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It was common knowledge that there was no way for Innate Territory Lord to become a Royal Lord. All Innate Territory Lords were born within the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and were directly created by Black Ink.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know the profoundness of this creation method, he knew that when these Innate Territory Lords were born, their strength would surpass that of ordinary Territory Lords. Perhaps this was because Black Ink had used some unknown method to stimulate their full potential, but it also cause their strength to never improve.

No one knew where this news came from, but the Human Race firmly believed it. In fact, it had been more than three thousand years since the battle outside the Heavenly Beginninng Great Restriction. Among so many Innate Territory Lords, there had never been a precedent of an Innate Territory Lord becoming a Royal Lord.

But now, such an impossible thing had actually happened.

Yang Kai’s heart suddenly tightened. If this was just a special case, then it wouldn’t be a big deal, but if the Black Ink Clan really had the means to allow Innate Territory Lord to become a Royal Lord, the current situation between the two races would undergo a great change, which would be extremely disadvantageous to the Human Race.

He didn’t think that these seven Seventh Order Open Heaven masters in front of him were lying to him, there was no need for that. They were all humans, so how could they joke about something like this?

As Yang Kai’s thoughts fluctuated, the Seventh Order Old Man said, “Sir doesn’t need to worry too much. According to the observations of this old master and the others, even if the Black Ink Clan has methods to promote Innate Territory Lord to a Royal Lord, I’m afraid they won’t be able to use them freely. There must be a great price to pay.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai’s expression became serious.

The old man recalled, “Let’s put it this way, Sir. More than three hundred years ago, before we were summoned by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, there seemed to have been some unusual activity in the No-Return Pass. However, we were not allowed to go out at will, so we were unable to investigate in detail. However, on that day, there seemed to be many Innate Territory Lords who entered a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, but none of them appeared again. It was as if they had completely disappeared, and Di Wu was the last one to enter. Two years after we arrived here to set up the great array, Di Wu appeared as the Royal Lord.”

Although these few Seventh Order Open Heaven masters didn’t know about the Black Ink Clan’s Fusion Technique, when the Innate Innate Territory Lords had used it that day, it had caused quite a stir, so they had naturally noticed it. However, at that time, they had strictly abided their Black Ink Disciple duties and didn’t dare to recklessly investigate, otherwise they would have known more.

Listening to his words, Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning. The Black Ink Clan seemed to have undergone some kind of change that the Human Race had never known before, or perhaps it was more accurate to say that the Black Ink Clan had always been in possession of these techniques, but had never used them before.

This kind of method could allow Innate Territory Lord to become a Royal Lord! This was enough to make Yang Kai vigilant. This time, there was only Di Wu. If another Royal Lord came, no matter how great his methods were, he wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble.

“How many Innate Territory Lords entered the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest that day?” Yang Kai asked.

The old man said, “There are at least a dozen.”

Another Seventh Order master interjected, “If I’m not mistaken, not counting Di Wu, there should be thirteen. Including Di Wu, there should be fourteen.”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “So many!”

Calming himself down, he pondered for a long time before finally saying, “As everyone has said, could it be that the Black Ink Clan has some kind of sacrificial method to borrow the power of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and gather the strength of many Innate Territory Lords to create the Royal Lord?”

Although this speculation wasn’t very accurate, it wasn’t far from the truth. Strictly speaking, the Fusion Technique was somewhat different from a sacrifice. However, in the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, the more Innate Territory Lords who used the Fusion Technique, the greater the chance of success.

The Seventh Order old man nodded, “This old master also thinks so.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “No wonder.”

He had always felt that Di Wu’s performance as a Royal Lord was somewhat unsatisfactory. Although he clearly had the aura and strength of a Royal Lord, he was unable to display the full strength of a Royal Lord.

In the final battle, he, the Royal Lord, had actually suffered a backlash from his own strength.

Yang Kai had always thought that this guy was a newly promoted Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan and was unfamiliar with his control over his own strength, but what if he was right?

Di Wu, this Royal Lord, had not cultivated by himself, but had obtained it through some kind of special method.

This was not his own power, so it was naturally difficult for him to use it.

Thinking about it this way, the situation wasn’t so bad.

The sacrifice of 13 Territory Lords to create a Royal Lord like Di Wu, whether it was a loss or profit for the Black Ink Clan, it's not clear. It should be because his cultivation in the Ancestral Land had given the Black Ink Clan hope to encircle and annihilate him that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had chosen to use such a method.

If they could kill him, the Black Ink Clan’s sacrifice would be worth it.

A Royal Lord, twenty Territory Lords, a few Black Ink Disciples, and a million Black Ink Clan troops. The Black Ink Clan had enough confidence, but no one had expected that he would be able to kill all of the Black Ink Clan’s masters by himself. Even Di Wu, the new Royal Lord, had fallen in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

There were quite a few Innate Territory Lords on the Black Ink Clan’s side, but there were definitely not many of them now. These Innate Territory Lords were all extremely powerful, and ordinary Eighth Order Human Race masters were no match for them. The role they could play was only slightly higher than that of an average Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

Thinking about it this way, Yang Kai felt much more relaxed. Even if the Black Ink Clan used this method to create a Royal Lord, it wouldn’t affect the overall situation much.

