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This was a battle that had lasted for thousands of years, a battle that was equally matched.

The only ones who could contend with the Ink Giant Spiritual God were the true Giant Spiritual God. Judging from the current situation, neither of these two Giant Spiritual God had been able to do anything to the other for many years. If they were left alone, this battle would likely continue for even longer.

Yang Kai silently observed them for a while but didn’t disturb them, instead focusing his attention on another Ink Giant Spiritual God.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God sat cross-legged, its body slightly hunched as its towering figure covered the vast void. One of its arms reached into the void in front of it and pierced through the domain barrier, locked in the opposite Wind Mist Territory domain barrier by two Ninth Order Human Race masters, causing it to be unable to move.

Originally, it had many wounds on its body, the scars left behind by Human Race masters and even the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress during the great battle in the Spatial Territory. These wounds constantly flowed with a thick, viscous ink-like power, but after so many years, the wounds on its body had clearly lessened and were no longer as terrifying as they were before.

Its injuries were slowly recovering!

Yang Kai’s heart trembled slightly. Even someone as strong as the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would need to enter the Ink Nest to hibernate if he was seriously injured, but this Ink Giant Spiritual God had some kind of mysterious ability that allowed it to heal itself.

Although the healing speed didn’t seem to be fast, it was indeed healing.

Such a powerful existence really couldn’t be judged by common sense. Thinking about it, when this Ink Giant Spiritual God was sealed in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, it must have been battered by the Holy Spirits, but after tens of thousands of years, when Yang Kai went to the Black Ink Sealing Land to see it, although its aura had become dormant, it didn’t show any signs of injury on its surface. It was obvious that this kind of strange master could heal himself.

Seemingly aware of Yang Kai’s prying eyes, the Ink Giant Spiritual God suddenly opened its eyes and looked towards him.

An invisible pressure instantly pressed down on Yang Kai’s shoulders like a mountain, causing his figure to shrink.

An Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator was far from an existence that had surpassed the Ninth Order!

However, it wasn’t as if Yang Kai had never experienced such a thing before. When this Ink Giant Spiritual God had awakened in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, he had chased it all the way here. Although he hadn’t done much, he wasn’t easily crushed by its pressure.

Urging his Small Universe’s strength, Yang Kai slowly stood up.

In the distant void, the Ink Giant Spiritual God seemed to let out a chuckle before ignoring him.

It was as if he had just seen an insect that could make people laugh. Apart from being able to make fun of it, there was no need to pay too much attention to it. So what if it was an Eighth Order? It didn’t even care about the Ninth Order Human Race, so unless a dozen or so Ninth Order joined forces, it could forget about fighting it.

Yang Kai slowly closed his eyes, and after a moment, he suddenly opened them and shouted, “Two Old Ancestors, Yang Kai pays his respects!”

The voice passed through the domain barrier that had been penetrated by the Ink Giant Spiritual God's arm and reached the ears of Smiles and Wu Qing, who were overseeing the Wind Mist Territory.

Both of them were stunned for a moment before Smiles old Ancestor quickly asked, “Yang Kai, are you in the Spatial Territory?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied as he opened the door to his Small Universe and began summoning the Small Stone Race army.

In the Ancestral Land, although he had handed over more than twenty million Small Stone Race soldiers to the Seventh Order masters, he still had a few million to spare.

However, the remaining members of the Small Stone Race didn’t have the powerhouse with a hundred zhang tall Small Stone Race. They were all ordinary soldiers of the Small Stone Race who wouldn’t be able to play much of a role in the battle, but to him, they were a great help.

“What are you doing over there?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked curiously, “How is the situation with the Human Race?”

Yang Kai continued to summon the Small Stone Race’s army, one batch after another, and soon, all around him were Small Stone Race members as he replied, “The situation is quite stable, Old Ancestor doesn’t need to worry. I came here… to collect some interest from the Black Ink Clan.”

“Collect interest?” Wu Qing asked curiously.

Yang Kai shouted, “Two Old Ancestors, please be careful!”

“What do you want to do?” In the Wind Mist Territory, Wu Qing suddenly felt a strange feeling and exchanged a glance with Smiles Old Ancestor, both of them becoming vigilant.

Inside the Spatial Territory, the Ink Giant Spiritual God also frowned and stared at Yang Kai’s movements.

As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell, two million Small Stone Race members rushed towards the Ink Giant Spiritual God like a swarm of locusts, each of them not afraid of death, even when facing the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

Their intelligence was low, and the characteristics of their race were to devour one another to strengthen themselves, so they had no idea what death was. To them, death was just another way to continue their race.

