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What was Yang Kai doing in the Spatial Territory? With his speed, since he had appeared in the Spatial Territory, he should be able to arrive soon.

After waiting for another month, Mo Na Ye couldn’t bear it any longer and could only send a Territory Lord to the Spatial Territory to inquire about the situation.

The results of his investigation surprised him greatly. Yang Kai was no longer in the Spatial Territory! After he had injured the Ink Giant Spiritual God, he had left.

The news was soon reported to the No-Return Pass, and Mo Na Ye was stunned for a long time. If Yang Kai wasn’t in the Spatial Territory, where could he have gone? Could it be that his previous guess was wrong and Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of going to the No-Return Pass from the Spatial Territory to seek revenge?

Inside the main hall, Mo Na Ye could feel the scrutinizing gaze coming from the Skeleton Throne, one that carried a hint of dissatisfaction.

It wasn’t a dissatisfaction that came from Mo Na Ye’s wrong speculation, but because of his speculations, it made the Royal Lord decide to create another Pseudo-Royal Lord.

The first Pseudo-Royal Lord had sacrificed thirteen Territory Lords, the second Pseudo-Royal Lord had sacrificed twelve Territory Lords, but the most important thing was that the birth of each Pseudo-Royal Lord represented the loss of a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

This was a major event that would shake the foundation of the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan had already given birth to a number of Territory Lords. Even if all the Innate Territory Lords died, it wasn’t as if the Royal Lords didn’t have any talented subordinates. In time, these newly promoted Territory Lords would even have a chance to give birth to some Royal Lords.

However, the Ink Nest wasn’t enough. Back then, there were only so many Ink Nest brought out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, each one used meant one less.

Mo Na Ye knew that he had to remedy this situation in order to dispel the Royal Lord’s dissatisfaction towards him. Various clues and information about Yang Kai flashed across his mind as he muttered, “Royal Lord, if Yang Kai has already left the Spatial Territory, his goal may not be the No-Return Pass, but to the Territory Lords of the other great domains, especially the six Great Domain Battlefields that are currently fighting!”

The Royal Lord stared at Mo Na Ye with a gloomy expression, the dissatisfaction in his heart growing again. A hundred years ago, Mo Na Ye had not said such a thing. He had said with certainty that Yang Kai would not take the risk of breaking the agreement between the two races to attack the other great regions, so he would definitely go to the No-Return Pass to take revenge.

However, a hundred years later, this was the exact opposite.

“Sir, please quickly issue a warning to the various forces and tell the Territory Lords to be careful,” Mo Na Ye hurriedly said. If Yang Kai really attacked the Territory Lords who were fighting outside, the Black Ink Clan would definitely suffer heavy losses.

Thinking about the consequences, Mo Na Ye felt a headache coming on.

This fellow was always so terrifying, causing him to recall the events of the Yearning Territory. Even now, he still couldn’t figure out how Yang Kai had managed to silently escape with tens of thousands of human race cultivators.

Thinking of this, Mo Na Ye suddenly froze, as if he had grasped something important, but there was a barrier blocking his thoughts, preventing him from thinking clearly.

As he stood below, thinking rapidly, the Royal Lord at the top had already issued orders to all the Territory Lords of the various great regions to be more careful and guard against Yang Kai.

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied with Mo Na Ye, this Pseudo-Royal Lord had already been born and was destined to be his right-hand man in the future, so the Royal Lord couldn’t blame him too much.

In fact, most of the time, Mo Na Ye had done a good job. If not for this, he would not have summoned Mo Na Ye back.

As soon as this order was passed down, it was quickly transmitted through the various Royal Lord-level Ink Nests.

Down below, Mo Na Ye’s eyes suddenly lit up as he raised his head and asked, “Sir Royal Lord, when Yang Kai run amok at the No-Return Pass back then, I vaguely heard that he came from the Ink Battlefield?”

He had never personally experienced such a thing before. When Yang Kai had caused such a big ruckus, he had been in charge of some matters in the other Great Domain, but he had only heard some information from the other Territory Lords afterwards. However, most Territory Lords kept their mouths shut about what had happened that time, unwilling to mention too much about it.

After all, that was the Royal Lord’s disgrace, who would dare to keep talking about it?

Over the years, the Royal Lord had never mentioned this matter, just to avoid recalling some unpleasant experiences.

As soon as these words came out, many Territory Lords in the hall could clearly feel the atmosphere in the hall becoming heavy, all of them lowering their heads even more.

Above them, the Royal Lord’s gaze became much colder as he faintly said, “Correct.”

Mo Na Ye, however, didn’t seem to notice this and asked, “Before that, did he appear from the Domain Gate that connects to the Spatial Territory?”

“Are you questioning me?” The Royal Lord’s body leaned forward slightly, like a great mountain pressing down on him, bringing with it a boundless pressure.

Mo Na Ye suddenly realized something and quickly bowed, “I wouldn’t dare, Sir, please calm your anger. This subordinate just wants to clarify some things, these things… are very important!”

