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This made him somewhat annoyed. Being beaten up was one thing, but with some minor injuries, he could slowly recover. The key was that he had exposed his hidden trump card, the Ancestral Land.

This was what he had relied on to resist the Royal Lord.

But at the same time, he was also glad that after sensing danger, he had instinctively borrowed the power of the Ancestral Land, otherwise he would have suffered a tragic end.

However, he still had a doubt in his heart.

Even if he had borrowed the power of the Ancestral Land and had the advantage of timing and geographical advantage, if his opponent was a Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, he should have been powerless to resist.

A Royal Lord was comparable to a Ninth Order Human Race master. Yang Kai had fought with a Royal Lord before and had a deep understanding of their strength.

Although he was now slaughtering Innate Territory Lord like slaughtering a chicken or a dog, when facing a Royal Lord, he would still suffer greatly. If it weren’t for this, he would have long since killed his way to kill the root of the problem in the No-Return Pass. How could he maintain the agreement with the Black Ink Clan?

The environment of the Ancestral Land should be able to suppress the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, but he had swallowed too much Ancestral Qi over the past few years, causing the Ancestral Land’s foundation to be greatly reduced. This suppression shouldn’t be too strong. In other words, the environment suppression of the Ancestral Land shouldn’t have much of an impact on this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

Recalling the various encounters he had with this Royal Lord, Yang Kai suddenly noticed a strange phenomenon.

The level of strength displayed by this Royal Lord was indeed at the level of a Royal Lord. This was something that couldn’t be faked, but this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord seemed to have some poor control over his own strength.

Out of a hundred percent of one’s strength, he could only use seventy to eighty percent of his full strength, and every time he attacked, it gave off a feeling that he is unable to control his strength fully.

Because of this, coupled with the suppression of the Ancestral Land’s environment towards the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the protection of his Ancestral Qi, he was able to persist until now.

This was most likely a newly promoted Royal Lord. Because he had only recently broken through, his control over his strength was not perfect, so the Human Race had never received any news about this Royal Lord before.

Yang Kai thought he had guessed the truth, but what he didn’t know was that the truth wasn’t like this at all. If it weren’t for the fact that he had become obsessed with cultivating in the Ancestral Land, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have sacrificed thirteen Innate Territory Lords and a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, to create this Pseudo-Royal Lord Di Wu. If they had wanted to, the Black Ink Clan would have done so long ago, so how could they have waited until today?

To the current Black Ink Clan, every Innate Territory Lord and every Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was an indispensable force. Such a great sacrifice was only for the birth of a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and looking at the overall situation, it was not worth it.

However, if they could kill Yang Kai with Di Wu's new strength, it would be a great profit.

Putting aside the plans of the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai was quite a headache for their current situation.

The Confinement Array had completely dissipated. If he wanted to leave, just the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the four Territory Lords alone would not be able to stop him. Of course, leaving the Ancestral Land was impossible. As long as the Four Gates and Eighth Palaces Array wasn’t broken, the Ancestral Land’s world would remain sealed.

However, he didn’t need to leave the Ancestral Land. As long as he entered the depths of the Ancestral Land to heal himself, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

But now that he was in such a sorry state and had to leave, Yang Kai was somewhat unwilling. He had already exposed one of his trump cards, so if he were to use it again next time, it wouldn’t have any good effects. Since that was the case, he might as well take advantage of the situation and walk down the dark path.

Previously, he had planned to kill four Territory Lords and escape into the depths of the Ancestral Land because he felt he wasn’t a match for the Royal Lord, but if it was a Royal Lord who couldn’t display his full strength… he might have a chance to kill him.

On the other hand, Yang Kai secretly hoped that this Royal Lord would not be able to restrain himself and use the Royal Lord Secret Technique on him…

Back then, when he was outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he was able to kill a Royal Lord as a newly promoted Eighth Order, not because he was powerful, but because of many coincidences.

The greatest opportunity was that the Royal Lord had used the Royal Lord Secret Technique on him in an attempt to ink him!

The Royal Lord Secret Technique was an exclusive technique of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. It could be used silently, but its power was immense. Even an Eighth Order Human Race master would not be able to resist it and would be instantly turned into Black Ink Disciple. On the Spatial Territory Battlefield, a Royal Lord had used the secret technique and transformed three Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples and then revived the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, causing the entire front line of the Human Race to collapse.

It could be said that the Black Ink Clan was now able to completely suppress the Human Race, causing the Human Race to be in such a difficult situation. This was all thanks to the actions of that Royal Lord.

If it weren’t for the three Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples that the Royal Lord had transformed with the secret technique, without the resurrection of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, the Human Race’s army would still be able to resist the Black Ink Clan on the Spatial Territory Battlefield.

Although that Royal Lord didn’t end up well, the Black Ink Clan’s goal had been achieved.

The Royal Lord would not easily use the Royal Lord Secret Technique because the price they had to pay was too great. After using this Secret Technique, not only would the Royal Lord’s strength drop drastically, they would also fall into an extremely long period of weakness. On the battlefield, it was very easy for their opponent to find an opportunity to kill them.

Outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had first used a Royal Lord Secret Technique on Yang Kai, causing his strength to weaken greatly. After taking a direct hit from Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel and having his Soul torn apart by four Soul Shattering Spike, how could he possibly survive?

Even so, Yang Kai had lost all rationality and had to fight like a madman to succeed.

