The black ink cloud dispersed, revealing Di Wu’s figure. The Sun and Moon Divine Seal struck his face and silently invaded his body.

Di Wu’s body suddenly shook as if he had been struck by lightning.

An extremely profound power of space and time erupted, seemingly transforming into an invisible millstone that ground down on him, causing the aura of the Pseudo-Royal Lord to rapidly weaken.

Di Wu could clearly feel his vitality rapidly depleting, and the strange energy in his body seemed to transform into countless sharp blades that were slicing through his organs.

What kind of Divine Ability was this!?

Di Wu was shocked.

Although the newly formed Sun and Moon Divine Seal was not as majestic as the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, its destructive power was far greater. After all, this was the result of Yang Kai’s comprehension of the Dao of Space and Time, so it was impossible for him to not have made any progress.

The power of this new Divine Ability did not disappoint him. Di Wu’s weakening aura was the best proof.

Originally, the Ancestral Land had been able to suppress Di Wu slightly, but under the influence of the Light of Purification, Di Wu’s strength had been severely depleted and even his foundation had nearly been shaken. After all, he was not a true Royal Lord and was only a Pseudo-Royal Lord who had been created using the Fusion Technique.

In the No-Return Pass, the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord had been corroded by the Light of Purification. Although he had been injured, his foundation hadn’t been damaged. Di Wu was different. Once his foundation as a Pseudo-Royal Lord was shaken, it was very likely he would fall back to his original Innate Territory Lord realm.

This was something he absolutely could not accept, and also something the Royal Lord absolutely could not forgive.

The Black Ink Clan had paid a great price to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord like him.

That was why he had fled, but unfortunately, his path had been blocked by Yang Kai, and now he had been struck by the Sun and Moon Divine Seal. The shaky foundation of the Pseudo-Royal Lord was about to collapse.

A thick and viscous Ink Force surged out from his body. This was not a result of his own initiative, but a sign that he was unable to control his own strength.

Di Wu’s expression also became extremely strained. Although he was trying his best to suppress the power in his body, the Sun and Moon Divine Seal was still releasing its power, so how could he easily suppress it?

Although Yang Kai found his current state strange, he couldn’t be bothered to think too much about it.

Taking out the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai coldly stared down at Di Wu, “Sir Royal Lord, your death has come!”

Returning the exact words!

This was what Di Wu had said to Yang Kai before, but who would have thought that in just a few days, the situation between them had completely changed.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai thrust his spear towards Di Wu. As the spear’s light blossomed, the Dao Concept of many Great Daos interweaved, causing each spear strike to become unpredictable.

Di Wu roared as he counterattacked, the two figures instantly fighting.

Even with the suppression of the Ancestral Land, the weakening of the Light of Purification, and the invasion of the Sun and Moon Divine Seal, Di Wu still had the strength to fight. However, his strength was constantly depleting, and as time passed, his strength would only become weaker. Once the foundation of a Pseudo-Royal Lord collapsed, he would fall back to his original state.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know what this new Royal Lord was, he could clearly see the madly draining power of his Ink Force. He only felt that this new Royal Lord’s foundation seemed to be unstable, otherwise how could such a thing have happened?

When he first faced this Royal Lord, Yang Kai had no intention of fighting with him, because he knew he was no match for the Royal Lord. Forcefully opposing him was simply asking for trouble.

However, an accident had brought the battle to its current state. Looking back at Di Wu, he was no longer the invincible Royal Lord, but an enemy he could kill!

As the two of them exchanged blows, powerful auras swept over from all directions.

It was the Innate Territory Lords who were in charge of the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array. Seeing that the situation was not looking good, they rushed over.

If Di Wu died here, it would be difficult for them to explain themselves to the Royal Lord, so they could not just watch as Di Wu was killed.

What’s more, there were a total of twelve Royal Lords. If they joined forces with Di Wu, there was no need to fear Yang Kai.

There was only one problem.

The Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array had no one controlling it, so it was impossible to seal the heavens and lock the earth. If Yang Kai decided to flee, no one could stop him.

It could be said that from the moment they gave up controlling the Great Array, their plan to encircle Yang Kai had basically failed.

However, at this moment, they couldn’t care less. If Di Wu died, it would be meaningless for them to maintain the Great Array. Yang Kai could easily break the Great Array from the inside. This Great Array’s range was too large, so it wasn’t very sturdy.

The aura of so many Territory Lords was so obvious that Di Wu and Yang Kai, who were fighting, could clearly feel it. Di Wu’s panicked expression calmed down slightly, probably because he felt he was saved, but at the same time, a sense of shame welled up in his heart.

He was a dignified Pseudo-Royal Lord who had led so many Innate Territory Lords to kill Yang Kai, but not only had he failed, he had even suffered heavy casualties and his foundation had been shaken, resulting in the deaths of eight Territory Lords.

In the end, he had to rely on the Territory Lords to save his life. When he return to the No-Return Pass, he didn’t know how to explain this to the Royal Lord.

He didn’t need to explain anything…

Di Wu’s face, which had just calmed down, quickly changed because a small door of the Small Universe suddenly opened behind Yang Kai, and soon after, a hundred zhang tall figure emerged from it.