The Royal Lord stared seriously into Mo Na Ye’s eyes and didn’t see any trace of guilt, but more of sincerity. This caused the anger in the Royal Lord’s heart to lessen slightly. If Mo Na Ye thought that by becoming a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he could challenge his Royal Lord’s prestige, then he wouldn’t mind letting Mo Na Ye clearly understand the gap between their strengths, but now it seemed that Mo Na Ye was really investigating something.

As such, even though he was ashamed of that experience and was unwilling to recall it, he still replied, “No.”

Mo Na Ye’s expression changed slightly, “He didn’t appear from the Domain Gate, but instead came from the Ink Battlefield, and before that, he had appeared in various Great Domains…”

“Also, during the great war between the two races in the Spatial Territory, he led a group of the Human Race’s remnant army to attack the No-Return Pass and break through the domain gate. Then, he returned alone, rescued a Dragon Clan member, and fled into the depths of the Ink Battlefield. After a few years, he reappeared in the 3000 Worlds…”

One sentence after another seemed to be an explanation, but at the same time, it also seemed like he was muttering to himself.

The layer of fog in Mo Na Ye’s mind quickly dissipated and he suddenly looked up, “Sir! Yang Kai holds a passage from somewhere in the 3000 Worlds that leads directly to the Ink Battlefield!”

The Royal Lord raised his brow, “Why do you say so?”

The group of Territory Lords were also confused, only a few of them seemed to be lost in thought.

Mo Na Ye was suddenly at a loss for words. He had already made himself so clear, so why couldn’t everyone understand? The intelligence of his race was truly worrying.

However, this was also the tragedy of their creation. After all, the Black Ink Clan was not an orthodox race. This entire race was created by the power of the Black Ink.

Possessing the ability to corrode all living things, a powerful strength, and a reproduction speed at which other living beings couldn’t hope to have, it was impossible for everything to be perfect. In terms of intelligence, it was probably something that the Supreme Creator couldn’t touch.

Mo Na Ye was an exception in the entire Black Ink Clan.

However, at this moment, Mo Na Ye could only patiently explain, “Sir, he didn't need the domain gate from the Spatial Territory to go to the No-Return Pass, but he was able to kill his way through the Ink Battlefield, escape into the Ink Battlefield, and return to the 3000 Worlds. Is that not enough to explain this?”

The Royal Lord pondered for a moment before suddenly reacting, “Indeed!”

'You never noticed!'

Mo Na Ye silently cursed in his heart. If he had known about this information earlier, he would have long since speculated.

“Where is this road?” The Royal Lord asked again, but after asking, he suddenly thought of something, “Could it be in the Yearning Territory?”

Last time, Yang Kai had disappeared in the Yearning Territory. If that passage was in the Yearning Territory, it would explain everything.

For a time, the Royal Lord couldn’t help secretly praising himself for his wit.

Unexpectedly, Mo Na Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. If that passage was in the Yearning Territory, he could have entered the Ink Battlefield from the Yearning Territory, but how would he return? According to the news reported by the Black Ink Disciple, after he disappeared from the Yearning Territory, he directly returned to the High Heaven Territory.”

At this moment, one of the Territory Lords boldly interjected, “This person is proficient in the Space Principle and he still has no idea how it's possible with the Space Great Dao. Not only does the Black Ink Clan have no clue about this, but many of the Human Race’s masters are also confused. Perhaps the Space Great Dao has some unknown method that allows him to freely travel through the Heavens?”

Mo Na Ye looked towards the Territory Lord who had just spoken, “That’s possible.”

It had to be said that both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had a certain degree of imagination. Just like Yang Kai had speculated about the existence of the Pseudo-Royal Lord, although he wasn’t too clear about the details, he was able to infer some truth from the information he had gathered.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s speculations were not entirely accurate, they were not far from the truth.

No matter how profound Yang Kai’s Space Divine Ability was, it was impossible for him to freely travel through the Heavens. This was not a technique that anyone could master, and the only thing he could do was use the World Tree’s power to teleport to some Universe World that had yet to collapse.

Because each of these Universe Worlds had a World Fruit projection on the World Tree.

Yang Kai had refined many Universe Worlds in the past, allowing him to establish a close relationship with the World Tree. Although he had not refined the World Tree, it was enough for him to use its power to achieve his goal of traveling quickly.

If it was the dead Universe World, then there was nothing he could do. If the Universe World died, the World Fruit’s projection would also fall off, leaving him no place to borrow strength.

“If that’s the case, what we need to guard against right now is not just the Territory Lords of the various Great Domains, but also the No-Return Pass…” Mo Na Ye muttered to himself, but before he could finish his words, he suddenly turned his head and looked in a certain direction, where a powerful aura was approaching at a terrifying speed.

“Yang Kai!” On the Skeleton Throne, the Royal Lord stood up and with a flash of his figure, he transformed into a black ink cloud and rushed out of the hall, heading straight towards the source of the aura.

On the other hand, Mo Na Ye had immediately restrained his aura in order to avoid exposing his whereabouts. Yang Kai should not have known that there was another Pseudo-Royal Lord guarding this place. This was a place he could make use of, and if he could make good use of it, he might have a chance to completely capture Yang Kai.

A moment ago, a hundred thousand kilometers away from the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai was hiding in the void, staring at the mountain pass that was supposed to be guarded by the Holy Spirits, the uneasiness in his heart growing stronger.


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