At that time, he was only a newly promoted Eighth Order.

Now that he was at the peak of the Eighth Order and had borrowed the power of the Ancestral Land, his strength had increased by more than ten times. If the Royal Lord on the other side couldn’t resist using the Royal Lord Secret Technique, Yang Kai could easily kill him. At that time, any Heaven sealing Earth Locking Array would be useless.

However, his expectations were destined to be meaningless. To the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, unless it was absolutely necessary, they would not use the Royal Lord Secret Technique.

According to the information they had obtained over the years, Yang Kai wouldn’t be corroded by the Ink Force, nor would he be turned into Black Ink Disciple. How could Di Wu be so stupid as to use the Royal Lord Secret Technique against him?

What’s more, a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Di Wu… was unable to use the Royal Lord Secret Technique.

Yang Kai was completely unaware of this.

It was unrealistic to expect the enemy to make a mistake. Since that was the case, he could only create his own opportunity. His trump card was not limited to borrowing power from the Ancestral Land!

Although his consciousness had become much clearer, Yang Kai still pretended to be in a daze. Facing the attacks coming from all directions, he shouted towards Di Wu, “You actually called for helpers! Then I will also call for help! Come out, my slaves!”

From his posture, it was as if he was a foolish boy who had been beaten senseless.

However, in the next instant, the Black Ink Clan masters’ expressions changed.

All of a sudden, a Small Stone Race appeared beside Yang Kai, and in the blink of an eye, the Small Stone Race had gathered into a massive army.

The Black Ink Clan recognized the Small Stone Race.

Two or three thousand years ago, this kind of strange race had once been active in every Great Domain Battlefield. They seemed to not have much intelligence and were quite ignorant, but they were not afraid of death, nor were they afraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force, causing great trouble for the Black Ink Clan.

Countless Black Ink Clan had died at their hands.

However, over the years, as these Small Stone Race were constantly killed, their numbers also decreased and gradually disappeared from the various Great Domain Battlefields. Occasionally, a few cultivators would lead the remaining Small Stone Race cultivators to battle, but there were only three or five of them.

According to the information the Black Ink Clan had obtained from the Black Ink Disciple, the source of these Small Stone Race army was Yang Kai.

Moreover, when Yang Kai was in the No-Return Pass, he had used the Small Stone Race.

Initially, the Black Ink Clan had thought that these strange creatures were on the verge of extinction, so they had not expected to see Yang Kai summon a large number of them here!

The several Black Ink Clan masters’ attacks suddenly became sluggish, and Di Wu’s expression became so serious it seemed like water was about to drip from his face.

Back when Yang Kai had wreaked havoc in the No-Return Pass, he had personally witnessed this Human Race’s Killing Star using the Small Stone Race’s army.

At that time, he had used some kind of technique and instantly sacrificed two million Small Stone Race, transforming them into a terrifying and dazzling purifying light that wounded the Royal Lord and allowed him to escape!

In Di Wu’s impression, these Small Stone Race weren’t terrifying on their own, but Yang Kai was able to use them to his advantage!

“Quickly kill him!”

Seeing that the Small Stone Race army was growing larger, Di Wu immediately let out a furious roar as he quietly floated backwards, pulling away from Yang Kai.

The four Territory Lords no longer needed him to give them any instructions, each of them using their own methods to launch a secret technique towards Yang Kai.

However, at this moment, Yang Kai was surrounded by a large number of Small Stone Race. Although these attacks had killed a large number of the Small Stone Race, they were unable to harm Yang Kai in the slightest.


Thunder fell from the sky and a great fire erupted. The Territory Lord and the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples who were in charge of the Great Array were able to activate the power of the Killing Array and kill the Small Stone Race army.

Not only that, when Yang Kai was fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s powerhouse, the Black Ink Clan’s army, which had retreated far away, also rushed forward and surrounded the Small Stone Race.

In an instant, the battle between the powerhouse became a fierce battle between two armies, causing the entire Ancestral Land to become extremely lively.

After Yang Kai released the Small Stone Race, they had been howling and charging in all directions. When Yang Kai had visited the Chaotic Dead Territory for the third time that year, he had discovered that this kind of Small Stone Race, which had been cultivated by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, had extremely sharp senses towards the Ink Force. It was probably because they were mutually opposed to each other, so on the battlefield, whenever they sensed the aura of the Ink Force, the Small Stone Race would rush forward fearlessly, either to kill their enemies or to suffer losses themselves.

In the beginning, because of the unique characteristics of the Small Stone Race, the Human Race was simply unable to control them. Once they were thrown into the battlefield, they would be like wild horses that had lost their reins, losing many of their numbers.

Later on, the Human Race began to refine the Slamm Stone Race with Beast Taming and Refining Artifact techniques, and the situation had improved significantly. At the very least, they were able to command the Small Stone Race under their command.

The Small Stone Race Yang Kai had released so far had not been refined. After he had plundered them from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, he had placed them in his Small Universe and ignored them.

As a result, as soon as these guys appeared, they began to run madly towards the source of the Ink Force.

For a time, the scene was extremely chaotic, but Yang Kai still laughed crazily, “All of you, die! Hahahaha!”


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Yup that's the thing that annoy me the most in the story


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God lengthens the damn story so much by repeating a thousand times the same thing that we already know and tells almost nothing new 🤦

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