These were none other than the masters of the Small Stone Race!

In the blink of an eye, two or three hundred Small Stone Race masters with a hundred zhang height appeared, each of them exuding a powerful aura. From their auras alone, they were no weaker than an Eighth Order Human Race master.

Of course, because they didn’t have much intelligence, they relied on their instincts to act, and they didn’t have as many Secret Techniques or Artifacts as human race masters, so their combat strength was far inferior to an Eighth Order Human Race.

Not to mention the Innate Territory Lords who were generally stronger than the Eighth Order Human Race.


There were many of them.

Two or three hundred Small Stone Race masters, what a massive lineup.

All the masters of the Black Ink Clan were shocked. In their understanding, after two or three thousand years of fighting, the Small Stone Race had basically been completely wiped out. Even if there still exist, there were only a few scattered.

Previously, Yang Kai had summoned three million Small Stone Race soldiers, which was enough to shock the Black Ink Clan.

At that time, Di Wu had even secretly observed if there were any Small Stone Race masters that were a hundred zhang tall among the Small Stone Race’s army, but he hadn’t discovered any.

But now that he thought about it, how could Yang Kai not have hidden so many Small Stone Race masters? It was just that he had not take them out.

With so many powerful masters from the Small Stone Race, Yang Kai was basically invincible against the encirclement of the Black Ink Clan, but he had always been hiding his strength, constantly using his miserable state to give the Black Ink Clan hope and slowly using his trump cards to weaken their strength.

At this moment, he had finally used all his trump cards and bared his fangs.

Eight Territory Lords had already died in battle, and the Black Ink Clan’s army of a million had been completely wiped out. Di Wu, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, had been seriously injured, and the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array had been abandoned!

This was the entire price the Black Ink Clan had paid so far. What had Yang Kai paid? Was he seriously injured? Was the three million Small Stone Race soldiers everything he had summoned?

Di Wu’s heart was filled with grief and indignation. What kind of treacherous human was this!

The instability of his mental state caused the foundation of his Pseudo-Royal Lord to be shaken even more. In addition to Yang Kai’s constant attacks, he could not hold on for much longer.

After two or three hundred Small Stone Race masters appeared, they spread out in all directions and rushed towards the twelve Innate Territory Lords.

The Territory Lords all came to a halt, suddenly feeling somewhat lost.

If they continued to rescue Di Wu, they would definitely fall into the encirclement of these Small Stone Race masters. Each of the Territory Lords would have to face twenty Small Stone Race masters on average. Even if these Small Stone Race masters didn’t have much intelligence, with their strength, how could they be easily dealt with? Once they were surrounded by these Small Stone Race masters, even they themselves would be in danger.

However, if they were to retreat now, it would be unreasonable.

For a time, the Territory Lords didn’t know what to do.

“Go!” Di Wu grit his teeth and roared, “Report to Sir Royal Lord, Di Wu has failed to live up to his trust and cultivation. Even if he dies ten thousand times, he will not be able to escape responsibility!”

Hearing Di Wu’s words, the Territory Lords all turned around and fled. If they had taken the initiative to escape, they wouldn’t have been able to explain it to the Royal Lord, but now that it was Di Wu’s request, they had an excuse to flee without hesitation.

The group of Small Stone Race masters pursued them relentlessly.

On the battlefield, after shouting these words, Di Wu seemed to have made up his mind.

Originally, although he was in a precarious situation, at least he had a chance to escape. However, the appearance of the two or three hundred Small Stone Race masters had extinguished that last hope.

Since he was destined to die, he felt much more relieved.

Originally suppressing the violent Ink Force in his body, he suddenly released it and roared, “Yang Kai, even if you can defeat me, so what? In the end, this Heavens is still Black Ink’s Heavens!”

In the blink of an eye, a thick and violent Ink Force transformed into a massive tornado with Di Wu at its center.

The pressure on Yang Kai suddenly increased.

He had fought countless Black Ink Clan masters, killed Territory Lords, and fought Royal Lord, but he had never seen such a violent and rich Ink Force on any of these masters.

This was an abnormal power. Yang Kai could tell at a glance that Di Wu was about to suffer a backlash from his own power.

At this moment, the safest course of action was naturally to withdraw from the battle. Di Wu’s current state couldn’t be maintained for too long, but Di Wu had clearly seen through his intentions. Since he had already decided to die, how could he let Yang Kai escape so easily?

Even if he died here today, he would drag Yang Kai down with him.

“What’s the point of talking so much nonsense? Today, either you die or I die!” Yang Kai also shouted as he pushed his Small Universe’s power madly into his spear, causing the power of space and time to swirl around it. At the same time, the Ancestral Land let out a buzzing sound as the last of its Ancestral Qi rushed towards him from all directions, transforming into a dazzling protective barrier.

This was the Ancestral Land’s last protection for Yang Kai, it's beloved son.

In the next moment, Yang Kai rushed towards Di Wu.

One bright light and one black light, the two lights collided fiercely, causing the sky and earth to shake and the void to tremble. The two lights’ halos spread out in all directions.

This moment felt like an eternity.


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