yang Kai attacked from, he would always fall into their trap.

Yang Kai knew that this was definitely not the time to be entangled. He couldn’t quickly deal with the Territory Lords who had formed a battle formation, unless he activated the Soul Shattering Spike. However, his Soul injury had yet to fully recover, so he didn’t dare use the Soul Shattering Spike too many times.

Once he became mad, he would truly be digging his own grave.

Therefore, he decisively thrust his spear towards the Ink Nest and immediately activated his Space Principle to teleport away.

The four Territory Lords who had formed a battle formation had already rushed over, but in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. In a moment of confusion, Mo Na Ye also immediately stopped and turned his head to look in a certain direction. The Territory Lords who were still holding their Array flags and preparing to set up the formation were still rushing towards their designated position, completely unaware that the enemy had already escaped.

Only the Territory Lord who had been injured by Yang Kai’s Golden Crow Sun Casting let out a furious roar and, ignoring his own chaotic strength and injuries, charged towards the spear light that Yang Kai had just thrust out.

If he didn’t block this spear light, the one to bear the brunt would be the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest…

His heart was filled with grief and indignation, but there was nothing he could do.

The protective black ink cloud, which he had barely managed to activate, was pierced by the spear light and a hole appeared on his body. The Territory Lord screamed as he fell to the ground, his injuries worsening as he spat out large mouthfuls of blood and his aura waning.

Since he saw Yang Kai, he suffer two of Yang Kai’s killer moves in the blink of an eye, none of the Territory Lords had been more unlucky than him. He finally understood why the Innate Territory Lord was killed by Yang Kai in three moves!

If he were to fight against Yang Kai, even if he could hold on for a bit longer, the result wouldn’t be any better.

As for his injuries, without one or two hundred years of rest, it would be difficult for him to recover.

“Stop him!” Mo Na Ye suddenly roared towards a certain direction.

However, after Yang Kai teleported away, he didn’t go far. Instead, he rushed towards the direction of the other Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, intending to attack it.

On the other side, the Territory Lords who had also formed a battle formation to guard against Yang Kai. Listening to Mo Na Ye’s orders and sensing Yang Kai’s aura, none of them dared to hesitate. All of them rushed out from their hiding places and quickly merged their auras.

However, Yang Kai didn’t even spare them a glance as he followed the same method and thrust his spear forward, causing the sun to rise and the Golden Crow to cry out as it shot towards the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

This time, however, the Territory Lord didn’t rush out from the Ink Nest to stop him. The Great Sun crashed towards the Ink Nest, and the rapidly approaching Mo Na Ye’s eyes bulged as he roared, “You’re courting death!”

He then ordered the four Territory Lords, “Defend the Ink Nest!”

Hearing this, the four Territory Lords quickly activated their Secret Techniques to intercept the Great Sun from four directions, sending out a series of Secret Techniques that slammed into the Great Sun, causing it to rapidly dim.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too late. When the sun was destroyed, the Ink Nest only shook a few times before it was completely safe.

All the Black Ink Clan masters let out a sigh of relief. Mo Na Ye had already rushed towards Yang Kai at his fastest speed, and the four Territory Lords who were in battle formation were also moving around Yang Kai in an attempt to restrain him.

It wouldn’t take too long. As long as he could hold them off for a few breaths, Mo Na Ye would arrive.

How could Yang Kai give them such an opportunity? He activated his Space Principle again and disappeared, this time appearing in a different direction.

In that direction, a great sun soon rose and the cry of a Golden Crow rang out…

All of the Territory Lords were exhausted, and this was the first time that Mo Na Ye had felt so powerless. Facing such a mysterious and elusive opponent, no matter how many masters the Black Ink Clan had, they were unable to restrict his movements and were also helpless.

All of the Black Ink Clan masters were like puppets in Yang Kai’s hands, only able to follow his rhythm and move about. If Yang Kai wanted them to go east, they had to go east, if he wanted them to go west, they had to go west…

The key was that this fellow’s strength was tyrannical, so one or two Territory Lords wouldn’t dare act presumptuously in front of him. Only by forming at least a Four Directions Array would the Territory Lords feel safe.

Over and over again, Yang Kai’s figure appeared in all directions of the No-Return Pass, and the rising great sun also burst forth with light.

Every time he tried to destroy the Ink Nest, the masters of the Black Ink Clan would stop him. There were simply too many Territory Lords here, so no matter where he went, there would always be Territory Lords who came to stop him.

Mo Na Ye’s dispatch also played a big role.

However, Yang Kai’s goal had been achieved.

Each time he attacked, it was not only to destroy the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, but also to probe whether the Black Ink Clan had more hidden Royal Lord.

In the end, there was none!

If there really was a third Royal Lord, he would not have been able to sit still at the moment of the Ink Nest’s crisis and would likely have appeared long ago.