Using the Small Stone Race to activate the Light of Purification had its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were that it was well hidden, but the disadvantages were that it was not flexible enough. Once the Small Stone Race died, their remains would remain in place.

However, dealing with an immobile target like the Ink Giant Spiritual God was the best option.

Two million small Stone Race masters arrived in front of the Ink Giant Spiritual God in an instant. Even if two million of them were gathered together, in front of this giant creature, they were nothing.

Looking at this scene, it seemed as if a swarm of buzzing mosquitoes had appeared around a person.

Boundless Ink Force surged out from the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s body. The heritage of the Royal Lord and the Pseudo-Royal Lord could not be compared at all.

Although the Ink Giant Spiritual God didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, it wouldn’t let him succeed so easily.

The dense Ink Force enveloped the entire Small Stone Race army like a tidal wave.

In the blink of an eye, the black ink color receded like a tidal wave, but the two million Small Stone Race soldiers were no longer alive. But, every single Small Stone Race soldier was still intact, with no visible wounds.

Even Yang Kai didn’t know what method the Ink Giant Spiritual God had used to kill these Small Stone Race masters.

“What are you doing?” The Ink Giant Spiritual God finally spoke, his tone somewhat teasing.

Yang Kai stretched out his hands and the two marks on the back of his hands began to heat up as he said fiercely, “I’ll beat you up!”

The smile on the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s face instantly disappeared.

The yellow and blue lights suddenly illuminated the void and blended together.

The retreating black ink tide once again surged out, even more violent than before.

Pure white light began to blossom, and in the blink of an eye, it condensed into a giant white ball, as if a sun had fallen.

This huge white halo was more than ten times stronger than the one Yang Kai had created in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. Not only did this halo cover the sky, but it also wrapped around the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s body.

With just the sacrifice of two million Small Stone Race soldiers, it was naturally impossible to achieve such a feat. Yang Kai had sacrificed three million Small Stone Race soldiers in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, but the result was less than ten percent of the power of this place.

The reason why there was such a huge difference was because Yang Kai had made up his mind to distribute a large number of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals before summoning the Small Stone Race’s army.

This time, it wasn’t just the strength of two million Small Stone Race soldiers, but also a massive amount of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

Yang Kai had used up thirty to forty percent of the things he had looted from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

If they piled up, the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals would form a small mountain.

After paying such a huge price, the results were remarkable.

Pure light wrapped around the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s body and an invisible force invaded its body, quickly purifying it.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God roared and struggled madly.

In the Wind Mist Territory, Smiles and Wu Qing finally understood why Yang Kai wanted them to be careful of.

The two of them had stood guard here for two or three thousand years and had worked together to suppress one of the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s arms. Originally, just the two of them alone would not have been enough to accomplish this, but the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s arm had pierced through the Domain Barrier. This was equivalent to them fighting against the Ink Giant Spiritual God across the Domain Barrier, so the strength that the other party could display had been greatly weakened.

However, at this moment, under the torment of the Light of Purification, the Ink Giant Spiritual God began to struggle madly. The first thing it needed to do was to pull back its arm and free itself from this predicament before crushing Yang Kai to death.

On the giant mountain-like arm, a series of chains rattled and a boundless Ink Force began to surge, attempting to break free from the chains.

Wu Qing and Smiles’ expressions changed drastically, not holding back in the slightest as they madly used all kinds of Secret Techniques to restrain the two.

Fortunately, after all these years, the two of them had constantly strengthened the barrier, otherwise, the sudden uprising just now might have allowed the Ink Giant Spiritual God to escape.

Even so, the pressure on the two of them increased greatly, both feeling surprised and gratified.

They were surprised because they didn’t know what kind of method Yang Kai had used to make the Ink Giant Spiritual God so angry, but they were also relieved that the Human Race’s younger generation had a chance of being able to harm the Ink Giant Spiritual God with their Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation.

The explosion of the pure white sun lasted for more than ten breaths before slowly dissipating.

Smiles and Wu Qing seemed to have spent thousands of years…

When everything calmed down, the two of them looked at each other and saw the sweat and fear on each other’s foreheads. Countless chains binding the Ink Giant Spiritual God's arm were broken and they quickly repaired them.

However, they also knew that if the Ink Giant Spiritual God really wanted to escape, it would be able to do so, but it would definitely abandon its restrained arm.

Abandoning an arm might not affect the Ink Giant Spiritual God’s life, but it would greatly reduce its strength. Unless it was absolutely necessary, the Ink Giant Spiritual God would never do such a thing, giving them the opportunity to continue restraining it.

Inside the Spatial Territory, Yang Kai’s expression was calm as he stared at the massive figure still shrouded in white light, his expression indifferent.


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