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Di Wu was at a complete disadvantage. Yang Kai’s pure strength was something he had never experienced before, causing him to feel a sharp pain in his wrist.

“Next time, don’t let others wait so long for you!” Yang Kai roared as he smashed his head against Di Wu’s head. The violent power of the blow was like an entire world crashing into Di Wu’s head, causing him to feel a bit dizzy and the Ink Force he was circulating in his body to nearly collapse.

This sudden turn of events stunned the Territory Lords in the Four Direction Arrays. They had thought that Di Wu would be able to capture him easily, but in the end, they were shocked.

In their panic, they couldn’t care less about anything else and quickly used a series of Secret Techniques to try and save Di Wu.

Boom! The protective layer of Ancestral Qi around Yang Kai’s body had been torn apart by Di Wu. The current him was truly relying on the strength of his physical body to withstand the violent attacks of the four Territory Lords. Even though he was using his Small Universe's strength to protect himself, it was still difficult for him to defend himself. In an instant, his skin and flesh were torn apart and his golden blood spurted wildly.

“Have you all hit enough? I’ve been tolerating you for a long time!”

Yang Kai roared.

An extremely bright and strange pattern suddenly appeared on the back of his hands.

Sun and Moon Marks.

The marks released an extremely profound energy which was drawn by these two forces and scattered throughout the Ancestral Land, causing the corpses of the Small Stone Race to suddenly glow.

The lights were a mix of yellow and blue, extremely pure. When they first appeared, there weren’t many of them, but in the blink of an eye, they were densely packed together, filling the entire battlefield with these two lights.

A total of three million Small Stone Race members had fallen on this piece of land. If Di Wu had observed carefully enough before, he would have discovered that these were two Small Stone Race members with completely different attributes. The Sun Small Stone Race and the Moon Small Stone Race each occupied half of the land.

These strange creatures had been cultivated by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for many years, using their own strength to cultivate them. Coupled with the unique characteristics of the Small Stone Race, it could be said that they were living Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, but they were not as pure as the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals. The power of the Sun and the power of the Moon were both hidden inside their bodies.

Although they had been completely destroyed, their strength had not dissipated and was still condensed within their bodies. If any other Small Stone Race had come here, they would have been able to swallow the corpses of their companions and strengthen themselves.

The sacrifice of these three million Small Stone Race members was not completely meaningless.

Since he decided to summon the Small Stone Race, Yang Kai had been planning for this moment.

The Black Ink Clan had never imagined that the dead Small Stone Race would be able to display such incredible power. After all, there were only a dozen or so Holy Spirits who had obtained the Sun and Moon Marks, and none of them had ever used such a bizarre method in front of the Black Ink Clan.

Di Wu thought he had been careful enough, but reality proved that the wisdom of the Human Race was something he could never understand.

When he came back to his senses from his dizzy state, the two colored lights that appeared in front of his eyes made him feel a great sense of alarm. He once again recalled the scene of Yang Kai running amok in the No-Return Pass.

The Ink Force in his body surged as he tried to break free from Yang Kai’s grasp while roaring, “Hurry up!”

“It’s too late!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, urging the two marks on the back of his hand.

The yellow and blue sea of light quickly merged and condensed, the two colors fading in the blink of an eye and transforming into pure light. The light gradually condensed into a ball of light that covered the entire battlefield, forming a beautiful scene.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment. Under the pure light of purification, because a large number of Black Ink Clan had died in battle, the scattered Ink Force were immediately purified, as if they had never existed.

The surviving several tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers were like ants thrown into a pot of oil, screaming in pain as they struggled, but they were unable to resist the corrosion of the Purifying Light. The Ink Force in their bodies rapidly melted and their auras weakened. The weaker ones quickly died on the spot, while the stronger ones were barely able to survive.

The four Territory Lords once again launched their Secret Techniques towards Yang Kai, but before they could even reach him, they were quickly weakened by the Purifying Light. By the time they hit Yang Kai, they had already lost their power.

Not only that, but they were also enduring the pain from the purifying light, constantly being corroded by the purifying light, melting their foundation and strength.

In front of Yang Kai, Di Wu is the same.

His strength was the strongest, and standing together with Yang Kai, the purifying light here was the densest. At this moment, this Pseudo-Royal Lord looked like a melting candle, the Ink Force flowing out from his body and being purified by the purifying light.

Fortunately, before Yang Kai could activate the Light of Purification, he pushed his hand blade forward.

Although Yang Kai was unwilling, he could only quickly pull away from him to avoid the fate of having his heart burst.

Without any restrictions, Di Wu immediately soared into the sky and tried to escape from the range of the Purifying Light.

However, at this moment, the space around him became extremely viscous, as if it was being stretched endlessly. Although it was only an instant of interference, it was enough to make him suffer even more.

In just three breaths of time, the dazzling light disappeared, but in these three breaths of time, the losses suffered by the Black Ink Clan were extremely terrifying.

Di Wu finally broke free from the shackles of this space and rushed out of the range of the Purifying Light. Looking down, his heart was bleeding.