At the very least, it was difficult to suppress the Human Race from this alone.

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai said, “This matter is of great importance, so I need everyone to hurry to the Human Race’s Head Office Division to report this matter.”

Although the Black Ink Clan had paid a great price in order to create a new Royal Lord and hadn’t changed the overall situation much, they still had to take precautions against this kind of situation. If one day a few Royal Lords suddenly appeared on a battlefield, the Human Race’s side would suffer heavy losses, so they had to quickly report this matter to the Head Office Division.

“Of course!” The Seventh Order old man cupped his fists and prepared to leave.

“There’s no need to hurry,” Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped him, “The journey is long and the future is full of trouble. Although the two races’ peace treaty is still being maintained in name, after this incident, I don’t know if the Black Ink Clan will make any moves. If the Black Ink Clan intends to break the agreement, then the Territory Lord will not be restricted. I’ll give each of you a Small Stone Race master, so you can refine them to protect yourselves.”

Saying so, he waved his hand and released a few Small Stone Race masters. Under the suppression of the Sun and Moon Marks, these Small Stone Race masters were quite calm.

The few Seventh Order Open Heaven masters were overjoyed and thanked him one after another, each of them taking one and beginning to refine it. With these Small Stone Race masters protecting them, if they encountered one or two Territory Lords, they wouldn’t be completely helpless.

In fact, Yang Kai could have gone to the Head Office Division himself and brought these Seventh Order masters back with him, but his injuries had yet to fully heal, so he urgently needed to recuperate. What’s more, he had suffered such a great loss from the ambush of the Black Ink Clan in the Ancestral Land while he was cultivating, so how could he let this matter go?

Although the final result of this battle was that the Black Ink Clan suffered a great loss, it was also because of Yang Kai’s extraordinary methods. If his luck had been any worse, it would have been a tragedy.

Since the Black Ink Clan dared to act this way, they could only blame themselves!

The Seventh Order Open Heaven masters refined the Small Stone Race while Yang Kai adjusted his breathing and recuperated. After experiencing a great battle in the Ancestral Land, he returned to his peaceful state.

However, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Ancestral Land’s many years of accumulation had nearly been emptied by him.

First, he had cultivated here for three hundred years and the rich Ancestral Qi from the Ancestral Land had continuously poured into his body, causing his Dragon Vein to grow to 9999 zhang long. Then, during the battle with the Black Ink Clan’s masters, the Ancestral Qi had been greatly consumed by him.

To this kind and amiable old mother, that is the Ancestral Land, Yang Kai was like a wastrel, squandering all his wealth in a short time.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. In this life or death situation, it was with the full support of the Ancestral Land that he was able to use the Ancestral Qi to constantly protect himself and resist powerful attacks. Without the protection of the Ancestral Qi, it would have been difficult for him to persist.

The impact was not big.

The birth of the Ancestral Land was due to the descent of the First Light. When the First Light landed on this piece of land, this originally ordinary wild world became the source of the Holy Spirits.

This is a world that lasts forever and can never be destroyed.

As long as there was enough time, the foundation of the Ancestral Land would slowly recover, perhaps thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years later…

The Ancestral Land would eventually restore its glory, provided that the Human Race won against the Black Ink Clan.

If the Human Race was defeated, the Ancestral Land would no longer exist.

Two months later, the several Seventh Order Open Heaven masters successively refined their respective Small Stone Race masters. Strictly speaking, their cultivations were far inferior to the Small Stone Race masters, so it took them quite some time to refine them.

Moreover, even if they could refine them, it would be difficult for them to control it as easily as he could. He could only give some basic orders to the Small Stone Race so that they wouldn’t be powerless once he released them.

The group arrived in front of Yang Kai, who opened his eyes and took out a few dozen World Beads.

These World Beads were all refined by him from the territory of his Small Universe. Although they had some effect on him, the impact wasn’t too great, and as his own foundation increased, these losses would quickly be replenished.

After handing over the dozens of World Beads to these people for safekeeping, Yang Kai said, “Each bead is a world of its own, and there are four 100 zhang Small Stone Race master and five hundred thousand Small Stone Race soldiers inside.”

Hearing this, the several Seventh Order masters sucked in a breath of cold air.

One bead actual has a four 100 zhang tall Small Stone Race master. When they were in charge of the Great Array, they had personally witnessed Yang Kai release two or three hundred Small Stone Race masters at once. The number was reasonable, but the key point was that each bead had five hundred thousand Small Stone Race masters!

This number was terrifying.

Yang Kai had given them about fifty beads.

Didn’t this represent 25 million Small Stone Race army?

What kind of massive force was this? Once it entered the battlefield, it was enough to change the current situation of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan.


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Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
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Idiot they in just 2 thousand years have grown so much if you raise them in your universe it would be like 20 thousand years imagine that potential

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I believe he might be talking about the life and death of these race in YK's universe for 20k years. But the thing is YK's SU is fully saturated and reached the peak so it might have little to no effect. And Sin probably forgot abt that.

And BTW, it's really funny you created an acct just to comment on Sin's rants. 🤣🤣🤣

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