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It was as if in an instant, but also as if thousands of years had passed, the two colored lights suddenly disappeared and the violent energy subsided. The fierce battle had finally come to an end.

Yang Kai coughed up a large mouthful of blood, his expression dispirited as he held the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, barely managing to keep himself from falling to the ground. The wound on his chest, which had originally been blocked by Di Wu’s hand blade, had now ruptured again, causing blood to flow like a fountain.

Not far away, Di Wu was standing with his head held high, his entire body in tatters and riddled with holes. From time to time, some of the Ink Force would leak out from his wounds, but it had long since lost its previous violent momentum and only appeared weak and feeble.

His aura as a Royal Lord had long since weakened to the point where even his vitality was about to dry up.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s foundation had completely collapsed, and under the violent backlash of this power, how could he not be affected?

However, he was still alive for a while, his turbid eyes staring at Yang Kai with a complicated expression. After a long time, he finally spoke in a low voice, “Black Ink Will Never Die!”

His body fell to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust as he breathed his last breath.

Yang Kai was still worried, but he forced himself to remain calm and staggered over to Di Wu’s side. Lifting his Azure Dragon Spear, he stabbed Di Wu’s corpse a few times to confirm that he was truly dead. Only then did he spit out a mouthful of blood and grit his teeth.

Bullshit 'Black Ink Will Never Die', he had heard these words for thousands of years but had never seen Black Ink Clan unify the Heavens.

The Human Race will not be destroyed. He, Yang Kai would not die, and Black Ink Clan would not live forever.

Holding the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai slowly sat down on the ground and adjusted his slightly chaotic strength while circulating his Dragon Vein to heal his injuries.

His eyes showed a hint of confusion. These past few days, he had been maintaining an extremely high intensity battle while secretly plotting against the many masters of the Black Ink Clan. Whether it was his mind or his physical body, he had consumed a great deal of energy.

The damage to his Soul was still present and would require a long time to recover.

After this battle, his flesh had suffered many injuries.

For a moment, he couldn’t remember why he had come to the Ancestral Land.

After thinking about it for a while, he suddenly remembered that he had come to the Ancestral Land to investigate some clues about that First Light.

Fortunately, the results were satisfactory.

Although there was still some mystery about that light, Yang Kai had more or less figured it out.

After cultivating in the Ancestral Land for three hundred years, his Dragon Vein and Dao of Time had also greatly improved, and he had even killed eight Innate Territory Lords and a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord…

No matter how one looked at it, this trip to the Ancestral Land was a fruitful one.

It would have been even better if he hadn’t been in such a sorry state.

He didn’t rest for too long. Two or three hundred Small Stone Race masters were chasing after the fleeing Innate Territory Lords. The is a high chance they wouldn’t be able to catch up, he couldn’t just ignore them.

If he didn’t pay attention to such a powerful ally, with the personality of the Small Stone Race, it was likely he would lose them.

No matter what, he had to take back the Small Stone Race.

Therefore, after a brief rest, Yang Kai stood up again, dragged his exhausted body, and activated his Space Principle to escape.

As expected, the pursuit of the masters from the Small Stone Race had basically come to an end. The strength of an Innate Territory Lord was not to be underestimated, if they wanted to escape, the masters from the Small Stone Race would not be able to do anything to them.

Yang Kai flew through the void and collected the scattered Small Stone Race masters.

There was actually an unexpected harvest.

The twelve Innate Territory Lords who were in charge of the Great Array had long since fled. The Small Stone Race couldn’t catch up to them, so Yang Kai didn’t bother to chase after them. In any case, they couldn’t hide forever, sooner or later he would have to deal with them.

On the other hand, the few Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples who had come with him weren’t fast enough. After all, their strength was much weaker and they were currently being pursued by several Small Stone Race masters.

When Yang Kai arrived, these Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples were all covered in wounds. If Yang Kai had arrived a little later, they would have been beaten to death by the Small Stone Race masters.

Seeing Yang Kai, the few Black Ink Disciple acted as if they had seen their family and quickly called out for help.

Looking across the Heavens, in the current situation, if anyone was the safest, it would undoubtedly be the Black Ink Disciple.

To the Black Ink Clan, Black Ink Disciple was their slave. Sometimes, they needed to borrow these Black Ink Disciple’s strength to do something the Black Ink Clan wasn’t proficient in, so they naturally wouldn’t casually kill them.

For the Human Race, if they really encountered Black Ink Disciple, if they had the ability, they would only capture them alive and not kill them casually, because the Human Race now had the ability to save these Black Ink Disciple.

As such, an existence like Black Ink Disciple can be save in front of the Human and Black Ink Clan, like a fish in water.

Several Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples had been forced into a corner by the powerful masters of the Small Stone Race. If Yang Kai hadn’t found them, they would have taken the initiative to return to the Ancestral Land to seek Yang Kai’s protection.

Yang Kai didn’t make things difficult for them and instead used his Sun and Moon Marks to withdraw the Small Stone Race masters before activating the Light of Purification to disperse the Ink Force from the Black Ink Disciples’ bodies.