Of the tens of thousands of surviving Black Ink Clan soldiers, only two thousand were still alive, while the rest of the Black Ink Clan had all died under the influence of the Purifying Light.

Even the aura of these two thousand Black Ink Clan had weakened greatly.

The four Territory Lords who formed the Four Directions Array…

The auras of the four Territory Lords had actually disappeared.

Soon, Di Wu saw Yang Kai standing in the midst of the blood and dirt, holding a large head in his hand. This head belonged to one of the Territory Lords, and it was filled with unwillingness and disbelief. Obviously, he hadn’t expected the situation to suddenly change so drastically.

Originally, Yang Kai was already at the end of his rope, but in the blink of an eye, he had regained control of the situation and even managed to kill four Territory Lords who had been tortured by the Light of Purification while Di Wu was fleeing.

In the past, in the No-Return Pass, he had sacrificed two million Small Stone Race soldiers to injure the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Now that three million Small Stone Race masters had fallen, how could the several Innate Territory Lords resist?

With the suppression of the Ancestral Land, if they were targeted by Yang Kai in such a situation, even if they formed a battle formation, they would still die.

Their eyes met and for the first time, Di Wu felt helpless and terrified.

This time, he had come full of confidence, but after this great battle, he was shocked to discover that killing Yang Kai was perhaps an impossible task.

For a moment, he couldn’t help feeling like retreating.

“It’s just the two of us now,” Yang Kai casually tossed the head he was carrying away as if it was a piece of trash. In comparison, his injuries were far more serious than Di Wu’s. The damage to his Soul had been constantly tormenting his mind while his physical body was in tatters, but in terms of aura, Di Wu was far inferior.

His eyes were as dark as the abyss as he stared coldly at Di Wu, “Are you prepared to die? Sir Royal Lord!”

Di Wu turned around and fled, roaring at the same time, “Open the array!”

The Four Gates and Eighth Palaces Array was constantly in operation, if he didn’t open it, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

With a single command, a gap appeared in the sealed world, and Di Wu shot towards it like a bolt of lightning.

However, no matter how fast he was, he couldn’t outrun Yang Kai.

With a flash of his vision, Yang Kai was already standing in the gap, looking down towards Di Wu.

This caused the Black Ink Disciples and the Territory Lords who were in charge of the Great Array to be dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.

In the face of such a powerful opponent, Di Wu also summoned all of his strength and transformed into a black ink cloud, charging towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai slowly stretched out his hand, and as the Golden Crow cried out, the great sun rose.

Another full moon rose, sending out a cold light.

The sun and moon appeared, and under the light of the sun and moon, Yang Kai’s figure appeared like a God.

With the power of the Ancestral Land, the Small Stone Race’s army was undoubtedly Yang Kai’s trump card, but in the end, it was just an external force. He only had one true trump card.

Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!

This was a Secret Technique that belonged solely to him, a supreme manifestation of the Time and Space Principle. Although Zhao Yebai and Xu Yi could slightly simulate the mysteries of the Dao of Space and Time together, they were still two individual people and would never be able to understand its essence.

Since Yang Kai had comprehended this Secret Technique, he had used it many times, each time encountering a powerful enemy he couldn’t match, and each time, this Secret Technique didn’t disappoint him.

However, there had never been a time when Yang Kai could use this technique so smoothly and freely.

In the past, his Space Dao had always been slightly higher than his Time Dao attainments. Although he was able to use the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, the power of the two Great Daos was at the state where one strong and one weak, it was somewhat imbalanced. It was only after cultivating in the Ancestral Land this time that his two Great Daos were barely equal.

The Sun and Moon rotates, transforming into a spinning top that transformed into a profound Time Principle. As the Space Principle filled the air, it fused together and gave birth to a new power of Space and Time.

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

Time and Space were two different Laws that coexisted with each other. When these two Laws interweaved together, they would seep into each other’s bodies and become one. Abandoning space and time was like abandoning a rootless tree, a sourceless water, or even space. It's just ancient emptiness and nothingness

Time was a reflection of space, and space was the carrier and foundation of time.

The insights and attainments he had gained over countless years on the Great Dao of Time and Space finally showed signs of integration.

On top of that, the changes to the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel were also visible.

Originally, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel is based on the Sun and Moon, rotating together and transforming into a spinning top-like attack.

However, after Yang Kai gained some new insights, the Sun and Moon began to merge together, transforming into a mysterious mark of a crescent moon hanging beneath the sun.

This mark did not have the power of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, but it hides all the power inside the mark.

It slammed into Di Wu’s black ink cloud.


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Yup I knew it but I didn't remember to sun and moon mark he used on the territory Lord, This make more sense to me than fighting him in pseudo-Divine Dragon form, 1stly he is not use to fighting in the Dragon body and he is not use to wheeling the increase in power using the PDD body, which mean he could probably only passively defend for now using is new PDD body, it may contain tremendous power but what's the use if you can't properly use it.

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