Moreover, with the two Royal Lords joining forces and the many Territory Lords, there was a chance they could take him down.

From this, it could be seen that his previous guess about the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was not wrong.

The Black Ink Clan had methods to create a Royal Lord, but the price they had to pay was too great, so under normal circumstances, the Black Ink Clan would not choose to create a Royal Lord.

Otherwise, after so many years, it would have been impossible for the Black Ink Clan to not use such methods. The reason they had created Di Wu was mainly to encircle and annihilate him, who was cultivating in the Ancestral Land.

[MSN: If they sacrifice five ink nest to create five royal lord, the war would probably ended long ago.]

But now, for some unknown reason, they had created another one. Perhaps it was to prevent him from causing trouble?

All the probing was enough, and the Royal Lord he had lured out should be returning soon, so he didn’t have any time to waste.

Activating the Golden Crow Sun Casting once again, Yang Kai was intercepted by the four Territory Lords, but this time, Yang Kai didn’t immediately flee, instead charging towards the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Mo Na Ye’s eyes narrowed as he shouted from afar, “Yang Kai, you dare!”

Yang Kai laughed, “See if I dare!”

Spear light flourished and a profound Space and Time Force surrounded his body, causing the surrounding space to change unpredictably. While the four Territory Lords were still in a daze, Yang Kai had already passed through their battle formation and arrived above the Ink Nest.

“Kill him!” Mo Na Ye roared again.

Only then did the four Territory Lords react, each of them using their own Secret Techniques to attack Yang Kai.

Violent energy surged outwards, causing the surrounding space to tremble violently as the massive Ink Nest began to disintegrate inch by inch. This scene was reflected in the eyes of many of the Black Ink Clan masters, all of theit face is ashen, especially Mo Na Ye, whose eyes turned blood red as his speed suddenly increased by thirty percent.

Inside the collapsed Ink Nest, when Yang Kai’s figure flashed out, blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, he had been injured by the attacks of the four Territory Lords. Before he could even stabilize himself, a pillar-like Ink Force suddenly appeared in the distance. It was Mo Na Ye’s furious attack.

Unknowingly, Yang Kai’s body had been covered by dense dragon scales. Facing this terrifying attack, he didn’t panic. Circulate his Small Universe's strength to protect himself and thrust his spear forward.

A loud explosion rang out as Yang Kai borrowed the force of the explosion and was sent flying backwards. The fine dragon scales, which were originally golden in color, now became much dimmer as he spat out a mouthful of golden blood.

The Royal Lord’s furious attack was also somewhat difficult for him to bear. Fortunately, his dragon body was now powerful and he was only a step away from becoming a Divine Dragon, so his physique was far stronger than before.

In the distance, the Royal Lord he had led away was rapidly returning to the No-Return Pass, his aura clearly visible.

The timing was perfect!

At the risk of being injured, Yang Kai wanted to tell the Black Ink Clan that if he wanted to destroy the Ink Nest, just a single Royal Lord would not be able to protect it.

The Space Principle fluctuated wildly as Yang Kai’s figure flickered. This time, he didn’t teleport too far away and only flew a hundred thousand kilometers before turning around and looking back towards the No-Return Pass.

The Territory Lords still wanted to pursue, but Mo Na Ye raised his hand and shouted, “Don’t chase!”

The group of Territory Lords all let out a sigh of relief and froze.

When the Royal Lord returned, although he could feel Yang Kai’s aura from afar, he didn’t attack him, probably because he knew he couldn’t kill Yang Kai, so he didn’t waste any effort.

Turning his head to look around, his face sank slightly.

A Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been destroyed! Even under the premise that Mo Na Ye had personally taken charge of this place, the Ink Nest had still been destroyed, making him very dissatisfied.

He had thought that when he returned, he would be able to witness the scene of Mo Na Ye leading the Territory Lords to surround Yang Kai, but who would have thought that the result would be so disappointing.

Feeling the Royal Lord’s dissatisfaction, Mo Na Ye could only bow and apologize, explaining what had happened.

The Royal Lord didn’t say a word. Although he was angry, he also knew that Mo Na Ye had done his best. Facing an enemy like Yang Kai, even if he personally stood guard, he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 06, 2023

Maybe just me, but I picture YK giving the middle finger from afar to the Royal Lord 🤣🖕


Sin Nombre
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Mar 14, 2023

If you could believe 5 almost king but .....

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Aug 15, 2023
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Another inconsistency that bothers me is the time he spent to recuperate after using the mental spikes. Previously only 2-3 yrs, now author insists 200-300 years (as per Dave) so if someone will count the times he used them in battles then he recuperates then it would be around 4000-5000 years now. The time difference is way too big. Black ink should be awake now.

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