Without the influence of the Ink Force, the few Black Ink Disciples regained their original natures and looked at each other in shame.

The Seventh Order old man in the lead cupped his fists towards Yang Kai and said with shame, “This old master and the others have sinned greatly, please forgive us!”

Every Black Ink Disciple who had escaped the influence of the Ink Force had this kind of mentality. Thinking back to his previous actions as an Black Ink Disciple, he felt like he was dreaming. He couldn’t understand how he could have done all these evil things in his Black Ink Disciple state.

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “If it’s not what you want, there’s no need to worry about it. If you really feel guilty, you can just kill your enemies in the future.”

Several Seventh Order Open Heaven masters nodded in agreement.

“Wait for me at the Ancestral Land first, I have something to ask you later,” Yang Kai ordered.

The old man immediately nodded, “Yes Sir.”

Saying so, the group flew towards the Ancestral Land while Yang Kai continued to search for the scattered Small Stone Race masters.

For the next ten days or so, Yang Kai had almost run through the entire Shattered Heaven, but he had not been able to collect all of the Small Stone Race masters. In the end, after calculating the number of Small Stone Race masters, he had lost about ten.

He didn’t know if they had been killed by those Innate Territory Lords or if they're lost.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful. Each and every one of these Small Stone Race masters was comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, so losing ten of them was quite a pity.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. The Small Stone Race’s intelligence was too simple, and everything they did was based on instinct. In order to prevent the Territory Lords from coming to help the Royal Lord, he could only release the masters of the Small Stone Race to resist them, and he did not refine them in advance.

But overall, if he hadn’t obtained so many Small Stone Race from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, he really would have been in danger.

Returning to the Ancestral Land, Yang Kai’s face was still pale, and his Soul was constantly being torn apart.

Several Seventh Order Open Heaven masters were waiting for him, and when they saw Yang Kai return, they all came forward to greet him.

Yang Kai raised his hand and didn’t try to be polite with them, directly asking, “Do you spend most of your time in the No-Return Pass?”

The oldest Seventh Order Elder replied, “Yes, because we were proficient in the Array Dao, after we were turned into Black Ink Disciple, we were sent to the No-Return Pass. The Black Ink Clan is quite concerned about humans like us.”

Pausing for a moment, he said somewhat shamefully, “The Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array that sealed off this world was also created by this old master and a few others. After Your Excellency became famous in the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord ordered us to comprehend a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Great Array that was specifically used to deal with Your Excellency. Previously, when the Black Ink Clan reported that Your Excellency was immersed in cultivation in the Ancestral Land, the Royal Lord felt that the time was right, so he ordered many Innate Territory Lords to accompany us here to set up the array.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Although he hadn’t studied the so-called Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array in detail, he could tell that it wasn’t very profound. If Di Wu hadn’t been pestering him at the time, as long as he had enough space, he would have easily broken the Great Array and broken the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array.

Additionally, the number of Innate Territory Lords presiding over this great array was actually twelve, which meant that this great array was not very high-end.

Looking at it this way, these Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators’ attainments in the Dao of Array were limited, perhaps even inferior to the current Yang Kai.

Although Yang Kai had never come into contact with the Dao of Arrays before, he had also refined the Dao of Array in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. His Small Universe had a lot of Array Dao's Dao Marks, so he was not completely without foundation.

“How many Royal Lords does the Black Ink Clan have?” Yang Kai asked again.

The reason why Yang Kai wanted these Seventh Order masters to stay was to inquire about this matter.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, a Royal Lord he had never seen before had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Although he had used all kinds of methods to kill him, this battle had been extremely difficult. After this battle, Yang Kai would need at least one or two hundred years to recover his Soul.

Who knew if the Black Ink Clan had any more Royal Lords?

The several Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples glanced at each other, but it was still the old man who answered. He frowned and said, “I understand Sir’s concerns, but from what we know, the Black Ink Clan only has one Royal Lord.”

“Only one?” Yang Kai was stunned.

The Seventh Order old man nodded and said firmly, “Only one.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning. He had thought that these Seventh Order Open Heaven masters would know some of the Black Ink Clan’s secrets, but now it seemed that it would be difficult for them to come into contact with the core secrets of the Black Ink Clan. Even if the Black Ink Clan had hidden a Royal Lord, they would never let Black Ink Disciple know.

The Black Ink Clan also knew that once Black Ink Disciple was captured by the Human Race, their Ink Force would be dispelled and they would be able to restore order. If any confidential information was discovered by the Black Ink Disciple, it was highly likely that it would be leaked.

“Actually, we also don’t understand,” As the Seventh Order Old Man spoke, he looked up at Di Wu’s corpse not far away, “Let’s just say that Di Wu was originally an Innate Territory Lord, but somehow he became a Royal Lord…”

“Wait,” Yang Kai interrupted, “Did you say Di Wu was an Innate Territory Lord?”

The old man nodded, “Yes, he was an Innate Territory Lord and a trusted aide of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.”

The other Seventh Order masters also nodded in agreement, stating Di Wu’s identity as an Innate Territory Lord.

“How is this possible?” Yang Kai couldn’t believe his ears.


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